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The New Home Of Football

Crossing the bridge towards our new home for the first time yesterday, told me that all the photo's I'd seen on the internet in no way did the new girl any justice.

Even though I'd had a few 'shandies' I still felt like a big kid, having to crane my neck to see the top of this enormous new structure. I couldn't stop staring at it. It's beautiful.

If I thought the outside was a sight to behold then the inside is out of this world. Everything about the place screams class, ok so it doesn't have the history of the real 'home of football' but give it time. As someone said to me yesterday 'all it needs is a trophy or two and maybe a classic derby match'

All true football fans remember the first time the headed up the stairs of their favorite team's stadium, that moment when the hallowed turf comes into view for the very first time, the smell of grass, burgers and cigars, well I have now been lucky enough to have that experience twice, only this time I was more in awe.

The place is awesome, it's massive, but compact, it's modern, yet it feels like home. The views are excellent from all area's of the stadium, the atmosphere is stunning. The volume yesterday was far better than Highbury and that was 'just' for a testamonial, I can't imagine what it will be like when Tottenham, Man utd or Chelsea come to visit.

Thierry Henry claims one of the greatest things about Highbury was the pitch, well believe it or not, this one is bigger and better. The ground staff have had use of all the state of the art technology, the stadium was designed with pitch in mind and we have the best head groundsman in England, all this makes the new pitch one of the best I have ever seen.

Even the seats are unbelievable. Spacious and comfortable, my only gripe would be that the base of the seat is bigger than at another stadium in the world and I kept reaching to far down when trying to pull it down into seating posion after an exciting incident, but I guess I'll get used to that in time.

The King is dead, long live the king. (Although we'll never forget Highbury)

The image above is of the first time I saw the new hallowed turf

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 23 2006

Time: 2:06PM

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can't wait to get there myself. looks fantastic!
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23/07/2006 14:22:00

How long before you gypsies move again?
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 14:24:00

Do I sense a touch of jelousy? But then again, with that crap hole of a stadium, you'd be jealous of Bradford City. Wait till you come over, you be swapping your dowdy blue shirt for the red and white of the Gunners!!
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 14:32:00

Highbury will be missed by not only Arsenal fans, but all football fans, but you have to move with the times don't you. From the looks of things this ground looks superb, the pitch amazing. I'm sure the gound will get the football it deserves.
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23/07/2006 14:34:00

am looking forward to going there thats for sure. does look like a german stadium. merlin is bitter because, no matter how much chelsea want to be a big club, you just cannot buy history! and dont get me started on those newcastle prats...
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 15:52:00

am looking forward to going there thats for sure. does look like a german stadium. merlin is bitter because, no matter how much chelsea want to be a big club, you just cannot buy history! and dont get me started on those newcastle prats...
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 15:52:00

Cashburton Grave looks really crap !
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 16:07:00

Too bad the jewelry box will hold a bunch of costume rubbish.
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 16:19:00

Too bad you two bitter fans will never even dream of seeing something like this, and eurospur I like that name, bet you made it before you got shunted into 5th and looking at rejection into the little UEFA cup. Anyway the stadium looks great, the memory of seeing it will stay forever.
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 16:58:00

Good to see yet again constructive comments from you USA! You don't have a lot good to say about anyone do you?
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 18:04:00

that stadium will bring magical moments
Report Abuse
23/07/2006 18:28:00

ground looks world class it may lack the atmosphere of millmoor but i suppose you'll get by, hope we get you away in a cup match good luck in the new season
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 00:44:00

I am positive Chelsea will win easily when we visit. How's that?
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 02:20:00

Oh yeah, I like your nickname "rug". Chelsea will be wiping its feet on you all year! A bog face for your bog team...perfect.
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 02:25:00

who is this USA (U Stupid A@#*le) fool. we welcome criticism, not crap you sound about as intelligent as george bush. why dont you put something matter what you write. you know that we know that you know its a fabulous stadium and no matter how much money chelski have they can never replicate arsenal type football. everyone loves to watch arsenal including supporters of other clubs ask yourself for chelsea you are as boring as you are winners. boring boooriiing boring
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 07:01:00

