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Let's All Feel Sorry For Mourinho

I awoke all bleary eyed this morning to watch the cricket, only to find another embarrassing loss on the cards, so I opted for a little surfing on the old internet.

Almost instantly I came across an article entitled 'Mourinho: I'm not so lucky'.

'I'm reading that' I thought to myself.

I could not believe my eyes. Here's what he said.

'I'm not even as lucky as some other people because I don't have in the reserve team defenders with the quality and ready to play for my team,' said Mourinho.

'You look at other teams - Glenn Roeder had (Paul) Huntington, and the boy who scored against Manchester United (David Edgar).

'Other teams have an answer. We have no quality defenders and players ready to play for the first team.'

'They are too young or not good enough to play at this level. I don't even have a second squad to go and pick players.'

The first thought that popped into my head was that this is the first time in since he arrived that Chelsea have had any sustained period of time when they have had any injuries.

Secondly he has compared his luck with the manager of Newcastle United. Glenn Roeder is one manager who has cause for complaint. His team have suffered so many injuries this season that when he faced Moroninho's Chelsea, I believe he had 10 first team players out of action.

To add an Arsenal slant on this article I'd like to point out that over the past two seasons the Gunners have had one of the worst injury records in the league. Last January we were without a mammoth 8 defenders, yet we somehow managed fourth spot, the Carling cup semi final and the final of the Champions League without once bemoaning our luck.

And last but by no means least, Josie has no-one to blame but himself. If the special needs one hadn't spunked all his money away on an over rated striker and the wages of a lazy German midfielder, he might, just might have been able to afford a player or two in positions that actually needed strengthening.

So if Maureenho is looking for some sympathy by making this statement, lets give him some.

After three, 1, 2, 3........


