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'Fans' Drag Arsenal Into Gutter

Those of you who expect/ require a full report, my sincere apologies. Because that is not what I am going to provide. There are incidents inside football grounds at times which force you to reconsider your perspective. For example, I rarely come away from White Hart Lane from North London derbies feeling anything other than despair at the lamentable scenes outside the turnstiles. Last night is one such occasion when I am entirely impervious to the result. The abject performance, the reptitive mistakes, the shoddy team selection and the manager's lame excuses are not the reason for my dejected demeanour.

Arsenal began the game in an appalling fashion, how a side who has lost their last two away matches can be so complacent is beyond me. The travelling support began in great voice, a 5,000 strong contingent yelling with gusto, a remarkable atmosphere. But then something occurred that could colour my opinion of my fellow supporters forever more. With ALL eleven players manifesting an air of utter apathy, young Alex Song committed a desperate foul on the edge of the area. What followed is quite sickening. A large section of the travelling 'support' (I use that term with a very liberal abandon) began heckling and booing Alex Song. #We want Cesc Fabregas# came the furious cry. Minutes later, Song carried the ball through midfield and tried to release Henry, a slide rule pass that narrowly missed the target. A large section of those in the Putney End (I will spare them the dignity of calling them Arsenal fans) had identified their target. An even louder booing campaign began and he was jeered loudly and lucidly thereafter.

Lehmann, Hoyte, Toure, Senderos, Flamini, Hleb, Gilberto, Rosicky, van Persie and Henry were all in dire form. Yet these so-called 'supporters' used a 19 year old boy playing his third ever league game and appointed him scapegoat in chief. Following the quite brilliant consolation from RVP, Henry pulled Song aside and had a word in his ear. Arsene Wenger deserves complete castigation for buckling and pulling him off at half time, a career probably lies in tatters as his coach crumbled under the populist vote and 'gave the people what they wanted.' On came Cesc Fabregas to the appeased cries of #We've got Cesc Fabregas.# Brilliant. What inspired us to bother to create a song for Cesc? His masterful show in the Bernebeu? No. His dismantlement of Patrick Vieira? No. A show of cruel one upmanship against our youngest player? You bet. Needless to say the meat does not taste quite as sweet when you see how it's been made.

The second half passed before my eyes like a melodramatic soap opera. I felt no connection with it. When Henry's goal was disallowed I did not see the flag, yet I did not celebrate the 'goal' anyway, just as I did not show a flicker of recognition for Robin van Persie's amazing free kick. In fact the only time I opened my mouth thereafter was to barrack my own supporters. Every time Henry or Fabregas or RVP or whoever gave the ball away, I invited them to boo, you know, for consitency's sake. I was very aware that people sitting directly behind and directly in front were party to the ignorance and I let them know about it. (If you booed Alex Song then you're a ****). The idiots behind were the first to tire of my antics. I will simply provide the dialogue for your delectation.
Idiot#1: 'You must be the only person in this ground who rates that boy, mate.'
LD: 'I didn't say anything about rating him mate, how does booing him help?'
At which point my accomplist, the esteemed Lord Lowe oppined, 'You never go mate that's why. Were you at Everton or West Brom when he played well?'
Idiot#2 'Well did you pay 170 for a ticket at the Bernebeu?'
LD: 'Didn't have to mate, I'm on the away scheme, so I got a legit ticket without lining the pockets of some dirty tout.'
At this point, the sheepish look on his features told me the dialogue was over.

Half way through the second half the **** in front of me piped up, after yet another verbal invitation to boo the offending ball waster,
Idiot, 'Will you ******* shut up mate, you sound like a bloody broken record. Give it a rest.'
Idiot's idiot mate, 'It's not us that subbed him, the manager did that.'
LD: 'And what do you think informed his decision to do that mate? If you don't like my comments, don't boo our players.'
Anyways, with tensions fractured I may have pushed it too far in injury time, when the idiot in front of me again piped up with, 'Great, Chelsea and Man Utd are winning, woopdy doo.' When I offered him a further invitation, i.e sod off and support one of the aforementioned, I felt sure I would be met with physical retribution. Fortunately, idiot did not try and thump me one as I had feared. The first time I've come close to a fight at a football ground, and it was with one of my fellow supporters. Grand.

