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No Diving Please, We're British.

For me, last night, we had a great result ruined by what can only be described as a shameful piece of play acting.

The game was essentially ruined when Hamburg's goalkeeper was sent off after Robin van Persie collapsed in the box after the German stoppers foot grazed van Persie's leg.

I am Arsenal through and through, I will always support Arsenal, through thick and thin, but this is something I can not defend. In the past I have lambasted Drogba, Robben, van Horseface, Ronaldo, Gerrard and I can not make any exception just because the latest offender is a Gooner.

Robin van Persie cheated, plain and simple and that is something that doesn't sit well with me. I hated it when Pires did it, I hated it when Reyes did it and I didn't much care for it last night either. The difference between the three is that the two former gooners were serial offenders, whereas this is the first time I've seen RvP get up to such antics and I firmly believe this was an act of frustraion after he lost his goal scoring opportunity by going past the keeper rather than an act of cold & calculated cheating nad hopefully Robin will feel shame when he's see's it again and will cut it out of his game.

The Hamburg keeper now faces a three match ban (hopefully the card will be rescinded) for a crime he did not commit, infact not only did he not commit a crime, he himself was a victim of crime, (he looked like he needed the help of a victim support group with all the tears!) maybe it's time to change the rules.

Everyone associated with Hamburg has been cheated out of a chance to win the game, the fact that Arsenal were dominant before the sending off is by the by, the German outfit were still denied the chance to compete because of the acts of young Robin, something needs to be done.

In this day and age, where players are often brought before the FA with video evidence being used to punish, or indeed clear players of offences they have been accused of, surely the FA / The Premier League / FIFA / UEFA could get their heads together and come up with suitable guidlines to rid our beautiful game of this cancer which gets worse by the day?!

How often have we heard pf players or managers being fined or banned for bringing the game into disrepute?

I have taken this opportunity to look up the actual meaning of the word 'disrepute' to see if it actually relevent to this argument.

Disrepute - bad repute; low regard; disfavor.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't diving bringing the game into disrepute? Isn't this vile behaviour making a mockery of our game?

Various campaigns have been set up to erradicate this from the game, but at the end of the day it's just a lot of big talk, the time has come to hit these players hard, if a player is found guilty of 'simulation' they should be given a three match ban. Plain and simple.

Some may say this is punishing an entire team for the act of an individual, but in all honesty, how many managers do you think will put up with their players diving if they will only be able to play a quarter of his clubs games? How many football club boards are going to be happy to pay the wages of a player who can not play on Saturday because they cheat?

Something has to be done.

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Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 14 2006

Time: 6:25PM

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I take it you didnt see the pre-season friendly against AZ Alkmaar when Rvp made the exact same dive. At the time we were 0-2 up so what was the excuse for it then? The bloke is an idiot, he was in acres of space last night but instead of just shooting like any normal striker he decided he wanted to make himself look good by showing off & then he lost control of the ball, realised he looked stupid & went down deliberately looking to get the hamburg keeper sent off. What gets me even more is how Wenger absolutely slated Eboue for diving in the champions league final to try & get the high moral ground over barcelona but then ridiculously defends rvp last night & claims it was a penalty when millions of people viewing saw rvp dive in the most pathetic manner.
Ashburton Gooner
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14/09/2006 19:00:00

You're right I didnt see the dive against AZ, it's something he needs to get out of his game because he is truly a very talented footballer and is better than that!
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14/09/2006 19:05:00

Van Persie is an excellent player - no doubt about it but theres a few things i dont admire about his game 1) diving 2) i think hes made a few extremely high challenges with his foot at head height. i think no.2 has gone but i hope the diving will stop before he gets a reputation. that being said - oscar winning performance from RVP with the body twist mid dive.
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14/09/2006 19:43:00

If you think RVP's dive was spectacular check the Giggs one. Its an oscar winning dive. I agree that RVP didnt need to do it. He had the ball on his left foot, why try to round the keeper? I hope he'll get a slap from the boss. BTW what is this about british dont dive? i've been following the PL for more than 15 years and i've seen plenty of dives, ok not as much as in spain.
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14/09/2006 20:01:00

Pekka - There was a film called "No Sex please, We're British", it was just a play on that.
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14/09/2006 20:05:00

Got to well done guys - this standpoint is to be aplauided - we've got our own divers, Robben in particular, and we had a pop at him and Drogba last season about it - fair play to you well done.
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14/09/2006 20:30:00

