Arsenal - Arsene Wenger Is Going Nowhere
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Arsene Wenger Is Going Nowhere

Arsenal fans awoke this morning to find yet another story in the press about Arsene Wenger jumping ship and running off to the Bernabeau just because some geezer, who isn't even president yet, reckons he will bring in Le Boss as part of his election promisies.

Pardon my French, but that's complete bollocks.

I'm getting sick and tired of these muppets using our players and staff as pawns in the presidential mind games. Wenger would never join a joke of a club like Real Madrid and we all know it.

A few points that should put your mind at ease if you're feeling a bit worried that the most important man at our club may be packing his bags...........

In his whole career, Arsene Wenger has never failed to fulfill a contract. His current deal keeps him at Arsenal till 2008.

He recently said he can see himself finishing his managerial career at Arsenal.

I'm sure that Wenger gave Tomas Rosicky a few assurances that both himself and Thierry Henry would still be at Arsenal next season.

Why would any manager spend so much time bringing together the cream of world youth football only to walk out on it just as the team starts to come together?

We move into our new home in one month's time. Wenger has dedicated so much of his time into Ashburton Grove. He has overseen so many aspects of the project from dressing rooms to the air flow around the stadium, surely he would want to see the finished product.

The crowning glory into why Arsene Wenger will not join Real Madrid actually came from the mouth of the man trying to poach him in the first place. Villar Mir said 'If above the manager there is a sporting director, the coach will no longer have real authority over the players.' Can anybody real see Wenger accepting this?


Wenger has always maintained he loves running the club from top to bottom, thats what he does, he's a manager not a coach, he runs Arsenal, plain and simple. That is something he wouldn't get at Real Madrid, in clubs like that you get bossed from the top, I'm sorry but it's just not Arsene's cup of tea.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 18 2006

Time: 1:18PM

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he wont go he's already said he wont he loves arsenal too much to leave. if he does go... who would u want?
green giant 12
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18/06/2006 13:46:00

He won't go. So there's no point in speculating. When he finally does retire the coaches around will be a different breed so there is no possible way to decide who would be best for the job.
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18/06/2006 13:52:00

These rumours about Wenger leaving are growing in pace................As far as I can gather, there is some substance in the story............The FA investigation into Berenveen is highly likely to clear both clubs of any wrong doing. The most likely result is a small fine for "business dealings that go against the ethical nature of the sport", but no laws were broken..................... Now because of that, Dein is VERY unhappy at Wenger putting money in his own back pocket...........Dein sees it as bad as taking money from the club..................(coming from Dein though, it does sound a bit hypocritical)...........As a result Dein has put a transfer embargo on ALL incoming transfers whilst the club makes it's own investigations................... However Wenger has not been replying to calls that he should come back from Germany to assist the investigation. As a result, and as things stand the rumours are that he will NOT be manager in 2007..............Dein is waiting for the elections in Madrid in the hope that Real will pay a large compensation fee............... If Madrid do not come knocking then he will leave at the turn off the year................ The news on Wenger is likely to start hitting the press big time, as soon as the fuss of the World Cup has died down........................looks like Arsenal are pressing the self destruct button..........But then then what do you expect from the nation's most corrupt club, both historically, and more recently..................oh dear what a shame
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 14:50:00

That is the biggest pile of naka's I've ever heard in my life. Seriously, did you make that up? Who ever did is a complete idiot. There are a couple of factual inaccuracies at the start of that statement that leave it impossible for the rest of your story to continue.
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 15:08:00

What do we expect of the nation's most corrupt club? hmm, i dunno, haven't heard a lot about chelsea the past few days. the tosh spouted in the previous comment is nothign more than bunkum. Wenger going nowhere; The Arsenal going forward; ashburton grove going to sell out every match. »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 15:12:00

And btw, a Chelsea fan calling our club corrupt is the funniest thing I've ever heard. Pot, kettle, black.
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 15:13:00

should clarify that i refer to the comment by McChelscum.
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 15:14:00

Yes mcchelski, and Mikel's transfer was a smooth rapid agreement between both clubs and the player.
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18/06/2006 15:18:00

There's no way he'll be off! Real want Mourinho, Benitez and now Wegner? A Week ago there was talk that Sven will be the next Real manager - and i believe that - not this!
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 16:18:00

Mc Chelski where on earth have you been reading your information,you talk with such authority yet have nothing to back it up.Why don't you just slip off and watch a couple of old videos of Dougie Rougvie hoofing the ball about in front of 11,000 adouring fans,siiting behind an electric fence....or were you too young to remember what it was like before you bought the League?
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 16:51:00

