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Arsenal Players Selfish Hypocrites

'There are a couple of things I would like to say from Saturday's game though. There were times during the match on Saturday when I could hear the supporters getting frustrated- which I completely understand, but I just feel better if we all stayed together- both when we are winning 4-0 and when it doesn't come off. We were all frustrated on Saturday.... But it really doesn't help groaning at the players...far from it actually, it can get on top of you. I don't want the fans to take this the wrong way. We talked about it as a team afterwards and I'm saying on behalf of the whole team. I saw some fans leaving early when we were looking for a goal, and I just want you to know that the players notice.'

It is wrong that Henry is held solely responsible for these comments, he made them on behalf of the whole team. They were right, early leavers and the 'shoooot' brigade are plain disrespectful to the team. But this is very much a two way street. I stood and watched and participated in an ear splitting rendition of 'we love you Arsenal' in the third minute of injury time of a game already lost, in the lowest moment of our season, in a cold Northern outpost following another kick off tampered with by sky. We appreciated that Arsenal had given their all, but it just was not enough on the day. It happens, defeat is something every fan has to experience, and when you lose as few games as Arsenal it has that little more resonance. But the supporters also recognised that at a morale sapping point in our campaign, the players needed our vocals more than ever. It's easy to sing when you're winning isn't it?

How did our millionaire players respond? Players paid six figure sums to play and players flown to Bolton and back in a luxury aeroplane? How did they respond to the adulation of supporters who had coughed up three figure sums? By trudging off and turning their backs on us. Only Gilberto and Theo Walcott stayed behind to acknowledge our efforts. So now my computer chair has morphed into a soap box, let me say this. I feel it would be better if we all stayed together, when we're winning 4-0 and when we lose. Funny how you all came over in triumphant glee following the dismantling of Reading and Manchester United, but selfishly swanned off in East London, Moscow and Bolton. We were all frustrated following the result, but not applauding those who pay you does not help, far from it in fact.

A personal anecdote to make my rant more pertinent. I left my flat at 7am Saturday morning, as a result of sky's tampering I missed my last train by minutes and had to wait at Victoria station for two and a half hours. I arrived home at 6am Sunday morning. In that time I could not help but think how Lehmann, Eboue, Toure, Senderos, Clichy, Hleb, Cesc, Baptista and Adebayor were all tucked up in their ostentatious beds with linen sheets. This betrayal is unforgivable following the statement attributed to them. It is indicative of the modern footballer, take, take, take, want, want, want. Really how difficult is it to execute a simple courtesy such as a cursory applause? Arsenal finished the game in Bolton's half, all except Lehmann were within spitting distance of the Arsenal fans, yet it was left to our two best performers- Walcott and Gilberto- to man the burden. At a point in Arsenal's history when our very survival relies on getting supporters through the turnstiles, their arrogance a and abject selfishness just drives a growing chasm between the players and the supporters. Especially when they have complained about early leavers. How delightfully unaware these insulated, pampered brats are. No more fumbled apologies and rhetoric laced statements, action is eloquence, and the Arsenal player's actions were disgraceful this Saturday. Because the way I see it, the whole Arsenal team left early on Saturday. LD.

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Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 27 2006

Time: 9:07PM

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LD may i firstly say, well written as usual, but i have to make a point of one HUGE error on your written flaunt. Linen Sheets ? i very very doubt it. As the oracle on anything to do with home textiles i can safely say you wouldn't find any supserstar lying on a linen sheet, it would be more EGYPTAIN cotton, or a super fine percale combed cotton, maybe satin or silk, but never never ever linen, it is a big NO NO. now on a more serious note, arsenal players even how gutted you are, you must still applaud the true performance of your devoted supporters, after all, supporters of a football club are the most loyal of them all, chairman, managers, players and staff may come and go,but a fan will alway be a fan of that said club, i mean its not like we would walk down the road to the SPuds and support them is it ? after all, its champions league we want not the second hand rate euro minions comp them down the lane think is the biggest comp in europe.
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27/11/2006 21:58:00

i thought the aersneal support on sat evening was marvellous, it REALLY came over on the sky cameras and mikes. Full credit to every fan who was involved in that singing, you did us all proud! I would also like to say well played to the manyoo fans during yesterday's game who were slagging off cashley. superb stuff. more of the same sort of chants up and down the country please. »»Arsene Knows««
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27/11/2006 22:08:00

