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Carrick Would Have Joined Arsenal

Man Utd's Michael Carrick has admitted that he only joined Spurs because he proposed move to Arsenal fell through.

Carrick singed for Spurs from West Ham to use the second club of North London as a stepping stone to the big time after the move he wanted to Arsenal fell through when Patrick Vieira decided to stay.

It has often been rumoured that Wenger was close to signing Carrick but this is the first time the player has spoekn about it publically.

Speaking the Manchester United magazine, the player said, 'There was interest from Arsenal before I joined Spurs,'

'Vieira was meant to be leaving but at the time it didn't work out.'

'That is the way football goes. Sometimes it takes you down paths you don't expect.'

So cheers Paddy, no only did we miss out on 12 Million quid that we would have made on your sale to Real Madrid, but we missed the opportunity of a life time to fleece Man Utd out of 18.6million for an overrated player.

That's football eh!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 8 2006

Time: 11:23AM

Your Comments

better than Baptista
Nah Baptista is loads better, he may not have pace, but he has skill and obviously power.
obviously he would of joined arsenal instead of spurs! duh!
Carrick is a great passer of a ball, but the boy can't tackle to save his life. He would only be cover for Fabregas.
Yeah, if we'd have signed him it might have stunted Cesc's development. Good player, but if he's worth 18.6m I'm a Dutchman. (Which I'm not, despite the log in name).
Little Dutch
Shame, would've loved to have seen him with us. Tho it's good of him now to have told all the Spurts****s that he wanted to join us rather than them haha
Indeed LD thank god we didnt buy him, fabregas is twice the player he is. And once again shows the scum tracking any player we do, and taking our rejects. And like smokin said of course he wanted to come here, poor guy probbaly wanted to win something. unlike spurs fans think, 5th place in one season in a decade of mediocrity doesnt make the team world beaters.
we may not be brilliant, but were on the way up. you? down down down. no realy, city are a good team. lol
jol ie good
********* fabregas is twice the player, what does fabregas do carrick doesnt? except get bullied.
help win us a fa cup and get us to cl final ? two things you havent achived in a very long time and wont. what has carrick helped you achieve ? 10 man everton are good as well, and bolton. Your mediocre at best, did better last season cos you only had 40 games. Desperation buy of mido cos you realised you were rubbish and paniced. The proof is in the history, weve won loads, youve won nothing, and at the end of the day i cant be bothered to state it because your not even an arsenal rival.
listen, bore off with your ********* mate, we're past all that on here, blah blah blah mediocre blah blah blah, ******** boring it is. i see by your name your probably a new member judging by your name, so i will let this slip this time silly *********.
either that or you are really ugly!
A question to smokin and scooch Why didn't he then ?
oh and btw hes first choice in the spanish team, which as much as i love england, we all know are better than us. Carrick is barely a bit part player. maybe i renamed because i really like the new player we have ? who btw also rejected you.
he would have been a good addition but then again we like wha t we have now. we always "almost signed" this player or that player though. weird
I think people are letting their emotions talk l feel it was a big possibility thet he would have come but the only reason he did not do so was the progress of cesc
again, bore off with all that talk, blah blah blah, you talk quite a lot of crap dont you?
Artyb, Are you being serious...............? Why didn't he join us........? Errrrrm because Viera never went to Real so we didn't need him..............!!! anything else I can help you with.........???
Elmo, you little fool, if arsenal fans bore you then go away. This is an arsenal blog!!!!
he jus has no argument. COs there scum and they know it!
What's Cesc done that Carrick hasn't? Run rinhs around Madrid in the Bernebeu. Run rings around Vieira at Highbury (what player has ever done that?), played in a Champions League Final, had a positive impact on a World Cup, played in an F.A Cup Final, ran rings around Scholes and Keane. Not bad considering he's five years younger than Carrick.
Little Dutch
Maybe he didn't fancy a move abroad
