Arsenal - Spurs Won't Be Like Arsenal: So What
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Spurs Won't Be Like Arsenal: So What

Many of you may have read certain quotes coming from the Spurs camp regarding Arsenal's, and indeed their own, transfer policies (Those of you who haven't can read them Here). Well Vital Arsenal member Professor Calculus did, and had this to say in response.

What hilarious logic with a completely dated view of football, why don't they take a look at all the top sides in the world?

All the best teams in the world feature players from all parts of the globe, beacuse guess what? Not all the best players will actually come from your own back yard. So the perefct sp*rs player could be waiting to be bought so that Jabba Jol can build his new team around him, but if he doesn't have the right passport forget it.

What complete bullsh*t.

Can't they see the irony of a Dutchman doing the British flag waving? Also what has Britain got to do with sp*rs? If we're talking about home grown talent here then Robbie Keane doesn't count, Scotland, wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland have absolutely nothing to do with english football if we follow sp*rs's nationalistic train of thought. Confused identity again, which is why the British national anthem 'God save the queen' is still sung as the English national anthem which is technically wrong, such nationalistic crap from sp*rs and they don't even know their own identity. I can see all this clearly because I'm not english, my mum is Irish and my dad is from Barbados, so I've always been suspect about this national identity crap, it's not an issue until confused idiots like sp*rs make it one.

The perfect Arsenal player could come from anywhere - down the road or from Mexico - Arsenal as a club should be aware and open to this provable fact, and luckily they are. If any team wants to build their team round a player due to their passports rather than their footballing ability then that's their self inflicted problem. But to be proud of such nonsense is typical of sp*rs.

This entire English debate is so completely redundant it's surreal, I thought those days had long gone, but no, it seems as if there is always a void left for stupidity to fill. Racism goes so xenophobic nationalistic crap fills the vacancy, I wonder what will fill the void once we make the next progressive leap? Any half intelligent person could go through every single thing said in that article and destroy it with evidence, stats, logic and common sense, but the perfect response is 'so what'.

'Hello we're the management team and board of sp*rs and we will never buy loads of foreign players like Arsenal do.'

'So what.'

The end.

Quality article submitted by the Prof.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 1 2006

Time: 12:42AM

Your Comments (oldest first)

Change to most recent first I said on the Spurs site I think there's merit to both philosophies. But as you say, when it comes to which one has been more successful (and which one is used more often), the answers in both cases is pretty clear. What bothers me is the way Arsenal's philosophy is somehow viewed as some sort of attack on or betrayal of the English spirit or whatever, which is just absurd.
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01/11/2006 00:56:00

To be honest, I think there is only one real philosophy here and that is Spurs' weird obsession with signing mainly English players (no matter how bad they are). We don't have a philosophy of signing foreign players.......we just sign players who are good enough (well we hope they are) and if they just so happen to be from abroad, then, as the title what!!
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01/11/2006 01:02:00

Not only good enough, but affordable...and that's the point Arsenal's critics keep missing. The Gunners simply try to get the most bang for their buck, and you can't do that with English players because they are at a premium and are therefore ridiculously overpriced. That's not the fault of the English players, but it's not Arsenal's fault that they'd rather spend 2 mill on a Toure versus 10 mill on Curtis Davies. It's just simple math.
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01/11/2006 01:07:00

Good point, well put. I dont know how many times I've said 500K Fabregas v 8 Million Jenas, or 2.5 Million van Persie v 8.5 Million's just good common sense!!
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01/11/2006 01:27:00

Another interesting fact is that Spurs haven't brought an English player for some time, lip service?
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01/11/2006 03:11:00

also, we have a coupl eof english kids in the U18's that are supposed to have huge potential, but wenger only signs someone who he or his coaching and scouting staff believe to be potentially good enough for the first team one day, no matter what his nationalality. i think spurs have had their fingers burnt in the past with foreigners, like Rebrov, but they also bought Chris Armstrong too, so go figure.. and i think Spurs need a huge wake up call. look around the premiership, full of foreign talent, if spurs want to stay english, then they will suffer long term.. and i personally won't shed a tear.
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01/11/2006 09:25:00

the fact is arsenal educate more english players than spurs atleast, just look at our academy, so many english youngsters learn their trait at arsenal, but the problem is they are not good enuf to play for arsenal because there are players better than them in every position at our club, whereas the same players would be good enough to play for a club like yours, because you don't have the quality of players that we have, and that's why you have to give these sub standard english kids a chance to be in your team, because as a football club, you are light years behind us in terms of everything. we at Arsenal do everything we can, to make this the best team in the world, and we are a football club, not a national team, that we have to consider passports ahead of the players ability, but stil we do our bit for the english game, just look at the number of players, that have come out of the arsenal youth system, who are playing in many other premiership teams who are of the spurs standards and helping small teams like spurs, so there one can see how we have helped so many english players play football at very good levels in this country, and those who are good enough, will stay, and those who arent, we'll still educate them so that they can continue their football and earn their living at a very good level..
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01/11/2006 10:40:00

lol yeah we really want a team with no England internationals!!! ahhahaha we have 6!!! COYS!!!!
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01/11/2006 11:05:00

6 England internationals. Well done spuds. Arsenal had 16 internationals in the world cup this year, 3 of them English (Sol and cashley included). Which sounds more attractive?
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01/11/2006 11:21:00

To the 16 you can add Hleb and Poom, whose nations didn't make the finals, whereas spuds could probably add Keane.
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01/11/2006 11:24:00

What does it matter BY? As long as you club team is sucessful, which it isn't...who cares. Answer this, and answer it truthfully, which would you rather, a team with a few Englishmen who win regular trophies and are widely considered the best footballing side in Europe? or Have many England players (and no matter how much you want it half of them are bit part players) and never EVER have any sucess?
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01/11/2006 11:26:00