I bow in deference to your superior textile knowledge. Either way, most of my night's sleep was on a sweaty coach. Maybe I'll start leaving twenty minutes early, screaming shoot and booing them off when they draw.
Little Dutch
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27/11/2006 22:09:00

The other thing is, the players complain about supporters leaving the emirates early, but, Gallas apart, they can hardly look forward to a rousing applause from the players. Might give people something to stay for. Like I said, all take and no give.
Little Dutch
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27/11/2006 22:11:00

LD maybe you should go to the armoury and purchase one the snuggly arsenal blankets for away games, it could come in handy in those situations. ofcourse rumoured has it you were drowning your sorrows after the match and nearly sunk, and once the lifeguard came along you had missed the boat home ;) :P chin up fella, it will all come good, i read it in the tea !
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27/11/2006 22:14:00

Acts like these are part of the reason I stopped buying merchandise yonks ago, the player fan chasm is just too wide. Secondly, sleeping outside victoruia at 2am is a big no, no, open season for the pick pockets. Thirdly, we certainly will come good, I've no doubt when we do, the players will be all too ahppy to acknowledge us again.
Little Dutch
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27/11/2006 22:20:00

you know LD, maybe we should write to arsenal, tell that fat **** hillwood with his fat cigar, that old school gentleman would always be gracious in defeat and come and clap their supporters and thank them for spending their hard earned money to come and watch... wenger should make the players do it , win, draw or lose.
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27/11/2006 22:28:00

I've had an article such as this in mind myself LD. The wedge that seems to have grown between fans and players is slightly disturbing. As you say, the fact that only our captain (for the day) and a 17 year old boy (I shouldnt say boy because he's more of a man than the rest) acknowledge the support is cause for concern. Very well put together piece LD, great stuff.
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27/11/2006 22:32:00

A fair piece,almost feel some sympathy for you.Question: If you had a 2.1/2hr wait for your next train,why did'nt you bugger off up Ministry of sound/Turnmills!
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27/11/2006 22:51:00

what chants were the manusa fans singing may i ask lol
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28/11/2006 00:15:00

hazzagooner, they were sionging 'ashey cole is a 'self-pleasurer'' »»Arsene Knows««
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28/11/2006 08:34:00

LD, good article, I am glad to report that our captain and many of the other players always acknowledge us after a match, but I bet JT makes sure it happens, just can't see TH doing it.
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28/11/2006 09:12:00

Fair comment, goes the same for any clubs away fans I recon!!!
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28/11/2006 10:21:00

I have noticed that you manager always makes them go over West1, one thing I actually like about the guy is that he always ensure the fans are aknowledged. And the wait you lot have had for silverware, you deserve it.
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28/11/2006 10:50:00

You lot are so funny! Going to away matches and supporting your team - who would have thought it?! Do you want a medal or something? Arsenal's supporters are notoiously ***** home and away. You say you sung when you were losing? Who on earth gives a flying ****? - teams like Tottenham, Portsmouth and Newcastle and West Ham sing for their team almost every minute of every game whether they win lose or draw. If I had to take the abuse your players have taken at the hands of the 'fans', I wouldn't come and say 'thanks' either. I am so happy i support a team who's players respect the fans - where Zokora does a stupid dance for us at the end, where Robbo and Jol wave at us upon request and where each player is visibly spurred on by our support. Arsenal will never have the kind of supporters players dream of playing for - so say bye bye to Henry, cause he doesn't need **** from you prawn sandwich munching glory hunters. And one last thing, the way your fans addressed Glenn Roeder was an absolute disgrace. Arsenal might be a big club, but they are supported by small men.
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28/11/2006 14:25:00

the arse were appalling on saturday as usual play like that on sat please come on you spur
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28/11/2006 17:37:00