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 12 2007

Time: 8:50AM

Your Comments

I bet Dario Gradi is reading this with a candle lit vigil for poor Jose. Only 300m spent on players in his time at Chelsea, awwwwww!
Little Dutch
He's feeling sorry for himself at the first signs of trouble. I always maintained that we would see Josies true colours the first time things didn't go his way.
lol LD.. he SUCKS
The question we need to ask is who's fault is it? If Maureen-the-ho has had his hands tied by uncle fester kenyon then you could possibly see where Maureen-the-ho is coming from if not he only has himself to blame. The C*le purchase was one made only to try and destabilise us and and enhance their notion that they are a big club but in letting Gallas go it has kinda blown up in their faces. 60 milion pounds spent in the summer on C*le, Bhoularouz, Obi mikel, Ballack and Shevchenko....Thats a lot of dough and you cannot help but feel certain other managers could have used it better! For 60 million pounds you can certainly get cover at centre back buy a decent right back and still have change, they have been unlucky with the goalkeeping situtaion but Arsenal won the league in 01/02 using Seaman, Wright and Taylor and were still unbeaten away from home. Its not exactly a mess with the position their at in all competitions but its a little hard to stomach all the moaning with the amount of money they have spent over the last 3 years.
in a good week for all guuners a bad news has poped up about gallas being injured again in training!!! i think we will mis him in the Man USA clash!
do u guyz remember a season which AW has spent 60 milion ??? i think if he do spend that much he will win all major tournaments
Iceman - The amount of cash this dude has had at his disposal since he arrived, I could never see where he is coming from. When we had all our injuries AW knew he had players in his reserves who could step in and fill the void. Chelsea are so obsessed with the quick fix that no thought has been put into the reserves, and the only person to blame for that is Mourinho, yet he still thinks it's ok to complain that his reserves aren't good enough. THATS YOUR OWN FAULT YOU MORON!!!!!
If you're a kid in Chelsea's reserves you probably don't feel too confident about your future do you. Still, as long as Mourinho keeps his inflated ego in check and can blame someone other than himself, I suppose it's all o.k. Me and my mates have questioned for a while how Chelsea would cope with a title race they aren't leading. I think at the moment, in the battle of the minds, Fergamoan is making Jose look ridiculous.
Little Dutch
As I arose from my pit at 5.30 this morning to trudge into the city to work via trains that don't turn up when they say they will, after showering in the cold because the missus forgot to put the timer on I must confess to a little sympathy for Jose and his woes. It must be awful having the burden of his boss not wanting to add to his 300m player investment. Of course in our cushty lives we will never experience the terrible existence the poor love endures. Hey ho, I hope by the time he arrives home to his mansion in West London (probably about 11.00 a.m) after a nightmare morning running around with 20 megastar footballers he feels a little more happy with his gruelling life.
The thing is, who is actually injured? Terry, Cech, Robben has a minor knock that has kept him out for about three games. Where are their other injuries? And surely the 'Special One' realises that the playing staff, is kind of, sort of, just might be, HIS F*****G RESPONSIBILITY!
Little Dutch
afghenry, Wenger has never spent that amount of money and I don't think personally he'd be that good if he did. Some managers are better with raw talent and teaching them to play his way than inheriting megastars. If you look at the likes of Wiltord and Reyes (still our most expensive signings I believe) this would back up my theory.
I think there is credence to that, Wenger likes a particular type of player, and it is easier to achive that by getting them young and moulding them (Henry, Weah, Trezeguet, Thuram, Fabregas, Vieira etc, etc). Rarely players come along that fit his style of play, Pires, Hleb, Rosicky are players you look at and say 'theya re Wenger players.' I think that about Eto'o and Kaka as well, they would be a dream in this Arsenal side. Still, we can dream. Aside from that, I think Wenger really enjoys developing raw talent that nobody else is aware of, this is why I am sure he will go to Africa and work in an academy when he is finished at Arsenal.
Little Dutch
Im just struggling to see how you can spend so much money and then claim Newcastle have better reserves. That said if the ridiculous creature Kenyon is selling Maureen-the-ho's players without his permission (Gallas) I understand why his is moaning (although I dont agree!) As LD has pointed out they only have 2 injuries (Cech and Gallas) 01/02 we used 3 keepers and had Adams, Keown, Campbell and upson as our 4 centre backs and those 7 players did not cost 60 million combined.
*(cech and Terry)
i agreee with u about what u r saying about mourinho but how can u say about sheva an over rated player he is on of the best strikers in the world along side henry and etoo
Yawn. We may be in crisis. We're still better than you.
I agree to a degree LD, but with some players who you would instantly think would fit the Wenger way and his style of play it isn't always the case. I think the 2 players I have mentioned in Reyes and Wiltord would, on paper be stereotypical Arsenal players and for one reason or another, neither really worked out.
The maccalsfield defenders dont seem to agr
the maccalsfield defenders dont seem to agree with u princeoflove909
rjh we are not talking about the merits of either team were talking about the bleating of ur manager...any thoughts?
wenger the man to make a player Hero from zero and he is well known for creating super stars out of very young kids just watch out for wollcot
iceman, he had a thought last Tuesday, don't overload the poor chap.
Yawn, you may be back to back Champions but we've won the league ten more times than you.
Little Dutch
CRy Chelsea CRY
Wasn't that a song on the White Album?
Little Dutch
Looking back now, this Gallas deal is even more rewarding.
An articulate argument as ever. You playing centre back tomorrow?
Little Dutch
