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Young Players See The Real Chelsea

After the initial throng of young and experienced players alike queing up to join Chelsea as the Blues entered the Abramovich era, it now appears that the penny has finally dropped with the young players of the world.

After Abou Diaby & Theo Walcott chose Arsenal over Chelsea for football reasons rather than the cash, highly rated midfield starlet, Yohann Gouffran has joined in with snubbing the boys from the Bridge claiming there is no place for a promising young player amidst the ranks of the highly paid 'superstars'.

Speaking reagrding his decision to stay with Caen rather than join one of the host of big clubs who came in for him, Gouffran revealed that Chelsea made a firm offer for him.

'In France, Auxerre, St Etienne and Monaco wanted to sign me,Chelsea also came with a concrete offer.'

'But I wasn't interested. Just look at their policy - they buy so many stars, there is no place for me.'

The French under 21 international showed that he has their number and knows exactly why Chelsea will struggle from now on signing young players.

'They would have loaned me for a year, and I don't want that.'

He also had a swipe about Roman Abramovich's long term intentions for the club, suggesting what we are all thinking, that the Russian Billionaire is just playing fantasy football.

'If I leave, it is to invest myself in a real project. I need implication.'

The Stamford Bridge faithful shouldn't be too downhearted, while there is money to be made from football, you'll always have some little Chav like Ashley Cole moving to the highest bidder, but in my opinion, they are welcome to them!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 27 2006

Time: 3:41PM

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How's Gallas? Highly hamstrung we hope!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:30:00

He'll be fine. Nice to see you add something constructive to the article Merlin! What's wrong? You can't disagree??
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:33:00

hahahahahahahaha @ Merlin and this stupid post
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:34:00

Nice to see his departure still bothers you. We couldn't give a F*** if Cashley Tweedy plays for you lot or not.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:35:00

Why is it stupid MB? Because it's aimed at Chelsea? If it's so stupid, why not tell us why I'm wrong? And as for hoping another player is injured, that's a bit below the belt isn't it?!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:38:00

It isn't below the belt for them. Just proves what we've always known about Chelsea fans.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:43:00

Can I just clarify something: is this the same Arsenal site which berated the Vitals Chelsea site for continuing to write about William Gallas? I ask, as Chelsea might have some interest in talking about Gallas. Your club has absolutely nothing to do with this particular story about a player who decided not to play at Chelsea. You also ran a piece recently berating Chelsea for being HYPOCRITES. I'm wondering whether you took the trouble to look up the definition of that word before writing this article. Still, we're never surprised when Arsenal point at everyone else from the moral highground, conveniently ignoring the rivers of cess running under their own territory. P.S. on matters of substance, Gouffran's snub is obviously a body blow to Chelsea from which we will struggle to recover. However, the notion that this vicious humiliation is indicative of anything is clutching at straws.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:48:00

Chelski fans show the class demonstrated by their club. Still, like I say we're products of our environment I suppose. Did any Arsenal fans rejoice in the tackle on Cashley by Michael Brown? No, R.I.P Chelsea Football Club, gone forever.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:52:00

Chelsea will struggle to sign youngsters.........mmmmmmmm. Thats apart from Kalou, Obi Mikel, Diarra, Morais, Nielson, Fernendes.........all of whom have signed in the last year or so.....I think the nationality of Gouffran has had more to do with his move to Arsenal than anything.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 16:58:00

Euroblue you look like your trying to dig yourself out of a whole. chelsea acting like kids is in my opinion what they did. if the allegations are true is still a matter that hasnt been revieled. dont be to alarmed at the amount of players that will not choose chelsea so they can come to arsenal. . . and dont forget walcott !
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 17:01:00

It's not that fact that this particular player snubbed you that is the main point, it's the fact that players in general are seeing the way in which your club is being run and don't want to be part of it. As for your first comments, my memory is very poor, remind me when we berated your for running Gallas stories? Also I ran this because I knew there was no way that anyone from VC would, and I thought it would be interesting to discuss. Also it's my job to get traffic on my site........thanks for your donation ;)
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 17:01:00

There was no gloating at Browns horror challenge which nearly injured Cashley, have some class.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 17:17:00

