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Arsenal Are The Future

Emmanuel Adebayor believes the current crop of Arsenal players has the ability to dominate the English game.

Adebayor himself is in a rich vein of form and has just recently won over the Arsenal fans, and he believes the rest of the young players can follow and Arsenal can return to the summit of the Premier League.

'When I look at our squad I think we'll be unstoppable within the next two seasons,' he told the Daily Mirror.

'With talented guys like Emmanuel Eboue, Cesc Fabregas, Johan Djourou and Theo Walcott, we're the future of the English game and everyone can see that now.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 21 2006

Time: 2:53PM

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He's right about everything except one comment, "everyone can see that now." That's just it, they can't, but they will, trust me, they will. How a side with an average age of about 23 playing its first season together can be in decline is beyond me. It reminds me of something Paul Weller did when he started the jam. Early reviews dismissed him as a revivalist, so he went on stage wearing a sandwich board which said, "How can I be a revivalist when I am just f*****g eighteen?"
Little Dutch
Cult hero already. Hope he can keep it up!
A Magic Hat
Its not just the age they are its the experience they have. All of those mentioned above have actually been to a world cup, its incredible! we must be a little patient with them while they are still learning but trust me it will be worthwhile.
while i agree the likes of walcott and Fabregas can only get better, I dont think its impossible that the Arsenal team can win games now that we are not winning. we are good enough to win a lot of the games we are losing and I dont blame age. tactics, team selection and organisation are important factors. we are also conceding too many goals from set pieces. I dont think cesc or walcott are ever going to be 6 feet tall even when they are 25.
That's another point I agree with gazzap. I think there are obviously other factors at work, but overall this season has to be looked at as a learning curve. Most of these deficiencies iron out with experience. I think a key phrase Wenger is adopting when we lose is, "we did not control the key moments of the game." Winning is not always about playing well, I think a lack of maturity explains that. That is what Cesc will also learn to do in time, control the key moments (like he did at Wigan) more regularly. But you're right about set pieces, the concentration has to be better.
Little Dutch
For a team in "Transition" we are not doing too badly! We have some talented youngsters coming through and this could be the team of the future. We just need to be patient as we have been spoilt by our recent success over the past few years. Lauren and Diaby will be coming back soon and this is a big plus for our squad. The future is bright indeed - Cesc, Walcott, Bendtner, Lupoli, Larsson, Muamba, Merida, Van Persie, Adebayor, Eboue, Connolly, Traore, Fonte, Stokes, Randall, Van Den Berg. to name a few
defending set pieces is all about leadership and concentration, the boys will learn but we will all lose some hair while they do! If you check our defensive record pre Gallas injury it was the joint best in the premiership, the Guy is a leader and when he comes back we will improve immensly.
Sorry, but i think Spurs are the future
Jacky B
Who are Spurs!!
I think you will find sp*rs are the past! 46 years in the past to precise!
*to be*
To be fair Sp*rs to have a future pie eating champion in goal, A future free Arsenal transfer in their defence, a future Man utd Centre mid in Tom Huddlestone and a future Rubbish dump in *****e Hart Lane!
Sp*rs also have their own future Loo and Lasagne company
I knew that one would get a few bites. But in all seriousness - with the young players we have in the first team (just as young as yours) and our policy of buying young talent - do you not agree that there is some truth in what I said. We have just as much right and reason to feel positive about our future as you do.
Jacky B
You do have a few players that could play at the top level of football. I think you will have problems keeping hold of them while they are still playing for you lot though. Money and the chance to play for a top team will be too appealling.
I do agree you have some good up and coming talent but unless you give them champions league football then they will have to leave to progress their careers. Lennon and Huddlestone would benefit greatly from champions league action, it would give them a massive boost to their fledgling careers. I also believe it has hampered King in his international aspirations as with champions league he would be respected throughout Europe, He is easily as good as Ferdinand but doesnt get half the great PR of GQ's man of the year instead he is teased with the fact a squirrel has more CL Experience!