Needless to say, the final whistle sounded and the player's trudged off without acknowledging the away support. Contrarily to my article on Monday, I am completely behind the players on this one, though I fear this was habit rather than trailblazing protest. One noteworthy snub did appear though. At Craven Cottage the tunnel is situauted on the other side of the pitch to the bench, so the players have to walk past us. As Theo jogged to the bench he did not respond to the cries of his name- the first time he has not acknowledged the support. So far this season, what we have largely been able to muster in terms of support has constituted 'shooooot', homophobic chants against a former player and anti semitic garbage against Spurs fans. All of those facts annoy me, but I can live with them because they are based in ignorance as opposed to malice against Judaism or homosexuality. But barracking the youngest and most inexperienced member of a side playing dreadfully is unacceptable. I hope Alex Song leaves Arsenal and makes himself into a world beater elsewhere. If he was to score a goal to knock us out of Europe, then the universe would only be delivering sweet, sugary justice that would turn to acid in the mouths of the idiots.

It's funny, second behind football (a distant second) in my list of passions is music, it's the greatest healer. On my way into work this morning, the random function on my i-pod threw out a song called 'There By The Grace of God' by the Manic Street Preachers. The rousing chorus, 'With grace we shall suffer and with grace we shall recover.' Well Arsenal fans have a way to go to mask this appalling fall from grace. Victory Through Harmony? My arse. LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 30 2006

Time: 1:41PM

Your Comments

Whoa - some major anger and rage issues there. Basically you are lamenting the fact that there is a massive segement of everyones clubs that are complete classless neanderthals. We all have it. Its a bit like beiung religeous - You just have to keep doing it your way and try not to take any notice of the morons who are giving everyone a bad name.
well said,i totally agree with you there,unfortunately you r a minority,i was in the middle of red action,and everyone around me was booin song,or the team or the performance,i shouted dont boo them,and they stopped and looked quite sheepish,ive been to my fair share of reserve games and was at west brom,so i think i know what im talking about,at half time all i heard was song is rubbish etc,i didnt bother saying anything,coz its pointless,they dont know what they are talking about,for a start he has a more defensive role to play rather than playmaker,ive watched him over the months develop,just like the other youngsters and you cant blame anyone for boa mortes skill and determination,its ok to be frustrated and passionate about your teams performance,but you must never take it out on the players because it has the opposite effect,you have to always be behind them,if you are not with the team you are against them.and imo we went 2 down,and fought our way back,if henrys goal hadnt been disalowed,we would have made a spirited comeback and have most likely won the game,it is a fine line to winning and losing,and its hard enough without these idiots ripping into them,give this new young team a break and time and we will reap the rewards
fran merida
alex song imo is not good enough to start premiership games for arsenal, BUT jeering and booing him is ******** *****. Hes still a teenage boy and his confidence must be at an all time low, he must hate the arsenal fans, i dont think he played much worse than gilberto yesterday, people just need to realise booing does not help and it shatters the players even more. Even though there playing *****e at the moment and showing no desire or fight to play for us, we still need to support and get behind them otherwise whats the point in calling yourself a supporter, hopefully well see a good reaction on saturday to this awful predicament we have found ourselves in, COME ON LADS
wow very nice of you to say mr stillman. Showin a bit of class
in terms of wenger subbin him do you believe it down to getting him out of the disgraceful atmosphere the fans put him in? might have actually been a nice touch. In terms of the fans you have to allow youngsters poor games, they are learning after all,
Rover just passing through here. Cracking article, well written, well intended and the rest. I'll never understand the pointless pastime of ridiculing or booing your own players, and the poor "support that has been mustered" rings a bell too - For years the neanderthal element of our support Booed Shearer whenever he came back, the man who pushed us to our greatest feat to date. Incredible. PS, I'd be more than happy for us to look after Song for a bit for you ;-)
Head Rover Heels
Superb Tim. Song was ***** and he did deserve to come off at half time but the booing is just plain stupid. I hope those idiots (thats a very polite way to put it) read this and realise that for the first time Theo ignored them and that it makes them think....
wot a sick club. Appalling treatment of those most fragile and when a chance came to punch tim stillman it was turned down. Disgrace.
Tim, i think most of us on here are true gooners and that means never boo your own, however bad it gets. you beat me to this article, but i was going to write about how people on here last night were calling for Wengers head and time for a change ! i mean come on, 2 losses and we are whinging like those pathetic moaning mini's down the lane, whats up with people ? so we had a bad result, so we played badly, it ain't the end, personally i think its a genuis plan of wenger to lull spurs into a false sense of hope.
It's a disgrace. Song has only played 3 times for us and this is how we treat him. Ok he may not be a Cesc or a Vieira, but how anyone who has played 3 times for us is expected to fit straight in and make a difference is beyond me! The problem at the moment is much deeper and I fear could get much worse. Arsene needs a goalscorer and by the looks of it all our strikers are on loan scoring for their respective clubs albeit in a lower division. The team is also lacking some serious leaders, Toure is the only one who seems to lead by example! Gallas is also sorely missed as it has showed in the last two games!
i think the people who are calling for Wengers head are either retarded or spurs fans or both
fran merida
we need a new goalie i fear, and when flamini and hoyte were announced as full backs, fulham must have been rubbing their hands... i think it is sheer arrogance that wenger thinks he can coast these games against lesser teams when its obvious we can't, its all down to confidence, and ours is shot at the moment.
