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Diaby To Make Return At Liverpool

Arsene Wenger today confirmed Abou Diaby's inclusion in the Arsenal squad to face Liverpool in tomorrow'a Carling Cup quarter final.

Diaby has been out of action since last April after suffering a broken ankle at the hands, or should I say feet of Sunderland's Dan Smith with only seconds remaining in a game that was far beyond doubt.

Now after all the waiting and hard work, Abou is finally ready to play.

Wenger gave the news (as well as other injury news) in his pre-match press conference.

'We have Diaby in the squad for the first time and Emmanuel Adebayor is very strongly coming back. Blackburn is possible for him,' said Wenger.

'Lauren is not in the squad for Liverpool, he has a small toe injury. William Gallas will not play either. But basically the only real injury is Ljungberg, he needs one more week after Blackburn.'

'That is why I said for a long time that I won't buy anyone [in the transfer window]. I knew I had enough players when they came back from injury.'

My only gripe would be that he chose to return on a night when I'm working lates so I'll miss the game.

Lets hope for extra time eh so your esteemed editor may witness the return of the highly rated Abou Diaby.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 8 2007

Time: 10:54PM

Your Comments

pull a sicky! lol Diaby whooooah, Diaby Whooooah, we signed him from Auxerre, he's every f****n where!
He looks one mean motherf***er...back just in time for those cloggers from the North and for two legs against the spuds...looking forward to crushing them with our reserve side
Anon 1
would be nice to see Abou for a wee while tomorrow night, but I would gladly wait a bit longer if he was a bit short of preparation. But I'm sure Le Gaffer got it all sussed... »»Arsene Knows««
I reckon bench and last 20 minutes.
Once the third goes in before half time I think we should give him 45 mins
Anon 1
IU'd be happy with that :) can we make sure sunderland's dan smith is locked in a cage, away from the city of liverpool, for the night? »»Arsene Knows««
In a cage... just for tomorrow night only?
Anon 1
does anyone know the squad for tonite's game? is cesc in the squad?
anon 1. If you win tonight, and i hope you do, what makes you think you'll play the reserves against Spurs? The way i see it is although you always put out 2nd string in the carling - the chance of a final may mean a different approach. On top of that, Wenger having lost only once against us, would surely rather keep the psychological grip over Spurs, and not risk losing - even if it is only with a reserve side. so i reckon he may wheel out the big guns. Especially if he needs to in the 2nd leg.
Jacky B
I disagree that we'll play the big guns in the SF of lager cup. A couple of seasons ago I remember Arsene looking back and admitting that we'd stretched ourselves too thinly by competing in all competitions. The problem that we have is that the "kids" are now in the first team, and the next wave are out on loan (Lupoli, Bendtner, Gilbert, Donnely etc). The guys below that are not up to it yet and I'm sure Arsene doesn't want to get a hiding and get abuse about "devaluing" a pointless trophy. It will be interested to see who plays. Song, Diaby, Flamini, Hoyte, Denilson, Manu should all play from the start. Toure and Robin should rest.
Sorry for the second post, but Theo should also start
Almunia, Hoyte, Djourou, Senderos, Clichy/Traore, Song, Cesc, Denilson, Rosicky, Walcott, Aliadiere, Baptista, RvP, Diaby, Lehmann could be the team
Lehmann up front in a 15 man team?
Jacky B
cheeky or just plain dumb?
well I guess I'll just answer you with a yes, Lehmann up front in a 15 man team and we will play our new player Clichy/Traore at LB.
just havin a laugh mate. maybe "team from" rather than"could be the team" would have stopped you from being open to such stupidity. I hope your Traore is better than the old Liverpool one. lol
Jacky B
Dunno why i am so kind - but I read that at least one bookie is offering 40-1 for you lot to repeat the 3-1 scoreline from Saturday. a long shot but worth a punt?
Jacky B
Le Boss has named the squad which is as follows:
2. Abou Diaby
4. Francesc Fabregas
5. Kolo Toure
9. Julio Baptista
15. Denilson
17. Alex Song
20. Johan Djourou
21. Mart Poom
24. Manuel Almunia
30. Jeremie Aliadiere
31. Justin Hoyte
32. Theo Walcott
33. Matthew Connolly
40. Henry Lansbury
43. Mark Randall
45. Armand Traore

