Arsenal - Arsene Beats Chelsea, Again
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Arsene Beats Chelsea, Again

It has been made known that Chelsea failed with a bid to sign Arsenal's new star, Tomas Rosicky.

This new coup makes it four players in less than a year the Wenger has signed from under Mourinho's nose. 'The Special (needs) one' also tried to capture Alex Hleb, Abou Diaby and Theo Walcott, however all four players realised the range of possibilities at Arsenal and opted for the N5 club.

Despite offering more than twice the amount Arsenal paid for the player, Dortmund, rather funnily, demanded more.

Pavel Paska has confirmed that Chelsea would not meet Borussia's demands.

"Chelsea once offered Dortmund €18 million but Borussia demanded €22 million so the deal went wrong," Paska told Sport.

I feel the world of football is becoming wise to the Chelsea spending machine, after the Blues bowed to the pressure of Lyon at the begining of the season by paying 24 million for Michael Essien despite claiming they would never pay that much.

I wonder what the odds of a Rosicky winner at Stamford Bridge next season will be?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 24 2006

Time: 6:00PM

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Wow i never knew that hleb and all others were wanted by chelsea.
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24/05/2006 18:08:00

Chelsea bid for Rosicky in 2004 e.g. not recently and have moved on a long way since!!!!!
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24/05/2006 18:26:00

I just can't believe a gooner could post this story, without checking his facts first. Oh to have the intelligence of a gooner. There is no denying Chelsea were interested in Rosicky. However it was Claudio Ranieri who tried to sign him in the January window in 2004. The deal fell through, because the clubs were unable to agree a fee. When Mourinho arrived in the summer, Rosicky was not in his plans and Chelsea didn't bother to go back for him. So not only are you wrong in saying Rosicky was signed under Mourinho's nose, (Jose never wanted him in the first place), but Arsenal have signed a player rejected by Chelsea as simply just not good enough. I suggest the next time you write an article, do a little homework first. You won't look so stupid then.............LOL
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24/05/2006 18:33:00

Oh well, we still did snatch the other three from under his nose!!!!
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24/05/2006 18:36:00

We all get things wrong from time to time.
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24/05/2006 18:37:00

Rocky, you are assuming McChelski is not talking through his Trottenham.
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24/05/2006 18:43:00

Actually the source's do say 2004, however it doesn't say at what period (Winter or Summer). Either way, we got him, Diaby, Hleb and Walcott, so if I'm right.....good stuff.....if I'm wrong, we still ended up with all four players, so I'm not going to lose to much sleep about making and error on Chelsea's transfer history.
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24/05/2006 18:49:00

Guys... I believe that McChel***** is right... Mourinho never went for Rosicky because he does not know much about talent... he only knows those who he has seen on TV... and Dortmund have not been in the Champions league so he has never seen him.. fair enough.... As for Diaby and Theo... He only went for them because Arsene went for them......
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24/05/2006 19:23:00

How could any promising midfielder go to the bridge now? There just isn't any room!
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24/05/2006 21:13:00

That's just so hurtful. I mean, had we signed Reyes, Hleb or Theo Walcott, not to mention Rosicky, maybe Chelsea could have managed to overtake Arsenal and manage - at last - to get our hands on some real silverware! Instead, we have to make do with Michael Ballack. Who is clearly the poor man's Rosicky.
Report Abuse
24/05/2006 22:51:00

Kalli, loved your comment about Mourinho not knowing about talent. Shame its a load of old tosh. Wenger with all his so-called talent spotting, in his 10 years at Arsenal has won just two titles. Something Mourinho did in just two years. Add that to Joses two Portugese titles , he's on 4 on the bounce. Anyone, intelligent to know anything about football, will know that Jose is one of the most thorough managers out there when it comes to compiling dossiers on individual players. As for Diaby, Hleb and Walcott, the jury is still out on them. None of them have proved themselves to be world class yet, (although Walcott may be just that in the nerar future). The simple fact is, apart from Henry and Cole, there is not one Arsenal player that Chelsea would want. And I know all you gooners will shout that Wenger is bringing in young talent, but you should really look at how he does it. Every year Wenger steals half a dozen young players, (mainly from France), every now and then he gets one right. For every Walcott, there is a Jeffers. Who can forget recent names like, Nicklas Bendtner, Vito Mannone, Jermaine Pennant, Jeremie Aliadiere, Arturo Lupoli, Rami Shaaban, Guillaume Warmuz. All bought by Wenger in the last few years.
Report Abuse
24/05/2006 23:03:00