Agree with iceman10, I think you can be positive about your future but without CL it will be difficult to keep all the players. As much as it pains me to say it King is probably the best CB in England, how he doesn't start for England when he has looked like the best player on the pitch when he player is totally beyond me. But hampered by playing for a smaller club. Not a dig at the spuds but just the facts.
I did of course mean best English CB, not best in Premiership.
Spurs definately have some cracking young players, but without winning anything they will never keep hold of them once the big clubs come knocking. Arsenal have great success in holding on to their players because we have one of the most respected managers in world football, a constant stream of throphies of the last ten years and regular Champions League football, in fact, everything Spurs don't.
Spuds have good young players. Arsenal have exceptional young players. The likes of Djourou, Cesc, van Persie, Senderos, Clichy etc are excelling in the CL and most have gone to a World Cup. Spuds youngsters went to a different kind of WC on May 7th.
Little Dutch
Firstly, Spurs are actively looking to develop the WHL site. Owning the land will make it substantially cheaper, and its only the transport links that have been a problem. As mentioned last season you scraped fourth on the last day of the season. This season after 18 games, you are just in fourth. Every team rebuilds and has periods of transition. Sometimes new players never replicate the success of earlier players. Much has been made of our defeat at your place but we had 5 new players in that team plus injuries. We currently have in our team great and YOUNG players like Robinson, Dawson, King, Lennon, Huddlestone, Keane, Berbatov with players who are improving like Zokora, Defoe and Jenas (who is only 23). In the academy it is led by Tomas Pekhart, World Junior Footballer of the Year. Why do you think a financially stable team in the black need to sell? Why do these players need to leave? I hope you are not basing your hopes on the previous Carrick sale? As Everton finished above Liverpool and got into the Champions League, the same thing will happen in London very soon, and we will have benefited from playing in Europe before taking our rightful place.
Yeah that ALEX SONG is gonna be a legend!
If you're talking about new players, we have new players all over the pitch (whether they have been bought recently or only just broken into the side, it matters little) Eboue has only been in the side for under a year, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy, Rosicky, Adebayor, Walcott, Baptista, all players who have played regular football this seaon. We are growing as a team, and as Ade quite rightly says, in two years time we will be unstoppable. A new keeper will have been drafted in. The back 4 of Eboue/Toure/Gallas/Clich will have an understanding and will possibly be the best defensive unit in the world. Cesc will be 21/22 and will have matured even further (can you imagine) Tomas Rosicky will find his place and put in constant performances of the levels we have seen him achieve this season. Walcott has been superb in his cameo's this season, in two years time he will be 19!!!!!! Admittedly we give you some undue grief, you have a good young team, but anyone who thinks we are a team in decline is only fooling themselves. I can't wait to see your response when this team finally clicks.
Scapped fourth? I know you have had very little league succes over the last 46 years but its played over 38 games and if other teams finish above you its because they are better, have some grace. WHL development? at the moment once again that is just hot air, we have actually achieved a ground move and are currently reaping the rewards. Please stop using Jenas in your good player stats as the guy has been playing premiership football for over 5 years and has NEVER had a good season. your other young players WILL leave if at some stage you do not achieve CHAMPIONS LEAGUE football, so you can tell us your financially stable, threaten to finish above us but once again its all hot air because you havent actually achieved anything. As for taking your rightful place? Millwall, Leicester, Middlesborough, Blackburn, west Ham, Ipswich have all achieved UEFA cup so I would suggest your in your rightful place now.
I thought its the ref fault if you lose or dont achieve what you hoped for.
Jacky B
I also don't understand this "we scraped 4th place on the last day" crap. The points ar tallied over 38 games, not on the last game. And Sir Harry, since you seemed so pleased to be "a mere" two points behind us, how about you take up a bet Rocky7 made to some Spurs dude on here, that if you finish above us, Rocky will wear a Spurs shirt to an Arsenal game, and vice versa (and in case you're not very clever, which is entirely possible seeing who you support, vice versa here means that if we finish above you, you get to wear an Arsenal shirt to a Spurs game). By the way, the Spurs guy never took up the bet. Chickened out knowing he'd never win it. Or maybe he ate some bad Italian dish as well?
