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Wenger Wants To Win Carling Cup

Arsene Wenger has reveled he wants to win the only domestic trohpy to evade him, but refuses to drop his policy of playing younger Gunners in the competition.

Arsenal tackle West Brom at the Hawthorns tonight and Wenger will give his youthful side the chance to prove they are ready for the big time.

'We want to qualify in the Carling Cup and we want to go as far as we can,' explained Wenger.'

'It is a competition I have never won in England despite having been here for 10 years.'

Gooners seem to get excited everytime the words 'Walcott' and 'first team' are mentioned at the same time, and it appears Walcott will get another start to his name tonight.

'You will see Walcott, Adebayor and all the players who were on the bench against Reading. And also the players I left behind like Senderos, Denilson and Jeremie Aliadiere will play.

'Manuel Almunia will play in goal, Gael Clichy will play of course and Johan Djourou might play again but I don't know yet.'

It should make for very interesting viewing.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 24 2006

Time: 6:24PM

Your Comments

it will go nicely alongside the prem, fa cup and CL this season... »»Arsene Knows««
Personally I love watching the Carling Cup, watching these young gooners strutt their stuff is very enjoyable!
by the way, anyone know how long the contract is for? »»Arsene Knows««
whoops, wrong article :-) »»Arsene Knows««
Desperate measures for desperate times. It seems ARSE whinger realises that you can win f**k all this year unless you try for that trophy. nice to see so many people commenting on your site though what have you got? 4 above me, and the other 6 articles between them have less than 30 and most of them are the same person. Small club - no fans. Mind you i suppose little dutch has bored the ass off you all so you come to our site i see. sorry
ooops sorry i meant 14 posts.
No fans? we consistently sell out a 60,000 all seater. And talk about winning f**k, you weren't even alive the last time Spurs won the league, in fact, judging by the standard of your posts, I'd be very suprised if you were alive the last time you won a trophy (Which was the league cup btw)
Small club no fans ?....what a tart !.......I will be looking for the empty seats at the lane the next time they are on the tele.....
Not only was it the league cup, but you needed the help of an Arsenal manager to do it. Don't come here with your pathetic comments. Spurs are a far inferior, plain and simple.
My god 2 fans biting back at me. I am mr popular aint i? How's your away support? not as good as the yiddo's i think? Hang on a minute...... 3 comments by me, 2 by rocky, 3 by wingston. 1 by radar. My god this site is popular isn't it? I think i2ll head over to the milton keys dons page. (more fans there) adios
Away fans? We sold our full allocation for a midweek trip to the midlands in the Carling Cup and are easily out singing the home fans. Funny that you seem to have abandonned your assault on the size of our club after your were quite easily shot down by a couple of Gooners.
Good...get aquainted with the Dons fans....your team might be playing theirs soon.....
Nosense.spurs have spent more money than every team in the premiership bar Manu and CFC and have achieved f**k all. Even Blackburn and Newcastle have played champions league! u sell ur best players to big teams, your stadium hasnt been painted for a minimum of 5 years and u havent beaten ur 2 biggest rivals in donkeys years (or should that be Davenport years!). if u think spuds are bigger than Arsenal you must have skin where your eyes should be.
And once again our 2nd string and youngsters have got past the 1st carling cup hurdle, didnt grimsby knock spuds 1st team out last year whilst our experimental team got to the semis?
F**k off "mrcommonsence", if you have nothing better to do than acuse one of the greatest teams to play in english football, then you obviously can't handle the mighty gunners.....i have no more to say to your pathetic comments! (and yes the spuds are in the bottom half of the table)
mrcommonsence how can u say we are a small club with no fans f**k u u dont have a brain when u said that u r a sucker as ur taem spuds and their Ground aswell as their manager and ur players one is diving one is Biting what that F**k is going on look at ur leage Position sucker i gonna kick ur ass if u say something vain next time
Mr Commonsense, nice oxymoron, that.
afghenry do you speak english?
Can anyone understand that guy? What a fekin retard
Mrcommonsen'c'e (and you say afghenry can't spell? How ironic) I think the biggest retard would be a numpty, shyster, spurs fan saying how great his club is on the back of a 40 game season (well done, a new record, congratulations). Well if you get past MK Dons, lets hope you don't come up against the mighty Grimsby or Leicester, you might need to put out a full strength team to beat that quality of opposition......oh wait a minute you did last time, didn't you?
London gooner can you tell me when i said he couldn't spell? You think i don't know commonsense is spelt with an s not a c? that's not part of the joke?. I was merely commenting that words such as sucker, i gonna, u u, taem, aswell are difficult to understand. I should have known a retard like you would though, you must have lessons in it on this website. Can you explain how great that russian side where for me please? Moscow. Another thing when did i say we where great? I simply stated that you had no fans, i think if you look at the lack of posts on your articles you will realise the error of your ways. Now maybe you believe we are a great club but you didn't want to say it so you implied that i had. In that respect thank you, you are so kind
Take a bow london gooner
CSKA Moscow are a good team. After all, they managed to get into the Champions League. How come Spurs aren't in it? Anyone fancy lasagne? It'll give Defoe something to bite on other than Mascherano.
