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Drogba = Idiot

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, famed for admitting live on telly that he is a diver only to later deny what he'd admitted, honestly believes he is better than Thierry Henry.

Drogba has found some decent form this season and his scoring rate is second to none, I even admitted earlier in the season that the Ivory Coast striker has turned his career around after it appeared that his Premier League career would be cut short after his own fans boo'ed him.

However, Drogba has mistaken form for class.

Thierry Henry has unquestionably been the most consistant striker in EUROPE for the past five years, and you don't have to take the word of an extremely biased Gooner, go check the record books, go on, especially you Chelsea fans I know will be visiting.

Drogba leads the Premiership scoring charts with 8 goals compared to Thierry's 6, which, lets face it, is not much of a gap especially as we all know Henry does his best work after the new year.

'I relax when I play football computer games. I have fun playing as Henry and shooting wide of the goal! I'm kidding.' he said.

'It just seems my virtual copy doesn't play as well as the Henry character - although in real life, especially this season, I'm better than him. I hope the game makers take note of my comments and make changes to the computer programme.'

I'm not sure which makes him sound more foolish, him complaining about a computer game (maybe he's just crap at it) or the fact that he thinks he is better than a man who has won more awards for his goal scoring feats, than Drogba has taken dives, which is a massive amount.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday November 25 2006