I get the scent of the ManUre behind this one. They didn't exactly have the most brilliant of transfer periods this time around and there was a fair amount of moaning from their fans across all the forums about the lack of activity at their club. This could simply be some spin to make up for this - otherwise why would MC release this now?? It's funny though, anyone else feel less animosity towards ManUre and Spuds now Chelski are ruining the game and Horse face has gone off to earn more money? It's just not the same anymore. As someone else emntioned on a previous post, I like watching Aron Lennon in either white shirt, and whilst I'm not going to go so far to say I like watching ManUre, I certianly don't hate them in quite the sam way which I used to.... "Arsene Knows"
Carrick does not score enough goals he only passes the ball instead of shooting. So he would have fitted in perfectly! we need people who like to shoot like baptista and rosiscky.
no whilst i dont dispute fabregas is a bad player, pound for pound carrick is just as good. his passing is on a par, they defend about the same they run about the same. fabregas does not run rings around people though. im sorry i dont see a difference if you put carrick in the arse team from fabregas. as i say, i do rate him, just think you are totally blinded by the fact he is an arsenal player. thanks for a more contructive argument little dutch other than that other idiot who simply gives it the usual 'you spuds are crap *********'. have you seen where you are in the league table mate? have you won a game yet?? no, so pipe down, your putting your own fans to sleep.
Surely the difference is that Carrick is 5 years older and has played against less good opposition what with only playing in England and not Europe, so he's reasonably unproven in that senase. I like Carrick. I even liked him when he was one of yours, but I can't see how he's on a par with Cesc.
And mate after tomorrow you're gonna have 3 points from 4 games, that's not exactly a great start to anyone's seasonis it? even yours!!!
The tops and bottems of it is .... Carrick is CRAP ! lmao !
Maybe it was the language barrier, he is from up north after all in fact it's a wonder he went to Spurs
elmo i agree with u one certain facts about fabregas .. i do rate carrick pretty highly but fabregas for his age is according to me up there with the likes of messi. They are two diff kinds of player but this kids got the talent to make it HUGE!! Anyways about not winning a game .. mate its just 2 games we've played so chillout and stop that ***** about your boring your fans. We play far more attractive football than spurs ever will. REMEMBER THE 49'ers !!
Remember the 49ers, laugh at the 45ers. 1961, anyone remember?
Little Dutch
ha ha what most people are missing is he is quoted as saying " Spurs from West Ham to use the second club of North London as a stepping stone to the big time " which basically means spurs are not a big club as his first choice was arsenal. and now a bigger club came knocking and he walked. why did he walk ? cos he didn't think Spurs lacks the same ambition as his. shame we could of had him to get all that money, Aw would of used it better than fat man Jol
shut up elmo you talk ***** he calls your squad crap because that's what it is you say you want to have a debate then you use abusive language you idiot!!!!!!
and remind me elmo which one of our clubs are playing uefa cup football and signing players like malbranque LOL and did Baptista turn you down for us i believe he did so you had to settle for another one of out rejects zokora, and i can't wait to see more of davids this season he look really good in midfield LOL
yeah and why are spurs fans here anyway >? i was told to go away from one of their articles yesterday and was given foul mouthed abuse aswell when i was infact being nice ! so maybe its not just chelsea that have no class but our inferior north london neighbours.
We're here for the same reason as you're always visiting us, we just can't live without each other, if only we could get on, think how much better the world would be, then again...
HA HA artyb, very true words indeed :) i don't have much probolem with spurs, infact not many gooners do, its the other way round and it goes back way way down the line in history when arsenal lost a game and got spurs relegated. If there is adult debate and an intelligence to it i don't mind, but when you get people mouthing obscene language which they think makes them look big and hard, i have to ignore them as mindless idiots who really don't deserve to be listened to. but artyb, i like your humour and you are always welcome to debate with me :) good luck for tomorrow son, you will need it ;)
