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Team to face Fulham

01 Lehmann
31 Hoyte
05 Toure
06 Senderos
16 Flamini
07 Rosicky
17 Song Billong
19 Silva
13 Hleb
14 Henry
11 Van Persie

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 29 2006

Time: 7:31PM

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sing in midfield > whats he playing at ? ffs why can't he be more attaking minded.
this is ludicrous. Eboue, Clichy and Fabregas all rested, Why? they were our best players in the last game,. ****. Fulham have just scored. Lehmann has to go. I am not a fan of his at all.
gr8 1-0 down, has wenger lost the plot ? so much for playing walcott on a reg basis.
What do you mean Lehmann has to go?? I think its time for wenger to go he has clearly lost it. You dont change a team like he has & I think its clear his time has come. His actions & words this season have been ridiculous & I think for his own sanity he needs to walk away.
Ashburton Gooner
That's a fair point :)
WTF? 2-0 down. Wenger has surely lost the plot tonite?
Need a ******* miracle now.....
How about that??? That was an AWESOME goal! lets hope we can build on it!! one more before half time would do then go on and grab a couple more in the second half!
Dont forget this is a very poor fulham team that is missing two of their first choice defenders in this match & yet they we are still making them look world beaters. It would be funny if it wasnt so humiliating!!
Ashburton Gooner
Man simmo you got hope, these last few games have made me lose hope, we just keep on losing-drawing and it's so annoying, it's like we have lost the will to defend!
Its our job to be perpetually optomistic :p
guys, i know at the moment this result has the potential to suck big time, but it's just because we're used to seeing arsenal win. RVP\s pulled one back, but if we still go down in this game, let's not get carried away with stuff like wenger's got to go, etc. If the yeam continues to yeild results liek this for many more games this season, i think Arsene wil wield his axe, and get rid of the non-triers from the squad - he knows he's in the results business, and is also a VERY bad loser. He'll not be pleased at this type of thing. He's just also very stubborn and wants to be proved right by this current crop. If they continue to let down the club, or rather, fail to find their feet, he'll feel they've let him down and do what's needed. Yes, it hurts, and we're suffering the humiliation of poor results against teams who are 'not as good as us', but this is the wobbliest we've been since Arsene has been with us, and that's not bad, seeing how we were when he took over. Chin up, and let's stick together. If there's no marked improvement come jan, then grumble and wonder what the by-jimminy is going on. But i do think some of these guys in the squad need a kick up the arse. While there's still air in my lungs, I shall support the Arsenal. »»Arsene Knows««
c'mon guys, geez leave wenger alone eh, your over doing it a little dont you think?
exactly hazzagooner. All you gooners, you're lucky enough to support a very special club, with a special manager. It's never been easy to be a gooner, ther have always been twists and turns and stings in the tail ,but these past few years are the easiest we've had it for donkey's years. Let's not gripe at the first sign of animosity. Stick with Arsene, and stick with the Arsenal, he, and they, will come through. »»Arsene Knows««
ashburton can i ask r u a drug taker???? wenger walk away...think about wt hees dun 4 this club n i wnt him 2 wlk away after 4/5 bad games...becoz ov our player lack of heart and effort....if ian dowie dismissal was harsh wt wood tht be....jus glad ur not chairman my friend:D
Yeah well today is a big sting in the tail, not liking todays loss at all.
But adding to that, we should stick the team no matter how bad we are playing at the current moment.
Same games played and the same number of points come late Saturday?
That's Gallas & Senderos out of the NLD then!
yeah, gallas and senderos out. Oh well, we'll just play eboue, toure, djourou and clichy then. No sweat. As for mrcuminspurs, well spotted on reading the ficture list. I trust you'll be on this board at 3pm saturday after we've rolled you lot over like a hapless beetle, yes? »»Arsene Knows««
Fulham, like us, are a London club in the top half of the table. Behave yourselves. You're just a small club about to be made to feel even smaller! :)
great result guys! haahahahahaha
Wait 'til Defoe/Berbatov/Keane/Lennon/Chimbonda etc etc etc get a piece of you!
mr magoo lehmann!!!
