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Are You Watchin Tottenham?

If Tottenham do perform the unthinkable and finish above us, these are the sort of games they will have to be able to play in. Ask yourselve's this Spurs fans, you may be on a good run this season, and you may be above Arsenal (for now) but do you honestly think you could face a team like Real Madrid and pull off what the mighty Gunners did last night??

I will grudgingly admit that Tottenham are a vastly improved side this season and are heading in the right direction, but they are nowhere near to being in the same league as Arsenal. We have had a very bad year, suffered a crisis of confidence and had the worst injury list in living memory, yet it is still in our hands to qualify for the 4th spot.

Arsenal's record breaking victory in Madrid was something to behold, something special, and something that could finally kick start our season.

Last night one of my best nights as a Gooner, and there has been some good ones, but without actually winning anything, this is the best feeling I have EVER had.

People may think I'm exagerating, but I'm not, when Henry scored the goal, I almost cried, I mean really, the feeling I felt at that moment is only rivaled by the way I felt on my wedding day, and still that was frigging close.

Never before have Arsenal been such underdogs, people just laughing at us and our chances of getting anything less than hammered, I took so much stick before the game it's unreal, but rest assured I cast aside the rules at my work that demand I wear a uniform to don my brightest Arsenal shirt and scarf, and those p**s takers were made tp regret the day they picked on the only Gooner in the place.

The entier team played out of their skin, pace movement, invention, and most of all, belief. Belief in themselves, belief that they could do what no other English team had done, and win at the Bernabeau. And they did, in a fashion that no-one expected.

In a match where the referee was an absolute disgrrace, the players kept their cool, and passed the ball around like they were playing Bradford City. The disgusting performance by ITV's people at the begining of the feature was completely wiped from the face of the planet with a display that will live in the memory of every Gooner who witness this, our greatest European victory, for the rest of their lives.

Even though the performance was one to remember, ITV still disrespected the rest of our battling heroes at the end of the programme by saying 'One man over came the Galactico's', this performance was one of players with desire, one of youngmen who played beyond their years, and one that deserves every plaudit thrown at it.

I will not do our players the disservice of giving them ratings, because each and everyone of our lads performed above and beyond anything I expected, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, it's times like this, that make me so so proud to be a Gooner.

Thank you Mr Wenger for one of the great performances of alltime.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 22 2006

