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We Hate Chelsea

In our latest poll we asked which the most hated team in the world was, and the results were resounding. We hate Chelsea.

Whether or not the result has been altered by the Spurs and Liverpool fans who frequent our great site is debatable, but Chelsea have topped the tree, and by a rather large margin.

While Tottenham would have been my own preference, The Blues finished with a massive 63% of the votes. There are thousands of reasons why Chelsea have topped the charts ranging from them having bought the titles, arrogant managers, jealousy towards their team, or the most popular reason I'm guessing would be the arrogance and provocative manner in which the Vital Chelsea boys write their articles.

They seem to intent on winding Tottenham and Liverpool fans up rather than focussing on their own team, which is the most likely reason for them 'winning this award'.

While the rest of the vital sites only have the occasional dig at our rival teams, you'll probably find the Vital Chelsea site has articles with titles such as 'All mouth & no trousers' 'Fortress Anfield HA HA HA' 'Liverpool 100-1 Outsiders' & 'Arsenal Cry Please Sir' running every other day, it's no wonder everyone hates them.

They will no doubt come in their droves claiming that that they don't care, or what does it matter as long as they keep winning the league, but deep down, we all like to be liked.

Just before I go I'd just like to say that one of my favorite reasons to dislike the boys in blues is their insistance to repeatedly used the phrase 'We at Vital Chelsea Towers' I mean, how annoying is that?!?!