This stadium is outstanding & anyone talking wet are just jealous. A new era has begun. Arsenal fans enjoy!!
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 13:24:00

N e 1 who visits are new ground wont be able to look at their own without thinking of ours.
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 13:26:00

it looks like a top drawer stadium, even as a spurs fan u cannot deny that, but on a serious note do u think that moving stadium will affect home form?
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 14:42:00

And if the stadium wasn't already a big, sexy beast, the pitch is undergoing proper consecration to bring the team further luck. When his pet snail died in a cloning experiment(breeding perfect escargot for the club level dining rooms), Lord Wenger had him buried under a penalty spot. He's replaced his lost pet with a Corgi(moving on to Korean cuisine, apparently) and will let him relieve himself on the goalposts during Saturday morning walks. Ah, the smells of success.
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 16:10:00

I did hear from other fans that it actually lacked the feel of a football ground and that it felt too corporate ! Im sure the extra 20,000 fans are all white collar workers anyway
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 16:22:00

Am ashamed to admit USA seems to be one of ours - gutted. Oi mate - back in your box, and leave the Gooner baiting to the pro's please! ; )
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 16:29:00

As with everything new, it'll take time to feel like home, but I can assure, it is a wonderful arena!!
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 17:19:00

I never said the stadium was bad! Just your team. As for OLASAL..."ashamed"? "gutted"? unprofessional? This from a guy whose claim to fame is vomit on his tie? Relax all, just geared up for the new season. Besides you just hate me because I'm from the USA!
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 18:00:00

No we hate you cos your comments are really unfunny and your knowledge of "soccer" is a joke !
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 18:07:00

Went up to london to see the stadium today and i can not wait for the first perm match i go to watch there it will be a spectical, hopefully we can christen this beautiful stadium with some sliver this year, com on arsenal do it for the gooners!
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 19:38:00

Boony my lad...anyone that takes a nickname that rhymes with Looney, now that's funny. I have already forgotten more about soccer (EPL, Serie A, la Liga) than you will ever know. Did you realize that you said my knowledge was a joke, as in funny? You're too daft to even get the pun. Have mish explain it to you after someone reads all the posts to him. I understand mish is short for either blemish "MMMMOOOOOOOOOOOLLLEEE" or gnomish for his deformed dwarf life in his mum's basement guarding his replica losers jerseys.
Report Abuse
24/07/2006 22:32:00

Seriously USA, when you get Gooners, Chelsea and Spurs agreeing over the fact that you're not either funny, intellectual or wanted here, then you know you're in trouble.
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 00:24:00

ahhh the stadiu, is fantsticccccc i love it and the kit just goes perfectly with it !!!
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 00:54:00

I've obviously not got quite as much time on my hands as you USA, I must be too busy being the "rug" under everyone's feet. But hey I'd rather they were wipping their feet on my than their a**e... It seems no matter where I go you are rambling out this rubbish, always got to be totally anti whatever the article is. I don't think I've seen one comment that you've made that is actually of worthwhile note? Actually maybe one, after first ridiculously claiming Stevie G would only hinder England as captain, after I picked you up on it saying it was rubbish, although I'd agree he wouldn't be my first choice, JT would, you had to ruin it, not by agreeing with me (you can get somethings right!) but by then adding more rubbish about Lampard being next in line then anyone else Chelsea. Are you really sure you get the point of a website such as vital football? Are you sure that you are indeed watching the right kind of football out there in America, you guys call what is the real football "soccer"...
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 15:55:00

Rocky7, pompeyrug, Boony, mish...thanks for voting me the most hated poster on the site. What an honor! When will you send me my trophy? It's going to be a long season of Chelsea wins, so you'd better toughen up you sissy boys.
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 18:07:00

Hey gooners, shake your piggy ba-anks The spotlight's hitting something You can hear it go bang-clank! Who knew it could be so thrilling To lose that final shilling Gonna hear about a loss of pounds Some steady wailing sounds Hey Edward and Ronald have you paid them yet Oh, but they're so maxed out Arsene and the Debts Oh, but they've got a style to maintain Oh Arsene loves his escargot He's got a recipe But it's not for free He'll only share it si tu parle Francais Oh,ho, Arsene and the Debts Hey goons, learn to suffer duress The current debt load will Teach you to live wageless You may survive but you'll always hear Spurs' songs Where the fight to survive has alwyas sounded strong
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 20:41:00