I'd love to see you goons on Motd in spurs shirts! lol Anyway - as much as i think we are catching you up and soon we will finish above you, why would a spurs fan stake so much on something that has not happened for years? A bit like saying i will give you a million quid if you jump of that cliff. The reward is sweet, though you are unlikely to recieve it!
Jacky B
for every step spuds move forward the arsenal move two.they have been saying the same thing every year,its just all hot happy fools
fran merida
Out of the players you have mentioned i have to admit fabregas isn a star, real quality, but as for the others? not to sure. Who is djourou? Walcott? done nothing yet that lokks like money well spent to me. I thoroughly agree with sir harry's statement. If you look Robinson, Dawson, King, Lennon, Huddlestone, Keane, berbatov we do have better young players than you. In fact if im realistic the only players i rate at your club is henry (soon to be leaving) fabregas, clichy, toure and gallas. You don't have the talent you once did and i'm afraid barring the players i've mentioned your players are very poor. Baptista aint special at all, van persie neither, flamini? eboue?
Baptista has a big rep but has failed to deliver. Djourou has come forward as Senderos has regressed. Walcott could turn to be a Lennon or another SWP. Van Persie is a player not quite certain of his best position. Flamini isn't up to the mark, Eboue is good going forward but ...... I am very surprised that Arsenal fans do not understand that though they have had a good policy, other sides have caught on .... and despite how attractively you play we still have this ******ing about anti-football, which you are happy to deploy yourselves where appropriate. .... regarding Jenas, your own Arsene Wenger said he was a good player, he joined Newcastle aged 18 and played for a team in constant flux and all over the midfield, and came good towards the end of last season when playing with a deep lying passing midfielder. He may not be as good as Fabregas but he is the superior of Flamini.
Hold on, you ask what Djourou & Walcott have done yet you say Dawson Lennon & Huddleston are better. Walcott has played more Prem games than Huddleston Djourou has played more international games than all of them put together, yet is still just 19 years of age. None of the players you name have acheived anything. van Persie is a regular in the Dutch national team and has scored more goals this season than any of your players. Eboue has played in a champions league final and is a regular in his nations side, Flamini played left back for 10 Champions league games and helped keep a clean sheet in all of them. He also has league and fa cup winners medals. The only player I cant comment on is Baptista because we havent seen him. None of your players have achieved anything!!
He may not be as good as Fabregas but he is the superior of Flamini. ......Seen as you paid 8 - 10 million quid more for Jenas than we did for Flamini, you would hope so!!!
And lets stop for once and all this nonsense about how we will want and have to sell our best players. What a hoot!! This evidence is based on what? The fact that our players are all signing long term contracts (Robinson, Dawson, King etc) ... that our English players have only a passing acquintance with the bench, that we have (finally) qualified for Europe albeit this year in the second competition, that we are regularly scouted by the national manager for the full international team, that the team they have joined in the last two years is significantly improving, not treading water or slightly regressing, that we are an enormous 2pts from the Champions League qualifying places? In years past you would be a small blip on the horizon at this stage - those days are over. You are basing all your hopes on the sale of Carrick - with all due respect, you sold Petit/Overmars for a hugely inflated price with Arsene knowing already who would be the replacements as he also did with Anelka. For us to turn down 18.6m for a player where we already had a potentially superior younger version on our books would have been stupid in the extreme, and all we've done by selling Carrick is to show that we are now not a stupid club
We paid 7m for Jenas, I believe the amount for Flamini was secret because you broke the rules and the transfer was sanctioned by FIFA but was ruled illegal by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Arsenal having already paid 300k agreed to subsequently more to sweep it under the carpet
It's not that you sold Carrick, it's that Carrick wanted to go. Because when all's said and done, it's the players choice. He wanted to leave because he wants to better himself and win trophies and that is the cold hard facts. He will never win anything of meaning at Spurs and if these good young players you have live up to their potential and become world class, do you honestly believe they would want to stay at Spurs rather than Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC, Inter, Munich????? Please don't lie to me by saying yes, because you, I and everybody knows that aint true.
