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Arsenal Star In International Injury

Arsenal and Sweden's Freddie Ljungberg suffered a calf injury in Sweden's 2-0 win over Spain.

The seriousness of the injury is not yet known but it has been claimed he is 'highly doubtful' for Sweden's next qualifier on Wednesday.

I've not seen the game but apparently Freddie limped off in the second half.

If the winger is not fit to play for his country he will return to his club to continue with treatment in hope he will be fit to face Watford next Saturday.

While Ljungberg is one of our most experienced players, infact the longest serving current player, his position is one that we have fairly well covered and while it's never nice to have an injured player, his absence would not be the end of the world.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 8 2006

Time: 4:56PM

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Well yeah we do have other players so it wouldn't be the worst, but still not good.
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08/10/2006 17:06:00

that is bad but whats the bet you do not make a big deal about unlike a certain newcastle eh ?
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08/10/2006 17:09:00

it is not that much of a disaster you have good cover in depth any way.
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08/10/2006 17:16:00

I wonder if I snap this Blockbuster DVD in half, will they make me pay for it when I take it back!
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08/10/2006 17:34:00

The appropriate FA should be made to pay compensation? The club pay the wages why should they be made to suffer?
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08/10/2006 18:18:00

It may actually benefit u+s cause it'll give Beast a bit of a run. But I'm still livid! Imagine if that was Gallas/Henry! Imagine if one of them got seriously injured and couldn't play for a month. Why can we not just play club football without any interruptions? In the off season, play internationals. End the club season in early April/ late March. Play international friendlies and cups between May and July. Start the club season again in late August. Done...
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08/10/2006 18:34:00

iceman10 what blockbuster dvd would that be rosie and jim,tots tv,arses finishing 4th?!?
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08/10/2006 20:40:00

no it wud be "chelsea the Wonder years" watch as the mighty blues go over 50 years without winning the league, this DVD will make you laugh and cry at the same time as heroes such as peacock and stein fight in vain for the league championship. This tale of woe includes electric fences and near bankruptcy as the blues struggle to stand on their own 2 feet as a premiership force. Empire Rates it "unmissable" Director steven spielberg informed us "I was goin to include a scene where a russian Billionaire saved them from going out of exsistence but it was too unbelivable to suggest the mighty Chelsea would need help to win a title"
Report Abuse
08/10/2006 21:15:00

I know you have seen it Springy! or maybe you are a "new money" chelsea fan and u missed those years!
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08/10/2006 21:17:00

LOL...that was funny stuff.
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08/10/2006 21:34:00

I think I've seen that DVD, it's called 1955-2005 Chelsea's Golden Jubilee. Back to the article, after all those nice things I've been saying about internationals this goes and happens. You could make an omelette with the egg on my face.
Little Dutch
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09/10/2006 00:06:00

Stick Hleb on the right and give Theo a run on the left. Got to give the kid a chance to start at some point. Give Rosicky a rest after the internationals. What better opportunity to give Walcott a run than Watford at home??
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 08:52:00

he is past his best anyways, When was the last time scored? Theo is garbage and he will be another pennant!! Baptista will start sulking when the frost starts and will want to get back to sunny madrid! Admit it internationals are ruining your chances of a top 4 finish??
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 09:59:00

COCKeril: the reason internationals used to give us a few problems is because we have so many of them, infact unlike your team we have loads and loads of internationals, not just a few random squad players for an underperforming England team. As for Baptista, i don't think we'll see any sulking, its always good to have brazilian internationals, Gilberto (the world cup winner, remember? Oh yeah, you havent had many of them in your team before, have you?) has been there a while and not moaned, why Baptista? Walcott is a fantastic talent and will prgress under Wenger, don;t think he would do so well under Martin Jol (lets ask everyone here and see who he'd develope better with, Arsenal or Spurts) Ljungberg, well yes you are right, hes past his sell by date now, but still a useful squad player, probably better to have the Sweden captain as a squad man than a south korean, no? Atleast a top 4 finish is definatly on the cards though! What's spurts target for the season?
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 10:24:00

sad ole iceman,as in previous posts you have to have a pop at the money,which shows you got a serious problem with it an that adds up to jealously.yeah i been a supporter for 38years seen the good and mostly bad,but thats what its all about for me anyway.for you well you sound bitter and twisted that the power has shifted to sw6 and will remain for some time,get over it mate and you never know you might finish 3rd this time
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 10:46:00

Nice to see your intelligence hasn't improved COCKeril.
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09/10/2006 10:50:00

who the hell does COCKeril think he is?????????? is he an Arsenal fan????????????? coz he doesn't have the attitudes of us arsenal fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 11:25:00