Rocky7, pompeyrug, Boony, mish, my last post to you was a harsh admonition, now here's my softer month long ZZ-like headbutts aimed at all of you are the usual brash, loud, think we know it all way we Americans argue over sports with our fellow fans! In fact we're usually YELLING. Despite the vitriol, it's always "with all due respect" and "nothing personal". I figured if you could beat h*** out of each other over a match, you could handle a few hasty nastygrams without all of the emoticons. ;-) :D Relax a bit mates, take a pint for me and we'll argue over soccer & Chelsea, not my borish/boring blasts! Cheers!
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 20:53:00

You blokes are right to hammer USA over his ridiculous comments, though I do enjoy his spirit. It's not like a new stadium constitutes a coronation. Perhaps it's all in how you say it. Since Elton John is clearly the favorite artist of L'Arse's banking class of fans, perhaps a rewrite of one of his songs might be in order. And a one, and a two... Hey goons, shake your piggy ba-anks Your club's needing something or it's gonna go Bang-Clank! So cash your savings in Squeeze out your final pound Don't wanna hear L'Arse break wind You're gonna need to spend Oh, Edward and Ronald have you paid your part Oh, but they're so maxed out Arsene and the Debts Oh, but they need your cash right now Hey, Arsene's gonna spend it soon An international man If he fulfills his plan He'll sell Gooner shirts on the moon Oh-Ho, Arsene and Debts Hey goons, open up your wallets Don't ask silly questions Don't act like you've got bawlocks An escargot a day will make you strong And you'll fight a nation of haters Who want to prove you wrong Oh Edward and Ronald, have you cashed your cheques? Dude, they're like so maxed out Arsene and the Debts Now their big star will play like a girl Someone find Henry a dress He's the coach's pet, loves crepe suzette Now executes a fine grande jete Oh-Ho Arsene and the Debts
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 21:17:00

Thanks (I guess) greatwhitenorf! But Elton John...doesn't it just figure that a "bloke like him" would be your fan favorite!? LOL LOL I suggest Sad Songs because you are going to have a Sad Season. I'll spare you Gooners the gazillion double entendres and puns available since you won't appreciate or understand them! So just push up a stool and suck down a cold one.
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 21:44:00

Cripes! that old fag ain't my fave, but he rocks the middle-class snoozersters that will be catching a nap at the Fly-brary this season. I'm more Willie Nelson/Mavericks/White Cowbell Oklahoma - stoned alt country.
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 23:00:00

greatwhitenorf You didn't strike me as an EJ fan! Good call on the music though. Willie Nelson is an icon here and it is well-deserved. Seriously, your team is going to be tough this year as is Liverpool and Man U. Let's just hope those Spurs falter early so we don't have their fans to put up with. See pompeyrug, I can be nice. It just takes a little class and less a** on your end!.
Report Abuse
25/07/2006 23:25:00

USA - Chuck You, Farley. Wot London team u fink I support wif a name like Great WHITE Norf.
Report Abuse
26/07/2006 01:24:00

You chaps are just too easy!
Report Abuse
26/07/2006 02:48:00

BTW, are you missing teeth, fingers or an education given the way you write?
Report Abuse
26/07/2006 02:51:00

This is the most surreal cr*p I've ever read. You two really must get together for a sesh somethime. You suit eachother.
Report Abuse
26/07/2006 12:48:00

Rocky7 You have great posts and great insight. But it's off-season, and I'm just having a laugh. Relax, I'll get serious when the EPL starts. in the meantime, just enjoy the silliness.
Report Abuse
26/07/2006 14:48:00

I would USA, but I cant understand what youre banging on about.....especially GWN, he talks in riddles :)
Report Abuse
26/07/2006 16:02:00

what a bunch of *****ers
Report Abuse
27/07/2006 15:52:00

And here I was thinking GWN was your friend. I'd have a word if I were you GWN.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 00:47:00


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