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Spurs Lucky To Get In Europe

After the earlier article that proved Martin Jol has no real confidence in his side, we continue the Spurs bashing by revealing that the whole footballing world think the Spuds will be lucky to make it into Europe next season/

Ok, maybe not the whole footballing world, but certainly the voters on Vital Arsenal's latest poll believe that to be the case, and lets face it, you guys are right more often than you are wrong.

Despite the invasion of Spurs fans trying to boost the numbers to suggest people think they will finish above us, their efforts were in vain.

Our latest poll asked 'Will Spurs Run Us Close Again?' and the answer was a resounding 'NO'

Poll results in full:-

* They'll Over Take Us 9%
* Close But No Cigar 3%
* UEFA Cup Spot 4%
* Lucky To Get Into Europe 68%
* Celebrate Good Times!!!! 16%

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 30 2006

Time: 6:59PM

Your Comments

Give up the chase man!! Your so crap it's unreal. You'll never ever catch us up!!
lol another good article. Hilarious stuff. I cant wait to see them go down as we win the title
30 million spent and now ur in the relegation zone! nuff said!
HOW MUCH??? And how much did the might Gunners spend in the off season?? :P
Nothing!1 YOURE SKINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOON YOU WILL HAVE NO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We didnt spend any money yet we got Gallas - easily one of the best defenders in the world, Rosicky = one of the finest midfielders around who cost Dortmund 18 million, and Baptista - A player who the Spuds were convinced they were going to get. God you're such a bunch of losers. So sad.
Baptista is not yours and if he is any good maybe you can ask LEVY for a loan or better still we might just buy him if he preforms well?? Rosiky Spurs turned down the chance to buy him and if he is that good he would not be playing German league football for so many years! gallas is good but you lost the best full back in world football!!! If you need some loan players we might be able to help you out but they might be English so that rules that one out.!!!!!!!
did u buy Andy Reid instead of Rosicky, he was playing championship football, is that better than the bundesluiga? please lend us some money so we can go buy the likes of mido instead of Baptista or maybe davenport instead of Gallas! we dont need to waste money signing chimbonda for 6million when we can get Eboue for 1million!
our back 4 today cost less than chimbonda! we dont want ur money, save it so u can purchase another Rebrov!
When u say u turned down the chance to sign Rosicky I cant say I believe, but if you did it just proves the stupidity of your team as he is by fr better than ny midfilder you have. Baptista is player we have the option to Spurs was never an option because they weren't a big enough club. And one question for you.......which position is more important? CB or LB?? either way our selection of CB's is far better than your own!!
Reid did not even play and we made a profit when we offloaded him. Mido is a centre Forward and baptista is a loan player who plays midfield. Davenport is a sub just like CYGAN was and he is actually better than CYGAN and A young English talent. CHimbo was in the team of the season i missed Eboue name on it. And we can afford to spend millions were loaded!!
Wouldn`t it be nice to have 2 pennies to rub together so that you could go out and buy that missing piece in the jigsaw rather than getting in loan players!1 How much was REYES!!! Set the prem on fire just like rebrov did but he stayed on his feet!!!!
Eboue was voted in the top 3 of champions league defenders! Baptista can play upfront AND midfield as he showed against Man utd! keeping spending ur millions to be in the relegation zone, we can be ur poor relations in the champions league! Good luck against Sol 2moro, 5 years later and he is still lookin down on u! hahaha
how much did u lose on rebrov? a bit more than were gonna lose on reyes me thinks! at least he left with a title and fa cup medal!
Rocky you think Toure is better than KING!! youre a bigger fool than I thought!! Gallas is Quality but cole gave you a different dimension making those surging runs!!We had the option of buying rosicky when Joll took over its true.
Then he is an idiot. Toure is far better than King, far far better. As is Gallas, infact I'd wager Djourou will be better than him in a year or two. Did you know that Toure means 'King'. Funny eh, better player, same name!!