Get idiots like that at all clubs, but never known a young kid get such treatment, disgraceful!!
yes and what upsets me most is is seems to be a majority more than a minority at this club. I like the way all arsenal fans are denying they booed though on here, i say own up and admit who you are instead of hiding. You sickos. poor kid
fran merieda was booing. Rocky told me
and puregold was booing lehmann and sayin horrible things like, Your rubbish jens. I think this behaviour is disgraceful and im pleased that rocky is namin and shamin these halfwit bullys
I have a feeling Arsene's priority has always been the Champions League this season, especially after coming so close last year. It shows with the constant changing of the first eleven in the league games. you should always pick your strongest eleven barring injuries and suspensions.
And that 'desperate' foul was a neccessity caused by Toure getting nutmegged. An action Song was much castigated for himself earlier. Despicable behaviour from the fans. Ashamed to be a Gooner.
shut up limpar11. What an excuse! whinger wants league and cup but you aint good enough fact. Therefore he tries to bring on new players, set you up for the future and increase squad size and capability cheaply because he doesnt need to sign, but unfortunately you monkeys boo the youngsters that he tries to bring in to the team therefore leaving him with no option other than to bring them away from a disgraceful scene while they still have a bit of confidense remaining. I see peter uk was another who wasnt booing, At this rate mr stillman people will say you are a liar because all these fans now suddenly make out they havent boed at all.
If you pay the money for the ticket, you are entitled to boo. If you don't like it, tough *****.
i say mr stillman you name and shame these people, you know who they are just like rocky does.
begeegs finally some1 with the courage to admit to your booing. Whilst i disagree with your statement it is refreshing that you owned up unlike some of your fellow fans
I wasn't there, so obviously didn't boo, but I think it's ridiculous that people like the author think there is some sort of supporter's code that everyone must adhere to or be banished as a 'true' Arsenal supporter. Perhaps we should all goosestep to the same tune as well....
i cant beleive the amount of loose passes the midfeild were distributing yesterday especially our vice captain, does anybody know when gallas is going to be back, its quite shameful that were relying so heavily on a new signing but o well.
I'm not an Arsenal fan at all. But I have to recognise that you show more class in this piece than all of the rest of your support. Shame on them and good for you for standing up to the morons.
mrcommonsence - HAS NO COMMONSENCE!!!!
wow. Great comeback limpar11. you are obviously more witty than you led on. Answer me this though if you play a game every 3 days how can your players possibly perform at their best? the odd rest does wonders and can keep a player at the top ask mr shearer.
it seems our friend limpar is only happy when he is critisising wenger and if any1 tries to give logic to wenger (the man who turned your club around by the way) and his ideas he esponds with terrific insults that would make the devil cry.
Mr Commonsense, you are obviously in the wrong job and should be the next Arsenal manager! your words of wisdom are inspiring.............!
Dimwit you are stioll having problems with your where to put an 's' or a 'c'. 'SENSE' is spelt like so, and confidence has a 'c'. You are a muppett and a cilly sunt.
Good one PG. arsene trying to lull sp*rs with false hope :)!! I like the idea.
another thing thats been happening lately is the impatience of fans. really, how is it that we expect a guy like song to adjust instantly, when people like henry himself hadnt? we need to cut some slack to the new guys. The problem with that, of course, this is such a young team and a LOT of people need to be cut some slack. Not a lot of ppl are that patient, unfortunately.
Tim, I was in the Fulham end last night and you could hear the moronic slating of Song even up there. I was highly ashamed, although let's be honest and say that it certainly isn't the first time it has happened to one of our players.
Limpar im pleased you think so much of me and im glad that you dont want to have an argument with me cos i cudnt outwit you, i mean the way you have twice spelt commonsense has really made me feel bad about myself, you witty guy. I was merely pointing out that critisising the manager, the goalkeeper, the youngsters is not the way to go if you want to become a top side like fulham.
lot's has been said and lot has happened in the past few days, it's time to really get behind our team now more than ever before, and lets create such an atmosphere at grove this saturday, the like which was never there even at Highbury, and inspire our team to a great win and kickstart our season this saturday..............COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seems like one of us went to school.....right commonSENSE!!! Oh sorry you probably are still learning to spell!!
