Arsenal - Thierry Henry On His Way
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Thierry Henry On His Way

Thierry Henry has been the victim of heavy criticism, particularly
from Chelski and Spurs fans. Comments like, 'he's negative and scared to go forward' or 'he doesn't care' have been issued towards him.

However, Le God has started to 'come right' eventually. His goal against Porto also proved the myth 'he can't use his head' completely false. In that match he also set up van Persie (only for him to shank) and Hleb (who converted). His positive approach and incredibly creative mind were on display against Porto.

Henry is like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill. It gets bigger and bigger. Henry gets better and better. Once he starts only the end of the season can stop him.

We gooners can look forward to seeing ''the best of the best'' at his
peak. It will also encourage the likes of Eboue, Gallas, Hleb, Rosicky and Fabregas to come forward.

The reason why Henry is the best in the world is not because of his
finishing ability alone. (Klose and Ibrahimovic could match him in that department) It is his ability to set other players up.

So expect a hack from Rosicky, Toure and others. An exciting time for us gooners!

Article submitted by Tugboat.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 30 2006

Time: 1:02PM

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Please back up by facts how many times he has scored with his head. And then tell me he can score with his head!! I would say it is less than 10 times without doing any research and divide thet with howmany seasons he has had and you will get the worst ratio in prem History. So do not brag about henry scoring with his head!! How ever good he is he cannot head the ball and facts back thwt up you dreamer!!
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30/09/2006 13:32:00

Another point Klose and Ibremovich are not a patch on Henry!! I did not see either finish top scorer in any top league on a consistent basis! Is that the best you could come up with when there are great marksman like Shevchenko, Van nestelroy, Owen, Raul, Shearer. Lineker, Rush, Klinsmann. Shows your Poor knowledge of world football!! What a pointless CRAP article!!
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30/09/2006 13:40:00

Ibrahimovic couldn't finish his tea
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30/09/2006 13:41:00

You argument is nonsense. To back up your own so called facts you would also have to know how many attempts on goal he has had with his head. For arguments sake lets say he has only scored ten goals with his head, but if he has only had the crosses to have 15 headed attempts on goal that would suggest he is excellent with his head would it not?? Just because we don't play the sort of football that means Henry doesnt use his head, doesnt mean he cant. To assume will make you look like a fool.
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30/09/2006 13:43:00

Nonsense!! Another point what is his ratio of attemted headers to goals scored??!! Also he has often opted not to use his head when heading would be the easiest option. Henry is a top player but he cannot head the ball Even die hard Arse fans know that rocks!!
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30/09/2006 13:55:00

How may has he scored for France and how many assists has he had with his head and how many headers does he win from goal kicks and set peices. And regarding style of play... Arsenal play with out and out wingers and full backs pushing forward and you tell me theres no crosses coming in?? Ok not all in the air but a fair share. And because Henry CANNOT HEAD A BALL you have to maybe play it on the deck sometimes. How many goals did Kanu get with his head I wonder??
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30/09/2006 14:00:00

Henry chooses no to head when that is the easiest option???????? You have just made that up to try and back up your argument. Thats the biggest pile of nonsense I've ever heard. And you first point was my point you tool. You have no idea of his attempts to scoring ratio so don't even pretend you do!
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30/09/2006 14:10:00

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30/09/2006 14:14:00

He scores 2 goals with his head and he is a master, Now you would not get that reaction if he played for England. Infact I would bet he has scored less than 5 times with his head in Prem but still that is awesome hey mate!!! cloud coockoo land as usuall!!
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30/09/2006 14:17:00

Never said that, I just said he can head a ball, as his last two goals have shown, just because WE don't play the HOOF game (unlike some)and the need for heading the ball does arrive in goal scoring situations all the time doesnt me we can't.
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30/09/2006 14:18:00

He will never be a great goalscorer untill he learns to head! All the best strikers can score with there head! End off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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30/09/2006 14:19:00

My comments were mainly in response to TUGBOATS article!!
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30/09/2006 14:20:00

What does it matter how he scores. The fact remains that he scores more goals on a more consistant basis than any other player in Europe. And as for Cloud Cuckoo land, this comes from a Spurs fan who's only argument with regards to the best striker in the world is that he cant head the ball, yet he still scores more goals each season than both your top scorers put together. MUG.
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30/09/2006 14:21:00