Poll Results In Full:-

*Real Madrid 3%
*Chelsea 63%
*Tottenham 17%
*Man Utd 15%
*Liverpool 2%

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 7 2006

Time: 12:40PM

Your Comments

more than tootenham??? :-) like they say, everyone hates you when your at the top:]
LOL!!! Looks like we got under your skin a bit! Hehehe
Chelsea fans are jus annoying. The way they behave and talk about their team. I'm sorry but when you talk to a Chelsea fan they say their game is attractive. I kinda find it boring because week in week out they do the same thing, playing their bayleaf 4-3-3 formation, knock the ball out to the wings, cut back to lampard etc. I used to hate watching liverpool but now i don't mind, but Chelsea i dunno i can't stand their boring football. No wonder Duff left, he had no freedom like he did at Blackburn, and became a basic player at Chelsea because he had to do the same things over and over.
I'd just like to point out that as far as I'm concern I don't hate Chelsea, they are very annoying, yes, but Tottenham & Man Utd are far far in front of Chelsea. Chelsea are just an itch that needs scratching.
63% thats alot we really do hate them and you know why
You give it big about provocative/pretensious writing - and then you come up with this? Just because we have a pop at Liverpool and Spurs all the time? Feeling left out Gooner? Face it - Spurs are going to do you this season, and you'll be battling the Barcodes for a UEFA cup spot - and you know it.
that poll was a for gone conclusion really. lol
Yes muppet, and you'll win the league and go out of the Champions League again. Winning the league should be a pre-requisite and minimum requirement for the kind of money the oil baron has spent and you know it. So another disappointing season for both of us eh??
Can't believe it's not Spurts that are first!!!! I don't particularly like Chel$ki, but I know that the club is a business more than anything else and when RA gets bored and takes his money somewhere else then the club will probably fold. Spurts on the other hand have THE most arrogant fans in the world. Last season you would've thought they'd won everything there is to win in this country what with the way they were berrating us. But we all know what happened in the end hahahaha
Typical Wind up merchant OLASAL - You initially came and had a little giggle and then thought you'd come back and spice it up a little bit. If you'd read what I'd put you'd see that I was just writing an article based on other peoples opinions, as my favorite club to hate are Spurs.
Mate without being rude, a successful season for me, is how many away games i get to, and whether we do Spurs for six points, win at Old Trafford, and do the whining red mickeys - if we win anything great, but its these things i care most about. Gone for so long winning f***all it just means that I'm prepared, and even expecting failure, and anything we do win is a massive bonus - footie is a bizarre game - expectations end up being shattered dreams, certainly if you are a Chelsea fan anyway. I think thats why we love a wind up - its all we used to have when we were crap! ; )
LOL Rocky - you know me well enough now to know that I am a wind-up merchant all day pal. Nice article though. Clever.
I have to say OLASAL I'm surprised and even slightly pleased to read that. Clearly one of the old school and remember the 15,000 Stamford Bridge regulars. I'm so used to reading bollox from the new brigade of staunch and avid Chavs that have never been, it is sometimes hard to diferenciate.
But surely the fact that you have been without trophies for so long and now your sucsessful means you should be enjoying it while it lasts rather than spending all your time rubbing it in other peoples faces. There's nothing worse than a poor winner.
I have to agree HS, it is obvious that OLASAL is one of the few true Chelsea matter how obnoxious he is :P
To be fair to me and the rest of the boys at Vital-Chelsea Towers, when have you heard us rub it in people's face and gloat about winning the Premiership etc? Some Chelsea might have but I would contend they are NOT old school - you wont find us doing it on Vital. Take the pi**, make broad and often suspect socio-economic generalisations, have a laugh, exhibit massive and far-reaching cynicism yeah - but we dont rub it people's faces unduly not like the Scousers and their 18+5 crap. We know full well we wont be at the top forever and we are enjoying it while it lasts.
Yes, credit where it is due Rocky. I took my lad to Chessington last week and must have seen 30 Chav shirts. 10 years ago you wouldn't have spotted 1, even at the Bridge.
I have noticed a lot of bitterness lately with you boys and your scouse counterparts. Did they take you up on your wager?? You know if you lend them a Chelsea shirt to wear it will be swapped for a KFC luncheon voucher and a merc badge before the days out??
Funny you mention that HS - that was a big thing when I was a nipper - I had a strict uniform policy at School but our school trips to places like that, where you'd come into contact with loads of other kids from different places - it was a mark of pride to wear your Chelsea shirt - Fellow chelsea boys were so rare that although youd see a few, youd always go up and say something to them - always. I still do it now, but most people look at me like i'm an idiot or something - mid you there are so many more fans now. At least back then you knew that if someone was willing to brave the abuse and probable threats from massed ranks of Man U, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal, that they were proper chelsea boys - now they probably arent. Shame really but thats the price of progress I guess.
Well I never imagined this when I pressed the "Publish" button, a pleasent and insightful debate!!!! Lol.
We've been going through the same since 1998. Half the people around us now are new aged fans. SIDDDAAAAN and all that.
No - we fronted them out about the bitterness that they keep spouting out, and nobody apart from a couple of 13 year old kids who cant drink, and Gerry the editor in Ireland were up for it. No matter what you may think of us and our "interesting" approach to article writing, I have to say that whatever abuse we dish out to the mickeys, we have about ten-fold in return - im in the middle of writing a special feature to find out why they hate us so much - i only started hating them really, i mean really F****ing hating them, since they started with the bitterness and crap. Id love to find out why - so i'm interviewing a couple of the more articulate Liverpool fans to find out why - its so sudden - one minute they dont like us but wont go out of their way to say it, and the next they are spitting fire and brimstone...
Definately HS - I was sat in the south stand for DB10's testamonial, tried to get a few chants going and most of the people looked at me like I was insane. It made me laugh however when I stood and sand "We're the North Bank......" and a geezer two rows infront was singing "We're the clock end..........". Although there did seem to be more families with kids on that day than usual. That said, the atmosphere was pretty dencent with a lot more true gooners now in the position to get to games.
Siddddaaaaaahhhhhhhhn!!!!!!!! Boooooooooooooooooooooo!! : )
LOL welcome to my problem Rocky - last couple of seasons Ive had my season ticket in the West Lower near my Dad and little brothers as its the only time i get to see them really, but i've been warned on a couple of occasions by the stewards about "persistant standing" and "abusive chants" - since when has "CAREFREE!!!" been abusive? Its ok in the Matthew Harding Lower, but the home atmosphere (or lack of it) is why i prefer away games these days.
hehe, im enjoying reading all of this bickering! your all as bad as each other! although i dislike chelsea, arse fans know the real rivalry is between spurs and arsenal. we are the cornerstone of london football, and no matter what happens, it will always be spurs/arsenal! fair enough, you dont rub in peoples faces OLASAL but, its the way pretty much every single article that merlin knob words his articles that gets on my tits!
Talking of away games - cant wait to come to your place. : )
agree with olasal in the respect that away games are the biggest crack and also looking forward to turning you over at degenerates!
LMAO @ Elmo - theres just something about you and him that doesnt really get along is there? I'm sure he feels the same about you!
Last home game of the season for us.....title decider?? :P
With the greatest respect aint got a prayer :P I can't remember the last time you beat us, never mind on our turf :D
Who knows Rocky? The way things have gone pre-season for us, we could be out of it by then - only two recognised strikers now that Crespo has gone, Gallas on his way, Cech out till September, Cole injured badly, Lampard and Sweep woefully out of form, and Shevchenko and JT carrying knocks...
I've just heard about Crespo & didnt know about Cech. You've been pretty lucky with regards to injuries over the past couple of years, maybe this season we'll find out what you've really got!!!!!
The nightmare is if JT gets a long-term injury - injuries to anyone else we can live with I think - but to lose JT would break us I think. Am v worried at lack of cover - hope to God they've sorted another defender and another striker out.
Be a nightmare if you had a few injuries, it'd mean R.A would have to go out in Jan and spend another 200m quid...sigh!!!
you were lucky last year rocky to get the draw! plus you havent got your 5-a-side pitch to bail you out.
i reckon I hate spurs just as much as Chelsea!!
HS - its not that easy mate - with all the money in the world, you want players who are going to improve your team, and only the very, very top teams have players like that - and money is no object for Barca, Milan, Bayern, Real, Inter etc - its not a case of just getting the chequebook out - look how long it took for us to sign Sheva. Fact is we need a defender and a striker now, and Kenyon is fannying about with Ashley Cole! Leave him alone and lets have Dean Ashton please.
Yes but Elmo, we'll be better on the bigger pitch, which is exactly why Wenger wanted it. Plus I've often heard the Spurs lot call us a one man team, well out of 180 minutes last season Henry played around 30 mins.....congratulations on not being able to beat a no man team :)
From what I have seen of Chelsea JT, Lampard and Cole have been the cornerstones of your success. I think that you'll miss Cole more than most because the way he plays is unique in style, so replacing him is nigh on impossible. I'm not sure the Lampard and Ballack pairing will work either. Much like Lampard and Gerrard for England. Having said that , I still think you'll win the league at a canter. FYG also, I'd take 20m for that snivelling little rat Cahley and look forward to giving him a reception at Emirates.
I don't really hate any team in the world, sp*rs is just rivalry, liverpool are fine, man utd have an annoying arrogant manager, real madrid are disgusting in the way they conduct themselves and chelsea are only up the top cos of roman and his money no other reason :D I'd rather focus on my own team then hating others or slagging them off, but thats me ;) and lol @ rocky no man team comment :D
i relly waned it to be spurs as well but i had to vote for the cash for titles team, just coz i hate themso much now, ts a bit suprising that the tiny totts aint top though perhaps the rivarlys in london are switching? but then what gives yo me satasfcion now beating chelsea or the spuds? personally i say spuds but whats you opinion
I think the reason peoplr feel about Chelsea has to do with the general feeling that you aint playing on a level ground. And when you buy SWP for 20M to stop us from getting him, can you blmae people for not liking you?