How about the £12 mill you paid for Walcott, was that good value? And what if uefa bring in their much threatened player quota limit on foreign players, those youngsters might make the first team a bit quicker than you think.
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01/11/2006 11:34:00

That rule will never ever ever come in. Human rights will see to that as it is a restriction of trade. As for Walcott we didnt pay 12 million for him, we paid an initial 5 million with a possibility of it rising to 12 based on sucess, and if he is successful then I would suggest yes he is worth it.
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01/11/2006 11:46:00

Soccer has already graduated into a borderless game. No wonder, the game has a huge following all over the world. It pays to acknowledge the obvious and move on with the flow rather than being tangled up with unnecessary and futile beliefs.
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01/11/2006 11:55:00

That's gonna be just the 5 million for Walcott then!
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01/11/2006 13:03:00

Another carefully structered reply from the ever present and intellectual HTG.
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01/11/2006 13:14:00

The UEFA quota does not mention nationality, it mentions players brought through the youth system. We have a lot in our squad, Spuds only have Ledley. Only a Spud would boast about having players in the England team, that's just embarassing, the less we have to do with that over rated bunch of morons the better.
Little Dutch
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01/11/2006 13:20:00

How many first team Arsenal players came through their youth system?
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01/11/2006 13:57:00

Phileppe Senderos, Johan Djourou, Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas, Justin Hoyte, Arturo Lupoli, Fabrice Muamba, Kerrea Gilbert...........
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01/11/2006 14:01:00

Yiddos before asking questions get clear about the UEFA rules; you'll get your answers. You can find out on UEFA website or see here
Barnet Gooner
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01/11/2006 14:01:00

They're not exactly all first team regulars and some were signed from other teams.
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01/11/2006 14:52:00

Read the rules.
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01/11/2006 15:01:00

what a load of crap only arsenal fans could turn this into a race issue. were simply stating our transfer policy again because we signed foreigners in the summer some spurs fans (me included) we were worried wewere changing our policy from a successfuly implemented system of buying english youth, andwould miss out on the new carricks, lennons and huddlestones of this world if we did. comolli was just reassuring us this wasnt the case and used arsenal as an example of the way we wernt going to go. doesnt mean its right or wrong its just our policy and all our fans are happy with it. Also stating that we are against signing foreigners are absurd, the club is not racist.
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01/11/2006 16:05:00

Best thing about that sp*urs post is the 1 just below it is: Spurs scout watches Basturk! thick b*rstards
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01/11/2006 16:59:00

Actually the UEFA rules which have been agreed by the European Commission state that a number of players will have had to have come through the youth system or be able to represent the national team of the league they play. So this means that someone like Fabregas is exempt, but someone like Diaby isn't as he joined too old. Whilst it will only apply to European competition some leagues are applying it to the national leagues. Because it is couched under youth development and is not based on nationality as such the EC have let it through. Spurs currently have Pekhart in their scheme. If Arsenal subsequently bought him, he'd count the same as Fabregas.
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01/11/2006 17:56:00

I'm actually amazed at Arsenal's fans obsession with Spurs. What Commolli actually said was that he wants to build a team where the majority of the team are English, not the entire team or squad and because of this he could never imagine ever doing with Chelsea and Arsenal have done in the past, start a game with no English players in the team or even in the squad. If you actually look at Champions Lge winners, nobody has actually won it without a decent core of national players. At present we have Robinson, Dawson, King, Lennon plus Jenas and Huddlestone. Some of these players who have been considered by Wenger. He hasn't signed them, not because they are worse than your equivalent players but because he feels that they offer no more than some of your guys in similar positions. It is disappointing, that so called football fans cannot recognise the abilities of players simply because of the colour of their shirt.
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01/11/2006 18:04:00

We mention it because the director of your club said it in a derogatory fashion towards our own. Why did he feel the need to say such a thing? What does it matter where you get your players so long as you team performs to the best of it's ability and pleases its fans. He only chose to make such comments to endear himself towards the White Hart Lane faithful, no other reason. No offence but your lads seem to think you have some kind of hold over Arsenal because you have more English players in their ranks. Clutching at straws if you ask me.
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01/11/2006 18:14:00

I think a number of clubs throughout Europe feel it is advantageous to have players from the nation in which they play. Reading an article about Real Madrid today it is something that they prefer would happen. For neutrals it can be difficult to support them when the opposition have more English players in their team. And despite what has been said, the more English players gaining experience at the top level, the better the fortunes of the national team. I think the actual article was widely inaccurate in many ways but Martin O'Neill has said he'd prefer to bring in British players first in the transfer window, even Arsene has said he wants more English players coming through your ranks. Whilst everyone will accept that players like Fabregas are amazing, its when players like Pascal Cygan block the progress of the likes of Matthew Upson you do begin to wonder. I am sure that Commolli has made his remarks because at present, we do have a young and talented English spine who will continue to get better. Also I think it was a ploy to suggest to potential English players we are both interested in, that they are more likely to make the breakthrough at Spurs. Whether that's true or not is irrelevant, its Commolli's job to use every trick to get the better English players to sign for Spurs. This won't stop us looking overseas where appropriate. And I am friends with Arsenal fans who thought it embarassing that at times there hasn't been an English player in your squad. A club of Arsenals standing should be a little concerned that they cannot bring on talent from England. This is why Arsene wants to address it.
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01/11/2006 18:36:00

It's not that Arsene wants to improve the numbers of English talent in our team, he wants to improve the quality of English players. He will not bring in players who are not good enough just because they are English. If getting a better academey for English players produces just 2-3 world class English stars then it would have paid for itself. It's not a matter of English players, it's a matter of getting the best players within the clubs financial constraints!
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01/11/2006 18:58:00


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