Thanks Rocky for that! I have to admit that i have never been to england even though i've been arsenal faithful for many many years. I've been trying sometime during highburry time but never got a ticket.
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14/09/2006 20:31:00

It's embarrasing more than anything OLASAL, we got a great result away from home but it has been completely overshadowed by the fact that Hamburg had to completely change their game because one of our players cheated. I truly hate diving.
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14/09/2006 20:32:00

i think u make a good point the game would be better if players could get fines for diving delibiratly
retro hat
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14/09/2006 20:43:00

Good to see Van Persie being 'outed' in public.
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14/09/2006 21:34:00

Hats off to all Arsenal fans who are admiting Van Persie dived more than could be said for mr I-DIDN`T-SEE-IT WENGER. Well Done and see you in the Uafea cup!!!
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14/09/2006 22:00:00

Cockeril we are here arguing here about Van Persie diving not the penalty decision; if you watch closely the video again Van Persie was actually fouled by goal keeper before he dived and made a meal of it and which resulted in red card.

Also the goalkeeper made it easy for referee by proceeding to drag RVP down after the intial challenge in which he actually fouled.
Barnet Gooner
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14/09/2006 22:13:00

I don't know if I agree entirely. It did and does look a dive, but the footballers out there will appreciate the effect of a slight knock on someone running at speed, particularly on the feet. Egg chasers may also consider the potency of a tap tackle. I too want to eradicate malicious simulation, but I'll also give someone the benefit of the doubt and Robin hasn't previously struck me as a cheat.
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14/09/2006 22:19:00

No Diving were british ... then explain what giggs did ??? I have watched the clips over 30 times and i cant honestly say not just coz im a gunner but it is not a dive ... as the keeper rushes out he clips RVP's leg with putting him off balance ... then for it to b clipped again by the goal keepers hand absoloutley knocks him off balance all together .... watch the video again and you will realise what i am saying ... it is no dive RVP is not totally innocent but i feel he slumped as he did as he had ran all those yards to get to that place .... and he was knackerd .... simple as ... he does not dive
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14/09/2006 22:41:00

Seen the clips and The guys gone down like he has been shot. Contact was a slight brush if that. The guys cheated and anyone who says different are kidding themselves! I can see why the ref gave it but slow mtions prove there was no real contact. He`s labelled a cheat nowHave not seen the giggs one so cannot comment. It takes a brave fan to admit his player dived and well done to all you guys but it is as abvious dive as ever!
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14/09/2006 22:49:00

i cant defend van persie as much as i like him. maybe he should of shot first time or controled his turn better but diving like that isnt good and nothing i like to see from arsenal.
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14/09/2006 23:10:00

You can see the keeper's hand trip van Persie in the replay and it was intentiona. I don't know what all the diving accusations are about.
Stone Age Gooner
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14/09/2006 23:42:00

You can see the keeper's hand trip van Persie in the replay and it was intentional. I don't know what all the diving accusations are about.
Stone Age Gooner
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14/09/2006 23:43:00

Great to see Arsenal fans stand up for what they believe in, something which is also correct, well done. Maybe you could Van Persie a little reminder of what he did when 60k of you see him next time.
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15/09/2006 00:15:00

I agree with the retrospective video disciplining of players suggested by a few folks on this forum. Ideally the ref gives a yellow at the time of the offence, but the refs these days are too reluctant to risk facing controversy. The best ref I've ever seen, and one who could consistenty and accurately pick a dive from a legit penalty, was the Italian ref with the bald head and scary boggle-eyes (i forget his name). I think he retired a couple of years back after receiving a death threat from a disgruntled fan.
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15/09/2006 03:29:00

adbleb, you are going to be sold to some big fat Russian bloke who is going to shag Wenger and turn you into Chelsea, so from now on you are L'Arski. You sold out English players and bought European divers (RvP) and now you are going to be sold out of England while we play at Wembley, now that is funny not the crap you leave on the Spurs site.
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15/09/2006 04:52:00

Not seen the incident back yet, it was the other end of the ground, needless to say it takes the shine off a great performance/result. Retrospective red cards and 3 match bans are the only way to oust this. TeddyLyon, if you think diving is not an English problem you are very deluded. A.Cole, J.Cole, Crouch, Gerrard, Lampard, Defoe, Darren Bent are all serial offenders.
Little Dutch
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15/09/2006 11:47:00

