Arsenal - Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1
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Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1

I think given the notable absences in our side, most Gooners would have taken a draw before kick off yesterday. In the circumstances, we perhaps did not see fluent Arsenal in full flight, but the boys showed battling qualities against all odds. So take a look at us now!

One has to commend the team for coming through a tough 8 days unscathed given the shaky form that proceeded. I think lady luck has also looked to redress the balance in our favour slightly, given the fact that our woodwork has been rattled five times in the last two games. But reviewing games such as Manchester City away and CSKA Moskva at home, we were due to dip into our credit account at some point! I think dissenting Chelsea fans would do well to look at the sheer amount of deflected goals and ricochets that have smiled on them in the last two seasons and perhaps concede that you were due one of THOSE days.

My day began as all Chelsea away days do, with a few refreshing Bombadiers in a fine upholstery called the Sporting Page (situated in the heart of the millionnaire's playground that is Chelsea). My fellow Gooners and I were not in any particular relish, most feared a thrashing with a very inexperienced back four against an in form Drogba. The security upon arrival at the Matthew Harding Stand was stringent as promised as my friend's Ashley Cole banknotes were promptly removed and a stern verbal warning followed, the statutory steward frisking was also somewhat more rigorous than usual!

On Saturday I posted an article summising my fears that the atmosphere would be an unpalatable cauldron of hatred. I'm delighted that these fears were allayed, Cole got a hostile reception and was the target of stick, but at a level which did not compromise the support of our team. The atmosphere in the away end was absolutely superb, I hope it transmitted to television viewers and wireless listeners alike, because on the terraces, Arsenal embarassed their hosts. A non stop cavalcade of support, the proverbial wall of noise was consummately provided by a boisterous entourage. Cole was roundly booed, but in general I feel the travelling support sensed a team shorn of experienced campaigners and rallied in unflinching and partisan support. (Though I accept the chants about Cheryl Tweedy were out of order). Fake wads of money were smuggled into the ground and turned into confetti at regular intervals, but inflatable mobile phones were quite sparse. (I guess hiding a 30'' inflatable phone in your back pocket is a thankless task).

The first half was a war of attrition in many ways, Chelsea enjoyed a five or ten minute spell where they looked certain to score, with Lampard hitting the post and Lehmann uncharacteristically flapping at crosses. But one thing you really have to say about Chelsea is that if the goal has not arrived early, they are incredibly capable of turning the heat up! Essien was the picture of industry in midfield, yet the performances of Lumplard and particularly Ballack were insipid. The lotto Chavs looked a much different prospect for the introduction of Arjen Robben, the Dutch winger roasted Eboue at will and your esteemed writer feared the worst! But in true smash 'n' grab fashion, Mathieu Flamini gave Arsenal the lead and the pocket of Gooners in the Shed End writhed in ecstasy. Unfortunatley, Essien had other ideas with a sumptuous strike. I recall a few years back after an Henry piledriver against Man City, then manager Kevin Keegan exclaimed that if you can't take a little joy in seeing a goal like that you should not be in football. I duplicate those sintiments, I was diagonally behind Essien when he struck it and the goal literally took my breath away. There was nothing that could have been done to prevent it and you cannot argue that Chelsea did not deserve to lose the game. Usually conceding a late equaliser would have me despondent, but somehow conceding a goal of that quality soothes the pain.

To say the concluding moments were heart pounding would be a gross understatement! First Essien rattled the bar and then in the dying seconds, Lehmann spilled a low shot, which Lampard collected but incredibly fired against the inside of the post. As soon as Jens dropped it I felt my heart sink, but the feeling of relief that underpinned me when it cannoned back off the upright nearly knocked me off my feet. Hleb likewise wasted a glorious chance to wrap it up in the dying seconds with a Johnny Wilkinsonesque conversion. The final whistle was greeted with huge relief by the travelling ranks.