I've never understood the point of booing ur own players!! stupid, IMO. Good on ya LD. i would have done the same thing - given them a rollicking. so what if they paid for their tickets!!
Thanks hatespur as well for pulling me up on my spelling mistake. I don't know why i havent changed that? i mean you arsenal fans are very good at noticing it aren't you? but what where you doing at the fulham end? did you think you could get closer to the player there and boo him some more. My word mr stillman it is guys like hatespur who make a mockery out of your youth system
limpar thats 3 times you have mentioned how commonsence is spelt now. Is there no end to your wit? how could anybody cope against this guy in a battle of wits i dont know? is he going to bite back with the same remark again?
It could only happen at the Dial Square bunch of barbaric imbeciles who nknow noting about gettinmg behind a team when you don't have your best day. I have to say everyone loves a scapegoat and I personally think that there is only one person to blame . Wenger - If you boys want to vent your anger then boo you sicko manager - I personally think that he's slowly losing his marbles - but hey waht can i say we've got a manager that is so chilled out that he looks like he's been smoking skunk through the game even when we lose! Stay off you players back gooner scum - especially the yutes. Give wenger the stick he needs like I will be on Saturday when you lose- Good article - I would've knocked you out for stikcing you fckiung beak in regardless of what it was about!
I was in the Fulham end because Arsenal claimed not to have received my ticket application and it was the only place I could get to see the game. Probably unfamiliar to people like yourself where antagonising people on the internet is the closest you get to any 'action'.
Im lost for words common***** your a genius!!!
again praise limps thank alot. As for you hatespur they h8 you that much they ignore your application for a ticket? ha ha ha
Glad you make yourself laugh fella, I understend that is a common trait for lonely people.
mr commonsense, I think the local village is missing an idiot somewhere. wow all the spurs fans coming here and having a pop, but yet if they bother to read their own supporters they are far far worse when it comes to putting their own team down. my points are only ever constructive, jens may be getting on a bit and not as quick as he was, but i have never said he is rubbish, spurs on the other hand put down Defoe when everyone knows he is a quallity sriker , i mean Fergie and rafa want him, its down to the fact that fat man Jol doesn't know quality if it slapped him in the face.. roll on saturday, it will be the perfect tonic to take all the points, i hear Henry has been watching the England games and how bad robinson really is, dogey keepr dogey keeper.
dodgey keeper? ha ha pot and kettle?
oh so you admit robinson is dogey then :)
***** henry is an injury doubt for the NLD
fickle gooners - just like I've always been saying!
merlin you always say spuds are fickle more than you say we are :P
There is no defence for jeering the kid, but in fairness an awful lot of Arsenal fans are of an age where the lowest they have seen us finish is third, so two defeats in a row brings out the worst in them. They know nothing else. Some of us are lucky enough to have been around in the bad old days when Spurs actually beat us. But since then man has discovered penicillin, invented the traction engine, landed on the moon. Yes, things are so much better these days. Keep the faith!
without henry we WILL take the 3 pts
lol thats what united thought
well yr hardly on form are you! we could easily get a result
I love the sp*rs fans taking the morale high ground! the same people that have hounded out manager after manager with their wailing and crying! Legends who have brought them their only crumbs of joy in the 70's and 80's like hoddle and Ardiles piloried so badly they were sacked! Its terrible Song was booed and its good to see a true fan sticking to his guns and writing an honest article about it, he knew you lot would be on here sticking ur 2 trophies worth in but he still wrote it. Great Article
Northwilts, an excellent comment, most Arsenal fans can't admit that a lot of their fanbase was built during the recent glory years. LD, good article, but if Arsene had played his first 11 maybe there wouldn't have been a problem. Maybe the jeers should have been aimed at him. Also, I can sort of understand booing at home matches, but certainly not on the road. Sorry that even wide eyed Theo has been infected.
i love arsenal win or lose. i admit i do get frustrated at times but that is wat football is all about. i'm sure we will recover, dunno when but we will dominate soon come. are team is yound and gaining experience which will help them in years to come. but you can expect us to lose games this season due to the lack of experience. i see wat wenger is doing and in due time we will reap the rewards trust me. jus be patient and stick wit the players. give them encouragement don't slate them. arsenal are the team and everyone knows that even mourinho. stay positive guys.