u goonerz r all ****n french poofs!!!!!!!
ps ha ha carrick went 2 us insted of u coz he didnt want to join a ****n french poof club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n4yid chats the most sh i have ever heard in my life the only poof club is our rivals with that faty they call their spuds maneger
id bet my life that even if martin jol sold all the hair on his head for 1m quid each your team would still suck
Best of luck fighting relegation spuds!!! i feel for you ... NOT!!
no fabregas doesn't run rings around ppl. He's also a bit too old right
No guarantee that he would've gone on to great things with Arsenal anyway. And at 18m seems extremely over priced.
Thr Real Madrid preseident got elected on the back of promising he would sign cesc, do you think it would have had the same effect he had said he would sign carrick? not many in spain have heard of carrick, why? because he never beat up madrid in the bernabeu, he has zero champions league apperances, he never came on in the world cup and won his country a game, cesc has done all these things and is far younger. Carrick is a good player but when cesc is 25 he will be a great player.
I tell you why he did'nt sign for you numpties because you did'nt value him at 2.4M....oops!! your arrogance falls flat ...t*$$^$
All this crap about how good players are going to be. When cesc is 25 he could be at Real Madrid. Look at Reyes, Arsenal are turning into Real's nursery team.
course we are, i mean everyone seems to leave us for madrid there was reyes, then...umm..yeah the other funny soccer playing guy, yeah him and umm....(i think ive made my point). please support your input with intelligence people. dont just say stuff. i takes more than one player to qualify as someone elses nursery team...otherwise campbell would have made you ours mr spud
and please dont compare carrick to cesc. we all love them both but carrick simply doesnt compare. maybe somewhere down the road
I wasn't comparing cesc to anybody just stating the fact that potential counts for absolutely nothing. A player is only as good as he is now ask utd about the potentially great Busby Babes team. Nothing is guaranteed in life.
And I did'nt say Arsenal were Real's nursery club I said they were turning into Real's nursery, If you were so intelligent you might have spotted the difference.
jealousy is such a bad trait, you should concentrate on your own team like the possibility you much be bottom come tonight and face a season of average performance with average players
If Cesc never gets any better, he's still one of the best midfield playmakers around, he's proved it at the highest level. That, plus the fact that, barring injury or tragedy, he will only get better means we have one hell of a player on our hands. We're right to be excited about him, and I think he's already better than Carrick as it is.
Little Dutch
i have to agree there little dutch, he is by far a better player, also he plays more for his country than carrick does, hargreaves is preffered there now !
surely we should be debating with rivals here, ie the other 3 of the top4. Not some mid-table mediocrity who havent won anything for tens of years and play out of a corrigated iron shed.
gunner24 **** off 17 in the league lol
Poll is *****! be lucky to finish 4th. That would be good enough as thats what arse fans are used 2. Empire is crumbling!! spurs are on the up and arse are heading south. 7 points behind UTD and some of you dreamers think you can be Champions!! What a laugh.!!! Get some English tallent in. You will win nothing without English Core!! Henry will be crying soon.
And before someone gives me " How many games did Arse play compared to......." You never complained when you went unbeaten. If your winning it does not matter!! Chelsea,Liverpool and Utd had 50-60 games and they were miles ahead of the ARSE. Take away luck for a moment. ARSE wer 1 point better than SPURS last season. Now tell me who`s on the up and who`s EMPIRE IS CRUMBLING. Further more with all these takeovers it is going to be harder to be successfull when teams have money to burn on players. I will ruin the game like CHELSKI are doing so. Would you ARSE fans call finishing 4th and not winning european a cup competition a good season. No I did not think so. So wake up and watch spurs rule North London and Europe!! Fact is Title and 2nd is between utd and chelski and Liverpool will get 3rd And 4th between Spurs, Everton and Arse!!
Arsenal's rivals are now the other 3 of the bottom 4, mid table mediocrity is beyond you

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