"All great goalscorers can score with THEIR heads?? Do you know anything about football?? Even though heading is an iportant part of the is was still called FOOTball last time I looked. The reason Arsenal have widely been considered the best team in the world to watch is beacuse we play with the ball on the floor. The way it was supposed to be played. Stop hating Henry because he is the best in the world!!!
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30/09/2006 14:23:00

Henry is Great!! great footballer great, Great guy off the pitch, One of the most honest players in football and a genius. But even he would admit his heading is hopeless!! Arsen Wenger was arsenals best signing and his best signing was HENRY and they will go down in the history books as the 2 best in there field. But if Henry could head the ball he would in my opinion be the best. The best players can play ant syle and in any league and team. So don`t be too biased we know what Henry is and a header of a ball he is not!!!!!!!!!!!
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30/09/2006 14:30:00

But Wenger has changed the style a little bit at the start of our season to counter the negative tactics being ployed against us, and the end product is that out of the two goals Henry has scored from open play this season they have both been headers. And while my views maybe are a little biased, it is even more obviously that your need to slag Arsenal fans and players off at every opportunity is the sole reason for you claiming that Henry is hopeless at heading the ball when that is far far from the truth.
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30/09/2006 14:56:00

lol top goalscorer for how many years ? who cares how he scores. COCKeril is an idiot. He never scores goals with his head because we never crossed before this season. Now we did he scored both. Thats equal to every goal scum has scored all season. Isnt it ?
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30/09/2006 17:25:00

how many goals did your best scorer get last season with every part of his body ? i bet its not close to the 30+ that henry scored. come back when you can even have the right to be here and comment.
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30/09/2006 17:26:00

this will make u laugh! "If you look at the quality of the top four clubs, then they are still the top four and we are together with six or seven other teams," said Jol. Under this headline on skysports. Jol: Spurs not fit for top four!!! hahahahaha
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30/09/2006 17:44:00

haha and cockeril, why are u concerned wid henry not scoring wid his head, the amount of goals she scored, the enitre spurs team also wont be able to score that much even if u let them score wid their hands, ur such a loser, ur the first one to read dis article, it just shows tat u follow arsenal more than ur own *****ty club.....and ya beast i read tat, it's so funny, the fat man also agrees that spurs don't even have a chance to be in the top 4 for the next two years, wonder wt cockeril has to say about his own manager now..
Report Abuse
30/09/2006 18:26:00

I am not concerned at all just stating the obvious he is useless in the air!!! breaking into the top 4 is something we are not far off and might take 2 years but you lot were ****t*ng bricks when you piped us by 1 point so don`t get too cocky. Like I have said the title and European cup is min!! then you could be taken serious like the UTDS and Liverpools of this world!! I contribute to the Spurs forum quite a lot but love hearing what you demented lot have to say it is soooo funny!!!!! Beasty go an play with your plonker!! Tugboat you are just a waste off space. Appollogise to anyone that can have a serious debate not that I have come across any. COYS!!!!!!!!!!
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30/09/2006 18:52:00

I think the word OUT was supposed to be on the end of the title. Win the title or CHELSKI will get him just like COle or any other player they fancy taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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30/09/2006 19:08:00

Henry is a great player and if you lost him it would be very hard to replace him.
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01/10/2006 08:11:00

Jono hope forest get promotion, looking good at the moment and hopefully in Prem soon where they belong.
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01/10/2006 13:19:00

ronaldinho,is regarded as one of the greatest players in the world,but he doesnt use the ball with his head as much as he could,but that doesnt mean as you said with henry that he is useless with his head,henry doesnt win much in the air at set pieces,free kicks n corners,coz he is the one who generally takes them,he does win his fair share of flick-ons from goal kicks and long balls.if you followed arsenal as much as us you would see that,he has strengh and height and can leap as good as any player,so why would he be useless in the air? its mainly instincs,if you prefere the ball at feet and play the percentage with feet,when the fall is 50/50 to head or to kick he would kick,but stick the ball on his head just like those last two crosses and what happens? he plants them in the goal,just because he doesnt do it often it doesnt mean hes incapable
fran merida
Report Abuse
01/10/2006 15:58:00

The sooner the better, i dont like this new henry that misses golden chances !!! i want tezza back where he rightfully belongsd !!!!
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01/10/2006 21:26:00

The veteran is firing on all cylinders now. The 2006/2007 Golden Boot is his.
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01/10/2006 23:08:00


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