If henry is out who do you think will start up front, beast/walcott, i prefer theo coming on later to be honest and hopefully not adebayor.
it doesnt matter who starts! you wont score!! super daws is in town!
hatespur im sorry that your club doesnt want you in their fan base so you have to sit amongst opposition. Something we love you to do if you came to the lane
The first point I will address is begeegs, we all get frustrated and, yes, when you pay money you've a right to be *****ed off. But is booing a 19 year old who really wasn't to blame the way to go about it? How does that help him or the team? The second point is yes, we are spoilt, as Rocky said you take the rough with the smooth. The thing is, I am 22, 94.95 apart I have only seen good times and trophies myself. So why is it that I saw 'gooners' a lot older than myslef barracking a boy? It's like watching ten millionnaires eating a three course meal and seeing a 19 year old student pick up the bill. The other baffling thing is, most of these guys have neber seen this boy play, they are going on hear say. For that, the likes of gunnerblog, arseblog etc deserve contempt for spreading this lie when neither has seen Song play.
Little Dutch
It comes to something when you find yourself agreeing with the spuds fans over your own. To have people like Fran Merida come on here & start calling people Retarded just sums up some of our current supporters. I readily admit to calling for wenger to quit & one of my main reasons is that he is clearly losing his mind. He contradicts himself at nearly every press conference & has blamed just about everything possible for our awful form this season, where we are currently even worse off points wise than at the same stage last season & yet we were all told that last season was a one off!! A one off thats now going to last for the third season in a row.
Ashburton Gooner
Little Dutch, Perry Groves was getting much worse stick on a weekly basis when I was first going to highbury & yet now all we here is that he was some sort of hero so there's hope for song yet!! Personally I used to love watching Perry run past people especially when he drifted to the right wing.... oh how we could do with him now.
Ashburton Gooner
I would say what Wenger says to the press and what he says to his players are two entirely different things. If he was to quit, who would we get in? How would we hold onto Cesc, Henry etc? AW has a long term plan and we are going to have to be patient. I remember in 2000 and 2001 people saying something similar, that we had a pushover of a team with no soul. Between 2002 and 2004 they were peerless. These things take time. There is some tweaking to be done, last night was a poor show. e.g We need some visible leaders, this is why I feared the absence of Gallas so much, who is a winner. These young players will develop that trait, IF the experienced players show them how.
Little Dutch
Hello Lads and Ladies.. It seems that the faithfull are tinsy bit worried about the up and coming game this weekend ... I personally hope SONG plays and us spuds are more than happy to Boo too ... Ive alerted my mates and we just cant wait.. Oh yes before you all break out ... COS I know you do.. As it pains me to say this there is a much better alternative to this low life behaviour you get down at cash burden grove... Turn to the lillywhites and leave the awful dark side.. Ohh little Dutch girl before you start.. I notice that the so called faithfull do not boo Walnut.. Is it dare I say it because he is English... The boat may be leaving and you guys are just not on it ... Lots of Love from us happy Spuds to all of you SCUM
Ok cusop..whatever! nice to see you taking the morale high ground after destroying the managerial careers of 2 legendary sp*rs players (Ardiles and Hoddle). ur so happy yet you still sit below us in the league having spent 30million in the summer, nice to see you have not adjusted your ambition after ur greatest ever season.
Beastly beggars. Bring your mum next time and her big wooden spoon. Or ear plugs. Imagine the noise they'll make on Saturday. Walking out at halftime!
not before they boo thier own again!
Cusop, your post was exposed as a complete lie as early as the fourth sentence. The one where you mention, "mates." What a pleasant fiction that must be for you.
Little Dutch
You Spuds might also like to remind yourselves of the fate that you assigned to Chris Armstrong. Booing him in a season when he finished as top scorer. I seem to remember he refused to celebrate goals. And what was that chant at Darren Anderton as he warmed up once? Oh yeah, there's only one greedy ********. I don't know what's more shameful, your ignorance or the fact that an Arsenal fan had to elucidate it for you.
Little Dutch
thats history little ****** just like the half decent team you once had
Ah,but little dutch don't you realise a lot of people are like sheep.Following a trend i.e Booing a kid trying his best.They love it makes'em feel big and a true supporter.Whilst other people think,mmmm,that poor sod's gonna get *****ed up mentaly for ages,and it just aint right.Some people have good moral's other's don't,you tend to find these are weak people anyway. Anyway enough of that,PLEASE play Flamini Left back on sat. :)
and adebayor up front
A Spurs fans knowledge of history could fit snugly onto the back of a second class stamp. Our worst season in years, followed by one of our worst starts for years, and you're still not above us. That's the present. As for history, 13 league tiles (2 delightfully won at WHL) and 10 F.A Cups. 55 consecutive games on the scoresheet, 49 matches unbeaten, least goals conceded in a season, your captain on a free....I could go on!