While it is true that we were up against it for most of the game, I would commend the side for turning in a valiant and defiant display. Djourou was outstanding at the back, comfortably marshalling an out of sorts Shevchenko (he will come good, trust me) while Adebayor made John Terry look the second rate mug that he is, it's just a shame that most of Adebayor's work was either out wide or too far from the Chelsea goal, because he had Terry in knots. Clichy appeared to be buoyed by facing Ashley Cole , and turned in an excellent display. But man of the match was clearly Gilberto Silva who marshalled his troops and protected his young charges expertly. His reading of the game is unrivalled and anybody still questioning his worth to our side, follow these instructions i) get tape of yesterday's game, ii) watch Gilbo iii) eat large slab of humble pie.

A few inevitable moans though. Firstly it appears Didier Drogba's theatrics are back with a vengeance, his histrionics really are quite pathetic and most of the time confined not just to the penalty area, which means they are performed with the express intention of getting others into trouble. For someone who dives with such alacrity, he's really laughably unconvincing at it. Similarly, Emmanuel Eboue simply has to stop holding his face all the time, it really is something I don't want to see. My biggest whinge is reserved for the England captain who is a dispicable example to children watching the game. I have never seen a player so relentlessly crowd and intimidate officials as him, even when Chelsea scored he was having a moan at Wiley (who had a superb game). Every single decision, regardless of whether Chelsea got it or not Terry was inches from the eyeballs of the officials, spewing spittle and bile everywhere. Perhaps the indignity of being put on his arse by Adebayor rattled him, but this is by no means a recent tread in Mr.Terry, who is an appalling professional. LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 11 2006

Time: 1:53PM

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fair comments there tim,my only concern is that hleb still thinks he is playing in europe and not the epl,because he doesnt know how to win free kicks when he is being tackled from behind,or protect the ball from being taken from him legally or illegally,thats twice ive counted he has lost possesion and we have conceded,bolton n chavski,from being fouled from behind,there maybe more,but i hope he can improve,pires would never have let that happen to him,but he was 6 ft and very good at protecting the ball
fran merida
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11/12/2006 14:13:00

Couldnt agree more with the report. Only disappiontment came from the ridiculous comments from Maureen-the-ho who is now suggesting we arranged this result with Sir Alex of all people! He said we came for a point but at no stage did I see an Arsenal player running the ball into the corners or timewasting, in reality he left his most offensive player on the bench (Robben) so who was really being defensive? Anyhow good result, resilient performance and something to build on.
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11/12/2006 14:24:00

the team put in a good performance with an under 21 defence as arsene put it , only 1 real striker in front and loads of absentees. wonderful midfield performance. Looking 4ward for their trip to north london! Come on you gooners!!
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11/12/2006 15:05:00

Heart-pounding game indeed. Like a motion picture epic - The story of Cashley Cole; an outcast to the away support, picking fights on the field with Fabregas, and harshly taking out Hleb in the dying minutes to set up a screaming Essien goal to even the score. An Academy Award worthy acrobatic performance by Drogba; as well as some slapstick comedy in front of the goal...oh, and then the drama filled ending with Moan-inho's hogwash accusations of how the away side apparently laid back for a draw. Thumbs up! I recommend everyone turn on the PVR and watch it again and again. PS...yes Berto was FANTASTIC!!...and aside from the other trash, it's worth a replay just to see his magic on the day alone.
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11/12/2006 15:11:00

...oh, and Adebayor getting the away support going in the second half....classic....CLASSY
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11/12/2006 15:12:00

just goes to show what wenger thinks of his kids, the youngest defence in premier history was on show, and how they can go forward.. when you look at how much his front pairing cost against our defence it makes the chelsea team a joke. great result for us, terrible for chelsea, i didn't like the way jose spoke to the ref afterwards and then went all coy infront of the cameras when asked about it.
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11/12/2006 15:34:00

Gilberto was brilliant yesterday! Senderos still seems a little shaky, but came through the game well at the end. Djourou is going to be a star, seems really composed...
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11/12/2006 15:58:00

after yesterday's performance by the young guns, can anyone tell me what is the difference between us and the top two? if we were at highbury this season, the team wud atleast have 10-12 points more, it takes time to adapt to a new surrounding, and that's why i feel this team will come good soon, and i dun know if we can win the title this season, but we can certainly finish above the chavs this season..
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11/12/2006 16:09:00

