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Jens Lehmann - Best In The League

OK, so maybe I'm being a littled bit biased, but lets face facts, there is no better keeper around.

His heroic performance at Old Trafford yesterday only strengthened my resolve to my claim that Arsenal's number 1 IS the best goal keeper in the Premiership.

There may be argument that Pter Cech, Paul Robinson or Edwin van Der Sar could stake a claim to that accolade, but for me Lehmann edges it.

His shot stopping is easily the best in the business, he's big and brave he's not even scared of saving the ball with his face, you only have to look at the eyes of United's baby faced assassin when Mad Jens pulled off the saved of the season as the game reached it's climax. Unbelievable.

Lehmann has been known to go off on tangents and lose his cool from time to time and enrage other players, managers and fans, but if I'm being honest, that only endears him more to us Gooners.

Our fantastic keeper is an integeral part of the red and white machine and will be vital to any success we may encounter this season.

Jens Lehmann - Legend.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 18 2006

Time: 10:12AM

Your Comments

I think you are over-estimating those other keepers. Fair enough about cech (although he plays behind an 8-10 man defence) but robinson was awful at the world cup & now beyond it & van der sar makes too many basic errors. I wonder if the fa are going to look at the refs performance yesterday, he can clearly be seen lying to Jens Lehmann when he booked him for supposedly picking the ball up outside the area (which is a red card offence is it not??), he said to lehmann he was looking straight down the line but thats a blatant lie because the sky replays showed he was nowhere near the line & infact had his view blocked by two utd players. Surely a ref cannot get away with something like that when its clear for all to see.
Ashburton Gooner
Lehmann's trade mark saves are a rarity. He is notches far above many in the league. Tough as a steel but flexible and fast as a tiger.He will truly remain a legend for years to come.
Mad Jens was superb yesterday, i love it when he gets all angry at players, and i think that makes his game even better.. the booking was a farce and i hope the yellow gets taken away. that ref should be shot !
Well it was Graham "Three Cards" Poll, what did you expect? Mad Jens will go down as one of our best ever keepers, it's a shame he's such an old bugger!!
R7- Yeah we all know Poll is rubbish but as an official there shouldnt be anyway he can be allowed to lie like he did yesterday. Of course it will just be brushed under the carpet & we will never hear anything more about it, but I honestly believe that the only reason poll didnt send lehmann off (having spoken to him on at least 3 seperate occasions) is because arsenal would have appealed & there would have been an inquiry & his lies would come out!!
Ashburton Gooner
You judge a player on big games and big tournaments. Jens was the best keeper in last year's CL and this year's World Cup. van der Sar, Cech and Robinson (mmmmmmmm....donuts) were all found wanting on these occasions.
Little Dutch
I think Lehmann has proved to be a top class keeper. There is little to choose between him and Cech especially on yesterdays showing!!! Obviously I think Cech is the best, but they both pull off magnificent saves time and time again!!
That looked like it hurt when he made that save with his face!!!!
i dont sleep every weekend just to watch my favriote team play coz of the time differences in australia, but on dat day as soon as i kno the guy dat is goin to officiate the match (Gram foll) i discouraged straight away coz he's the guy dat giv croatia 3 yellow cards in the world cup, every 1 in aus even the lil kid knows that guy 4 his stupidity, so thats why when he gave lehmann a yellow card for something he didnt see make me hate him more, the guy that you said is the best referee in England
i dont think The Premiership got batter referee, coz the L'pool Chelsea match the referee missed out a clear penalty that chelsea went away with even a kid will award that penalty to L'pool. for that my celebration was less after the win at old trafford
Lehmann has been nothing but immense since he was dropped for Almunia two seasons ago (pretty unminaginable now). He's more than earned his status as an Arsenal legend, if not for his outstanding consistency then for his commitment and entertainment value! I agree that he's been the best premiership keeper in both the 05/06 season and the start of the current campaign. His closest rival being Petr Cech: Jens edge's it for me as he's had, for the most part, an inexperienced defence in front of him - this cannot be said for Cech.
After his heroics in last seasons european cup he has earnt the right to become a arsenal legend ... i love to see him flip his lid ... he knows the boundries and he scares the opposition i was rolling when he grabbed O'Shea yesterday ... he is quality !!!
Over the last six months or so he's been the best in the world.
its a shame he should have a better reputation than he has now. i wish that his first season at arsenal was as good as this and that he would without a doubt be one of theb est keepers for arsenals.
He is an a*s, albeit a good keeper. Why does he insist on getting involved in things that take place so far away from him? As for the O'Shea shirt clutching yesterday, shouldn't that have been a yellow? I do give him a lot of credit for hanging in there after the point blank save he made with his lovely mug. BTW, Cech played all of last season injured in both shoulders, hence the operations this summer. Now you will see him back to his best, and that is better than Jens' best!
Would love to see the actual stats over the past 2 seasons for both lehmann & cech. Cech has been playing mainly behind a 10 man defence as opposed to lehmann playing behind at times a 2 man defence. When cech is exposed he looks extremely dodgy.
Ashburton Gooner
Someone let me know the day Cech saves anything below waist height.
Little Dutch
lehmann was awsome the last season and he showed that he is gonna continue his good performances this season
Lehmann is slightly eccentric, which is what makes him brilliant. that tiff with o shea was so unnecessary, but what a save in the end. one of the saves of the season!! arsenal legend? im not so sure, but a very good keeper - certainly!! dropping him for almunia was the smartest thing arsene did for him, and all us fans.