Well played to the ARSE. after we dismantle you we could be " points of 3rd spot. You were actually out played by Fulham of all teams. You cannot complain and make excuses about teams defending with ten men or playing rough with you girls. They actually could of scored 4-5. Toure was crap and less said about senderos the better. Was Henry playing?? Like I said before the time has come to move over for the biggest club in NL the mighty lilywhites!!!! Uefea cup if your lucky. sack Whenger he is gone senile you dont rest fabregas and Eboue. What a muppet.
keep going guys, it'll only make your demise all the sweeter come saturday... »»Arsene Knows««
Whaddya know, I get home from work to find the site full of Spuds. How completely unpredictable. Wonder if they'll have the balls to show up givin' it large if they get beaten on Saturday.
if? no confidence eh? typical!
Give us a Song Bill-a-bong!
like worms coming out of the woodwork, rocky. »»Arsene knows««
keep smiling cockaface guess who will be rested and *****ed off come saturday thats right. 4-0 to the arsenal.
let them crow, as cockerels do. but come saturday, we'll have plucked them over good and proper, and fed them their own parsons noses. »»Arsene Knows««
^^ i *****in hope so mate,
that was the worst of arsenal i have ever seen i was shocked but i m with my boss and u gooners after 3 loses ur start talking about Aw leaving us ? WTF
it's sad to see ppl calling for Wenger's head right now, you all should be ashamed of yourself, agreed wenger did tinker the side, but he tinkered it keeping in mind the next three fixtures which are very crucial for us, scum, porto and chelsea, we need to win all these three, that's why it was important to keep everyone fresh for the tough ten days ahead, and as far as Song goes, isn't it good in one way, that he finally got a proper chance to show what sort of a player he is, and it was quite clear that he is not Arsenal quality, and time for him to go in the next transfer window. i want to see what you all will say in ten days time if we can win our next three games, well next one im sure we will, but the game vs chelsea, then lets see how many ppl call for AW's head..
and as far as all the scumbags here go, the defeat to fulham is more of a bad news for you than for us, you''ll be *****ed this saturday, can't wait for the game now..
to all those that voice wenger gotta go, lets not lose focus on what he is, and lets not be like the stupid spud fans that call for Jols head when they lose a couple.. we are better then them and will show them that come saturday, i can't remember the last time we lost 3 in a row, and i doubt that will start saturday. wenger knows and thats good enough for me. lets get behind them not against them
Sammylash, I dont need to take drugs although I think your good self & a few others on here have been. I keep hearing this about being only 3 or 4 bad games this season & that anyone calling for wenger's head must be stupid etc, yet its those who keep saying this rubbish who have their heads stuck in the sand. Have you all really forgotten about the 11 awful league games we had last season? or the dire fa cup performance at bolton? What about the fact wenger ruined our chance of getting to the league cup final with his ridiculous team selection against wigan in the first leg? Yeah we done well to get to the cl's final but guess what....we lost (again), & were the first team to have a player sent off in the cl's final!! This season our results at home have been pathetic & our results away from home apart from 2 decent wins at utd & reading have been the same. We got lucky at charlton (didnt hear wenger complaining about the ref helping us there with the decision not to send off rvp or the blatant handball that wasnt given against gallas). The man is making a fool of himself at every press conference & is now moaning about conspiracies by refs against us. Its become painfully obvious that he cannot motivate the team despite the fact we have the talent. The players dont need a lift to play chelsea or man utd, liverpool etc but when they do need motivation against the likes of west ham, fulham, bolton, man city, middlesbrough et al he can no longer provide it. Either wenger cant or worse he wont change his methods & that means until the board relieve him of his duties we are going to go even further backwards.
Ashburton Gooner
madness or complacent???
oh come on AG, I can see what ure saying, but i dont think u have a point. So, we had bad games. So, we were the 1st to get a player sent off in the CL final - we got there, didnt we? I can uderstand the feeling of frustration coz i feel it too, after bolton & fulham, but lets get some perspective, man. Give it some time, we have had bad games, but with some patience, we can dominate the league for 3-4 yrs at a stretch, and this is what wenger is building up to. He has some vision. And i dont care if he moans though i think hinting at a conspiracy is pushing things. But he must also be a little frustated looking at the way we play. Time, time, time. Give it to the man. He has earned it.