Boy how you guys worshipped a SPURS captain just shows what morales you lot have. I would never accept even Mr Henry because I see Arse when I see him. You hated him at SPURS then you turn around and worship him. FICKLE or what!!!!
Rocky7 youre calling yourself an Idiot and I only called you a Fool. Your starting to talk sense I see.
You would hate Henry if he joined you? Once again you sound like a complete fool. You would be whooping with delight that you had stolen the Arsenal captain. And you know it. Once again it's obvious you are a liar. Please stop talking poo.
Henry will go to CHEKSKI end of the season as ARSE will have to sell their biggest asset! I would not even take him on loan it was bad enough having the scum as manager!!
Saying you wouldn't take Henry just proves the heights of your stupidity.
I take it that no spurs fans cheered when our 2 time title winning manager and double winning player George Graham won u your only trophy in the last 15 years?
Not to forget he won us the League cup twice, Fa Cup and ECWC.
I think they did turn down Rosicky. They also nearly signed Rivaldo once aswell! it was a done deal except they hadnt spoken to the player, agent or club!
I know Henry would love to play for the mighty lily whites but I would personaly turn him down. We like our strikers to be able to head the ball!
We still hated Graham unlike your love affair of our former club captain!!
So how come your strikers have only scored one goal between them this season?? This smacks of someone looking for a reason to get one up on his closest rivals. If you'd prefer Keane, Defore, Mido or Berbatov to Henry, you are the thickest, stupidest, most idiotic football supporter of all time......either that or you're a liar!
You choose!
No its called principle. And something you obviously do not have. We do not need Henry. Simple as. i would not swap our strikers for anyone. they will come good!1 I would not be suprised if berertov finishes top goal scorer!
yes COCKeril, we loved SOL, because he had the sence to go to a football team, 2 EPL , 3 FA cups and the champions Leauge Final, what would he have done at spurs???????????????????? as for having no money to spend, we buy quality not in quantity. And finally, we are not broke. we have a loan against a asset. an asset that will bring in 80 million a season, if that is being broke then i wish that every Arsenal fan finds himself in that financial situation.
King henry the 14th.
to cockeril...unlike your average bitter twisted sad spud, we always admired sol campbell and he was always head and shoulders top of the "spurs player we would most like to sign poll",that was meted out at the end of each season..
fran merida
Cock-boy, Henry's scored more headers this season than your entire strikeforce. You're such a sad bunch of sore losers.
COCKeril, The name of the game is FOOTBALL, Not headball. Enough said.
King henry the 14th.
Its a long season!What are you on fran merida you actually do a poll of the spurs players you would most like!!!! Nice one!! You appreciate class after all!
Yes COCK, but unfortunately the poll only had 2 players on it. We deiced against King becaue he wouldn't get a game, and we chose Lennon because he's real good at cleaning boots.
OI COCK for the last time dont talk shiyt. rosicky is only 25 and your comment on why hes playing german football for so long. . . ballack ? lahm ? makaay ? and i could go on their all quality players so why not hush. and if your sooooo loaded why did you lot want baptista when he didnt want you and why the hell you not spending it for good use. . .whether we have money or not we won let me say WON the premiership without it and weve been beetter than you lot without it so shh
abdule Bayern are a exeption as they have a good european pedigree. Dortmun are pants! We did not want Baptista if we wanted him we would have him. We got Zokora and baptista was just a fallback. And yes the Zokora that ARSE-ANAL WHINGER wanted soo bad. He looks awesome just like mr Veira who you could not hold on to and you sold to 1 of your feeder clubs so you shhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy you Rent boys are so obsessed with COCK you homo`s. I was trying to have a sensible discussion but you guys keep trying to drag me to your level. The GUTTER!! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't even be bothered to argue with you anyore, you continuously make facts up to try and give your counter substance. Baptista didn't want Spurs, Wenger didn't want Zokora, Arsenal are far superior.....the sooner you get over this the sooner the medication will kick in!!