LD, remember when we beat Barcelona 2 years ago at the Bridge to go through? Cech made a wonder save diving to his right to deny Pujols, similar to Lehmann's save Sunday, except even less time to react. :)
Lehmann was fantastic he gave his best ..Well done Mate.Keep up your good job
Do you remember Barcelona away last year? when Ronaldinho's daisy cutter beat him. It was a powerful shot, but very close to him. Remeber Schweinsteigger's goal at Stamford Bridge? A low free kick that easily should have been saved and he fumbled it. Remember the three goals conceded at the Riverside last season? all along the floor.
Little Dutch
I can't beleive he's leading your poll for man of the match on sunday, he didn't have much to do!!! as a neutral Fabregas looks better evertime I see him play.
Tiny Dutch (I am not sure which part of your anatomy that refers to) don't forget that Cech played all of last season injured. I notice 4 of the goals you mention were last season. Let's watch him this year, ok? I doubt very much that if AW had the choice of either of the 2 today that he would pick Lehmann, would you, even grudgingly, agree?
This was also a staple of Euro 2004, there was a couple of goals Czech Republic conceded that stemmed from his inability to get down quickly- on one occasion he comically fumbled a low cross. At this moment, I would pick Lehmann, but I appreciate that Cech is much younger and will probably iron this out with more experience. The fact that you chose an insult in a reasoned debate is highly paradigmatic of your club by the way, you've obviously been to the Kenyon finishing school. Bravo.
Little Dutch
LD, I forgot to ask why, if Lehmann is so good, why didn't he stop Robben's weak effort at Highbury last season? BTW, if you use "there" standard grammar would recommend using "were" not "was". (plural and singular?) Are we even now? If you would like to argue the finer points of the universe I suggest we start posting in French, don't you think? You would have to agree it would be very appropriate, n'est pas? LOL
PS, LD you never answered my question! I am guessing it alludes to something above your shoulders, metaphorically speaking, of course!
Yes I spotted the grammatical error shortly after I posted, a typing error. Given that I'm qualified to teach English I should really not make these errors LOL. I'm not fluent in French, but if you would like to discuss French philosophy I am well versed in the works of Descartes. Or perhaps literature is your style? If so, the works of Albert Camus, Charles Baudelaire, Jean Paule Sartre I have studies/taught. In answer to the Robben question, it was a well placed shot it went in off the post, I wouldn't expect the keeper to save it. The name alludes the fact that I have Dutch ancestory, hence I am a little dutch get it? Or perhaps I should spin some Baruch Spinoza your way?!
Little Dutch
I have studies? Baruch Spinoza, doesn't he play for Boca Juniors? :)
If you look at your keyboard, s is right next to d. You mean you've not heard of Baruch Spinoza? He's a Dutch philosopher. I thought you said you wanted a high brow intellectual chat?
Little Dutch
LD, sorry my humour seems to have escaped you. Any guy who is excommunicated must have something going for him!
Wow, it only took you 24 hours to google that. Well done, gold star. It's not that your humour escaped me, it was just that it wasn't very funny.
Little Dutch
If I wanted a hifg brow chat would I be visiting this site?
Easily the best keeper in the business, yea he does lose his cool but it just shows his passion for the team and for germany he was immense !!!
That's odd westl, because when I suggested a topic for a high brow intellectual chat, it took you 24 hrs to google my suggestion. Or maybe you're attempting to punch above your weight academically? Because we could talk about the difference between cats and dogs and what makes rain if that would be more comfortable?
Little Dutch
LD, would you like to debate world affairs, German lit, Soviet history and its impact on 20th Century history, or should we just stick to footie? I didn't respond to your Spinoza remark with anything other than levity for 24 hours and now I am suddenly a product of the British school system who can only Google to find information and argue a subject, I think not. But, back to my point, since French is the "lingua franca" of the Arsenal dressing room. shouldn't this site be in French, Spanish, or... I suspect that the subtlety of my remark passed you by. As for your sense of humour, well maybe you and AW hang out together.
I couldn't care less what language is spoken in the dressing room, I don't see why it should matter. What do you care if the staff at McDonalds all speak swahili as long as you get your big mac right? Being that I speak a miniscule amount of French (I am a product of British Schooling too) it would be entirely inappropriate for the site to be in French, especially considering that I write for it. I don't know if the language argument was an attempt at an insult, but I don't see how the fact that somebody speaks in a different tongue belittles them or my football club. But I can tell you as somebody qualified to teach English, having read extracts from a couple of extracts from Chelski autobiographies this summer, your English lads could do with my tutelage.
Little Dutch
And by the looks of it, I could do with a typing course!
Little Dutch
Maybe I should get a ghost writer?
Little Dutch
Swahili!!!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!!!
I'm Kenyan.
I will certainly agree with you that most footballers are severely lacking in education and am pleased that you are volunteering to give them some remedial help. I am sure you would be well pleased to start with Ashley Cole! Do you think he has sold any books? I haven't seen any of the Lampard extracts, but I always thought he was relatively well spoken.
I've no problem with the lack of education as such, some people have brains in their heads, some in their hands, some in their feet and some in their, well, you know. But really, what has any footballer done to warrant an autobiography. And I think Cole is beyond help, even mine!
Little Dutch
If I'll read a book by a footballer, it's going to be Zidane's, not some 25 old left back, or some other 20 year old from Manchester. WTF are these kids thinking? If you really need to write, go to myspace and do a blog!!
Older we get´s better we get´s hehe!!!!!!!!

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