Rocky you mean like how overmars, petit, viera, cole and now henry want better things? mmmmmmm
SH - Don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia. Flamini was out of contract and had only alledgedly agreed to resign for Marsielle verbally. The ruling of the court of arbitration is not law, however I believe Arsenal did pay around 1 million in total for Flamini's services. No rules were broken by Arsenal.
Overmars and Petit were past their best (show me what the acheieved after leaving) and we got well over 20 million for the pair. Patrick Vieira claims that he felt pushed out by Arsenal (read his book) and did not want to leave and Cole left because he had a beef with the board that escolated beyond belief and he did not leave for footballing reasons. Henry has signed a new 5 year deal and has stated serveral times this season so that even people as moronic as you can understand, that he does not want to leave. Next.
And that means what? he's gonna stay? or he's trying to keep you lot quiet? the guy doesn't need booing does he? very clever to say he wants to stay then he can slam in his transfer request when the time suits. What a wise man henry is after all. Enjoy the time you have remaining together rocky, this guy wants to WIN the champions league. Not lose in the final
If he had any intention of leaving he would NOT have signed a new deal. If he would have left on the cheap or, god forbid, a free transfer, he could literally demanded millions of pounds in wages. The only person that would make sense to is a fool like you. If it is just a wind up attempt then it's a pretty bad one, because every man and his dog knows where Henry will stay!!
Ok rocky keep telling yourself that cos if i am right, which i have an uncanny knack of then your side is gonna continue it's steady decline, fabregas will want to follow then what? ill leave you ponder that anyway i'm off to work, i live in a house and i pay for it unlike you benefit claiming pikeys.
I'll admit I became a gunner at the height of our success, but I never questioned my faith the last two years. We've all found ourselves saying "next season" but I agree with E. The rest of the Prem needs to watch out!
The Court of Arbitration from Sport said Arsenal had acted illegally and FIFA were wrong to sanction the transfer. The fact they do not have the power (yet) to over turn the process does not however mean that laws were not broken. Why else would Arsenal pay more money - because of the kindness of their heart :)
to put it in simple terms for you lot: 1. arsenal clearly are better as we are 4th, whereas spurs are 7th (regardless of the amount of pionts) and 2. henry clearly isnt leaving, but then again i should have known you spuds would listen and acknowledge the media ***** that they put into your heads. Another comment....the main focus that seems to be affecting you is of holding on to your players. we sell them when they are past it and know aren't of a particular importance anymore. on the other hand, spurs sell them at a tender early to mid 20s age where clubs realise their potential and pick them off you. so yes maybe your talent is coming through (even tho jol cant put them in a team together) but all i can say is.......thank you! you are supplying the rest of the prem with good players.
Carrick had over two years left on his contract. We were not forced to sell. However as a business it was understood that a players value in the final year of their contract substantially falls. Knowing that we have a superior player to step up made it an easy call. It is called business. Our top players will stay at the club because they are well aware of the nature of the game, that at some point some teams will fall away. Carrick has gone to ManU and done exactly what .... open up further competition for his England place through Huddlestone. This preening arrogance from down the road about what a fantastic bunch of youngsters you have is pathetic. In recent times you have won plenty, but last season you finished fourth and were nowhere near the Premiership, caught a break with poor Juventus and Real Madrid teams and scraped past Villarial to get to the Champions League final. This year you are again out of the Premiership race and only just scraped into the knock out stages of the Champions League. Poor seasons become a habit .. we should know. Unlike in previous years your expectations are no longer based on fact.
oh yeha....and where does that leave tottenham?...........outta the top 4 i guess :)
Are Spurs fans really bringing out the Henry is leaving argument again??? It's like last season all over again. I know it really annoys you guys having to live your dreams through your superior neighbours but seriously where does the belief that you are Arsenal's equal stem from?? The last time you won the league JFK was still alive, man hadn't been to the moon, the Beatles were just getting it together. Are you seeing some kind of recurring theme there??