McChelski - Wenger has infact won three titles, 2 of which were doubles, something Mourinho is yet to do. We've gone unbeaten for a season, twice gone unbeaten away from home and gone on a record 49 game unbeaten run. Mourinho's expenditure in two years is more than Wengers in ten. Bendtner, Mannone, & Lupoli are all names for the future so theres noway you can bring into question there abilities just yet. Pennant was a victim of his own arrogance, as was Bentley. Ok so Wenger has brought in a few dud's, but his good players far outweigh the bad ones. Henry, van Perise, Cole, Toure, Lauren, Eboue, Overmars, Vieira, Petit, Silvinho, Fabregas all players who would walk into your side (at their peak) and I could name more. Wenger expertise prolonged the careers of Ian Wright, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Dennis Bergkamp, Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn and so on and so on. All Mourinho has done to date is win a couple of titles spending millions and millions. Ok so his coaching skills are good but to compare him to Arsene Wenger, who has undisputedly changed the face of the Premiership for the better, after just two seasons is just wrong.
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25/05/2006 00:01:00

He's also won 4 Fa Cups, gotten to at least the semi finals in all but one of his seasons in England (in the FA Cup), and reached the UEFA and Champions League final. & he has done all of this whilst remaining faithful to his exciting, freeflowing & wonderful football.
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25/05/2006 00:05:00

Yes I'm sure Ballack will have a blast sharing the bench with 20 other midfielders EuroBlue. Why would anyone sign for chelsea? I hope Shevchenko chooses wisely...
Report Abuse
25/05/2006 00:25:00

mcChelski lol
green giant 12
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25/05/2006 00:43:00

Stamford Bridge glares like a "grave" to many budding footballers who like to enjoy and put their all in the most beautful game.
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25/05/2006 01:11:00

JakeB is yet another gooner, will little knowledge of reality. Chelsea won lasts years title, using fewer players than any other team in the PL. So how we did that with only midfielders I don't know. We will have 24 players on the first team squad - as usual. ................................And just for Rocky7, its not wise to compare Wengers titles to Mourinho''ll just look silly. In just 4 years......(remember, this is in 4 years not 10) he has won 4 league titles, 3 domestic cups, 1 uefa cup and 1 CL) If you want to mention about .........Mourinho's teams in the last 4 years are UNBEATEN at home.....He's won the league with record breaking points, with the greatest number of wins and clean sheets. He has broken record after record..................It makes Wengers record look second rate. Maybe if Wenger hadn't spent the gooners money on his scattergun approach of hoovering up all of europes youngsters, (some of them illegally, I might add, hence the UEFA fines and suspended transfer embargos),He could have spent the money on the finished article and given Man U a run for their money. Oh well, while Wenger stays in the past, we'll carry on winning the Pl/
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25/05/2006 08:36:00

I would join in with you McChelski, but you seem to be doing a fine job on your own, just proves your point really, one good man can totally outplay a whole team of gooner no us a shout if you want any help!
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25/05/2006 12:22:00

Who wants Rosicky, Hleb and Diaby? Don't believe what you read in the tabloids gooners.
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25/05/2006 13:45:00

I think you missed the point, mcchelski. Ballack has joined a team where he will compete for a place on the pitch against 3-4 other world-class players in his position, all of whom have been paid insane amounts of money to play for a club with seemingly limitless funds. He will find himself sitting on the bench as much as he is on the pitch, whereas another top club like liverpool or man u could use his services much more effectively. I'm a gooner, but I still want to see the best players out on the pitch every week albeit for other PL clubs. As for Mourinho, I'm not sold on him as a manager. I didn't think he did particularly well in the Barcelona tie, irrespective of the Messi incident. When your club can buy any player you like (even just to prevent competing clubs from signing available players), you'd have to be a pretty dreadful coach to not win a trophy.
Report Abuse
25/05/2006 16:11:00