I can't quite say I "hate" Chelsea, but to put it into perspective, one of the biggest cheers I made for a goal was the Man U one at Old Trafford. The loudest, of course, was Sol's header agianst Barca. Ok, the Man U cheer was the third loudest. Second loudest was against Real Madrid, after seeing how we'd been tipped to get screwed. So, me cheering a Man U goal should tell you how I feel about you guys,in as much as hate would be a bit unappropriate.

So, Olasal is looking forward to coming over? Good for you mate. Enjoy the luxury of the seats, asnd all that. Coz the way I'm thinking, or at least I'm hoping, is that you won't be enjoying the on-pitch acticity, not when Fabregas is running rings around Makelele and RVP is doing what he did last season (the cracker that was ruled off-side).
same old ******in ******es back 2 back and thats why we're hated its all good because u lot r p r i c k s
Chelski i mean chelsea fans are sooooooooooooo annoyin but dere nt as bad as spurs or united! spurs probably just shade it but i do hate united aswell! chelsea are a long way bhind those 2!
You should hate us Arsenal cause we sure as hell hate you!! Love Tottenham
we love that you hate us and we love hating you. thats what makes the premiership so sweet its kicking hated a@# and having hated teams kick our a#@es...wouldn't trade it for a million bucks. so its been nice hating youz hope it never ends. We hate spuds coz youre spuds We hate Man u coz of fergie...(and former man ruud and pretty much everyone actually) and We hate chelsea coz you are more of a business than a soccer team.
GunnerPete says... As A Gunner of 57 years, I am really sad that Chelsea have become the one thing they never were ie; smallminded, petty & boring. Before the money, Chelsea were always respected by other supporters especially in the UK, now sadly they are detested at a level I never thought posible, and world wide at that ! Yes, it must have been great to go from also rans all their history, to being able to buy championships & cups when you want, but with any other teams even Man U, they get a bit of respect with success, not this club. I have a feeling that in a few years time, when Chelsea have bought every trophy every year, and the Russian starts getting bored with his toys or the mafia catch up with him, they will crash. If & when that happens, noone will rally to their aid, and they will follow teams like Forest and find their true level. So Chelsea fans, enjoy your domination while you can, and try to ignore the hatred you meet at every stadium in Europe, because that is the cost of what you are doing to football.
GP - You doin' power tokes out the end of the barrel? Only the *****in bankin class that support Club L'arse had any time for them, maybe coz they were among yer best clients. Everywhere else, they were Chelsea and they were ******. All this success they've bought is like a pair of plastic hooters on a bird built like a plank. Interesting, but not entirely attractive.
As a Pompey fan, many thanks for Sol. Good luck for the season & in Europe. A lot of us are looking forward to the away game to see your fantastic stadium. PS. We hate Southampton or Scummers, as we like to call them.
I don't understand every true gooner should hate Man usa an Spurs the most,Chelsea for me are on 4 place behind Barselona
I would tend to differ with the article as I hate Man$$$, despise Tottenham and pitty Chelski and their legions of adopted part-time fans. However I would also add Bolton and Barcelona to my top 5.
Nobody hates Club L'Arse. Your daughters buy the first and last shout down the club and pick up the cab fare home.
Blib says Gt White Wolf.....unless Im wrong, you need some treatment sunshine. If you are a Gunner, it shows we will take on anyone

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