Barnet Gooner
I try and keep updated on the reserve and youth teams, watch all the highlights and such on ATVO, but Who the **** is Henry Lansbury?! Anyone know anything about him?
Rocky I heard that Henry is Angela Lansbury's grandson. Remember, the one from Murder She Wrote? Not sure what he can do on the pitch, but by christ if anyone gets murdered tonight we'll find the culprit!!! haha
lets hope the kids do us proud ! i hope baptista and cecs play to ensure quality... traore is our next left back, didn't connolly play for the dream team ? hahaha
sorry jacky, a bit harsh from me. guess it was my hangover:)) peace.
hmmm... I wonder why wenger would feel the need to play a reserve side against the Spuds... with it potentially being their biggest game since.....who was it you last played in the UEFA crap?..sorry I forget these things
Anon 1
I see it all as banter anyway - thats why i am on here! Hate when ppl get all stroppy. we are here to poke fun at each other. Well I am anyway!
Jacky B
I sure can spot a spud even with a hangover. Anon, AW wouldn't. It would be enough to put eleven of the posters here in Arsenal jerseys and they'd sh1t themselves again. We'd win 2-0, goals from PG and Simmy. I volunteer to kick Keane and play in the Gilberto role.
Im in! Il play Right wing, I fancy my chances against lee pyo!
Can we also set up a game against Chelski, who volunteers to Mark Cashley? I hear nowadays he likes playing in the hole.
Espn classic are showing highlights of the hilarious spurs v city game in the cup from a few years ago it..give yourself a good laugh
Anon 1
You might all look a bit silly if you lose tonight, forfeiting a clash against us. Yes it is a very important game for us, and should we win the semi, we are pretty much guarenteed Europe again. Why should we be mocked for that? Just cos your bunch are too lazy to play a full season you have to give them a rest.
Jacky B
Iceman, since you're the RW - ca$hley is all yours. I think there'll be a few who'll fancy a kick at him as well. Just we need to take turns. Lol.
Being such a big club surely you understand squad rotation..then again...
Anon 1
Jacky, if we don't lose you should think about the next time you show your mug here.
Too lazy to play a full season? the record low number of games is 40, guess who owns that record!
And they still couldnt achieve above 5th in the league! outstanding achievement!
That trophy is proudly displayed at SHL. It is in the form of the left boot of R. Keane and GK shorts of Robinson actually used that season.(In excellent condition - didn't have enough games to make them dirty)
For info on Henri Lansbury on click here.
Barnet Gooner
At the club since he was 9. Nice. As is his hair.
Anon - we are just as big as you, just not as succesful recently. depends what you mean by "big" i spose. G4L - you big bully! lol. Anyway, why's that? I have already said i want you to win. Agree about Keanes R foot though. Iceman - yes at the moment that is a good achievement for us. We are building. much like you. Difference being we have not gone backwards like you have (in most respects.)
Jacky B
JackyB, I think that you should have a very strong expresso after washing your face with cold water. Day dreaming "...we are just as big as you...".
Barnet Gooner
If going backwards is reaching a champions league final then il take that everyday! More recently of course we destroyed liverpool's (a top 4 club) 12 month unbeaten home record. Youngest squad in the prem and only gonna get better.
Barnet gooner. Please clarify "big" Man city and Newcastle are aswell.
Jacky B
Jacky B, compare your team this season to ours in transition right now and we are still a lot better. Then next season, when our team grows up, watch what happens. Your only claim to REAL young talent is Lennon and he's walking the same path as Michael Owen. He gets injured again and loses his pace, he's gonna become a nothing player before he's 22. For England's sake hope that doesn't happen, then again he is a Spud...
Iceman "in most respects" Please read properly next time. I was reffering to domestic performance. You are not a patch on the unbeaten side of a few years back - hence the backwards comment. Jees - Just when i thought you guys were capable of reasonable debate. Little Dutch, where are you when i need you?
Jacky B
And yours is Fabregas.
Jacky B
You think LD is going to agree your moving in a better direction than us? doubtful.
And read my comments properly "youngest squad in the prem and only gonna get better"
Fabregas, Diaby, Bendtner, Walcott, Vela, Fran Merida, Armand Traore, Denilson, Eboue and Djorou. And I mean real talent not your standard ordinary players, plus the top quality experienced ones we already have.
CAN YOU READ ICEMAN? No i don't. I think he is a mite more intelligent than the rest of you.
