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Spurs In For What Arsenal Don't Want

It appears that Spurs manager Martin Jol is pondering a move for ex-England player David Beckham.

Jol made his announcement only a short time after Arsene Wenger said he wasn't interested in the player.

'I'll sit down and have a think about it. said Tubby.

'We are well covered on the flanks already. It's a difficult one.

'We've got Wayne Routledge, although he is on loan, plus Hossam Ghaly and Aaron Lennon.'

As usual, Spurs are looking at bringing in a player who has often been linked with Arsenal. Indeed Beckham himself said last term that he would consider a move to Arsenal.

However Wenger see's no reason to bring him, or any other player, to North London.

'I've said already that I will not buy anybody in January, whether that's free or with a fee. I have the number of players I need.' said Wenger.

'For West Brom we made nine changes and won while having several players missing with injury, so why would I buy anyone else?'

'David Beckham's age would not prevent me from buying him but I'm only focused on what we already have this season.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 29 2006

Time: 3:01PM

Your Comments

His age would definitely not bother Sp*rs! Just look at Edgar Davids. I'd suggest the merchandise rights may have an implication on the decision!
You could also consider Lennon, Dawson, Huddlestone as examples of where we have tended to go for youth. The general consensus at WHL is that Martin Jol was merely being polite when he said he would consider it .... its a non-starter as his signing would simply impede the development of some younger players coming through. Is Davids the only example you can come up with?
Hang on now, Wenger has said he rates Beckham, and Spurs would certainly roll out the red carpet, can you imagine the shirt sales? He is past his best and America might be the right move, but I don't think either team can say he won't be with them next year. The one thing I can say for sure is that Jose doesn't want him!
Wenger always says he rates players, he is a very polite man......unlike some I could mention.
But does Kenyon? did Jose want Shevchenko or did Abramovich?
If any team needs Beckhams shirt sales its CFC, remember self sufficent in 3 years!
let the spuds take him, he would be useless at the club, as he is a crosser of the ball. but to whom? exactly my piont. like arsenal, spurs dont have a header of the ball.
The thought of Liar Jol thinking gives me visions of Homer Simpson thinking of doughnuts!
I think there was a time when Wenger would have liked to bring Beckham in. But once again, one expects idiotic comments from Chelsea fans, then again it is Wenger's transfer policy to bring in old, highly paid, egotistical superstars and watch them grow old. But like I say, when you've only been watching footie for two years, what do you expect? Termites.
Little Dutch
Don't have a header of the ball. Err so Ledley King can't head the ball?, Berbatov (who Wenger and Ferguson were interested in) can't head the ball? Whilst I understand there is animosity between teams people shouldn't make comments if they obviously watch games with their eyes closed and hands over their ears. As that can be the only way they arrived at that observation - or lack of it
Liar Jol? He could make a comedy duo with myopic Wenger
yeah Zokora was off balance and Defoe had a nibble! He was also caught by SKY yelling "play, play" after denying he saw our players injured on the floor last year! what a liar! Do you have any physical proof that Sir Arsene never saw certain incidents? no didnt think so.
The point about you not having any headers of the ball is misguided but how many of your 6 premiership goals have been headed?
Like Eboue's dive in the champions league final, like Pires's non penalty against Portsmouth, each winning the same artisitic merit as Zokora's dive ... after ten years he has not so much got an album as an entire library of incidents he claims not to have seen ...................................................................... Whilst I thoroughly respect Wenger and admire the creativity of his teams, and I will admit they are a fantastic footballing team and often great to watch, to suggest that Wenger doesn't go in front of the camera and say 'I didn't see anything' when he plainly must have is churlish. If he didn't see anything, what the hell is he doing being a manager? Like all good managers he defends his players and therefore you can't have one rule for one manager and a different rule for another...................... And your players tackled each other, no Tottenham player was involved, where exactly even in the fair play rule book does it suggests you kick the ball out if two opponents make mugs of themelves. Since then, FIFA/UEFA have stopped players try to fain injury to have the ball kicked out when there is nothing wrong with them. I note neither guy went off and the referee waved play on saying neither guy was injured. You should be more concerned that they sat around complaining rather than got straight up and chased after the play
Wenger, "Eboue cheated against Barcelona. I don't like that attitude, I detest simulation." Well done again Sir Harry, your knighthood has been well earned.
Little Dutch
regardless of whether they were injured or not Liar Jol said he did not see it which was proved to be a blatant lie. In the end it didnt matter, we got the draw, you got the sh*ts and we laughed ourselves to bits. There is a big difference between defending your players and telling blatant lies. nobody expects him to condemn Defoe/Zakora but disgusting lies are not the way.