fair enough we had our luck in the CL last year (despite the unworthy penalty given for villareal) but the can you expect us to compete as much against these clubs with more money to spend on one player than we field our first 11 (arsenal vs chelsea....arsenal first 11 cheaper than the price of shevo alone) but as our youngsters gain experience, you can only expect us to gain ground on the money machines. players will also stop going to man u and chelsea caus they will realise that they will lose out on minutes on the pitch.
sir harry, i havent read all your comments, just read the thing about us selling overmars petit and aleka for hugely inflated prices. that is true, but the replacements arsene had for them were thierry henry and robert pires, and there isn't a better goal scorer around than him, and robert pires with 84 goals in 6 seasons. no midfielder on the continent can match that record. you havent had players like them in the last 40 odd years. and then you are calling us arrogant for thinking our youngsters are fantastic. wenger turned a flop winger from juventus into the best player on the planet. robert pires used to contribute around 14 goals every season on average. and before these two, he made patrick vieira itno a world champion after rescuing him from the milan reserve team. so it's not arrogance on our part, it's just belief in our manager and our team. we don't have the money like the other big boys do still we are making the best use of our resources. and wenger is trying to make a team here that will go onto dominate european football for years, and we believe him, and that's why we are giving him the time he needs. he knows best what to do with these youngsters and how to make them champions. sure we struggled in the league last season and just scrapped through to fourth place, but we also reached the european cup final, something which we had never achived before. success has a price, in the years gone by, we dominated the league, but were always found wanting in europe. and last season wenger gave more importance to europe than the league, an dthat's why the results were not upto our usual standards in the league..
This preening arrogance from down the road about what a fantastic bunch of youngsters you have is pathetic. A) Well SH if you dont like it dont come here B) your argument about taking over as north Londons finest is based on......Your 'fantastic' youngsters so its ok for you to use that argument but not us? C) our expectations can no longer be backed up by facts? but yours can yeah? our optimism is also based on the fact we have a certain Thierry Henry, William Gallas, Gilberto, Wenger, A Brand new stadium and full houses every week. Unlike you we also realise you sometimes have to go back a little to move forward alot. Like ive told you before, achieve something then come back here and argue. see you in 46 years.
Agreed with you h57ben .. where is the achievement in winning something while sat on the bench, also compromising international aspirations especially if they are still going to get 60K per week staying put? And while we are out of the top4 after 45 years of being in the doledrums we have in the last couple of seasons began to shake ourselves out of that. Recently Arsenal and Liverpool have proven vulnerable as have ManU and Chelsea occasionally. A number of posts seem to want to continually speak of past glories and future hopes so much so that you sound like us ... oh how the mighty have fallen.
So what shall we talk about? the here and now? ok, right now we are ahead of you (dont tell me about 2 points etc as its right here, right now remember) We are into the next phase of the champions league, still in the carling cup and all this with injuries to key players like Gallas, Henry and Rosicky.
and you can't call last season a poor year for us in the champions league. we finally reached the final for the first time in our history and almost won it. and how can you call that juve and real madrid side weak and poor. we went into those matches with our worse possible defence. 