Arsenal - Wenger: The Grove Too Small?
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Wenger: The Grove Too Small?

Arsene Wenger has suggested that Arsenal's ambition is so high that Ashburton Grove maybe too small.

In a statement from Le Boss that boosts the confidence no end, he suggests that our spanking new stadium is not big enough to house the hundreds of thousands of fans wanting tickets, and that his own ambition matches that of the clubs with Wenger wanting to not only dominate the Premier League, but Europe aswell.

'My project is to dominate the English league and to dominate Europe,' he told France Football.

'Nowadays Arsenal is a club superior to what I could have imagined at the beginning.'

'When we built our new stadium we talked about a capacity of 50,000, then 55,000, then 60,000. Now we are asking ourselves already if it is too small.'

'That could seem pretentious, but I believe that if you don't give real ambition to a club it will not take off.'

'At Arsenal, I even have more freedom than a lot of other English clubs,' he explained.

'That is why I refused opportunities like Real Madrid.

'I am like an animal that has a lot of freedom and then you want to keep him on a leash.'

The last time Wenger made a statement such as this, the whole footballing world laughed at his suggestion that Arsenal could go an entire league campaign unbeaten.......

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 10 2006

Time: 3:04PM

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why not, le boss is right, when we were playing our champions league home games at wembley, we had attendances of over 73,000, so in the future maybe we can extened our capacity to 75,000 or 80,000..
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10/10/2006 15:16:00

I'm pretty one of the condtions of planning permition was that the stadium only be a 60,000 seater.....but don't quote me on that!
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10/10/2006 15:24:00

is it possible to extend the grove?
King Henry 14th
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10/10/2006 15:25:00

just going to ask the same , is expansion possible ?? either way these are good words from your manager , good to see after ten years he is still, or even more hungry for success than he was !
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10/10/2006 15:28:00

I think Wenger's obsession with Arsenal is growing by the day. At first he wanted to be a sucsessful manager, then he got very hungry for trophies, and now he wants to take over the world.
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10/10/2006 15:32:00

You have just had Cash Burdon Grove built. And now you want to extend it already. Blimey.
wei, wu and shu
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10/10/2006 15:37:00

Think your right Rocky7, there was a limitation on capacity as part of the planning consent. Shame really as I reckon we'd near as damn fill an 80000 seater week in week out
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10/10/2006 15:39:00

You wouldnt be able to extend it with out knocking a stand down surely? But im sure 60,000 seater stadium is good enough for the short term.
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10/10/2006 15:49:00

i think it's possible to extend the capacity of the grove to 70000. not sure about anythign above and beyond that, though... ***** it, we'll make enough money under wenger's careful guidance and the impending success of our up-and-coming golden generation, to build a bigger one and rent the grove out to the spuds... »»Arsene Knows««
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10/10/2006 15:55:00

Rocky, I agree with you! After the last couple of seasons Wenger must be hungry. :)
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10/10/2006 16:00:00

If Wenger did the treble every year he'd still be hungry. Unlike Moaninho who wins the CL and buggers off!! :P
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10/10/2006 16:03:00

unfortunatly it is not possible to increase the capacity of Ashburton Grove, while i think we should have built a 70,000 stadium because we have the fan base, if you look at the design of the stadium it is impossible to exstend without completly reconstructing the roof which i very much doubt Arsenal would ever do!
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10/10/2006 16:12:00

the grove cannot be expanded, one of the prerequisites for allowing us to build it was that there was to be a capacity of no more than 60,000, so as not to swamp local infrastructure and the surrounding area. Shame really, but hey come on people, lets not get too greedy eh? We already generate more match day revenue per game than anyone in England and 99% of all other clubs in Europe, that will do us for the time being!
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10/10/2006 16:12:00

I'm pretty darn sure we have planning permission to extend the capacity by a further 10000... »»Arsene Knows««
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10/10/2006 16:35:00

Wheres your info from Wingston?
King Henry 14th
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 17:08:00

As a local, i can assure they don't wingston75!
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10/10/2006 17:27:00

hmm, fair do's. But I read about it while the stadium was still under construction, that arsenal had secured permission for future expansion of the stadium... maybe that was before it was finally agreed upon 60000. I've scoured the interweb to see if i could dig anything up to back me up, but i shall not be trying to quantify my statement by using threads from random messageboards :-) »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 17:56:00

Can't wait for the picture's of the TOTTENHAM SHRINE hidden in the GROVE!
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 19:02:00

LOL. Don't bring your stinking shrine within 10 miles of our palace. PS You can't extend it you fools.
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 19:15:00

To late mate,it's already there, You'll see!
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 19:32:00

HATEtheGOONS - What do you think this shrine achieves? Do you think it affects anything at all, do you honestly believe it's some kind of voodoo magic? And do you think it has any affect on results? If so, I'd be more worried about what ays burried beneath Sh*te Fart Lane. 71 - 20004, 71 - 2004!!!!!
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 20:02:00

how many season tickets do you have and is there a waiting list?
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10/10/2006 20:36:00

Report Abuse
10/10/2006 20:38:00

If you guys need such a big stadium then why didn't you save all the money and just move into Wembley? Then even more of your fans could watch live, and you might be a stronger side.
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 20:38:00

The fact that you are trying to mock us when it's obvious that just getting to a European final is an achievment shows how much of a fool you are. Thinking about it, the fact that you, a Spurs fan, are trying to mock us, Arsenal fans, boarders ridiculous. How many trophies have Spurs won in your life time? I'd wager it's not as many as Arsene Wenger has won as Arsenal manager. We have won the league more times at your ground than you have. The last time you won the league colour television hadn't been invented. We have won 11, thats 11 league titles more than you. In your most sucsseful premier league campaign you couldn't finish above us in our worst. You haven't beaten us for more than 7 years. Do you really want me to go on?? An you call us embarassments.
Report Abuse
10/10/2006 20:52:00

Yeah i do call you cheating/dirty bunch of muppetts Embarassments,WHY : GOT NO FANS : no problem, just move right across london.GET RELEGATED : no problem,just slip a brown paper bag full of money to the rite people. You've had THIEVES/FORGERS storey,DRUGGYS merson,DRUNKS adams,CHEATS davies & PERRY GROVES ! And then your scummy club have been tryin to cultivate a holy than holy image,don't make us sick.And who tries more than anyone else to help this image yeah GEORGE 'BUNG' GRAHAM (cheers for the cup,tho georgie) That's why we all hate you lot,your the Sh!t stain on the underpants of football.Always have been and always will be!
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10/10/2006 21:09:00

i heard they are palnning to make it a 10000000000000000 seater
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10/10/2006 21:13:00

There's surely not that many pikeys in the world!
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10/10/2006 21:24:00

shut up
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10/10/2006 21:25:00

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10/10/2006 21:28:00

60,000 seats at Arsenal will generate more money than any other stadium in the world due to corporate tickets. the only reason we are financially behind the very biggest in the world like Real Madrid is due to merchandise sales. we have never been great at that side of things. maybe once we dominate europe and sort out our asian sales we will be the biggest at that, but that is some way off. But 60k is the max islington would allow us, so short of moving away from Highbury this is as big as we'll ever get. anyway cant see where you can extend a stadium like like either.
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16/10/2006 15:15:00

Yeah WestL, he is, we all are! You gotta think Fergie is starving then!
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17/10/2006 11:37:00


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