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Ever Seen Chelsea Play Like This?

Arsenal might not win the title this season, we might not win anything at all. But two things are certain; i) We look like we're prepared to give it a bloody good go and ii) We ARE the best footballing side in this country. Doubtless most of you have seen the footballing artistry demonstrated by the Gunners yesterday, so I will not indulge on the fine detail as usual. Besides which, the English language is simply too prohibitive to describe the world class pass and move stuff the Gunners played yesterday. I mean, how would you describe a Picasso painting? Exactly.

Those of you who have yet to marvel in the mastery, get yourselves a tape, hell, I recorded it, message me in the forum, I'll send it to you, it's that good!

Those of you familiar with my analyses will be aware that I tend to draw focus on a particular player and base my report around him. As you can imagine, on days like yesterday, when everyone is in such composite harmony, this becomes very difficult. I have managed to narrow my choices down to two. Firstly, young Cesc. Tuesday night was possibly his most insipid display in the red and white, but with the ink still wet on his eight year conrtact, Fabregas produced a masterclass of passing and running deep from midfield. He even put in some gritty challenges, winning the ball back for his team, adding another string to his already impressive bow. I pontificated in the week about the timing of Cesc's deal. My esteemed editr Mr. Mustchin brought you the story a fair few weeks back, so the deal has been in the offing for a while. But the announcement coincided both with the annual AGM and with Cesc's first really poor performance. The desired effect was achieved as he over ran a fired up Sidwell.

The second player I am going to laud is a player who simply does not get the credit outside of this club that he deserves. Seconds before kick off, I uttered to a friend, 'Name me a better centre half than Kolo Toure,' before hastening to add, 'without wishing to jinx his performance today.' (I needn't have bothered!) The bemused answer was, 'I never really thought about it.' Kolo was simply everywhere, with Hunt and Seol Ki Hyeon seeking to exploit space between full back and centre half, Kolo manfully filled in the gaps. At times it was like watching those Road Runner cartoons, the koyotes in attack for Reading could be seen with tweeting birds circling their heads as the typhoon Toure thwatred every attack. What I really like about Toure is how uncompromising he is, if a situation requires a row z clearance, he obliges. If it requires a firm shoulder to an onrushing attacker, he applies it. But if he can get the ball down and start an attack, either with a measured pass or a forraging run, then by God he does it. I sincerely hope Henry gets world player of the year, but in honesty I've never thought awards like that were any cop while the likes of Toure are continually left out.

The goals were all aesthetically magnificent (even the penalty build up), Henry's first minute goal encapsulated his qualities perfectly. He made a very difficult chance look childishly simple, with the ball fired at him at pace, between the legs of desperate defenders, the calmness and technique he applied are not to be underestimated. The third goal is a goal I have come to affectionately label 'an Arsenal goal.' Slick one touch passing, at pace with movement. I said earlier this season that a hundred man defence cannot keep it out when it is played that intuitively. van Persie will be credited with the goal, but for me under third goalscorer it should say 'Arsenal.' (Or perhaps even 'Wenger?')

The Arsenal fans were in fine voice as well. The first strains of a new chant were aired (minors look away now). Now I know I said I wished we would stop singing about Ashley Cole, but this chant I like because it incorporates and acknowledges the brilliance of Gallas, #I would rather have a Willy than a c***# Brilliant. I've yet to have the chance to view the game back yet (pesky work), so I don't know what sky made of our performance, but one thing's for certain, I cannot wait to stick the tape on tonight and find out!

Next up is a trip to West Brom and in recent years I've come to really enjoy these games. Five years ago, I considered Leage Cup games of an obligation, a tick in the box as it were. But I undertake the journey to the Black Country with some relish as it is always a pleasure to see the next crop of Fabregas's coming through our conveyor belt like crop of talent. A glimpse of Denilson, the returns of Swiss Tony and 'Hurricane' Clichy and maybe even Merida? The boys gave the boss a deserved birthday treat on sunday, maybe their 'shadow cabinet' can continue to satisfy our footballing sweet tooth?