One man team I'm afraid. Just be happy the man with Va Va Voom will be back. Your gonner lose on Saturday....
Jimmy James
Report Abuse
28/11/2006 17:46:00

Quality article.
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28/11/2006 19:18:00

Zokora's little dance huh? Like the one he did in the box for Mendes. Firstly, you weren't at the Newcastle game, I was, nothing was said to Roeder from what I could hear. The other thing is you can hardly call someone who hasn't missed an away game in five years a glory hunter. Easy for you to say things like that with your sky subscription. Your lot could only dream of getting 60,000 in every week. If you want to see how great your support is, take a trip to Bill Nicholson Way after the NLD and have a look at how your brilliant 'supporters' throw bottles and coins at little girls. Also check the lovely chants you direct at Sol Campbell, you actually sing about lynching him because you think he's gay. What a lovely image you neanderthals conjure. Nice spelling of 'wing' as well. At what point in the article did I demand a medal? (I'm surprised you lot know what one is, oh no, that's right, we've won the league on your ground twice, silly me), just a cursory applause.
Little Dutch
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28/11/2006 19:32:00

One man team? That's odd, because that being the case, we got a 1-1 draw at WHL last year with no one playing. Says a lot for the Spuds. I look forward to visiting your forum on December 3rd and seeing how cocky you are then.
Little Dutch
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28/11/2006 19:34:00

the difference between arse, chelsea and united and the rest of the prem is as fans we know what it is to win and win consistently, with this comes expectation, so when the slightest blip happens, it is the worst thing and taken beyond what is normally expected. the rest of you fans that prop up the league, wouldn't know what it feels like, some of you spurs fans weren't even born in 61
Report Abuse
28/11/2006 19:39:00

Please don't lump all us spurs fans as 'Neanderthals' all Germans were'nt NAZI'S ! wemustsignaleftwinger - your out of order!
Report Abuse
28/11/2006 20:04:00

HTG, you spurs fans are scum, the way you rattle on about super spaurs and how its your god given right to be up there is a total joke. spurs are rubbish, your manager is a complete moron muppet, most gooners love him hate him know that defoe is class, hell even fergie has said he wants him in the jan transfers, yet that shrek manager of yours can't see past his fat blubber of a nose.
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28/11/2006 22:03:00

Ahhh,Puresh!te how wrong you are again.ALL fans have there scum element,which you are a shining example.Our manager may look like shrek but at least he's a man.Not a Classless Whinger who looks like he's losing it the poor poor fool.
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28/11/2006 22:51:00

HTG - Have you taken some kind of pills??? A few weeks ago all you spouted out was horrible bile, but over the past few days you've actually made some great comments, even if there has been a punchline aimed at the Gunners!!! Top man!
Report Abuse
29/11/2006 00:44:00

HATEtheGOONS, why am I out of order?! Cause I said my piece to the poor little Arsenal fans who lost at Bolton and didn't get appauded by their players? And Little Dutch, I am so dissapointed by your rebuttle :( You may well go to all the away games (me thinks you need to get a proper job by the way), but that does not make up for the 59,999 fans that booed when your players got a draw in the Champions League (when you actually played well), just a few months after you reached the final. And to deny all knowldege of the fans giving Roeder abuse over his cancer smacks of Wenger-style ignorance - you know as well as I do that certain sections of your fans were up to know good. As for Sol Campbell, the key word there is "sing" - maybe you should rally some of your fans? - I'm sure you could make up a few songs if you put your heads together. If as you mentioned any of our fans threw stuff at little girls, I can only admit my total disgust, but that is definately a minority. On the whole, I understand your personal issues - good fans deserve respect from the club they support, but I think you are in a minority too, as there are not that many at the Emirates.
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29/11/2006 10:14:00

Goon players are arrogant, spolit little kids!! Sadly looks like Henry and Whingers Arrogance is rubbing off on Walcott, very sad!!
Report Abuse
16/12/2006 16:32:00


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