You keep bringing up Mourinho's record prior to coming to England, and while his record in Portugal is impressive their league is nothing in terms of standards compared to the Prem. If you come back in another 8 years and Mourinho's record is far far superior to Wengers then I'll admit he's the better man, but so far, Mourinho has not experienced the bad side of this country, wait till the season where he doesnt win a title and see how he responds. Wenger is the second longest serving manager in the prem, and only this season has he finished outside the top two. As for talent spotting, how many of Chelsea's best players were bought by Mourinho??? Cech, Terry, Gallas, Makelele (sp), Lampard, Joe Cole, Robben, Duff, were all bought by other managers. Ferreria, Carvalho, SWP, Drogba, Essien (although I'll allow him a bit more time) Kezman, Tiago, Del Horno are all over priced duffers, I wonder what sort of team Wenger could build if he didnt have to worry about finances.
Report Abuse
25/05/2006 18:38:00

@Jake B............"When your club can buy any player you like (even just to prevent competing clubs from signing available players). Can you name any of these players we have bought to stop other clubs signing them.............As I said before, we have one of the smallest squads in the PL. approx 24 players. Now unless you are claiming there are only 24 players in the world that all the teams want, then there are plenty of players to go round. The simple fact is, when a good player comes on the market, lots of teams will want them............. To think we would waste money buying players so other teams can't have them is just daft and really created by tabloid hype. Which it looks like you have bought hook line and sinker..................... As for saying Chelsea can buy anyone they want, again that is sheer stupidity. ...............If that was the case we have Henry and Ronaldinho in our team. Simple facts are that the majority of players we bought, are not the world class superstars, but young unsung players, with the drive to succeed..................As for saying you don't rate Mourinho as a manager because anyone could win things with money....again you are leaving yourself open to ridicule..............Real Madrid have spent vast amounts of money and employed numerous managers, but are still unable to win things recently..........and finally, if Mourinho is not a good manger, then please explain how, with very little money, he took a portugese team to win the Uefa Cup and Champions League in successive seasons.................oh dear oh dear, these gooners just don't get it do they........................... Your turn sdarndrk....LOL
Report Abuse
25/05/2006 19:17:00

@Rocky7..............."You keep bringing up Mourinho's record prior to coming to England, and while his record in Portugal is impressive their league is nothing in terms of standards compared to the Prem............................and yet this inferior team from an inferior league has won the Uefa Cup and CL in Mourinho's first two full seasons with them.........................something the great Winger has never achieved.........oh and watch out for our youngsters coming through in the next two years. The U/18 academy team has just finished second (only by goal difference) in the Academy league. Oh and the majority of them are British. Something that Arsenal cannot say. Every young brit, (apart from Walcott), has been discarded in place of yet another young european.............Arsenal is nothing more than a French team playing in the English league, and are a disgrace to English football because of that.
Report Abuse
25/05/2006 19:25:00

typical chelsea-rosicky had been considered the best playmaker in the bundesliga for the last 3 years.Yes, euroblue, better than ballack-who turns 30 this year!
Report Abuse
25/05/2006 23:29:00