No he's a spurts fan anisrahm!
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 11:27:00

Don't win the league for 50 years - spend over three hundred million - win the league, what a coincidence. it's not even about having a serious problem with it 'springy', chelsea are just sad and boring for everyone concerned, whether you win the league or not this season no one gives a fu*k
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 11:29:00

well arses certainly do coz arsole whinger keeps on saying " i think we can beat chelsea ,we can win title"also so do some of your players.sad boring you are coz you dont even know whats going on ,i've just had to point that out to ya so titi4moreyears think about what you say little fella
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 12:25:00

Chelsea are obviously going to be the yardstick for rival teams because they are currently champions. If we used Bolton or Everton who are currently above us as a goal I'd be pretty concerned as to our ambitions.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 12:40:00

lol, springy u've been supporting the chavs for 38 years? how old are you, you talk like a 12 year twit..
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 12:50:00

hahahaha I thought that too. If my old man spoke in text speak I'd put the old f***er out to pasture. I bet he is right hip in his skin tight Chav shirt and Burberry baseball cap.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 13:00:00

The fact is whatever Chelsea fans say, they know in the back of their minds that those titles weren't earned. They can deny it all they want, but it rankles in their subconscience. Of course at first they were so desperate for glory they forgot all about it, but in years to come when Roman's gone and their standing outside the grove with collection buckets, they'll know how hollow it all really was.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 14:04:00

no one can stop carlisle we are the best
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 14:59:00

Little dutch? I don't think Chelsea fans will ever believe winning the tital is hollow, that is a poor statement to make, Chelsea fans will be supporting some other club when he leaves, you should know that. When we get promoted this year and then again the following year, maybe they will jump to the carlisle, we will have more than 1 person commenting on our site and you will all fear the might of carlisle
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 15:13:00

That is unlucky for you Gooners, as he is a star player and an important member of your squad.
wei, wu and shu
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 15:37:00

springy, there is no way you r older than 16. youve been watchin football for 38 years and on the chelsea site u made a statement that portsmouth would definetly have beaten Arsenal during our unbeaten season if pires hadnt cheated! there was over 45 minutes left and Arsenal r 1 of the finest attacking teams in europe. springy Akinbiyi.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 16:10:00

Ginaza your opinion could well be correct but it does not correspond with the calf injury in question.
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09/10/2006 17:38:00

iceman is sound i agree with everything he says
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 19:20:00

ice that makes u 3,if they were that good why did'nt they beat pompey 2-1,3-1,4-1.iceman 10adebaywotsit the useless t**t up!
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 19:57:00

Cbeebies finished springy Akinbiyi! It was 1 of those days what can I say, We cant put 7 past the likes of Everton and Boro everyday. Go and clean the dribble of ur chin now son.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 20:07:00

iceman10,no excuses ,get origional after my post about tots tv etc,get the s**t out of your eyes and ears,look listen and accept whats going on around you.i know its not easy for ya coz the powers shifted.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 20:27:00

Its very easy for me son. I know you want all the other teams to pack up and go hide so you can dominate english football for all eternity but if you think a club with the history and winning traditions of Arsenal Football Club is goin to be intimidated by your buy everything in sight policy uve come to the wrong place. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are not intimidated by your money and If the title race comes down to us and you We know we will have the backing and support of not just England but the whole of europe. night night son.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 20:40:00

why is there a spuds fan on here hes not welcome
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 20:46:00

night night,dont forget to put ya boxing gloves on when you go to bed,oh by the way don't think you will have the backing of England coz you ain't got any englishmen currently in your side,and walcott dont play!!
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 20:55:00

Weve got no English players you have tons and I bet you all ur pocket money that if you did a national vote to who the nation would prefer to win the title Arsenal or Chelsea, Arsenal would win! Thats speaks volumes about the way your club is percieved.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 20:58:00

and dont forget that before roman the crook came along,chelski was bought by the old duffer ken masterbates for ONE POUND,thats sums up chelseas' n nasty
fran merida
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 21:23:00

thought you had gone to bed,whats up lost your teddy bear?
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 21:24:00

its seth here u all talk sense i love this website
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 21:28:00

Springy, do u remember why this argument started? because I stated the true fact that CFC score a lot of goals from set pieces! u are a true madman, u must have had too many E numbers in ur packed lunch.
Report Abuse
09/10/2006 21:33:00

who cares about freddy. im glad he cant play.
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 12:10:00

the reason why big fat frank missed that penalty for england was that he didnt have someone standing in the way to deflect the shot,he is such a jammy bar steward,im sure he practises that possible??
fran merida
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 13:44:00


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