3 of our first choice defenders barely played a part in our campaign, and juve dominated the serie a last season, and real came into our tie in teriffic form, we had a right sided central midfielder playing as a left back, and with that defence we kept 9 or 10 clean sheets, and against villareal, our keeper was amazing. when the defence or the midfield play well, you call it a great performance, but when a keeper does brilliantly, how can you call it luck? villareal had their chance and they blew it. so you need to stop your non sense first and open up your eyes harry. writing large comments with little sense to it is of no use. we know what to expect from our team, and we know when this team will be ready to challenge for the title. we didnt win anything from 99-01, and were way off the pace from united, but wenger was building the team with so many new players, and the invincibles went onto dominate english football from 02-04, and he is doing the same thing right now. so judging our team and our manager based on a year or two is really foolish. you should be worried about your team. you have a good core of young players, but they arent exceptional yet. don't hold them up so high before they have won anything. and if you dun win anything soon or give them the champions league qualification which they need to progress or take their game to the next level, it will be very hard to hold onto the so called talented stars and you'll be back to square one..
so what is the excuse for this season?
we never made an excuse for even last season. the season is not even half way through and we will have a successful season, more successful than your club's entire history, so come back here in may and then we will talk. and only comeback if your team does better than *****ing their own pants this time around..
Luckys point a few posts back about belief in AW, spot on. I reiterate, Wenger is responsible for Henry, Weah, Thuram, Petit, Trezeguet, Fabregas and helped a struggling Grampus 8 dominate the J League. Given his peerless record with youngsters, we've no reason to believe that he will not do so again. Individually, our youngters are excellent, you ask what they have achieved, well Eboue, Djourou, Cesc, Walcott, Senderos, RVP all went to a CL Final and played in a World Cup. Your assertion that Senderos has declined is based on the 3 games he has played this season I presume. Individually, our young talent is unrivalled (construct a world U-23 eleven- I bet Arsenal have a few in there!), when they gel as a team it will be special. The side that went 49 games unbeaten in 2003-04 won nothing 1999-2001, it's called team building and it takes time.
Little Dutch
How mature Luckys_10. You and your colleagues keep on going on about how much Spurs spend and how Arsneal cannot compete but bring along cheaper youngsters but in the Independent today there are some interesting facts. Arsenals NET expenditure in 2006 was 26.3m. Only Chelsea were higher (38.62m). Liverpool came in at 24.52m and ManU at 8.9m. Spurs NET expediture was a massive 250,000. So your extra 26m has brought 2pts advantage. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like I say, time and temperance. That suggests we have just bought a lot of players in (without selling, strange since you call us a selling club) who need to acclimatise/gel. Secondly, if you look at the overall cost of whole squads, Arsenal will probably fall much further down.
Little Dutch
Still laughing about those 2 points, look what mediocrity can do to you. Actually the money we spent was mainly in January last year on 3 youngsters, Diaby, Walcott and Adebayor 2 of which helped us to 4th place in the premiership. In some of your posts you have stated how you spend, spend, spend and how difficult it is to integrate your new players blah, blah so stop moaning when we state the same things. Anyone can use statistics to win an argument but they mean nothing, look at your poor statistic analysis of Jermaine Defoe which has been totally blown out of the water by his form on the pitch. Anyways you keep on laughing at that 2 point defecit and enjoy your weekend :)
LD let this kid say whatever he wants to, leave him alone..
Iceman you too, this kid nothing to say other than his baseless comments, so lets not waste our time in giving it back to him, he's getting more attention here than what he gets on his own site..
By the way can you give us the net expenditure of sp*rs since the premiership was formed get the same for Arsenal and work out what both teams have achieved and what it has cost. Actually do it for any team that has ever played in the premiership and you will be down there with Leeds.
True Luckys....He used to post quite articulate comments but since the gap has been 2 points the posts have become stranger and stranger, one article on vital sp*rs even suggested all managers should behave like Jose Mourinho because he apologised to AJ! Can you imagine!
Again you are considering the distant past. You have bought Abeyanour and Diaby, we have brought in Berbatov and Zokora. Its just all this squealing about not being able to compete in the money stakes ... I can imagine you don't read a broadsheet but just prefer the red tops ... funny how you seem to have forgotten Rosicky as well ... I have never called you a selling club, I have just replied to your accusation of us being a selling club and provided examples when you have decided to sell. We sold Carrick, you sold Cole. We could've hung on to Carrick but cashed in knowing we had Huddlestone coming through, you sold Cole knowing you had an adequate replacement in Clichy and got a good deal for him. To try to adopt a superior attitude is rather poor. I have mentioned new players coming in, I have said nothing about spend, spend, spend. And of course Defoe's current form undermines statistics. Form is current, statistics are historical - I'm surprised that you don't know the difference.