McChelski,as for corrupt Mikel's transfer was the most corrupt piece of business in footballs' history.Fact; he had signed for Manchester United so how can your corrupt bunch of Russian Mafia crooks speak to him God only knows but they managed to persuade him,with a the aid of a horse's head,that it would be in his best interests to join Chelsea(the club of his boyhood dreams)before he ever kicked a ball for a Man U,bent naaa course not you mug.As for your club it is best summed up Mr P Kenyon who has so far been caught making illegal approaches to Mr A Cole and Mr S Errikson and Mr R Ferdinand remains unproven and you,you stinking pile of glory riding,hyprocytical dog***** have the front to call us corrupt on the back of an unfounded,ill researched story presented by a bird who had no idea what she was talking about and an editor who is a Spurs fan.The only person who knew what they were talking about from a legal perpective on Newnight was David Mellor,a Chelsea do ***** off and go and throw some celery around.
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 17:03:00

Typical tosh and rot coming from one of the most corrupt leagues in Europe. Exactly what you expect from the spanish. Bandy names around to make the prospective 'boss' look good. Just a shame that FIFA won't do anything about it, just the same as they always get away with hooiganism and racist remarks in their stadia.
Report Abuse
18/06/2006 19:42:00

Arsenal fans have short memories.......Historically, you have to remember Arsenal were the original MK Dons. Nothing more than a franchise for a certain Mr Norris, who moved his struggling team over the water, and who bribed his way into the league, and bought Highbury with the help of a few back handers, ............recently you had managers accepting brown envelopes, (a certain Mr Graham),.............. Transfer embargoes hanging over your heads, due to transfer irregularites with french youngsters............and Mr Deins unacceptable influence in the FA, which the other Chairmen have finally had enough of and voted him of the main FA I said, a corrupt club......As for the Mikel saga. If any of you would know if you bothered to look at the facts, instead of reading the tabloids. It was Chelsea that originally bought Mikel and two other Nigerian lads to Europe, placed them with a club and paid all their tuition fees, (In Norway you have to get an academic place in order to enter the country)..........It was the agents that screwed both Chelsea and Man Utd.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 08:31:00

McChelsea I recognise your half baked,unfounded crap and Iam not surprised youv'e changed your name rather conveniently.Please ask your prick of a mate Joe Bloggs to forward my £500 on to me for the Henry bet you bunch of ****s.***** off and throw some celery around.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 11:28:00

.....As for Dein's influence at the FA you seem as misguided as your **** of a manager who laughably claimed that Arsenal were getting a favourable fixture list after away matches in Europe but when he had it pointed out to him that this wasn't the case over a 3 year period(it was only last year that the computer gave you a couple of harder away fixtures than us)Mourinho like you decided to ignore facts and concentrate on licking another one of Alex Ferguson's bones that he *****ed him.Please do let me know how else you think Arsenal have gained an advantage by having Dein on the FA and please tell me how you think the situation has been improved by replacing him with David Gill who did his best to stop Rooney playing against T and T.I guess we should have P.Kenyon in as he is so straight.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 11:39:00

Please enlighten me on the fact that your club who you claim bought Mikel ended up paying Manchester Unided £11 million for his services?
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 11:46:00

Steve Greenwood oh sorry I mean MCChelsea ;like your ***** **** of a mate Joe Bloggs who I saw off why don't you put your money where your mouth is;Iam prepared to bet £500 per issue on the following items. 1 Arsene Wenger is the Arsenal manager next season. 2 Charges are not bought against Arsenal FC on any of the issues raised by Newsnight. Steve you sound so confident so surely an easy £1000 is too easy to turn down or are you just another illinformed prick like the rest of your fans?
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 12:10:00

The reasons here clarify itm, wenger will not leave us-he is Arsenal and I believe Le boss will stay with us till his career is over.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 13:24:00

Dear grimsby, unfortunately i have no idea who Steve Greenwood is. I've only started posting on here recently. I'm a Chelsea fan since 69, unfortunately exiled in the West of Scotland, (still a Season ticket holder though,)hence my nickname. (the same one that is used on several sites). ...........I have several good friends in the media, as well as several contacts in the Chelsea back room staff, and senior stewards at Chelsea, which is where I get my info from.....I'm just repeating stuff they told for the £11m allegedly paid by Chelsea for Mikel, please show me official confirmation from Chelsea, Oslo or Man U of these figures.......I am led to believe these figures were released to the press as a face saving agreement between the clubs, with oslo getting £2 or 3 million and Man U getting £1m to waiver all rights to Mikels contract.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 13:30:00

If u have such good contacts please take up my bet or do you like to mouth off and then crawl back in the shell you came from as how on earth do you work out that paying £11 million for a player that is yours is a face saving arrangement God only knows.As I stated before if your information is so good have the bet or just go and watch a video of your Glory Years 1955-2004.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 13:47:00

Grimsby, I think you should chill out mate, your blood pressure is obviously rising........and I'm certainly not going to get into a "who's got the biggest d!ck contest" with you.............. I just posted what my contacts told can believe it or not...........its no skin off my nose................Time will eventually prove who is right or who is wrong.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 14:30:00