Merlin, Gallas is rather hamstrung, but as you'll notice, we have a two week international break coming right up, so...
MkChelski, who said because this Gouffran kid declined Chelsea means he's coming to Arsenal? Or is he coming? Though I'm sure he'd come, if his decision is based on where he is likely to get a chance.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 17:57:00

but chavski fans laughing at us because we have a player injured for 10 days and us laughing at them for every half decent youngster not wanting to join them are poles apart. it actually makes me feel rather smug that the best thing they can get at us about is a 10 day injury to Gallas! YEESSSS!!!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 19:14:00

Rocky, as you know, I am usually pretty restrained about my reactions to provocative pieces, but this one is purely to bait us. If no good youngsters want to join us I refer you to Mc Chelski. If no good players want to play for us then Mourinho must be a much better manager than AW because WE have won the league the last 2 seasons, with what, according to you, should be an inferior squad. Also, I am sure Little Dutch will be bottom fishing here soon, trust you saw the low saves Cech has made tonight. Cech or Lehmann? I know who I would rather have! Finally, Rocky, I guess since you are signing all of the best young players it is a foregone conclusion you will be winning the PL for the next few seasons. Right!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 21:27:00

I'm not saying that no 'good' players are signing for Chelsea, I'm saying the young players are steering clear. Obviously you can lure the big name players with big wages, and you will go on doing that, unfortunately that means you are just taking from the game and not giving anything back. Once one senior player retires or leaves, you replace him by buying another experienced player and not bring anyone through your ranks. I'm positive you'll either win the title or be very close for years to come, but you won't do it with players you have nutured and made into great players.....just bought, and that is quite sad when you think about it.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 21:34:00

i dont get the point of this article. who ******** cares. just let them make fools of themselves. no need to bring their mentality here.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 21:35:00

i agree with rocky 7, when Arsneal and Man united have been succsesful, its been because we have nutured, youth and given something back to the game, as for Chel$ki, they just buy players, and when they are too old, they get another world clas player, its not how football is ment to work, plus as shevchenko has shown it doesnt always work, anyone see cole, be dropped tonight.. poor thing!!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:12:00

I fancy Mr Wenger would have won back to back Titles if he had spent nigh on 120 MILLION POUNDS in the last 2 years. I understand you have been riled westl but get real!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:13:00

what a straw clutching piece. he didnt fancy chelsea because hed be loaned out. hmm no else does that do they? some youngsters will join some wont. if they fancy discussing their motives and it makes your trousers wet then good luck!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:16:00

The point of the article is we will continue to grow teams over a number of years and you will buy teams in whether he is right or wrong only time will tell. If Kenyon wants you self sufficent in 3 years the article will have to be wrong.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:20:00

cmon chel$ki fans get real as a youngster you are not going to want to join chelsea, unless you are thoroughly stupid, look at players like Diarra, what a great player he gets 2 appearances last season in ur frist team, players have now seen what chelsea are about and turn there noses up at playing for you, it will only be a matter of time until the "world class" players turn there back on you too, greedy club attracts greedy players!!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:22:00

i think you'll continue to grow and buy players and hopefully we will follow that route a little more. i think the "ageing superstar" purchases of this season will be more exception than rule everyone buys players be fair
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:25:00

yes we all buy players but Kenyon has made this bold statement so for his fantasy to become reality young players will have to be given more game time which will attract more youngsters to CFC. The big purchases of the last 4 years can be no more and whilst keeping ur balance sheet in good health you will have to continue to be succesfull. Its a hard knock life in the real world!
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:36:00

yes it was a bold statement but it was made with a billionaire backer sat behind him. so take it with a pinch perhaps
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 22:53:00

It is easy to pay 7-8mil per year in wages or 30mil in transfer fees for these coffin dodging superstars. You can use them for a year or two and than you can buy other ones with another 360mil. But don't try to fool anybody into thinking that you are a real club all of a suden as you can't even fool teenagers these days. Plus you should REALLY stop chasing any players of French nationality as the Gallas/Domenech affair has left you with no chance of that. Furthemore Makelele's contract runs out in 2008 and let's have a bet that he will not extend it.
Report Abuse
27/09/2006 23:52:00

I enjoyed the article but would prefer to speak purley about Arsenal matters, in order to minimise the through traffic of disgruntled chelski (and almost always spurs) fans infecting us all with their points of view...
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 01:58:00