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 23 2006

Time: 1:27PM

Your Comments

great article and the headline did make me chuckle. superb performance, chelski must wish they could have the type of footy that gets pundits drooling, instead they are just a result based team.. boring and winning, but i suppose after 40 years of nowt its better than nothing.
It's funny, Chelsea had nothing to do with your game yesterday. Nevertheless, we are so important for you that you nevertheless include us in your headline. I guess there's some kind of compliment in that, but really I wish you'd stop thinking of Chelsea whilst you beat your meat, which is what this article was about.
"how would you describe a Picasso painting? Exactly." You really aren't very grown-up or clued up about art, are you if you resort to such a childish cliché about one of the 20th century's most over-rated painters. Then again, that's what we expect from Gooners: they think that they are a lot more intelligent than they are in reality.
EuroBlue, its called a rivalry. We've been London rivals for ages, only in recent years has it come to prominence with your sugardaddy moving in. Expect to cop it.
I was at Reading yesteday and as much as it pains me I must agree with euroBlue. We were 4 goals up away from home with the team playing some suberb football and almost every song from our end was anti Chelsea, Moaninho or Cashley Hole. Whilst much of it is amusing once or twice per game I can't help but thinking that pro Arsenal songs are much more supportive of the team that ten men and a mobile phone going to bed with Ashley Cole. Don't get me wrong, when we play Chelsea and the lying little turd, let him have it as much as possible and the "have you ever seen Chelsea play like this" song be blasted from the rooftops, but we don't need it every single away game. Anyway, superb performance and the Gooner boys are certainly in the groove.
Out of interest, I saw no mention anywhere that, on Wednesday we beat the team that made you look silly in June. Nor did anyone point out that you lost to CSKA Moscow, a club that Chelsea beat twice in 2004. That's because, frankly, we don't define ourselves in relation to our pretentious neighbours from N5. Clearly your lot are suffering from some kind inferiority complex, perhaps brought on by the constant self-abuse in which you indulge (if these articles are to be believed).
We ARE the best footballing side in this country:: if you were really that good you would win a domestic treble no? I will say you play the niceses football but honestly, if u don't stop trying to pass the ball into the net.
lets face it, we can't have a pop at spurs becuase there is n't much t pop at, chelsea have been asleep since the 60's and now are the second largest team in london, so its only right we should give them stick for winning without style... and also, just by euroblue coming on here and moaning and crying shows they would love to have the accolade arsenal have.. alas they haven't so there :P
Now you are being rediculous EuroBlue. When you got beat at Boro nobody forced down your throat that we beat them 7-0 last season. Making daft comparisons from seasons past is a little childish and futile I would say. But hey ho, carry on.
This is completely off the subject of how we are the best footballing team in England, but Ive just been randomly trying to complete an Arsenal team of players of whom the oldest is Eboue at 23. But I dont quite understand the central midfielders. Fabregas obviously you cant take out, Denilson looks as though he could be great, but also Diaby was looking incredible before Dan Smith came along. 3 amazing young center midfielders. Its very early, but a great player might be getting left out. Unless we played 5-4-1 with Walcott up front, but then a good striker is left out...
You can't leave out Van Persie surely.
Quite Sad.
We seem to have "passed" 15 goals into the net so far.....
When you're like that, you're the best. however, it only works if teams allow you to play liek that. Still need a Plan B for those North-West teams I think.
And a good "pass" by TH14 at Reading for the first goal...
Had a plan B at Old Trafford worked !!!...
Euroblue- re: your comment about picasso, do you know what that comment says to me? That you went back and re read my article with the express intention of picking something out to criticise. The best you could do was to say that because I rate Picasso and you don't that I am an idiot. Well I'm sorry if I don't indulge your narrow mind with the merits of cubism, perhaps I should have picked an artist more to your liking? Dahli for instance? Two of his paintings come to mind, given the way your team play sleep. And given your pretentious ramblings, the great masturbator. I like you am an academic euroblue, but I have learnt that even the most intellectually decorated, can be the most childish and juvenile. As for not measuring yourselves against us, of course you don't, we've won the league ten more times than you! Maybe you don't remember the CFC fans chanting 'are you watching Arsenall' in Munich? Then again, that was before you won the league, so you probably weren't a supporter then.
Little Dutch
i think jealously is an ugly trait, but then lets face it, most of the chelski ex skin heads turned " corporate " are ugly. IMO
What a performance. Reading are no mugs as proved against Man Utd an Chelsea yet we made them look third division. That was the sort of football we saw between 2002 & 2004, only better. The Chelsea lads better prepare for a rough ride this season, Arsene's Army are looking for revenge.
Yes, Arsenal play a great passing football. But, we don't seem to perform at the same level against team that take the standard a bit higher(Chelsea, last season,Barca CL, CSKA Moscow last Tuesday). We cannot juge Arsenal while we are beating last season CS winner. I will only juge Arsenal if we manage to beat Chelsea this season.