Come on now everybody, dig deep into those pockets, this poor little soul and his poverty stricken buddy, fat Rafa, need all the help we can give. Bless em they've only spent 500mil or so biulding their teams and they haven't got any decent reserves.... infact now that I put that down in writting how is that even possible!! oh well, them boys might be rich but Gd I'm glad I'm a gooner!!
kenny lunt
chelsea in BLUESSSSSSSSSSS or lets say CSKA london
i think The mighty ArSeNaL has the best reserves in the EPl or maybe in the world any one dont agree plz watch that hammring at anfield 6-3 to the kids of North london as a fellow gooner told that there are only 2 teams in north london one is the mighty ArSeNaL and the other is the ArSeNaL reserves!
The Stress of the title race has clearly affected Mikeblue! lol
Doesn't he usually come across as an articulate fan who sort of knows his stuff and trie to put together a well constructed argument? Clearly everyone from Chelsea act the same when they dont know what to do. It also speaks volumes that we've had no other Chav's here!!
Mikeyblue? Nah, he usually just spouts off some old rubbish about how Man Utd have spent money blah, blah, blah!
Little Dutch
BREAKING NEWS: ***** face set to quit at the end of the season. He says "That's it, I'm leaving at the end of the season.......I don't know where yet." Frank Arsnesen has taken over transfer duties!!
the face of the Portuguese t*at has become so wrinkled in the last few months, it doesn't go along with his super coat. how much is he payed to DO A JOB there?
its true jose does look a bit tired,i think all the stress is getting to him,his heart doesnt seem to be in it anymore,i dont blame him what with gus hiddink in the wings waiting for jose to bugger off to real madrid,
fran merida
It's unfortunate that Hiidink is waiting in the wings. Now he IS a top manager. If the F.A weren't so caught up in appeasing the xenophobic press, he'd be England manager and the national team might actually go somewhere!
Little Dutch
btw rjh,when jose leaves,and believe me it will be sooner than later,and gus hiddink takes over,even though gus is one of the best managers in the world it will take you at least 2 years to become champions again,thats if you can keep up with arsenal and manusa,so that will be 3 years without a trophy,and that is if you do manage to win the league again,if you dont,god knows what will become of your team,this could be the beginin of the end
fran merida
Somewhere further than the Quarter Final 'bottle it' penalty shoot out.
Little Dutch
In the words of Jim Morrison..."This Is The End....."
Little Dutch
LD you are a fine one to talk about spewing *****, you consatntly regurgitate the same old crap, I suppose next year is your year the same as when you said last year that this would be your season of greatness. I was actually pleased you lot beat liverpool so heavily but that is purely because i forgot how arrogant you lot really are. So you beat liverpools poorly selected team, do you think you will actually win anything this year?
don't shed any tears...
Calm down dear, its only a website! p.s I've been a member of this site since July, so how do you know what I was saying last season? Take some valium me old china, and wipe that foam from your mouth.
Little Dutch
P.S You wanna talk about regurgitating the same old crap? Chelsea's style of football. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Little Dutch
You condescending prat, how about you do the rest of the world a favour and take some cyanide. Either that or keep your pompous pointless un thought out comments to yourself. It must be devastating to have fallen so far that the main article on the Arsenal Vital site is taking a swipe at some poorly used quotes, I bet you are hankering for a time when your team will be respected as potential trophy winners again rather than looked upon as the second rate wannabes that they have become.
P.S. To coin one of your regularly used phrases "you didn't answer my question"
Oooooh, get you! Of course the Chelsea site NEVER pens articles with the intention of winding up other supporters now. In answer to your question, I think we have a good shot at winning something this year, certainly. But tuesday proves the future of this club is incredibly prosperous. Chelea's short term 'Reaganism' means that's not the case for you lot. Oh and the drinking cyanide angle, how inventive. Someone's been reading Madame Bovary haven't they? Now your turn to answer my enquiry, if I wasn't a member of this site last season, how do you know what I was saying? It couldn't be that, in your desperation for something resembling a concrete argument, you've just gone and presented all present with yet more self serving fiction?
Little Dutch
Wenger never moans
Jacky B
Oh and p.s, in the spirit of being condescending, I might point out that if you are quoting a "regularly used phrase" from somebody, you are not "coining" it, you are regurgitating it. It must be devastating to be in such a state that you can win, sorry buy, two Premiership titles and still not get any respect because the world knows that they were ill gotten, with funds taken from a country with one of the lowest GDP's in the world, and STILL not produce any good football. It must be devastating to have a manager responsible for the most expensively assembled squad in footballing history, only for your manager to complain about a lack of depth/resources.
Little Dutch
Surely LD if you were saying these things in July that was before the commencement of the current season, therefore it is fair to interpret that comment as one that was based upon the previous season.
Wenger certainly moans, sometimes it makes me cringe. But he has not spent 300m on a squad and moaned about a lack of depth/resources and branded the manager of Newcastle 'lucky.' Then again, I suppose Newcastle never get injuries, do they?
Little Dutch
No ducky, season ends in May. When somebody says "this season" in July, they are talking about August. Besides, my forecast (and I have the betting slip to verify it) was that I felt Arsenal would win the league in 2007/08.
Little Dutch
"Wenger certainly moans, sometimes it makes me cringe. But he has not spent 300m on a squad and moaned about a lack of depth/resources and branded the manager of Newcastle 'lucky.' Then again, I suppose Newcastle never get injuries, do they?" You see that proves you have taken no time out to read the actual interview before forming your myopic opinion. Do a little research and you will realise why I think you are a tool.