Time: 7:05PM

Your Comments

TBH Barnet would have beaten madrid last night. Nice Record for you to have the 1st english club to win in the bernabau in europe.. I bet the part about having no english players in the starting xi will be swept under the carpet. your still 6 games away from winning the thing & if you dont & spurs do finish 4th (or bolton / blackburn) It games like yesterday that you will think fondly back in & remembering what used to be.....
I would have to agree with the above. Madrid were crap last night. yeah great for winning etc but if you think its in the bag, think again. There is not a hope on this planet that madrid would be capable of winning the thing. Shaky at the back, aging in midfield and have a brazilian puffa fish upfront! Theres others that you need to worry about mate. Barca, Chelsea, Liverpool, Ac Milan, Juve. Gonna be one of them. Arsenal havent a chance!
Madrid were crap? or made to look crap by an outstanding Arsenal? At no point does it say anything about winning the Champion's League, or even getting beyond this round. We're just feeling proud of a massive victory, and pointing out that getting in the Champions League place is one thing, but as has been proved by Arsenal, it's much more difficult to progress. We may not win the thing, but should Spurs get to the group stages, they would go no further. Up The Gunners.
You poor little man. You must have wrapped that scarf around your head a little tight, or you would have remembered watching one of the worst Madrid performances in recent memory. I'm afraid you're going to be the "under-dog" with much more regularity now. Start getting used to an empty trophy cabinet.
Tell me, how does that feel?
Arsenal certainly make Real look poor, they were constantly making schoolboy errors under no pressure and were giving you so much space it was unbelievable. Any team in the top 6 could have beaten them last night.
Real Madrid may be the name, but they played like Leyton Orient reserves. Please dont get carried away. Juventus or Milan or Chelscum or Bayern or Inter or Barcelona will absolutely destroy you.
I can't believe some people here trying to say Arsenal arenot good enough etc. 'Empty trophy cabinet'? This is either a Chelsea fan or a bitter Spurs fan. Well if you are a Spurs man, when was the last time you won something. In fact when was the last time you beat Arsenal? In fact when was the last time you played a game in Europe?(1999?haha). Spurs can't even get into the UEFA cup so they can't evenbe mentioned in the same breath as Arsenal. Arsenal won in Madrid. When was the last time Spurs even played in Madrid? Arsenal have been the most consistent team in England for the last decade and it's a record that no one can match. man U might have won more trophies during that period, but the gunners have never finished outside the top 2. If this season, they don't get into the Champions league(I know they will though!) and Spurs do (which they won't!), it will be funny to see how they perform while travelling to FC Thun, let alone the Bernebau.# If you know about football, you can never compare Arsenal and Spurs. Its an absolute insult to football if you do!
And I forgot to say, we were watching and we were not impressed.
you really are pathetic! Its a moment for all english football fans to be proud of! Real Madrid were poor by THEIR standards but still played well, just no where near as well as us! Fabregas kept Zidane quiet, Flmani was all over Beckham for most of the game! Henry tore through their defence or the goal. Hleb, Fabregas, Henry, Reyes and Ljunberg all made passes that open up their defence!! stop being childish and admit that when they have their confidence Arsenal are ine of the best teams in the world! Your resentful and jealous! just pathetic!
What kind of a name is chisty? you spell like a backward geranium. Its spelt Bernabeu. And you are right, Arsenal cannot be compared to Spurs. We REAL North Londoners are far superior to the African impostors. You might have played in the Champions League for the last few seasons but they had to relax the rules to let you in. When we played in it, it was called the European Cup, and only the best team in its respective league was allowed in. We reached the semi-final, you so far have not, so stop crowing about beating Brazil reserves.
I'm sorry but writing this :: Thank you Mr Wenger for one of the great performances of all time :: is absolutely hilarious. Paul please send your material in to Ricky Gervase. Yes, well done Arsenal. No, we're not interested in goading other teams. Yes its your only very slim chance of actually achieving anything this season.
Cpt. Mainwaring
How the hell can ENGLISH fans be proud when you havent GOT any.
We have also played in the European cup, and it was a bit closer to the present than yours.
Why do you keep deleting my messages? truth hurt, does it?????
What was the standard of football like back then eh? more childish comments . African imposters?? ur a racist....suprise! relax the rules??? more like make it longer and improve the standard! Brazil reserves?? Ronaldo, Robinho, Roberto Carlos, Ciciniho (sp)...yea sure!!