ok cockey, you want to have a sensible discussion, i have a question for you, as you said spurs are on the way to become the kings of london, which i personally dun see it happening till as long as football will be played, but what do you think about ur manager's comments, you say you are gonna replace us as da kings of north london, but here we are competing for the championship and the champions league, but ur own manager says you are not even good enough to be in it and be in the top 4, what do you think about his comments?
You suck Cock-ril, admit it.
guys guys, we want him to answer this question, don't let him drift away from this topic, let him answer this question first...... so cockeril, tell us, do you agree with ur manager that you are not fit to be in the top four? you have a opinion about everything, so what do you think about something coming from inside your own club and from your own manager?
hahah he has no comment cus there is nothing to say, jus accept it that the spurs are inferior to us Gooners.
Youngest in Charge
ya but we want him to admit it and say it. come on cockey, that's the most important thing that's come out from your own club, you have a opinion on everything related to our club and all of us here, im sure you wud have something to say about what your own manager just said so go ahead and tell us if your manager who you say is the best man for spurs and who knows more than anyone else what is right for your club, is he right in saying you are not fit to be in the champions league? tell us man, then we'll listen to everything you have to say about your club, so give us ur opinion on this matter relating to ur team?
Thats original FAB4 its aline i have used on 1 of your fellow ARSEWIPES!! He he!!
I think What Joll is saying is probably a sensible thing to say. i agree it will be difficult to break the top 4 but surely Arse are more concerned with the top 2. Seeing as we have had a bad start we have to hit form quickly to stand a chance. Not to say we won`t make it anything is possible and we have the talent to make it happen. but Joll is easing the pressure and expectations of last season. he is not saying were not fit we just are not ready but you never no!just seen the van persie goals, Is this not the same guy you were slating for not scoring and having too many touches and screwing up.
theres an end of season poll in the Gooner fanzine,its has best goal for/against ,best away stadium,manunited ,chelsea ,spud players you hate most,player you like most,etc,about 50 questions,last year most gooners would have been happy with john terry or gallas,and we liked sol,coz he always gave ian wright a tuff time and we got gallas,just like we took your captain,coz he was wasted talent,but dont worry we wouldnt have anymore of your players coz they are poor in comparison in every position and thats official,so enjoy your relegation battle while we fight for the league,fa cup n champions can have the worthless cup as compensation for your inevitable early euro exit
fran merida
today at charlton, robin v.p,screwed a free kick high n wide,we all laughed,sung what the *****ing hell was that? and then started chanting his name,responce??? an equalizer and flying volley,big goals,your fans wouldve slated your players and chipped away what fragile confidence your players had left,thats why your team arent scoring and your in the bottom three.
fran merida
Spot on Fran, fickle isnt even the word for the Spuds!!
What is it with you guys and your obsession with Tottenham???? do they worry you that much??? and these polls are a joke, you are asking your fans to vote against Tottenham so of course the polls will go in your favour....ddddooooooo!!!
It's called rivalry. Not a Chelsea fan by any chance?
IS jus pay back for what the kind of crap we endured from las season when they thought they were better then us. REvenage there is nothing sweeter, (well maybe one thing p****) Gooner Til i Die
Youngest in Charge
Everything you just said YIC, just because our manager is classy doesn't mea we have to be. Sod 'em, they ripped us, now we're ripping them ;)
the only way they will be in europe next year is if hoddle and waddle release diamond lights for the eurovision!!!!!
hehe just ignore COCKeril hes thick like all the scum and fighting a losing battle here on his own. All the other scum know were right and dont waste there time.
cockeril mate your some little sour****, leave this nonsense out and start leaving these messages for your realistic rivals on other vital sites like pompey sheffield and watford hahahahahahaha.
hahahahahahaha exactly!!!! Hazzhadagooner up the rear!!!!