I have to say ashburton Gooner you talk alot of sense, I think If I were a Arse supporter I would want Wenger moved to Chief Scout as he undoubtingly has an eye for talent. Who would you like as your new boss Erickson or maybe curbishley? I think a few more of your fellow die hards will be calling for his head on Saturday! The dog has had his day, I even think whenger might walk away! The man has lost the plot big time! I ask you Arses is uefea good enough as champs league is looking out your reach. The facts are you are very likely to lose your next three fixtures!
I read in an earlier post before the fulham game itself (i think by rocky or LD) tht what we should expect is progress and we're getting that this year. Last year, we didnt look like we could challenge for the title. This year, atleast we've looked capable and there was hope for some time. Next year, it will be better. Im willing to wait.
Wengers keeping the seat warm for Tony Adams.
You`re in for a long wait, I don`t think whenger will be in charge. You have to get more goals from midfield to win the league. Where will they come from. Teams have sussed your weaknesses out, Midfield get you boot in and disrupt them. Saying that you actually got played off the park yesterday which really suprised me. I think you will probably finish where you are at the moment. And that is an honest unbiased opinion. London derby`s can be a lottery but the thought of losing to the Spurs then the humiliation of being knocked out of Champs League then Judas Campbell and the spurs reserves at Potsmouth doing you over and to top it off the team you all envy and aspire to be like Chelsea wiping the floor with you. By then you will be mid table in uefea cup and YOU WILL BE CALLING FOR WHENGERS HEAD. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erickson or curbishley make your mind up soon or you might miss them!!!!!!!!!
can someone get George Graham out of retirement?
what about bruce rioch?
or maybe mr bean
Its gone all quite.
They have Pat Rice who needs Mr BEAN!!
shh cockeril they are mourning another loss. My my they are coming thick and fast another 1 on saturday, then porto then chelski this club is gonna be quiet for a while
I hope you'll all be back on Saturday after you get smashed. This will all come back to bite you in the arse, and when it does you wont hear the end of it. I'll make sure of that.
we should get in shreeve,curb crawler pleat,ossie ardiles,jerry badger francis,christian dross,glenda hoddle or santini,because they did really well for you lot,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 and still counting,see that? thats what you represent a very long long time without winning very much,how does it feel to be unsuccessful and bitter and jealous,because i cant imagine what total and utter failure is,we have a minor blip,you have dilusions brought by a lack of oxygen to your little brains caused by holding your collective breaths for all that time,i pity you!
fran merida
fanny Merida " How does it feel to be unsuccessful and bitter and jelous" please tell me as you are just about to find out. Its only 2 games and youre crying already. Love the look of fear in Whengers eyes. I just hope for the sake of football he shakes BMJ hand when the SPURS win on SAT!!!!!!!!!!!! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow, all this coming from supporters of a ***** team that calls for its managers head every other week!! cockeril - since u know how it feels to be in for a long wait, why dont u enlighten us?
oh cockerdoodledo what are you on about?even if we lost our next ten games,we still wont have to wait as long as you for a title.ive got nothing to cry about because i have faith in my manager and my team,our youth develpment,our backroom staff our training facilities and scouts,our finances,even arsenals chef!what have you got? apart from a disgusting brown away shirt
fran merida
'Our finances!?' Oh yeah,i wish one day Spurs were saddled with £250 million debt,just as the football financial bubble's gonna burst.
I suppose you love your away shirts,lovely shade of Yellow,matches your bellys!
'Youth development' two words 'ALEX' 'SONG'
our finances are sound,that debt will be sorted,no problem,we our in the top ten most powerfull clubs in the world,where are you?i was actually refering to our ability in spending money on players wisely without blowings millions on overated journey men,or inflated prices just because they are english,as far as our yellow shirts go,youve had your fair share of yellow kits,but we have never had lasagne induced diarrhoea coloured poo brown shirt,
fran merida
Cost you big time. Never underestimate the so called "smaller" sides especially when you're side isn't the strongest currently anyway.
can't believe that you ,lot lost, is that title race over?
What a whooping!!!

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