Nobody has delted your messages Fitz, they are on the first page.
Paul, Absolutely spot on son. I felt exactly what you did and yes this moment even rivalled my own marriage too. These chuski and spud supporters are a bunch of absolute imbeciles. I cant remember the last time the try hard Spuds beat us or had a run like we have over the last decade however it was over 2 decades in 1985 when they last had the privelege of visiting Real and the couldnt win PFFFFT. You guys are a bunch of f**k wits, you really are...get back on your own weblog you losers as we have not won the ECL will not win the EPL but we have performed something none of you have ever done. Chucski lost, analled by Eto....your ECL campaign is over, they will slam you in Barcalona and as for the spuds and the ECL.....ahahahahahahahahahargh idiots!
AJ Gooner
Hey fitzy + co. can you read the top it says "vital football dot co dot uk Arsenal FC Fans News & Discussion Site". hmmmmm I wander what that means? How does it feel guys for Chumski to get a bit of their own back and lose "controversially"? Ohhhhh its really refreshing for me!!!! I am having the best week of my life!!!!
AJ Gooner
Sounds like sour grapes to those non-gooners. They can say all they want but the fact was that Arsenal went to Madrid and got a result that no other english team has done in its entire history. So there's another piece of record that they will not achieve. Real played poorly and it is the direct result of the entire Arsenal team took the game to them and did not allow them to play their usual game.
Arsenal fans must be feeling so jubilant with this win that it's just so unbelievable that this win made them think they are something above all else. Ahhh pleasssseee. Real Madrid has never played anything like this before. I mean did you see the Real Barca match last season? That's the form that Arsenal will never dream of beating. Arsenal just caught Madrid in a bad night and all of the sudden, boom they think they are better than madrid, milan etc. You have lost 9 games in EPL this season, aww come on, surely you can have a lucky good day once in a while. The 1-0 scoreline is hardly convincing that you own Madrid. And plus its your talismanic captain who singlehandedly beat Madrid. The other squad member were just playing for a draw. This is Arsenal's first time entering into the Quarter finals if they do beat madrid. FIRST TIME! Yes. After playing consistently well in the last 10 years and consistently qualifying into the Champions League year after year, this is ACTUALLY Arsenal's first time in the Quarter Finals if they do make it through. Bah. Liverpool won the CL easy. Chelsea got into the semi finals easy. What's taking Arsenal such a long time to make it into a CL Quarter Finals??? 10 years? hahahaha
How the hell can it be good for English football when the England Captain gets turned over by a team of foreigners? They just happen to earn their money in England, so what? Anyway, anybody who saw REal get thrashed by Zaragosa 6-1 a couple of weeks ago wouldn't have been surprised by this. As for Tottenham, they stuffed Lyon at the start of the season, the team that won Real Madrid's group so I don't think they somehow would be quaking in their boots.
look whose coming out of the wood work ARSENAL FANS all goes quiet when we talk bout premiership then one win in a competition u dont even think ur gna win and "arsenal are one of the best team in the world" used to be ill admit that but with ur record and change in personnel this year can you really say that? NO ur still a one man team
dont be too arrogant about your "win" against pathetic real madrid, they were hopeless with old men zidzne and ronaldo just going through the motions and their defence giving the ball away willy nilly, they were pathetic and i reckon most premiership teams could have beaten them on the night. madrid will have to play a lot better when you next meet but do i hear all you arsehole fans say "we didnt let them play" crap yourm goal was a pathetic give away by the even more pathetic defenders who to me didnt have a clue, lets hope real can play better in the return at your dump and beat you easily, good luck real but please dont give the game away like you did on tuesday.
what a pathetic web when cant reply to the rubbish put on here by the arsehole fans.
All the Yids were ridiculing Arsenal before the game saying"you get done 4-0 and you haven't got a hope.So we go and win and what's left for the sad jealous band from Seven Sisters...."oh yeah but Madrid are s**t"...I will take winning at The Bernabeu to my grave as opposes to you bitter boys who have to make do with losing to Blackburn in The Worthington as your fondest most recent big game.