Could you please explain to me the fundamental difference between Chelsea's owner investing into a Russian football club, a team that UEFA cleared you to play in the CL, and Arsenal loaning a Belgian club £1 million,a team that they are hardly likely to meet in any competition in the as they finished 4th from bottom of their league?You clearly have no idea what you are talking about as per the poor lady who conducted the Newsnight investigation as Arsenal FC have not broken any regulations I notice you failed to answer the question regarding D.Dein's perceived influence and the reason I offered to have a bet with you was not to prove who has the biggest dick but to show everyone reading this pathetic excuse for a debate that you are not confident in the speculative garbage that you are spouting as opposed to my views which can be backed up by facts.See ya I am off to something more valuable with my life.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 14:50:00

This sort of bunkum (yes bunkum I say) is not even worthy of comment. Would you buy a used car from Real Madrid?? Not me. Wenger has something that isn't in their vocabularly, integrity.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 15:06:00

that mr chelski is the biggest doof ever. bottom line WENGER STAYS dein would be committing suicide by pushing wenger out. ...on another completely unrelated note anyone noticed the bogus refereeing at the world cup favouring the big teams. they are untouchable...very dissapointing.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 15:40:00

Grimsby......I'm assuming you are talking about cska Moscow, which is sponsored by Sibneft...............Abramovich was one one of several people on the board of sibneft, which is traded openly on the stockmarkets.............He has since sold all his shares in the company and has nothing to do with them...........There is a great difference between a sponsorship of a Russian club by a Russian company of which the Chelsea owner was one of several members of the board (and not even the majority shareholder at the time) and the fact that Arsenal football club themselves gave another club "a loan"............The fact that UEFA cleared Chelsea of any wrong doing, but are liable to find against Arsenal, is the proof.............As for David Deins influence in the FA, the conflict of interests have been bought up by many in the game......again the fact that he has been voted off the board by the other clubs chairmen speaks volumes.............You seem to be very quick in offering people "bets" on things..........I've always found that those type of people who act like yourself, often bluff regularly in games like Poker,using high stakes to scare of people even though they have a poor hand....................You can believe the tabloid line if you want........I prefer to get my info from those in the know, and not what I see in the red tops
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 16:53:00

Tjis are the things i hate all this stupid rumors about arsenal.I get really mad when i hear them
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 18:07:00

GunnerBlood.........Wenger = Integrity are you sure?..........can you explain why Wengers own name, (not Arsenal's) appears on a document that lists people who have payed money to the Ivory Coast football academy. I suppose he did it out of the goodness of his heart eh!................Wenger is as dodgy as it comes, when involved in signing foreign youths...........won't be the first at Arsenal to be done for dodgy dealings and back handers.
Report Abuse
19/06/2006 21:18:00

The cream of world youth football not quite the way I would describe it.
Report Abuse
20/06/2006 05:22:00

McChelsea you poor demented fool,here are a few points for your attention; 1 you have failed to answer my question about specific incidents in which Mr D.Dein's has influenced the FA.This is because you have fallen for the tabloid led view that he has a conflict of interest being a board member of Arsenal as well but everything is alright now that he has been replaced by Mr David Gill of Manchester United.The fact that Mr Dein was replaced on the board does not prove anything and I await your response to my question but fear that you will avoid it with more assumptions and no facts. 2 you would have lost 50% of the bet I offered you already as you somewhat ridicuoulsly claimed that due to Arsene Wenger would be leaving Arsenal(he pubicly ststed today that he has no interest in the Real vacancy)if that's not enough for you please feel free to come back and embarress yourself some once again and sling some mud around. 3 Arsenal football club have not been charged by any proffessinal body for breaches of rules connected with the Newsnight article.If you look into the rules you would know that it is against FIFA regulations for one club to own shares in or control more than football club which Arsenal can prove they didn't as we loaned Beveren £1 million,receiving no ownership rights or shares in return.So Iam fairly confident of winning the other part of the bet I offered you. 4 Now do ***** off to celery and amuse people with tales of your informed sources.
Report Abuse
21/06/2006 23:22:00

McChelsea please would you ask your informed sources if it was a coincidence that you hadn't won the League for over 50 years and then suddenly became double Premiership winning champions after spending more than any other club has in 3 years?It must hurt never having won it for so long and then when you do everyone saying"you bought it".....Blackburn spring to mind?
Report Abuse
21/06/2006 23:31:00

McChelski what a fine job you are doing single handedly on this website, when you have finished here, please feel free to pop over to our own for even more informative debate. I think you have proved beyond any doubt the historical corruptness of AFC. As for Mr Grimsby... well great wind up...well done!!
Report Abuse
22/06/2006 10:05:00

Cheers for calming my anger at those idiotic fools of Real Madrid always tapping up anyone involved with Arsenal :( I'm sure AW will stay, and we'll win the league next year :)
Super Cesc
Report Abuse
22/06/2006 12:23:00

Real Madrid wouldn't know integrity if it came up and bapped them in the nadgers!
Report Abuse
24/06/2006 08:42:00

I reckon McChelski should sod off back to Chelsea. Abramovich is the most corrupt man in Russia, and that is saying something. Who are your infromed sources? The blokes down the pub? You've got too much spare time making all this stuff up.
Report Abuse
27/06/2006 23:38:00


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