As I have mentioned all managers tend to only see things in the favour of their team and Wenger has been selectively Myopic over the years so much so it has been a running joke with sports journalists. On Zokora, Jol said he might have lost his balance. He was asked immediately after the game. He subsequently said that if Zokora did dive, it would be dealt with internally as its something he did not want to see in the game. If you see where he was standing and where the incident occured, he would have to be 25ft tall to see it immediately. Defoe gave Mascherano a nibble. Jol said he gave Defoe a nibble. There was no marks so it was like being bitten by somebody with their teeth taken out. Exactly where is the lie. Regarding the Arsenal game, he said 'play play' as he saw two uninjured Arsenal players on the ground as did the referee. He was asked if he saw two injured Arsenal players on the ground. They were not injured. Therefore he could not have seen them. If you say you don't see something that has not occured, how can you be lying if you say you don't see something that wasn't there. It has great to hear all the reminders about the end of the season from you guys. For us the Premiership was a great year last year, for you it was poor. I'm not so sure that by bragging how close we got to you, that the attempts at insults are working. You were one dodgy meal from lining up in the UEFA Cup.
What SKY failed to notice was he shouted 'PLAY, PLAY' after the ref waived play on. Therefore he was clearly aware the players on the ground were not injured. Therefore when asked if he saw two injured Arsenal players on the ground, then the answer is clearly NO. Reading the comments on the site, I am impressed there are some well thought out and knowledgable comments made by intelligent fans but eqaully there are remarks made by those with clearly nothing to say.
There was no dodgy meal, The marriott hotel was completley cleared of any blame after much accusation from your lot. The only person who knows how hard he was bitten was Mascherano and he said it was NOT a nibble. How did Jol know Eboue was uninjured? he stayed down so unless he has x ray vision or a sixth sense then he lied. the reason we still give you grief after overhauling you after our worst ever season is because of the boasts that the power was changing, that you were now to be North Londons finest, The Barcelona Shirt wearing and all this before you actually secured that gorgeous 4th spot.
Because the referee waved play on. Since when in the history of fair play do you kick the ball out if two opponents tackle each other and your team are not involved in any way?. Its not Jol's fault that the opponents have two cretins who try to foul Carrick and end up tackling each other. Jol saw the ref waving play on and screamed at Carrick to get on with it. He didn't I again repeat didn't see two injured Arsenal players on the ground. As they weren't injured. The referee would have stopped play if they were injured. Since when did I say the Marriott Hotel? The players were diagnosed with Viral Gastroenteritis. The initial suspect was the Marriott but it could have happened in the previous 4-5 days. The bottom line was someone has spread illness and a number of players were on the ragged edge of fitness. That the suffered gastroenteritis is a medical fact. And you got back into the Champions Lge after a whinging performance in the final because someone else had the s**ts. You must be so proud. This was the Mascherano who went down like he'd been shot by a sniper. This was in front of a referee, who thought no further serious action was meritted. Funny, Defoe is actually an Arsenal supporter so you take the word of an Argie over an Arsenal fan? This was from West Ham who made no complaint to the FA. In fact the only person who has a problem is you and your Argie mate. It is a pity that there are actually many a decent Arsenal fan spoilt by the bigotted opinion of the occasional one. But then why have the actual facts ruin your post of consumate drivel?
Regardless of how Eboue got injured the fact is he got treatment and u should have kicked the ball out. The reason we got back in the champions league is because over 38 games we achieved 2 more points than you End of. If you think its acceptable to bite someone on a football pitch then your knighthood should be stripped ASAP, if achild ever reinacts the bite the Defoe has a lot to answer for. West Ham could do nothing but accept the decision as retrospective action is unfortunatley not allowed if the player is booked surely you know that? I wouldnt believe Defoe over Mascherano as he has said he did it playfully which could all see was not the case, it also nearly caused a mass brawl on the pitch. Also in the pile of rubbish you have written you have suggested that refs always make correct decisions, amazing. Now on to our whinging performance in the champions league final, I find it ironic you label us whingers but it was your club who wrote a dossier to the FA on why your games vs West Ham should be replayed, who whinged that Richard Scudamore shouldnt have announced your game should go ahead on the pitchside at highbury. people in glass houses.
who injured Eboue?
Defoe is an Arsenal fan. so heaven forbid he ever scores against us I should celebrate yeah????
Of course you take teach the rest of the premiership a lot on how to not cause mass brawls on the pitch
Defoe v Mascerano was no worse than Arteta v Gallas.
who allegedly injured Eboue?
does it matter? who injured michael Owen at the world cup? just because nobody touched him should the game have continued with owen crawling around the pitch with his knee hanging out? The fact is based on last years fair play mandate you should have kicked the ball out. It was a gentlemans agreement between clubs and players that the ball should be kicked out but i wouldnt expect you to respect that. This year due to the cheating at the world cup the refs now dictate whether the game should continue.