Little Dutch
great article...
if you hadnt noticed its also one of our worst, and were only saturdays win away from you! says alot as you say your so much better than us
Little Dutch girl I just brought over some mates to have some fun.. Sowwy U Cant take it ... It must be hard contemplating a season of no hardware ... Specially now you got your nice big stadium.. But to answer your main question yes we did spend money again it was maoney provided by the fans and sponsership and it was considerably more money than YOUR beloved Fuher Reg New spent .. As we know he likes to send out his Saracins to find more africans to feast upon.. At least we paid good money for Zokora in a Fifa regulated trade.. Hope hes diving in out of your box on saturday with Lencheatingstine having his usual historinics.. Owe its gonna be such drama.. How Walnuts french lessons comming on .. I expect Freddie is teaching him about his french letters.. Funny all our guys speak english even the ones that are not.. It must be very Gaullling..
We'll see the chasm in may my friend. It's nowhere near your worst start to a season, it's getting a little tiring having to teach you about your own club. Under Ardilles you endured a worse start than this, under Pleat and in 97/98 under Gross you started and finished awfully. The day before we romped to the title against Everton, you lot ensured league survival with a win over Wimbledon. Cusop, I wouldn't give it large two days before the game, I've laboured the point to your tiny little mind that the language the players speak is utterly immaterial to me. It's funny that somebody who vaunts the virtues of the English language mis spelled 'sorry', 'you', 'can't', 'especially', 'you've', 'money', 'saracens', 'he's', 'histrionics', 'oh', 'how's' and 'galling.' English is spelled with a capital E and your German is obviously not up to much either because it's 'fuhrer.' Mind you I suppose the summer signings of Chimbonda. Zokora, Mido, Assou Ekoto, Malbranque and Berbatov show your commitment to English talent.
Little Dutch
i didnt say it was our worst i said one of our worst, meaning there are others! as for a chasm you have already tried to leave us behind this season and were saturdays win away from you so maybe it is us that will open up a chasm, did you fail to notice the signings of Lennon, Jenas, Dawson, Defoe, Robinson, Murphy, Routledge, Davenport, and Huddlestone!
ashburton gooner,anyone who calls for Wengers head is clearly short sighted,opposition fans would love it if arsene was to leave,because it would destroy us,thats why they are all saying how much he has lost the plot,trying to unstable us and discredit him.booing our players is clearly the wrong way to go about things,we are all going on about it because it doesnt happen often,thank god,and we want it to be nipped in the bud asap.just wait and see when Wenger gets this team working the way he wants, you will regret ever doubting him and you will know how crazy it was to have wanted him to leave
fran merida
hahaha, some of you spurs fans must not have anything to do, someone needs to go to some spelling lessons, hahaha dumb shmut. Your so full of it, before the match aswell not even after youve seen the result which is pretty sad.
yes rushdenspur there are many others, u seem to take great pride in that!
no ice its called being honest
Very good article AGAIN. Booing isn't pretty, but I think it's acceptable. What isn't is the "anti semitic garbage". Well done for having the courage of your convictions to behave as you did and to write this piece. We're goona smash you on Saturday. Have a light lunch.
I applaud your honesty
anyway as weststandvoice said (and being honest of course) were gonna smash ya on sat
Owwe your right durch girl im sow bad at spelin its gonna be hard to watch my team give you buggers a hiding.. But its nice to see you respond to your true name all the same.. And being such a pillock (opps mispeeldedagain) of sow sit ery ...yer knw bean a 22 yerold and englsih teacher an all that I can tell you a very smart cookie.. But ..We had buy in some guys from over seas cos the new fifa ruling will say yer have to have at least 6 home grown players in yer side.. And we just did not have enough of the foreigners.. But hay U do ave Walnut thats a start.. But as you have said so eloquently before you dont like engrish prayars .. so ... May be its tiem to move to the hague and complain.. Anyway if you going to the game watch you bum cos most of your team including Hofmiester will be too!!
based on the fact uve not won away, based on the fact weve not lost at home, based on the fact u play 4-4-2 and we have only struggled this season vs 4-5-1? I once again applaud u for ur bullishness.
I would formulate a witty response cusop, but in all honesty, I can't understand a word you have typed. The ruling says six home grown players yes, but it makes no referral to English players. Spuds are well and truly in the **** over that one, because King is the only homegrown player you have. All I will see is don't give it too large until after the game.
Little Dutch
dont you mean say tiny dutch?
Feeling lucky are you eyesman .. Is the 10 for how may players you were left with against the cottagers or is it for the number of bookings you got .. ORRR is it because that how many you think your gonna score on saturday.. How very drowl!! By the way we will be playing an 11-0-0 against you as will obviously be in total fear of you.. (not)
little dutch the ultimate stato is delighting us all with his vast array off facts from years gone by again is he. Fascinating! i think this argument is best left with this statement. On saturday let the battle commense!
agreed see ya then goon girls
10 x 4 = Roughly the last time you won the league.