Jacky B
Keplaz, I could reel of a long list of youth team players aswell mate. Untill they have "done it" in the first team, they don't count in my eyes. So its just Fabregas and Lennon. 1 each. All those you listed could just as likely be an "aliadiere" as they could a "Fabregas"
Jacky B
Do you think I can read? Can you read?
I know 1 thing for sure whatever why you want to define big club, Sp*rs aint one! The biggest flops in the history of the premiership, no team has spent so much to achieve so little. 5th last year, give Pompey a bit of money and they are doing just as well as u did last term. No achievments just hollow boasts of what how good your gonna be, which some gooners have been listening to for the last 46 years. The might of Samways, Dozell, Cundy, Dominguez, Rebrov and co have all been through your revolving door over the years and still nothing, even when we had guys like morrow and Hillier we were winning more trophies than you. Achieve something worthwhile then come back and we can have a reasoned debate, otherwise im off to the Vital Blackburn site (well they have won something more recently than you).
denilson captained brazil to youth final,his team was beaten from goals scored by vela(comp top scorer),djourou was part of swizz world cup squad that didnt concede one goal in comp.eboue already established prem player who featured in champions league final,walcott...say no more,bendtner established striker being watched by many big clubs,as for the rest they have great ability and promise and they will go on to bigger things
fran merida
'We are just as big as you, just not as succesful recently'....ha ha ha ha ha...sorry I nearly split my spleen and spurs v city on espn hasn't even started remember that game? The one when you went 3 up spuds always cheer me up
Anon 1
and lost against ten men!!!!!
fran merida
when they say that they are just as big as us don't even respond just just makes me remember why everyone considers them a joke
Anon 1
Not just a joke with us - a national joke, an international joke. Actually when life is discovered on Mars they'll be chuckling at the pikeys at Whiff hart lane
With all due respect to Spu*s, they can't boast half the talent, half the fan base or half the yout team we can. The players listed above are just the ones we are aware of. Wenger managed to keep Djourou and Senderos under wraps till they played in the first team. Imagine what he has under wraps? Being able to watch Arsenal's youth team week in week out would be like working in Area51, full of amazing stuff that no one knows about!
Yeah,cos most are illegal aliens!
All those you listed could just as likely be an "aliadiere" as they could a "Fabregas" Jacky B! lololololol.
Lol. Good point Iceman. It would be a disaster bas on Aliadiere;s performance tonight....;)
hahah illegal aliens, you should know just look at SHREK Jol... or was that a cartoon, bah what the hell, he don't look human !
He's no shrek PG, He's jabba the Hut from Star Wars! Who ate all the pie's? Who ate all the pies? Fat Jol did, Fat Jol did, Jol ate all the pies! Fat ********!
In response to the barracking i got on the Diaby post. Congratulations on a 3 goal win against Liverpools second string. And one good performance from Aliadiere does not a good player make. Oh and your fan base has grown with the addition of loads of numpties who have nothing better to do from their day off as a merchant banker. I sat in the North bank last year during the 1-1 game. After a while i could no longer hide my allegiance and started showing signs of excitement everytime Lennon skinned panini. Did anyone do anything or care? Did they fuch! lol. Now, I am not saying that i shoulda gotta a pasting as there is no place for violence, even between the fiercest of rivals. But for someone to bat an eyelid would be nice. These fans that you have told me about don't know the meaning of what it is to be a Goon - or the rivalry between you lot and us. So regardless of if you beat us 1-0 or 10-0 in the semi's with your first 11 or your under 11's. Have a look at yourselves.
Jacky B
Ur great fanbase who walk out with 20 minutes to go when 3-0 down at the grove, who barrack legends like Hoddle and Ardiles until they are sacked! ur support is Sh!t! Go to the sp*rs site and see ur mates wanting people sacked and sold after every pathetic defeat, that aint support! Have a look at yourselves. When Browsing the Sp*rs vital site I see people hailing Huddlestone as the new Hoddle after 15 games so dont go there in regards to Aliadieire.
anon, close one. it was actually 4 before half time :). but who would have expected that !! good to hear diaby getting a run on the pitch.

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