then Be ready for that aswell coz the Read N while is coming to u and jugde us vitdacnet i hope i will have words for that! By the Way Have u ever played like that??? Plz answer me
I have heard that Merida is even better The great Fab Henry and Ronaldinho!!! i wanna see that lad in action
Ha ha,You've all got chip's on your shoulders cos UNCLE ROMAN has blown you lot out the water! WOW Beat the Mighty Sheff.utd and Reading,the football world can't believe it! But you forgot about the half decent team you came up against last week.Good old CSKA,uncle Roman again!
Can't help not being the richest team in the world mate, we don't need money to win trophies as our -£4.5 million per year defecit on players will show you. Thats how a quality manager succeeds in England not some greasy, self centred wannabe like MaureenHo! If you wanna start shouting about it, how many "uncle roman" teams knocked us out of the CL last season? How many stopped us winning 10 more league titles than you, or maybe getting a stadium twice the size or ahhhhh what the hell you all get the point, shyster-johnny-come-lately's like that tarquin "hate the goons" wouldnt know a footy team if it jumped up and threw a piece of Celery at him!!!!!!!
I think "uncle Roman" has more important things to think about these days finding a new keeper since Cech looks to be sporting a helmet and an drool bag for a while.
I shouldn't laugh, but i did!
I totally disagree when I hear that Chelsea have improved or taken standards to a new level.....I wish someone could explain that one to me......
Now adays Uncle Roman is Busy with his wife trying to divorce and she is gonna half the money and then he wont have money for the Pimps of London
Notice the Tosser yid forgot ManU away....
One Q from cheLsea Hve U ever Played like we did Yesterday One Q from cheLsea Hve U ever Played like we did Yesterday One Q from cheLsea Hve U ever Played like we did Yesterday One Q from cheLsea Hve U ever Played like we did Yesterday Answer me plz u suckers
Good on ya,you sick Scummypikeys showing yor true colours.Laughing at the drool bag 'joke'! YOU CLASSLESS PR!CKS,YOU LOT SHOULD BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!
hate da goons u suck and ur comments aswell
You sad little cock sucker "HATEtheGOONS". But look at it on the bright side c**ty, you have the most expensive divorce case to look forward to. Maybe Mrs Ruski will get Chelski as a divorce settlement, or maybe they will split the players down the middle. I wonder who will be fighting for Cech's drool bag, or Cashley's mobile phone......
yep...if we weren't about you might move up a place....unlikely though...
nnn..pretty sure that HATEtheGOONS is not Chelsea...he is Spurs mate....
You can tell Spurs fans by the venomous bile they spew everywhere....Chavs are not like that...they are more subtle and mostly write with thought and attempt to back up their arguements.....
"They must have made 100 passes and I just wanted to hit someone!" James Harper
“Manchester United and Chelsea aren’t a patch on them. How they don’t win the league every year, I just do not know. ” James Harper
“The fans clapped us coming off at the break and I think they realised we were up against something extraordinary.” James Harper
“It was a frightening exhibition of football" James Harper
“The gaffer said to us ‘you don’t play Arsenal every week’. But I would love to play them every game because that’s how you get better. I didn’t think any of us had a bad game, but what can you do against a team like that?”
it always feels good to be an arsenal fan. we respect and promote real football. if we were all wiped out by some cataclysmic event and the next civilisation wanted to learn about football, about class fluency, intelligence and the beauty of the game. no disrespect but they would dig out the gunners over the last 10 years and need no more. any arguments to that??
i wonder where u got the name "Hategoons" from sounds alot like hatespur doesn't it. how unorignal, jus goes to show how much they "wanna be us". Hope we play aswell as we did yesterday agains csk.
Youngest in Charge
I find it quite flattering (if a little bunny boilerish).
As far as if we have ever played as good football as you did against that deadly Reading juggernaut, I refer you to our 4-2 win at Stamford Bridge v Barcelona. Any thoughts rfghenry?
That was a good game and you guys played well.....once! We play like that more times in a season than Chelsea have in the last 10 years, to be honest Westl! Its a sly dig at Chelski, but don't take it personally, you guys are winning things and surely thats all that matters......? isn't it?
wind them up & watch em go.
hmm, i do wonder why spurs have the biggest chip on their shoulder.. i know it must be hard to live in our shadow, and now chelski, they believe they are superior and deserve to win things, but not with martin Shrek Jol, they need a decent manager, one who sees Defoe as the biting thug he is and doesn't defend him, what a twat
Jol says biting is all part of the game! Bet he takes training dressed as miss whiplash to!
Euroblue, if in your opinion CSKA made us look silly, then maybe you're not very bright yourself. SO you beat them twice? OK, I seem to remember a certain Middlesboro beat you 3-0 last season. I also seem to remember that same Middlesboro was beaten 7-0 by, guess who? The Arsenal.
But if you were to indulge us, you'd try and answer the question in the headline. But seeing as the answer is something you don't wanna talk about, we should leave it at that.
WestL, to be fair to you, I liked the way you played Barca the other day. More games like that and I'd begin to respect you as a football team. The 4-2 over Barca was fine I guess, but thar ridiculous goal by Ronaldinho just watered down the whole thing.

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