Another friendly derby....
See you on saturday, mind ur dirty hands on the new paintwork.
Come early, free lasagne for away fans and players.
Butch dutch.. Your wit astounds me. Sometimes I am completely lost for words by you wisdom and in site. Perhaps in future I should be more careful in dueling with such banter, with you having such intellect.. Or may be not.. I find it hard to appreciate a stuck up moron who is so ashamed of his nationality and so myopically focused on a football team with little or no connection to anything to be proud of historically.. is to be honest beyond me.. When I was your age I loved spurs for because it was easy they were a much better team than most other teams.. I loved Jimmy Greaves and I was devastated that he did not make the England team to play in the final.. I used to be able to recite every player stat even the third team that played in the south east counties league.. Difference is !! I was 7 and your 22.. Get a life..
Fran Merida, I agree there is no value in booing players & have never suggested otherwise, I would also never consider hurling insults at Wenger although I feel wenger has had his time. For whatever reason the man will just not change his style but unfortunately its not one that can now be successful because the opposition have worked out how to beat it. If you look at ferguson he had success playing a certain way but then had to change it, however he has now developed a new style which at the present time is giving utd results. This will never happen for arsenal under wenger because he wont change, he would rather get relegated than change his style & thats why he needs to leave. Little Dutch I also agree with you that wenger says different things to the press & his players. However I dont know what he says to the players but what I do know is that he is making himself & the club a laughing stock when he so clearly contradicts himself. He used to be witty but its now turned to aggression & thats because he doesn't have any answers to the current problems. If the current manager doesn't know the answer then surely someone else has to be asked the question!!
Ashburton Gooner
Well put Ash.. Fire the barstard
Little dutch if your an english teacher in london AND a GOONER!? your a real glutten for punishment!
as a hull city fan..i have sympathy with your comments this week.....
cusop, you seem to be quite Vile. You must have some horrible little life for you to be this sour, little dutch wrote a very good article better than most of the trash on vital spurs, your not adding your veiws to these issues in the article above so why come in here and rant on about sweet nothings, just go and calm down, your attitude stinks.
cusop you seem to be quite vile, you must have some horrible little life for you to be this sour. Little dutch wrote a very good article and if your not going to add any veiws on it why are you in here, ranting about this and that, your attitude stinks, go and calm down a bit mate.
I have never claimed to be ashamed of my nationality cusop, that's your barbled interpretation, not mine. I just have the gumption to be objective about such issues. The thing is cusop, you've bought into something that doesn't exist, nationality is a complete faux pas and anyone who defines people that way is denying themselves in a big way. Quite frankly, I did not ask for, nor do I want, your appreciation. If you did appreciate me, quite frankly I would feel as though I had gone drastically wrong. You are the one that has ventured to another club's site and now you are talking about respect? You are right not to tangle with me in a battle of wits, because I'll run circles around you worse than Henry did your pathetic defence in 03. If you'd like to kno what my team has historically, 13 league titles 10 F.A Cups and two managers credited with speeding up the evolution of football as we know it. Tottenham have Pat van den Hauwe.
Little Dutch
Again AG, people were saying that in 2000 and 2001, now people are crying for that side back. Have a little temperance, AW knows exactly what he is doing and getting rid of him would be a tragic mistake. People point to the fact that Monaco sacked him as he tried to bring through a team of youngsters, the Monaco board decided they couldn't wait. Of course, that team he was creating contained Thuram, Trezeguet and Thuram. They all left and Monaco never saw through Wenger's vision. Needless to say, those three players showed Monaco what they were missing in 1998 and 2000.
Little Dutch
cusop you seem to be pretty vile, you must have some horrible little life to be this sour. Little dutch wrote a very good article raising some serious points and your not adding any comments about it your just ranting sweet nothings. At least wait to see the outcome of the game before talking down arsenal. I suggest you go and calm down a bit mate LOL you seem really angry, i dont blame you for coming on this site and reading some good articles, compared to the shoddy crap over on vital spurs.
Cusop, your post was exposed as a complete lie as early as the fourth sentence. The one where you mention, "mates." What a pleasant fiction that must be for you. Little Dutch..................... ............ So good I wanted it on here twice. Great line Dutch. If only our visitors posessed wit. Never mind, they seem to be half way there!