The only differnce is experience. For all the dislike we feel for them you have to admire the way they fought back after we scored, winning gives u that fighting spirit, when the invincibles used to go a goal down the way they used to respond was frightening as soon as our young guns get that 1st trophy under their belts they will be unstoppable.
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11/12/2006 16:18:00

consistency is the only thing that seperates us from Man USA and Chelski. if we can find that in the coming months then we might be in with a shout for 2nd place.
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11/12/2006 16:19:00

A non stop cavalcade of support, the proverbial wall of noise was consummately provided by a boisterous entourage - ???? LOL!!!!! Whatever boys.
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11/12/2006 16:45:00

Our support owned chelsea's, nice article, the game really could have been a win for either team but I'm happy with a 1-1 draw with our under-21 defence. If with that team its 1-1, who's to say we cant win at our last home game of this season?
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11/12/2006 18:53:00

OLASAL. the comment of a man who wasn't at the game. "Can you hear the Ruski's sing? NO, NO." Maybe you popped out to get yourself a cuppa on the hundred occasions we sang, "Your support is ******** *****." with no reply. The Chelsea fans I spoke to in Parson's Green afterwards all agreed that we easily outsang you.
Little Dutch
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11/12/2006 19:50:00

why is it that we get so worked up about cfc's flamebaiting. personally i just cannot take that club seriously as they operate in a world far removed from reality.even the self proclaimed biggest club in the world real madrid can be easily be outspend by ambro. i say ambro because the thruth is that cfc is probably the only club in the world who does not need the support of it fanbase to survive.that is why mourinho can say that he is not here to entertained but to get result.basically he is saying he does not care about the fan.afterall what is football but entertainment.if that aspect of the game is lost then the game will die as nobody will bother showing up(serie a anyone).but then cfc would still survive as they do not need the supporters revenue to operate. frankly i feel sorry for the true cfc fan(pre roman).not that i ahve ever met one.from what i hear they are an endangered species close to extinction.
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11/12/2006 20:03:00

^^ LOL perfectly said, exactly right mate
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11/12/2006 20:13:00

sometimes i thought we had moved next door into the graveyard,youd never had known they where fighting to retain their title against one of their main adversaries
fran merida
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11/12/2006 21:44:00

yead LD is right on the TV i noticed we made much more noise, and how quiet it was when we scored... chelsea had much more to lose on this game then we did.. and lucky is right, when we have a full squad there is not much difference between us and top 2 except confidence and that will come, i think we will go on from strength to strength from now on.
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11/12/2006 22:16:00

a good write up and a good performance
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11/12/2006 23:05:00

Great summary of a memorable game. The youngsters confounded many skeptics and showed to the world that Gunners truly a giant team:). Well done guys.
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11/12/2006 23:23:00

It was humourous hearing Jose yap about how we played for a draw...with the way he was pumping his fist on the sideline after a mere equalizer, you'd have thought he'd gone ahead in the World Cup final. Oh yeah, going by TV you could tell Arsenal's supporters were owning Chelsea...they sounded just as loud with a contingent an eighth the size of the hosts, just pathetic. It was also funny how Chelsea fans took a second or two late getting fake sounding cheers going whenever the Gooners were booing Cashley. Anyway, the game was just maginificant...this team is going to be scary in a couple of years, and you'd best believe Jose knows it.
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12/12/2006 04:50:00

What a heart punding display by the young gunnas WOW!, my emotions went from one extreme to the other i think i pulled something from jumping up and down as high as i could. just wanted to give a SHOUT out to Djourou--> he was ffocused mayne.
Youngest in Charge
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12/12/2006 08:06:00

youngest in charge you are very right about Djourou, that boy is gonna own the prem league and europe, he is fantastic, big strong and so much ahead of him , i like him alot !
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12/12/2006 09:45:00

Good result or the Gunners in a match that was dominated by Chelsea.
Report Abuse
13/12/2006 13:09:00


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