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After scoring late winners against Man Utd & Everton, Manu Adebayor has indicated that he would like to feature more in the first team.

However, unlike most who state they want more first team football, Adebayor is not moaning, infact the Togolese striker has spoken with great joy about how he relishes every start he gets for Arsenal.

The gangly centre forward knows if he trains hard and takes his opportunities with both hands then he will get his chance, but the decision is ultimately up to Arsene Wenger.

'I would like to play against Liverpool, obviously. But these are not my decisions and I accept what the manager wants.' Adebayor admits.

'I am not here to say I do or don't deserve a starting place, just to enjoy it when I do. It is my dream. Of course I want to play, everyone does, and it would be good to have a partnership with Thierry.'

'But I am from Togo and five years ago I was playing without shoes in Africa. Today I am playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world and loving it - I am just going to focus on doing my job.'

Since becoming a Gooner at the start of the year Adebayor has scored a host of 'unglamorous goals', which is arguably what Arsenal have been missing.

Adebayor also thinks Sunday's game against Liverpool is a must win if Arsenal are to harbour any hopes of winning the title for the first time since 2004.

Adebayor said: 'I would say that yes, Liverpool is a must-win game. If you hope to win the Premiership, every one is important.

'But this weekend it is even more so. Hopefully we will all enjoy it and hopefully we will win.

'We know that we are a very good side and have a lot of confidence. There are still a lot of games to the end of the season, and we will keep going right to then and hope we are back in the Premiership race.'

Earlier this season I tipped Ade for good things, and to follow that up I predict a start for Manu on Sunday, and I also predict he'll bag himself a goal.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 9 2006

Time: 4:57PM

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I can't help's like a drug!!!
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 17:01:00

we are setting up a VA, Vital Anon for those addicts to the network, it is like a drug isn't it?!
The Fear
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 18:04:00

i really like adebayor and i think he has real potential to do well at arsenal, hes tall, quick, and although he does miss chances, he scores goals, and while he has been injured arsenal have been having trouble scoring and when he is fit an playing he seems to score some important goals
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 18:07:00

Adeb-eyesore.....errr, well he does have an unsightly hairdo doesn't he?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 19:17:00

What does his wife look like?
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 19:32:00

Several restraining orders prevent me from giving you the answer to that.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 19:54:00

Adebay-snore :O
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 21:13:00

adeb-i've got a brand new combine harvester? »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 22:52:00

just give the guy what he deserves. i dont know what he should do to deserve a respect from you people. I thought LD & R7 are here to harmonise. Arent you payed for it?
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 22:56:00

Adebay-bore????--->neva, got wild moves for 6 fot 7 playa. crouch got nothing this man.
Youngest in Charge
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 22:57:00

pekka, i for one love the dude. Never said or done anythign wrong since he's joined the club, and has given us much needed alternatives up front. He gets in there and pulls defenders all over the shop. If you thought we were taking the michael out of him, issa not so... »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
09/11/2006 23:36:00

eer, scoring late goals, I hope Wenger did'nt celebrate, that would'nt be on would it? whatever next?
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 07:38:00

i don't remember there being an issue about the goal being late - i DO remember there being an issue about one of our players being hit by a coin, about having a stonewall penalty turned down, and about one of our players getting fouled in the build up to the only goal of the game. And now I'll also remember you as an simpeton looking to provoke a reaction because you have nothing better to do, save for sitting in your bedsit on your own watching 'doctor who' re-runs in your pants. »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 08:17:00

Pekka, firstly, please read the respective articles, plenty of respect warmly and lovingly served up to the Ade man. Secondly, I'm in it for the love, not for the money. In the words of Oscar Wilde, 'Genius is born- not paid.'
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 08:53:00

That's right LD, pat yourself on the back if no-one else is doing it! What amazes me is the quote in the article putting the game into some perspective, 5 years ago he was playing football barefoot and now he is playing in the Premiership and has enough money and stature to buy all the shoes he wants and put something back into African football, refreshing. I thought the knock on him was that he had a bad attitude?
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 09:25:00

He;s had several bust ups with his national team coaches, but he never had a problem with Monaco or here. Maybe it's a Keanesque frustration, because he perceives that the togolese F.A are raping resources? In fact a lot of our players have had humble childhoods, which probably gives them that extra bit of hunger. Gallas, Lauren, Hleb, Henry, Song, Gilberto, Adebayor, Eboue and Aliadiere all had their tribulations as youths.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 09:57:00

Oh and I don't know if there are any REM fans out there, but I jolly well suggest you go and Adebay-automatic for the people. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel now!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 10:06:00