mcChe****-the players in your academy are nowhere near the standards of arsenal's.You chelsea fans keep on talking about a certain scott sinclair-stating that he is better to now(congrats to him)england star THEO WALCOTT.Sinclair is a year older ,still plays for the U 18s and trust me mr moneybags he will NOT play for your team!Especially as ur looking to spend another 30M+ on another player who turns 30 this year(Shevchenko)!
Report Abuse
25/05/2006 23:41:00 gooners really know how to embarress yourself.....I suggest before you post your drivel you check a few facts first............Your claim that Chelsea's academy is nowhere near the standards of Arsenals is not only wrong but hilarious...........A quick lok at the final Academy league table shows Chelsea 2nd (although the same points as the winners Southampton) ,with a total of 56 points from the 28 games played...............Arsenal on the other hand were 4th, on 38 points, a mere 18 points behind.................So is Arsenal's academy better than Chelseas?............Does the league table lie?................I don't think so............LOL.....................Oh and regards to Scott Sinclair, at least he's been a Chelsea for many years.............Arsenal cannot claim any pride in bringing through Walcott. Southampton did all the hard work bringing him through their excellent youth system....(hence the reason a small team like them won the Academy League)......all Arsenal did, is what they do every year.........scoop up a half a dozen youngsters from around europe, usually paying very little compensation to the players previous club......(although they certainly paid through the nose for Walcott....which makes a change.)...............If you want another young Chelsea player to keep your eye on, how about the England U18 Captain Michael Mancienne............and note these are English and not French players........
Report Abuse
26/05/2006 01:46:00

@Mikec....oh and I forgot to say about , your comment "rosicky had been considered the best playmaker in the bundesliga for the last 3 years" this the same Rosicky that the German reporter on Sky Sports news was talking about when he said although he can be great sometimes, for many many games he often goes missing and can be very lazy at times....................which we then compare to Ballack, who is the German captain, and has scored 44 times in 107 games for Bayern Munich or 30 goals in 63 internationals from Germany.............not bad for a contest between the two whatever...............we turned down rosicky two and a half years ago, he's a Chelsea reject....end of story....get over it...........LOL
Report Abuse
26/05/2006 01:57:00

I don't want to venture into an essay here but, just a line to look reinforce the absolute novelty of the fact Football as viewed its entirety and overall perspective, rather than gloss over a "sudden meteoritic rise". It's futile going that path as such one off overly subsidized title is not sustainable. AW is not worthy of comparison with arrogant and un-tamed tongues of the likes of JM whose image is by and large propped up by dollars more than the kernel of football itself. It can marked that Chelsea will take a nose-dive and plunge into massive debt when the squanderer deserts the chair. Only then, reality of football will sink home. Arsenal on the other hand will continue to hold its head high and remain where it belongs in the EPL Ladder.
Report Abuse
26/05/2006 12:08:00

I don't want to venture into an essay here but, just a line to reinforce the absolute novelty of the fact that Football should be viewed in its entirety and overall perspective, rather than gloss over a "sudden meteoritic rise". It's utterly futile to go that path as such overly subsidized title are usually one off and not sustainable. AW is not worthy of comparison with arrogant and un-tamed tongues of the likes of JM whose image is by and large propped up by dollars more than the kernel of football. It can marked that Chelsea will take a nose-dive and plunge into massive debt when the squanderer deserts the chair. Only then, reality of football will sink home. Arsenal on the other hand will continue to hold its head high and remain where it belongs in the EPL Ladder, that is the top three (3).
Report Abuse
26/05/2006 12:14:00

Resonable players goes to Arsenal instead of ******* now!!!
Gunning for glory
Report Abuse
26/05/2006 13:48:00

If this is about signing good players I point you to one Andrey Shevchenko (sorry if I spelled it wrong) who should be the second best striker in the PL next season, I am sorry we couldn't get Henry! We scored the most goals in the PL last season and will score even more next year. As far as midfield goes, would you rather have Rosicky and Hleb with Fabregas or Ballack and Essien with Lampard? Oh, and it looks as if we are getting our very own teenage midfielder as well!
Report Abuse
26/05/2006 19:31:00

You had that midfield (minus one) and it didn’t get you anywhere close to the final stages of CL. Was it underachievement? The reality pill is tough to swallow. The Gunner’s young midfield did the world of football an awe striking performance that will go down in history
Report Abuse
27/05/2006 00:41:00

KAlli's right. the special one's need for signinng reputations is becoming abit dull. taking raw talent and turning it into the brilliance that's been on display at highbury, now that's class!
don gunner
Report Abuse
29/05/2006 23:27:00

what a buy !!
Report Abuse
10/07/2006 02:28:00


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