(quote) Cusop, your post was exposed as a complete lie as early as the fourth sentence. The one where you mention, "mates." What a pleasant fiction that must be for you. Little Dutch (end quote) ....Great line Dutch. What a shame our guests don't posess any wit. Never mind, they do appear to be half way there!
whenever you boo a player.. u simply put him on track to put in a performance even worse than what he has been putting in at that time.. the article is well written mr stillman.. i still cant understand how ****s like them can call themselves arsenal fans.. i have never had the opportunity to come to england before to visit arsenal at the emirates.. but one thing is for sure.. this is not what you would expect of die-hard gooners.. such farce support is not needed at all.. and again i would like to reiterate the fact that we cant score in open play recently.. all our goals are either headers or brilliant free-kicks.. we cant rely on them for long.. we need something desperately.. wenger needs to sort this out.. true the last word.. he should not change his style of play simply because it isnt working at the moment.. but atleast he should realize that this play isnt getting us anywhere.. a recent run where we cld have got 18 points some other season yielded 5 points.. 5.. and despite me being a firm believer in wenger and his tactics.. i think he should sort this out asap..
oHH i'm going to talk sooooooooo much SH*T when we beat turds on Sat for all the **** talking done by u turds on here. We can back up talk but u losers neva.
Youngest in Charge
oHH i'm going to talk sooooooooo much SH** when we beat turds on Sat for all the sh** talking done by u turds on here. We can back up talk but u losers neva.
Youngest in Charge
oHH i'm going to talk sooooooooo much S**T when we beat turds on Sat for all the s**t talking done by u turds on here. We can back up our talk but u losers neva.
Youngest in Charge
The Score line will read Arsenal 3 SP*rs 0
Youngest in Charge
boring boring spurs fans, they can't win an arguement and if they were so confident why did they not take Rocky up on his bet earlier this season ?
Who, AG? Thats the question. Who can replace Arsene and give us the success that Arsene can (in the minds of most arsenal fans) still deliver? I agree that he doesnt seem to have the answers now but based on what we've seen over the past 10 yrs, dont u have the faith that he will come up with them, and soon?
Who, AG? who can replace Arsene and promise the kind of success that arsene (in the minds of most arsenal fans) will deliver? I agree that he doesnt seem to have answers right now, but based on what he's shown us over the past 10 yrs, dont u think he'll find them, and soon?
Seems Arsenal are having a rough time at the moment, Used to like watching Arsenal when i was younger... Kinda went off them when I started supporting my local team (No laughing but Hull), Shame to see them where they are now.... Sure they can pick it up
ashburton gooner i kinda see wat u r saying but i know arsene wenger is creating a great team and that will take time. i am very happy with arsenal, obviously dissapointed but the players are young and are gaining valuable experience. we are still in transitional period but u will see us come good. we have the players but are jus waiting to unleash them or for them to develop. Vela, Merida, Barazite, Muamba. The futures bright u will see. never lose faith in wenger or arsenal.
Thats right - you lot should be ashamed! I thought i'd invade your site just like Purgold does on ours, and just like you did when you crossed the river all those years ago. Time you went back i think.
Jacky B
ashburton, i am sure wenger knows the answers, but maybe the real answer lies in the board and not the manager. we can't compete with chelsea on a financial front, and maybe thats where it lies ? i agree he isn't as witty as he used to be, but then when your winning your singing and it doesn't matter, now he has to chose his words carefully or not to get the fans on his side. i will always be on his side because of what he has acheived, i mean look at fergie, many times he has been on the ropes and come back to prove his critics wrong, form is temporary class is permanent.
i am sure i left a comment, but where did it go ?
From what I have heard, Song didn't have such a great 45 mins. He is young and in only his 3rd game was dumped right in. Maybe a policy as we've had with our Tom Huddlestone, bringing him on on a few occasions before giving him a start would have been wiser. Certainly loaning out a new player to a Championship side would have worked especially if he is a youngster adapting to a new country. For me it is simple. You boo a mistake especially if it is a show of poor technique. In some cases I want to know if the so called misplaced pass was an effort to be inventive. What you don't do is boo your own player because he has received the ball as all that will do is effect his concentration and more likely lead to a mistake. Some fans require some etiquette ... if you are behind, you cheer everything and everyone to motivate your team and engineer some spirit
fair point,but i think that one of the problems is that Wenger has changed the style of our play,before our team was full of big strong battlers,we could fight in midfield,win the ball and hit opponents with fast counter attacks,three passes and a goal,now all our 6ft plus players have been replaced with little dribblers and we can no longer physically compete,we no longer hit teams on quick counter attacks,we have even changed formation to an extent,we have become a non contact team in a contact sport,perhaps we are 10 years too far in advanced,who knows,but its obvious Wenger has changed us,and it will need a bit of time to work out,maybe the balance needs a slight redress,but i am confident in his ability to do it again,and make a team that can compete
fran merida
YOU CERTAINLY KNOW hoe to post you lot!

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