Time: 6:52AM

Your Comments

Rocky - Struggling for material are we?
The guy is a joke. The very fact that he thinks he is better than Henry calls his sanity into question. Perhaps it's time to up his dosage?
A bit of a silly comment isn't it Merlin? One of your players reckons he's better than Thierry Henry and you think we're not going to comment? What I have noticed however is that you're not exactly rushing to defend him or agree with him. Speaks volumes.
Whilst I have to admit Drogba is on fire at the moment,he has to somehow realise form is temporary,but class is permanent. CLASS=KING TH14!!! 'Nuff said.
Drogba is a better player than Henry. That's why Chelsea beat Arsenal last year by 3/3. Drogba was the hero of these three games that Thierry Henry played and was a shadow of himself. So he is right to say that, as most of Drogba performances are always premiership winning games(Chelsea vs Arsenal, Chelsea vs Liverpool, Chelsea vs Manu). As opposed to that, our TH14 often shy away from these types of games that matter; as against Manu, this current season, he was "sick" when we played Manu. He is "sick" against when we are going to play another difficult game. But interestingly, he will be fit on Wednesday against Fulham. How useful are his goals if constantly he can be sick when Arsenal are to face difficult games that count double in premiership table decider? This is becoming too much regular.
Rocky - He wa sspeaking about a PC game. I wonder if when I select Henry in my XI, it'll come up with a message saying - "Not available for trips to dark Northern towns"
He also ACTUALLY said he was better than Henry THIS SEASON ... any independent fan would probably observe that this has been the case this season
U gotta be kidding right? How can Drogba be anywhere near Henry. He has played world class football for 1/4 of a season in a top league. Please tell me how that rivals Henry who deserved a hat-trick of World player of the year if it wasnt an advertisment for football (r10 smile won the award). Drogba is a clumsy player and doesn't have Henry's finess.
one good start to a season, and this because shevchenko comes along and takes all the heat off drogba, leaving him with more time and space. Henry has been playing, for the past five season, with every defender in the beady gaze of every defender he pays against, being paid THE closest attention in every game, yet still comes away as the top scorer in the prem. This is what drogb must do. If he can do it ifor the next 4 years,consistently, then we'll talk about him in the same breathe as a footballing great such as henry. If not, he'll be the chelsea clive allen. »»Arsene Knows««
Actually Sir Harry he said 'Especially' this season, which means he thinks he was better thn him before and even more so this year. And Vitdanet you are also judging Henry v Drogba and the basis of three games, thats just not right, if he can comeback in three years and he's kept his scoring rate up he might have an argument, but as it stands at the moment, he's just being a little bit thick.
Also Sir Harry - I notice you failed to respond to comments left in the Bolton match preview.
I think Drogba is better than Henry! Drogba can head a ball and often scores with his heading ability and he has a better work rate and tackling. Henry just sulks nowadays and he might aswell hand the top marksman crown over. He has had his best days. Berbatov is the man!!!
Berbatov - And how many goals has he scored for Spurs? 3 is it? William Gallas has got two to his name.
There is a long way to go!!
You Rocky; stop your f***n c***t. These are games where you test your best players. If they can't deliver on day like these I've told about then, I don't see any class you are talking about. Drogba plays in a team of long balls as a lone striker and he rarely take free kick or penalties. So any decent observer can understand why he doesn't score too many goals as he used to at Marseille. But what is difficult to understand, is when you have a striker who can score over twenty goals each season and his club is fighting year after year for fourth place in the league; beacause since the departure of some key players, Wiltord, Kano, Petit , Viera and recently Pires, we are no longueur a premiership winning team despite the presence of TH14 in the team, although we may still play some beautifaul football.
Too true. Is 3rd good enough I ask??? The fact is The gap is widdening between Chelski,Utd and the ARSE. and you have teams catching you up. This season all you can hope for is champs league qualification next year or two it will be uefea!! Your captain sets abad example crying and cheating and picking which games to play in. I thought he was disgusting with his diving in the Hamburg game.
though not as disgusting as spurs brown kit. »»Arsene Knows««
He has scored against Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Juventus, Roma, Inter Milan, Liverpool etc etc etc on numerous occassions.
he has been better than Henry this season. But he has some way to go before putting himself in the same sentence.
If henry pays 100 % there is no comparison. But he does not look interested so far this season and is setting a bad example. Fabregas has took alot of the limelight of Henry and I think this could be a problem for him. And ther are strikers like v/p and adebeor who are giving him competition. Still cannot head the ball though!!
Cockeril, while I do not agree that Henry doesn't look interested I think thats the first time you've ever made a comment that you actually thought about what you are saying and used constructive comments based soley on football rather than personal insults. More of that please.
Rocky I always think about my comments. Henry has been world class but he has not performed to the standards he has set. Unless he consisitently performs for another 3-4 years at the top he will not be remembered as a top player along the likes of Lineker, Rush, Shearer, Van Basten, Batistuta etc. 4-5 seasons is not enough. All these players had no weaknesses like not scoring with headers and not shying away from games. I think this picking games has been highlighted and only henry can prove the general opinion of the public wrong. Watch this space.
I dont believe Henry picks his games, that's all an urban legend & I believe that after becoming Arsenal's all time top scorer he will shortly become France's alltime top scorer (Only two goals needed I believe) and then he will close in on the PL alltime top scorer. And Henry has won far more silverware than both Linekar and Shearer (not sure about the count versus the other players on your list)
One simple example is the case of Ruud Van Nisteroy who scored as many goals as TH14. But Fergie' s got rid of him and Manu is performing far better than with him. Beacause he is a type of striker who relay too heavily on players around him and forcing team mates to leave too much space in the middle, exposing United defense to some deadly conter-attack. The same could be said about TH14 though.
woah woah this a joke or something? so yes drogba has been playing better than henry in the previous 3 games (or whatever pathetic number it gives for chelski fans to be saying these things) however, you have taken too far now, what you are telling us is that henry wont be remembered as a great player in english football like shearer etc......hahhahahahahahahahahaha havin a laugh mate! get it sorted!!!
Cockeril, henry's played at the top of the game for the past 5 years, how can you say that's noy consistent? Van Basten didnt perform for that length of consistency that you speak of, as hiis career was cut short by injury, and to say that he would have is mere conjecture, as we'll never know - 6 seasons he spent at AC, that's the same period that henry has been setting the premiership alight for. So therefore he deserves to be thought of as a 'great' like van basten, and more. »»Arsene knows««
and regarding drogba though, i think whenever i've seen him interiewed that he's probably quite a nice guy, i know he comes across as a lairy so-an-so on the field, but off it he seems much quieter. Not an important point, just something i want to note. even given his 'sometimes i dive' admission. But no, not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as henry. »»Arsene Knows««
van Basten is a legend for the goals he scored for Holland. henry is not the same figure internationaly. The likes of Zidane, Platini, Tigana are more well known and respected even trezeguet. Henry has not shown the same form as club level internationaly.
Exactly cockeril,he'll always be rated below the greats due to not winning the World cup/European Cup and playing for a second rate team that most of the world have'nt heard of.Come up with any excuse you want Goonheads but you all know it's true.
good coming from a little scum fan whos team are in 13th place and havent won anything for about 69 years. Just remember the time we won the league at three point lane. Nothing you can say can top that.
This from the guy who admited, ON LIVE TV: "Sometimes I dive, sometimes I stay up" and classics like: "I handled it but that is part of the game", maybe the poor donkey meant basketball, the game he played that night. Or maybe he bases all his on field behaviour on games, like WWF before Barcelona games, but shouldn't be surprised as most Chelski *********s live in a virtual world.
HTG once again proves his complete lack of football knowledge. He won both World & European championships with France. So if that coming up with an excuse, I'll use it. Any retort to that? Do you even know anything about football? I bet Cockeril is embarassed that you answered in such a fashion.
While cockeril it seems to me that are just another dirty misguided Yidi.
As for you merlin, of course you are going to pick Henry in your fantasy XI, since even the Chelski boys stay away from Shevchenko. But since you are so good with games, enlighten me if there is a mobile version with Cashley on the cover?
hung up on a computer image....crazy......
he might have scored against Bolton hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
Sir Harry go to your own page and rip the **** out of Defoe like you do most days, your result and performance against Bolton was not so great was it?
spurs = 2nd rate wannabe's with gooner envy. and a brown kit. and no champions league football. And 2 league titles. to our 13. »»Arsene Knows««
errrr the fact that he plays as henry means he knows who is already the class person, i think the guy has a serious c hip on his shoulder. I bet he was playing for france too, another story of him wanting to play for a top national team and they turned him down.
All he's said is that he thinks he's better so far this season, he's right!!
DROGBA IS A WARRIOR AND NEVER HIDES WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH!!! Who will be top marksman drogba or henry?????????????
Ha ha few bites there.
Henry has set the standard the last few years, but maybe he needed to move to Barca or somewhere else to set himself a new challenge. Season to date, and I know it's early, Drogba has looked the better, and certainly the hungrier, of the two. Can you imagine how the 2 of them up front together would perform? I would love to see some European league "all star" matches that would feature the best of the best against one another.
Drogba is NOT better than Henry, and never will be! Sorry deluded Chelsea fans, but although Drogba has done well so far, the term 'form is temporary, class is permanent' comes to mind. Drogba is not a 30 a season striker, and is quite a way of being anywhere near as good as Henry.
Super Cesc

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