why are you on this site ne wayzmate, your a spurs fan go on your own site and write all this nonsense please its getting Laborious, you do sseem a little crazy though, a bit of a unhealthy obsession with arsenal.
You're a bit simple aren't you COCKeril? Not to mention a bit of a homophobe, which confirms my suspicion that you are a distasteful inndividual. Seems like Spuds are the club for you.
Little Dutch
its just gay gooners I don`t like that are obssesed with cock. Nothing against gays in general but gooners and gay kind of go together and you like ARSE thats for sure and ARSEne wenger knows.
kanuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! come on pompey,
fran merida
A push on glen johnson, and a blatant cheating dive from Zokora,you must be proud of a player like that,its that the only way your team can score goals??? even hoddle said its out of order.its embarrasing, just like their fans,and questioning our sexuality,is that all you can come up with??your so weak and your sooooo sad its unbelievable,laughable in fact.cant you think of anything original or witty or inteligent...naaaah didnt think so!
fran merida
Indeed COCKeril, Arsene Wenger DOES know. When we were loseing last season did you hear him saying things like "we are not ready for the top 4"??? No! Why?? Because he was always saying that the team will come good! Why?? Because it builds confidence. Your comments are fickle and your arguments are pathetic and futile. Rosicky is a superb player who would have left Dortmund a few years ago had he not been so loyal. Baptista is going to be great for us. The reason we got him instead of Zakora is that The Beast has goals as well as strenght and the ability to tackle. We'll send a post card down to the freezing depths of the bottom 3 from our nice warm top 2 finish for you. But on one go away. Deal?
Oh yeah and on the subject of our lack of spending....Cole will be replaced by Clichy, a player who has the potential to be better than Cole. We got Gallas AND 5M for Cole. Baptista cost Real Madrid 21million last summer, Reyes cot 12........Now please behave.
Yep COCKeril, you are a homophobe and therefore a personaltiy I'm not really interested in learning about. Please go away. Proud of Zokora's actions?
Little Dutch
Sol Campbell??
cockeril, you really do need to get out more you sad individual. zokoras a dirty cheater, im very glad arsene didnt buy him, to be honest didnt look all that any way.
Jol said he was off balance what do u think COCKeril?
I think he will be embarassed when he sees the replays, Like rvp was and Henry in Champs league final clutching his face when there was no contact from puyol. Even the bst have been known to exagerate( is that spelt right Little dutchman?does not seem right?) Mendes made it easier by dumming to bring him down and he went a bit too far. Stillwe were the better side and pompey for all there possession could not break us. But i still think we will get relagated and ARSE will win the title and European!!Any more spelling mistakes feel free LDM(little dutch man)
when Eboue dived in the champions league final Wenger said it was out of order, Jol should be embarrased.
and ofcourse we son't have to CHEAT to win in europe, i mean ENIC own part of Slava prague don't it, that is way suspect to me.. shame the spuds can't take the fact they are one of the smaller london clubs around today
Spurs fans will never accept that they are a mediocre club with a mediocre team.
Calm down ARSE we only won our 2nd league game of the season whhy you sooo terrified already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHAHA @nd league game of the season HAHAHA.
Youngest in Charge
Youngest in Charge
Im calm COCKeril, why wouldnt I be?? As our eternal leader said the other day, we are looking like a steam train at the moment.
terrified ? oh god that is so funny ? i am worried actually that spurs fans are gonna commit suicide at the end of the season when they get related, it will be like history all over again with the great depression !
If your eternal leader said jump would you?? carefull your steam train does not derail!! We are loving our football club no spurs fans are depressed!!And why are you worried are you a closet spurs fan, Thought so!!!
Did you see the respect that Sol has at ur club COCKeril? all the players and back room staff adore him! when Mido had a go at him he was slapped down and relegated to a non-playing sub! Thats gotta hurt!
hahaha did that actually happen hahahaha
Youngest in Charge
From all at Portsmouth. please carry on &**** on the Spurs. Gutted at that penalty dive, worse than the embarrassing Pires dive.

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