What happened to your dream of being the biggest in North London now ?Real were crap because we played them off the park and only a blind bitter and twisted loser who hasn't won the League for 55 years whilst watching their most hated neighbours win title after title 71 89 91 98 2001 2004 plus European successes and FA cups would say any different......oh here you all are,well Iam off now to watch a DVD of us winning the League at your ground.....just don't know which one to watch....Yeah I'll watch both...hahhahhahhahhahahahhaha.
May I just say as someone who hasn't much time for the ranting of frenchmen well done for being 1-0 up at half time. Why do you feel the need to slag off other clubs at a time when you should be celebrating a famous night? Are you feeling a little insecure in your teams inability to beat average premiership sides this season? Or is it a childish anal need to get people to look at what you've done in the potty. Yes I agree with the resentful jealous etc above but you are certainly not one of the best teams in the world at the moment, and I have a feeling that won't change until you've been in that new stadium of yours for a while. Good luck in the second half by the way I still think you'll need it.
Dear grimsby you really are a nice guy,well done for reenforcing my stereotypical view of a gooner.
jmd please give me your stereotypical view of a Gooner as mine is one of a person who tends to look before they leap and it would probably do you a service to realise that my comments were a response to some truly unbelievably bitter asssessments of our teams success by one eyed Spurs fans who bang on as if they have a higher learning of the your fans persistent references to our French many Frenchman started for Arsenal in Bernabeu?2 Henry and Flamini(and he is our 3rd choice left back)so it could conceivably have been 1 if Cole was fit. Spurs fans bang on about this core of English players as if no other club has them(try Bournemouth)and I ask you if this core is so talented how many will make England's 1st eleven answer 1 Robinson(King and Defoe are not going to be in the starting eleven) Ashley is definately in for us so my maths makes that 1-1. With Gilbert looking red hot and Walcott both called up by England's under 19's I wouldn't bet against us outstripping your English contingent representing our Country by 2 as I've seen Carrick,Jenas(both not good enough for Wenger to splash out on),Lennon etc and quite frankly their good but not that good. The reason Spurs fans rile me is their unreasonable loss of short term memory....Jack Santini would have been acceptably French if he had done it at your club,your idiotic fans actually have persuaded themselves that Sol is gay but was straight as a dye until he left your club and I don't know how long youv'e been going but I will never forgive you for employing Ricky Villia whilst his brother was bombing us in The Falklands etc etc etc etc
Can an Arse tells me why is it taking Arsenal 10 years to JUST qualify into a Champions League Quarter Finals??? You guys said that you have been playing so consistently well and been finishing top 2 for the last 10 years. WHY HAVENT ARSENAL QUALIFIED INTO A CL Q-FINALS BEFORE??? Chelsea got into Semis, Liverpool won it last season, MAn Utd won a treble. So if you are that good, why haven't you played in a CL Q-Finals before???? PS: You might break this record IF you beat Madrid in leg 2.
yes u may have won at real but u r forgetting that real were absolutly rubbish in that game and they havnt been that good 4 a while.i mean they were beaten 6-1 by zaragoza and half of them r over 32,also i think arsenals time appears 2 b over and if i was henry,i would b on the plane 2 madrid or barca in the summer,u lot r jus pissed that u r the third best team in london and will b 4 a long time and considering that u lot r level on points with west ham at the mo,i would b surprised if they dont finish above u,real madrid were just caugt at the rite time,up the spurs
aaavoid, you keep banging on about how we haven't been in the 1/4 finals before, check your history books man, we may have lost when we got there but we played Chelsea in the quarter finals only 2 years ago. So all your posts have been a waste of time.
aaavoid seen off son you Spurs mugs don't know your history,here are some important dates for you to digest. 1961 Spurs won the League 1971 Arsenal won the League at Spurs 2004 Arsenal won the League at Spurs again hahahhahahaha. If you are going to join in please check your facts. FACT under Wenger we have never failed to qualify for the CL. FACT you have never played in the CL. FACT I was at the Bernabeu singing Tottenham watching EastEnders. FACT you lot lost to Grimsby.
Spursman Where are all the Spurs fans now who were betting their houses that we would lose in The Bernabeu?are they the same mugs who reckon Real are s**t?Real won 6 of their last 7 League games before they played us and the game they lost 6-1 was the 1st leg of the equivalent of your boys' favourite The Worthington,The Copa go and do some homework or maybe add something intelligent like Wenger is a paedophile or Campbell is gay as your take on the current events on the pitch seem to be lacking substance.