Well done Vital Arsenal!! I agree whole heartedly that diving needs to be stopped!!!
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15/09/2006 11:51:00

LD is right it has become more and more common from English players which is why something needs to be done now!!!!
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15/09/2006 11:54:00

Too many people believe British players don't cheat, it's not cricket and all that but the truth is we can't take the moral high ground anymore, its as a much a British phenomenon as it is a foreign one. I always hate it when those pundits, Alan Hanson in particular, claim it's foreigners who brought it to the Premiership, it's not true. It's always been happening, the foreign players are labelled more easily than the home players but there is really no difference anymore. After seeing Stevie G against Sheffield, no one can say it's not British anymore. I didn't think Van Persie had dived but the more I saw the replay, I'm convinced he messed up. Diving isn't right but we have to face up to facts, the game moves too fast for blatant dives to be spotted by the ref. If there was a way of including video evidence to assist refs without slowing down the game I would be up for it.
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15/09/2006 12:14:00

Do it like in AFL sanctions after the game! take the ban from the keeper and give it to RVP! etc etc (i only used RVP as it is relevant to the thread)
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15/09/2006 12:53:00

Good article. Maybe a little harsh on RVP. It's become part of the game now. Retrospective bookings are not the way forward. If you force someone to look back at an incident, then it needs to be done across the board. You'd have teams appealing everything. Referees need to be stronger. Obviously the ref the other night was convinced it was a pen, he also had an assistant watching not far away. Instant video replay is the best option. As Henry said recently, it would take longer to celebrate the goal / appeal the decision, then it would for someone in the stands to take a second look.
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15/09/2006 13:37:00

I guess you need to pick your headlines a little more carefully Rocky, seems most of these guys aren't aware of the 3rd longest running play in London ever!!
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15/09/2006 14:12:00

d11 - Video replays for diving would turn the game into a farce. A dive would have to be looked at very carefully before deciding whether or not a player cheated. Far too long to be doing it within the 90 minutes of play. Why does it need to be looked at across the board?? I strongly disagree and believe looking at potential dives after the game is one aspect that is actually plausible!
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15/09/2006 14:22:00

Rocky lets say you look at a dive and rescind/give a red card yet in the same match a two footed lunge is not reviewed there will be uproar from all quarters. I agree it could work but it has to be applied in equal measure no matter what the offence. There is an "unBritishness" (not nessacerily true but as implied in the article) associated with diving and we tend to get very touchy particularly when one of our own players are involved but it is not the worse part of the game. Poor referees are the problem. Video is most likely the way forward. After or during, I don't mind.
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15/09/2006 16:45:00

i think alot of players look for contact and however slight will go down to gain a penalty. not saying i agree, infact people like that should be thrown out, but where do you stop ? we have all had them Giggs, Ronaldo, Rooney, Klinsman, Ginola, Bobby, RVP, Robben, Drogba, infact the list goes on and on... so can you see all those managers sacking those players, i can't, so how do you fix it ? i agree it goes on, it doesn't matter who you support, but the way forward is to stop ******ing and work a soloution... and Cockeril, if we were to see you in the UEFA that would mean we wouldn't qualify and you wouldn't qualify from your league if you actually get there ;)
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15/09/2006 16:55:00

I don't like to see Van persie listed along side Robben and Drogba. There is a difference between taking a dive once (and in RVP's case, hopefully learning from it) and a serial diver like the 2 above. The best way to stop it is for his own fans to slate him for it and let it be known that winning at all costs is not acceptable. It is a game after all not a world war.
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15/09/2006 17:09:00

But a two footed lunge is not something that can be faked by a player, if the ref see's it he is off (if the ref is any good) if not the FA can intervene and susspended the player accordingly. Diving is something that could be fought against.
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15/09/2006 17:21:00

van persie is a little dutch rent boy......wenger wont accuse him of anything as long as he is taking his chopper
Report Abuse
15/09/2006 18:07:00

I hate diving, and I was embarassed by RVP reaction to be honest. It might have been a penalty anyway if he hadnt dived the keeper might have made contact.
Report Abuse
16/09/2006 00:40:00

You're not British on the pitch. And your fans hate your new park. A dive into the Championship League might be just the thing to knock the smugness out of you all. And make you British after all.
Report Abuse
16/09/2006 03:24:00


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