Adebay more somebody stop me? ok... mrcommonsence pulls out his gun and fires straight between the eyes of paul mustchin. Every one congratulates him to a raptorous applause from every one. Then chants start little dutch next please, little dutch next
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 11:13:00

mrcuminspurs, tif your own team are so lacking in news and interest that you have to come here to insult us, why don't you find something else to do, like testing new cosmetics on your own eyes? »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 11:32:00

LD shoots mr NONCEsense, world reacts with apathy. Have you ever heard of Mark Chapman? It's just he used to have these kind of delusional fantasies.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 11:35:00

Mark Chapman is that your boyfriend? no i aint heard sorry dutch. The person was asked to be stopped so i was merely doing him and the rest of the world a favour and putting him out of his misery.
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 11:38:00

As for the little unimportant pest wingston. It is well known that when i appear on these posts people actually post their own comments. Something that doesn't happen when im not around (have a look). This is because im interesting and people like you look up to me.
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 11:43:00

Mark Chapman was the man that shot John Lennon, coincidentally, he was also a loser with no friends.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 11:53:00

Ouch, thats gotta hurt Mr Nosense. By the way, you still haven't got back to me about our bet?!
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 13:31:00

adebadbuy has become adebadbwoy
fran merida
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 13:48:00

so much like Kanu, so more to his game, yet at the moment he has a long way to go and i see why wenger is not playig him everyone game. wenger always likes to protect his players and encourage their growth at a good rate, if he is good enough to play every week, wenger would do that.. so you have to ask why he doesn't, does he have better players when all fit ? or is it that Ade hasn't settled as quickly and is taking his time getting used to the pace of the prem.
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 14:29:00

You could ask the same about RVP. I think, honestly, that we just have two very good young strikers who provide different options and have a lot of potential. Both have to discipline their game, but if I was to hire one man for the job, you know who it would be!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 15:04:00

Ad(EBAY)or! bit of a bargain when you consider he has scored the same amount of premiership goals as Mr Shevchenko!
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 15:46:00

Iceman, we will see who has more goals at the end of the season! (BTW I am not saying that AS was a bargain!)
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 17:17:00

How many ARSE players made the england squad then? mmmmmm was it 0? how sad. on the other hand robbo, king, dawson, jenas, lennon, defoe wow thats 6! so spurs 6 0 arsenal. ha ha. What you gotta say bout that then rocky?
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 18:33:00

i have another gr8 pun for you lot!!!!!! how about adeb-nuva-foreignor
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 18:39:00

You can have as much of adebayor as you want. You aint gonna beat us reds! 2-0 Liverpool. Gerrard and Kuyt.
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 19:38:00

How many Spuds players are gonna embarass themselves in an England shirt once again? Six. If that is the sum of your ammunition, I'd go now mate. RVP will tear the hello magazine boys to shreds. How many Spuds players went to the world cup? Of course Spuds policy of buying englishmen has really been elucidated by the recent purchases of Chimbonda, Assou Ekoto, Malbranque, Mido, Ghaly, Zokora, together with the sale of Carrick. Could it be that your English boys crapping themselves has convinced liar Jol to copy a certain other manager who found success with French and African players?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 19:43:00

Shame all those wonderful Englishman never had the grit and determination to get you in the champions league no-sense! How many of your summer signings were English? lets see how many of ur loyal Englishmen stay when you once again fail to get in the champions league?
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 19:47:00

what a total ****head CHANGE YOUR F#*KING HANDLE,you have no idea,to say with pride WE HAD SIX when we had so suffer that embaresment of a show by "all these english"your supposed to have you deffinitly aint who you say you are
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 19:56:00

Mr No-sense since your such a guardian of the english game can you explain to me why young Phil Ifill (English prospect) is not playing ahead of Pascal Chimbonda (Frenchman)? Is it simply because he is better? If So its time for you to go away!
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 19:57:00

Why is Defoe on the bench for Berbatov and Keane? Zokora and Davids ahead of Huddlestone? Ghaly ahead of Murphy? Come to think of it, who else other than Ledley has come through the youth ranks? I suppose Spuds just do not believe in their youth policy.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 20:35:00

What do I have to say about it? Good for you, 6 players in the England squad, quite an achievment, I suppose that makes you better than us? I guess with Spurs having 6 players in the squad and Arsenal having none is some kind of baromiter for success, in which case you should easily finish above us in the league, in which case you should take me up on my bet. But in the same vein if you now DON'T take me up on my bet you are effectivley saying that it doesn't matter how many English players are in your team because they can't finish above a bunch of foreigners. So which is it? Bet on, or our foreign players are better than your English? I susspect that like all the other messages, you'll just ignore this one. You sir, are spineless.
Report Abuse
10/11/2006 21:03:00

here here! well said that man
fran merida
Report Abuse
11/11/2006 18:56:00


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