Two words- football icon. In response to Westl, I saw Cech fumble a low shot close to his body, forcing him to throw himself at an attacker, it was an easy save straight at him. Just because commentators fawn over what a great save it is, he made a basic save look a difficult one. Did you notice the goal Chelsea conceded? He didn't even dive by way of gesture for a low shot into the corner. Lehmann all day long.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 10:23:00

Propping up the first half of the table certainly does seem to give you guys plenty of bile to spit out. We're flattered, we really are.
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 11:24:00

rjh, two words- football icon. RIP Chelsea Football Club, it's not coming back.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 11:35:00

Dutch - for someone apparently so eductated and smart, as you are always so keen to impress upon us, you arent really very original are you? Youor RIP Chelsea Football Club comment is rather a bit of a trademark for you isnt it? Is it something you use when you cant think up something witty that isnt going to make you sound like a twunt on your own board. Clearly it doesnt bother you sounding like one on ours, but i understand you not wanting to look like a muppet on here - i mean, these are your little friends right? You are a 24 carat gold twunt mate - go look that up in your dictionary.
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 12:51:00

nnn - I've just heard Makelele, Diarra, and the Tea Lady who's hubby is French have all handed in transfer requests because how much they hate Chelsea! You were right all along!
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 12:54:00

I cant *****in' wait to come to the Emirates and teach you lot how to sing properly. CHAMPIONS!!!
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 12:55:00

The truth is the only originality I need. RIP Chelsea Football Club, never to return.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 13:02:00

Little Dutch isnt the only 1 who thinks this is he? it was the man u fans who made up the song "ur not chelsea anymore" At the end of the day u tried to be a big club by spending a ton of money a few years ago and u failed so badly you almost went bankrupt, u couldnt handle it in the real world where clubs have to run themselves correctly whilst still winning trophies. u cant compare urselves to madrid, Barca, milan who also in the past have run their clubs at a loss, the reason they could do this is they had his history, a history of success that made banks, governments etc back them because they are institutions in their countries they bring a certain glamour and pride to anybody who is associated with them. All we ask is you show some humility about how you aquired a place amongst the big 4.
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 13:30:00

LOL *yawn* You lot cant even do a decent wind up piece on us properly...
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 16:33:00

Teach US how to we know you're havin a laugh, you can't even muster up the fans to create any noise!! And you only have 2 songs......and by the end of the season that will be down to one!! ;)
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 17:19:00

yup, i'm sure rocky7 lives to do crappy wind up pieces on chavski - it's his life's mission. maybe it's so that bored vital chelsea fans can spend time on the arsenal forum to educate us on what constitutes building a great club. hopefully, we can all aspire to have 100 million quid a year to spend on winning a trophy.
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 18:50:00

you have to sign alot of players each year, why cos so many are leaving, infact cole, ballack and shevo aren't even mourinho's signing, their kenyons, which just goes to show you the extent of the problems behind chelsea.
Report Abuse
28/09/2006 21:34:00

Yeah, Rocky, that's a funny one, teach us how to sing. Even Bremen outsung them!! And they won, but they were still outsung. And they were home, but they were still outsung, and they fancy themselves outsinging us at The Grove. Tsk!
Report Abuse
29/09/2006 09:34:00

I was going to leave this but GAGA does my nut in!! GAGA you have never been to London let alone the Library or Cashburden so how would you know what the atmosphere is like!! Before you all jump up and say Cashburden is amazing! I should hope it is otherwise you have got yourselves £262mil in Debt for nothing!
Report Abuse
29/09/2006 09:59:00

Well I have been to Highbury and the Grove and I can tell you this, you'll be in for a very loud surprize when you visit next year. The volume has increased ten fold on what it used to like at Highbury, and we haven't played a 'massive' game yet.
Report Abuse
29/09/2006 14:08:00

mikeyblue i didn' realise you were such the astute financial advisor. we are NOT £262M in debt... i have a loan for £262m, there is a difference. plus it is a loan that has monthly repayments set over a period of time. we can still compete for players, and as you will see this year, will compete in the league too... we all don't have to pay £30m over the hill strikers
Report Abuse
29/09/2006 15:07:00


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