If you read correctly I stated most of the money was spent in January not all of it and thats why i never mentioned Rosicky. Your correct I rarely read the broadsheets but the fact you do does not give you a superior football knowledge to me, I found that comment offensive and rather snobbish. The fact is you were touting the thought of Defoe being sold and used statistics to suggest he was only going to get worse. A lot of people disagreed and said a good run in the side would give him goals, you said otherwise, your knowledge of the broadsheets wasnt very effective their was it?
My suggestion SH, don't rely on the media to impart football knowledge. Watch the game and decide for yourself.
Little Dutch
LD, its facts and figures. They have done basic arithmetic and discovered that you are the 2nd heaviest net spenders in the Premiership. And Iceman10, yes I said Defoe should be sold because of his goals to chances ratio and general all around play. Whilst he has improved his play, his conversion rate is still not good and if a big bid came in then I'd say take it. His recent form just means it will be more money offered. In a couple of years he'll be replaced by Tomas Pekhart anyway. The red top reference was to the fact that the information was 'not a baseless comment' from the frequently inaccurate redtops but from a broadsheet who can be relied upon for greater accuracy - the article about Mourinho was an example of a change in behaviour where having viewed the evidence, to admit he was personally wrong. It was too subtle for you lot, but it drew a comparison with Wenger calling Jol a cheat when two Arsenal players tackled each other, an opinion only still held by Wenger and Arsenal fans. If Wenger had any personal credit left he would have said "My players were clumsy, the ref indicated that neither were injured, so I apologise for using those words". I guess it must be embarassing that even Mourinho has jumped on the managerial honesty bandwagon of Pearce/Jol/O'Neill
What was embarrasing is that the day you held him up to be a changing man he ran around with an imaginary yellow card trying to get someones elses player booked but I guess it was worth it to get a few back slaps from the Chelsea boys. The top 4 managers are all bad losers, I remember O'neill being incensed by Celtics loss to Porto in the UEFA cup when your GOD mourinho clearly instructed his players to go over at any slight touch, when your a winner its very difficult to except defeat but Jol has not won anything so this trait is not embedded in him. Redtops, Green tops, broadsheets what I read is irrelevant to a football conversation.
My God is Martin Jol
"Broadsheets can be relied upon for greater accuracy." An incredibly naive comment, the Times and the Sun are owned by the same dude. All newspapers have their own agenda, to suggest copying facts from a broadsheet is better than from a tabloid is wrong. I don't read newpapers because I do not need to be told what to think. With regards to football, I watch the game and make my own mind up. Wenger owes Jol no apology, but let's not open that particular can of worms. The point with JM was he was forced to apologise because of the threat of legal action. Leeds United, Arsenal, Rijkaard, Frisk, Roeder and Arsenal again (for calling us defensive when we racked up 12 shots on goal and had more corners than them), the Reading ambulance service, the peasantry of Siberia (who are funding him) have yet to receive any apology.
Little Dutch

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Vital Members League (view all)

1. Amos. 56
2. Naijagunner 44
3. Galway Gooner 22
4. paul_ownz 22
5. Little Dutch 12
6. luckys_10 11
7. Nwankwo25 11
8. alwaysgunner 10
9. Wyn Mills 10
10. shewore 9

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Arsenal 4 - 1 Newcastle
Stoke 3 - 2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 0 Southampton
WBA 0 - 1 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 2 Man Utd
Swansea 2 - 1 Arsenal

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
3. Man Utd 16 9 4 3 12 31
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24
8. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
9. Swansea 16 6 4 6 2 22

Breaking League News

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Leicester City : 18/12/2014 08:30:00
AVB Moaning
Spurs : 18/12/2014 08:25:00
Ozil Slightly Ahead Of Schedule
Arsenal : 18/12/2014 08:16:00
Those Ashley Cole Rumours - An Update!
Chelsea : 18/12/2014 07:45:00
Chelsea`s Hazard Close to Signing New Deal!
Chelsea : 18/12/2014 07:39:00

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Wenger's sure Henry will return - in what role?
Suggested By:  Site Staff
Coach 100%
Manager 0%
Director 0%
Like Wenger, not sure but know he will return.... 0%