WORLD BEATERS!!!!!!! The mighty mighty moscow!!!!. They qualified from Russia m8, you saying Spartak Moskva are also to good for you? maybe we should have qualified because at least we wouldn't have looked so out of place like you did. Fish out of water anyone?. Wait sorry you LOST in the final last year which to you lot is a GREAT achievement im sorry. Good luck losing again this year.
The Mighty Grimsby!! I think that says it all.
look mrcommonsence. would you please just piss off and comment on your own s**tty club articles, i think the ony reason you chose to comment on this article is because tottenham havn't won a thing in god knows how many years!! also, the realisation that you just one giant gay and know that you're wrong is by the fact you have gone down so low that you are taking the piss out of english and grammer so, so, so low. fellow gooners, lets not stoop down to this yids level! (he might start nibbling us!!)
Try not to be such a w**ker! Firstly you said you couldnt understand him, spelling would be included in that, wouldn't it? Secondly, i think your team are a "great" example of how to pooh yourselves when the pressure is on, Champions league final i hope you watched it, because thats the closest you'll ever get to that competition. CSKA moscow are ranked higher in by UEFA than spurs, so they may not be great but they are better than you! Not difficult i agree. I am kind i know, i've even given a tramp like you 10 minutes of my time in a day, if thats not charity i dont know what is! Anyway, you may get a season longer than 40 games this year, if your lucky. How goes the UEFA cup by the way, its a charming competition, if a little on the low quality side, saying that, probably right for a team in the bottom half of the table. The irony of your mispelling makes me laugh, you spelt it wrong on your application, sweaty palms are probably the reason, then for the merciless pisstaking you recieved for it, you can only cry "it was on purpose" laughable as your comments and your team.
h57ben calling me a giant gay? Good one m8 is that why you support the ARSE? London gooner? For a large period of time mexico have been ranked in the top ten in the world, even reaching heights such as 5th when they have won f**k all of importance. Rankings = f**k all. Sevilla uefa cup winners actually beat the unbeatable barcelona last year if im right. Anyway i'm glad i am of such importance that i have brought a record amount of posts to this site (over 20) well done lads. Now though i will head back to the site where we regularly have over the paltry 3 posts that your site recieves. moscow
Its easier to talk about s**t than success obviously......................
for this peace Of s**t-----> mrcommonsence Ok i cant speak English But what i said is right and dont tell something which is not true like The Mighty Arsenal Dont have Fans. U know i have not seen a spurs fan in here and Usa u know where i am commenting from i am In Afghanistan man look How far does arsenal have fans all the way in Afghanistan And You i have not seen a spud here, that tells the story how arsenal Are MIGHTY and if u dont know what is a Sucker then ask Ur Boss Martin Jol Is a Great sucker U peace of fab's s**tt, i am gonna Kick Ur diry ass Once, i Promise u sucker!!!
Guyz Plz tell me If my English Is Not Right and you Guyz are not Undresting what i am writing i Know some Mad Spuds wont know it But my Gooners love their Gooners where ever they are!!!
mrcommonsence you've been here saying loads of crap and i really don't blame you cause with the way spuds are going this season they might just end up getting relegated. You talk about the moscow game like spuds would have done any better and remember we had a clean goal dis allowed. Good thing you guys didn't qualify for the champs. league cos i don't think you would have made it to the group stages which would have been a big disgrace to the premiership, telking about the you think spuds would be able to sell out a 60,000 seater stadium even when you play teams like watford and sheffield utd? i really don't think so. Guess you're just being an a**hole!!!
You are a Sense Less Human, how could you say We are a small club with no fans!!! that is Driving me crazy,but more when it comes from the Spuds, who they think Are Mighty!!!
Mr.C Says 'For a large period of time mexico have been ranked in the top ten in the world, even reaching heights such as 5th when they have won f**k all of importance.' .............. But Spurs havent won anything, important or not and are nowhere in the rankings. So by your own logic we are a better team than you. Come on, admit it....dare you? If you say no you'll have been proven to have been an idiot or a liar, if you says yes you will shunned by your own. I bet you dare not answer.
we celebrate mediocrity? The s***s fans celebrated like they had won the premiership after getting a DRAW at highbury, the players were pumping their fists in the clock end corner thinking they had qualified for europes PREMIER competition. Now thats celebrating mediocrity!
Instead of pumping their fists, maybe they should of washed them properly instead?????
no amount of washing could clean those dirty b*******s
Ha Ha,Good old Mr C making a fool of all you Inbredpikeygoonheads! Ah,yes that infamous Old clock End,how is it doing nowadays? Oh yeah,it's ALL RUBBLE LIKE THE REST OF SH!TEBURY! CLEAN THOSE HANDS NOW!
i suggest you up your dosage mate, the pills aren't obviously working!
i see mr.c has retreated from defeat and has had to call for back up in 'hatethegoons'. unfortunatel, he is no wiser than mr.c himself, admitting that the 'clock end' had history behind it, and provoked to show jealousy in his abusive language used to describe its current state "it's ALL RUBBLE". Jealousy of our might club?? i think pipe down you spudded c**ts and f**k off!
oh yeah and how many trophies have you won since 1990, 'hatethegoons'?? i rest my case...

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