You see the difference between me and you is I dont condone or deny the fact that our mass brawl was not in the best interests of the game. We pushed Horse face around and recieved numerous fines and bans your player bit someone and he gets a yellow card and you lot condone it. if you seriously are trying to compare Arteta Gallas and Defoe Mascherano you are crazy, the former incident is certainly not on the front page of todays Sun. Its OK, I can see your not about fair play but then when your club is lost in a time warp of non-success and your main Rival is The Arsenal I guess its win at all costs.
When Di Canio plucked the ball from the Air instead of scoring vs Everton some years ago who fouled the keeper?
Even Lee Dixon said that Spurs were right to continue as neither player was injured, the referee had seen that neither player was injured. If teams kick the ball out every time a players go to ground especially if there is nothing wrong with him it would ruin the game. It was clear to everyone that Owen had a serious injury. Was Eboue's injury as serious? It is the fair play mandate that the ball is kicked out if an opponent suffers a head or serious injury, not every time his jockstrap rides up if he trips over his laces. I noticed how when Henry scored after a Spurs player had been fouled in the build and stayed down, that we have not heard the continual bleating about that. Really it is quite pathetic, and that whining shames the great standards you frequently achieve as a team. Again in this incident, the referee checked and waved play on. If either of those guys had got up they could have prevented the goal.
Thankfully this seasons rules clear up the mess but based on last year I fully believe the ball should have been kicked out. We made th mistake in stopping you continued and we conceeded. I actually thought Adebayor fouled stalteri in the build up to our goal but he didnt stay down and we still scored. my main point was that Jol DID see the incident and if he had not denied that I would accept the win at all costs approach. its not the 1st time ive seen spurs do that at highbury ( Andy Sinton 1996)
Yes we finally agree. I think increasingly teams have tried to take advantage of this gentlemans agreement. I, of course and what can you expect, disagree about Jol. I think he is no more and no less myopic than Wenger has been in the last 10 years. There is nothing wrong with a manager being myopic unless he accuses others of the same offence. Jol said he didn't see the incident. I believe him. He probably saw two Arsenal players on the ground and the ref waving play on. He didn't see them injured and this was confirmed to him by the referee's actions. After all he only has two eyes and when Silva clashed with Eboue, his gaze may have been elsewhere. I watched the game and only saw what happened with the replay. And that was only because one of the 50 odd SKY cameras saw the incident.
Wasn't this article about David Beckham??
Quite correct hatespur, but I'm afraid one of your colleagues had to turn it into a shouting match about lying and cheating. Anyway back to the orginal thread, and there is quite a barny going on about this same story on the Spurs page, Beckham won't be signed because of the same reason Wenger won't sign him - his best days are mostly behind him and he's going to block the development of youngsters. We have finally woken up to realise grab a grandad isn't the way forward. However we have been linked to David Bentley. Now I don't know what you think of him, but I always thought letting him go was one of Arsene's bigger mistakes. He seemed to have left on bad terms so him signing for Spurs is not out of the question.
I think Sir Harry got a little upset because I called tubby Jol a liar!
Bentley would be a better option than Beckham but I was never convinced he had the right attitude to make it at the highest level, great ability though he lacks the 1 thing Arsene loves, pace.
I won't lower myself to insulting Wenger though there were one or two rumours when he first came to England ................. Apparently Beckham is staying in Spain (sigh of relief) .. I can't believe Bentley is any slower than Beckham and Sheringham is still doing well and he never had pace. And with Lennon, how much more pace does a team need?
Im not saying u shouldnt buy him because he lacks pace im saying it was 1 of the reasons Wenger let him go, that plus his attitude. He is the type of player u have previously lacked but may now have in malbranque except Bentley crosses the ball more.
Bentley is in the model of a Robert or a Downing, expect a blinder followed by ten games of anonimity. He also has an unpleasnat arrogance, he was nearly sent back from his loan spell at Norwich for being a first class twat.
Little Dutch
lets hope the yids get bentley, the more completely average players they keep blowing their money on, the more trophyless decades they will have, and u gotta love them. so funny to me this whole debate, why u even have to get involved in spur's debates, they are geographical rivals, thats it. we get mentioned in the same breath as barca, milan, real etc, spurs, if they have one of those monster seasons were they scrape into the uefa cup get mentioned with brugges, besiktas, livorno etc forever looking down on u.
blue blood
Nuff Said
I can totally see where spurs fans are coming from............. There talentless, empty cabinet loving, toss pots. Arsenal will always be better than them. These idiots crowing on about the mariott bollox (there own people said there was no contamination of food)shows they lack any real class (see any media statement released ever!!) We are the Mighty ARSENAL.

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