this is the 1st time Chel$ea had to face an injury 'crisis' which consists of the knocked Terry and Czech, the injured but rarely used when fit Robben and J.Cole, in and out Cudicini and Bouhlarouz and a few suspensions here and there. Most of the 'spine' is there (Drogba+Essien+Fat Frank), and most of Jose's 'untouchables' are fit. This is hardly a crisis for any club. Only Manure had an easy ride this season re- injuries, all the other clubs had a torrid time getting their best players in the team at the same time. However, as soon as the 'mighty Blue$' drew a few games, the red light went off and it was 'panic at the disco' time: Jose's future is in doubt, he is moaning about lack of support from the board (I almost started crying when I read that), the 2nd string is sh**e, there is no academy players that can fill in... It is hard core evidence that Jose M. is an average manager who cannot cope with the everyday challenges that his colleagues in the Prem'ship have to face almost every season. To mention Roeder and compare Chel$ki to Newcastle team is just plain pathetic. His Champs League triumph was due to a divine intervention at Old Turdford, his two titles in EPL are due to the money from the dirty Russian and good fortune re- injuries+suspensions.
'I'm not even as lucky as some other people because I don't have in the reserve team defenders with the quality and ready to play for my team,' said Mourinho. 'You look at other teams - Glenn Roeder had (Paul) Huntington, and the boy who scored against Manchester United (David Edgar). 'Other teams have an answer. We have no quality defenders and players ready to play for the first team.' Errrrrr, your point? He used the word lucky and then immediately used Glenn Roeder as an example of somebody who is 'lucky' (his word) to have strength in depth.
Little Dutch
as I said that is THE most pathetic statement by any manager this year (considering the circumstances)
even more pathetic than the recent complaint by Rafa that they can't 'compete' with Arsenal in the 'talent market' because of lack of funds. (after buying Crouch+Bellamy+Pennant, etc.)
I think that Roeder is lucky to have players like Huntington and Edgar coming through, many clubs would have to but if they had the same problems as newcastle, lets be sensible here how long did it take Wenger to build that pool of quality young players he has now? CFC were woeful in their development of youngsters until about 2 and an half years ago that is not enough time to develop players good enough to step into the first team.
Mikeyb you are as pathetic in the excuses as the manager of your club.
mikeyb - Is that not the name of a DJ? Y'know - the one who is Spoony's mate.
Jacky B
Before taking over as manager Glenn Roeder was.......NEWCASTLE'S YOUTH DEVELOPMENT OFFICER! So he is not 'lucky' to have those young players, he is responsible for them. You have to understand that having spent insane amounts of cash on players, with the world's most expensively assembled squad, hearing Mourinho whine about a lack of resources is open to ridicule. How are Chelsea to be expected to attract young players now that Mourinho has shown he has no problems telling the world his youngsters have 'not enough quailty' to play. Making young players take the fall to protect his own ego is hardly going to encourage young talent to go to Chelsea. Ask Diarra if he is happy at Chelsea.
Little Dutch
They can't find him let alone ask him. He is gone AWOL
funny how arsenal's asite always seems full of vitriol against other teams, no matter who the opposition may be? i thought it was just me, but it appears you are loathed by one and all! you cheating ****s!
drunkard bill
I assume that you mr. bill have sympathy for Jose M. and that he is really spot on with his most recent whinge. Good for you. Say hello to Hulse the cheater as well if you are still a blade supporter.
Jacky B, I think you will find its mikey b, timmy magic and spoony (Aka the dreem team) so it could possibly be him! Spoony is a Liverpool fan tho so I doubt it!
Why do people go on about Chelsea's injury "crisis"? What crisis? Them lot have all of Cech, Terry, Cole and Robben with proper injury. That's the mghty sum of 4 first XI players out. That's a crisis? Jeez! You want to know what an injury crisis looks like? Have a look at Newcastle's squad when they played you. They had 10 out. Look at us last season; at one point we had 8 DEFENDERS out. That's what I call an injury crisis you muppets.
oh yeah, forgot bout "magic" That music ain't my cuppa cha so i had probs remembering
Jacky B
Stooopid is as stooopid duuuz Mickey.
what exactly is mickeys point?ive read everything he has just written and he still hasnt said anything of any value instead all he has done is try and belittle a few people and have a pop at arsenal again.
fran merida
Mourinho will be Real Madrid's next manager. Mark my words. The coward.
Little Dutch
LD,i think you've made a friend 4 life there in 'C@ckmuncher' Mikeyblue.
I think he will go to Inter Milan.
mournho is complain about no money this month, unbelievable, they did a whole thing on him on ITV news last night, the man has over bought, over paid and now realises he has bought the wrong players in the wrong position, so the special one ain't so special anymore, and it looks like he will throw his dollies out of the pram because we all know unless he has big name signings, he doesn't know the market aswell as he thinks and can't unearth real gems like Fergie and Wenger can.. so he will walk out now and show his real class... typical chav.
Who is injured? Only Cech, Terry and Robben? Try Joe Cole, Cudicini, Boulahrouz and the suspension of Carvalho, Drogba nd disciplinary wih Diarra. 9 outfield players from a squad that only had 19 outfield players. With Carvalho and Drogba returned and Cudicni fit enough only to make the bench the team returns to a 4-0 win. But while they're out and even kids like Jimmy Smith and Mancienne out on loan there aren't even kids to cme in in tehir place.
you can only play 11 players at a time! of the 1st 11 2 players were injured so stop moaning.Ask yourself why you have only got 19 outfield players after spending 300 million in 3 years? where are the players from you hopeless PR scam Soccer Idol!

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