grimsby u tart,if i ws wenger,i would boff to,no point in hangin round arsenal anymore,once henry goes,u lot will of had it,one man team springs 2 mind,when he doesnt play well,the whole team doesnt play well.fc thun springs 2 mind,he only plays when he wants 2,jus so he can get a move 2 a bigger club,funny that he played well against a weak madrid team when he (and wenger) could b there next season.who cares if it was the spanish equlivant of the worthington cup,they still had all ther big names playin,look wot happened in the return leg,zaragoza got hammered inside ten minutes and the same will happen 2 u lot,also how many english players did u have in yer team,NONE,now look at the spurs team.most of them r english and half of them play 4 the national team or under 21s,there is no way king would go 2 u lot,why would he,u lot r passed yer best and spurs r up n coming,bak where we should b,hope your goin 2 enjoy playin intertoto cup in the summer,its the only way u will get in2 europe,once u lot line up against a decent european side ie barca,chelsea or liverpool,then u will get properly hammered,haha
I wonder what Pady made of Tuesday night after juve lost at Werder Bremen. If we go through and Juveget knocked out it will be a real kick in the teeth for him. He must wishhe stayed at Arsenal as we are delivering what he left for : the champions league trophy...
kevin E - if they were mking errors under no pressure, then what's that got to do with those s**ts down the road? Nothing!!! Congrats boys but your not going to win the whole thing, your not going to finish above spurs, and sol's never going to recover his form. Sit down shut up and be prepared for a thrashing in the second leg - cause that's what you're getting
kevin E - if they were mking errors under no pressure, then what's that got to do with those s**ts down the road? Nothing!!! Congrats boys but your not going to win the whole thing, your not going to finish above spurs, and sol's never going to recover his form. Sit down shut up and be prepared for a thrashing in the second leg - cause that's what you're getting
ENGLISH FANS?????? Can't you gooners count?! Where were your 2 english players? ONe's in rehab, and one wants to move to chelsea, spurs have got 6/7 English players in the first team squad every week, and the vast majority of them start as well! If you were anenglish neutral then you'd support real cause at least they have english players
Yeah I worded that wrong, meant to say it WASN'T Arsenal that made Real look poor. Shame you can't edit these comments like in the forum! I'm not taking anything away from Arsenal as its an awesome win for them but other Premiership teams could have beaten them based on that performance. They were dreadful! The league doesn't lie, you are 5th for a reason and you may not be in the competition next year. All i'm saying is I wouldn't get too carried away if I was you.
Dear Grimsby, a well reasoned response from you at last. I have nothing but respect for your teams record in the premier league. I also have no interest in small minded bigotry wherever it comes from ( Ranting frenchmen aside). Whenever I try to discuss the Sol thing with anyone i try to let people know how much he was loved at WHL and to try and suggest a parallel, Shearer joining Sunderland, Viera going the other way, my wife leaving me for my best mate etc. All of which would create rather a large amount of vitriolic ill feeling. Though I may stop short of calling my best mate gay I may find other words to describe him. Only time will tell whether you or we improve our current status, who gets into the england team etc. We do have like any club our fair share of idiots but since when are any of us reasonable when it comes to something we feel passionately about I'm sure none of us would have it any other way. As for the Ricky Villa thing thats come from left field for me if you have a personal reason for including that I apologise but otherwise I'm sure you've got many a thing to dislike Spurs for. The one thing you have to admit is that the rivalry is more interesting now that something is actually at stake.
I will repeat myself for the benefit of all the Spurs fans who are lacking a few brain cells.....Bournemouth field a team of English players every week but that doesn't make them good.You boys would swap 1 of our three titles we have won in the last 8 years for the fact you field a prodiminently English team. When we were boring boring Arsenal we had plenty of British players Selley Linhagan etc etc but we were s**t so personally I couldn't give a toss you have more English average players than us as long as you don't win the League for another 45 years.hahhahhahhahhahahaha.
Nobody is saying that Arsenal lack ability, and it was a surprise they beat Madrid in the 1st leg. However, you're talking poppycock that Spurs would struggle in the CL IF we qualify. Considering we've got a stronger squad than you, largely lack experience and have played a completely messed up midfield all season, we're doing better than I expected and we're only going to get better.

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