Arsenal - David Dein Corruption Uncovered
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David Dein Corruption Uncovered

After years of speculation, David Dein has finally been exposed for the charlatan that he really is.

On the night that Arsenal took on the mighty Spurs at White Hart Lane, David Dein was found to have been in cahoots with his old buddies at the FA, and the London ministry of transport.

As we all know, David Dein has always had full control of the FA, and even though it has nothing to do with it, the Premier League as well. And now it seems Dein has been using these contacts as a means to his own ends.

After hours of discussions, Dein managed to convince the FA & the ministry of transport to stage a traffic jam in order to delay the Arsenal team bus and unsettle the waiting Tottenham team.

Subsequently, after taking a 2-0 lead, the Tottenham team tiered and were pegged back to 2-2. Mission accomplished by Dein.

However, the Tottenham management and board will look to foil DD's almost fool proof plan by requesting that the original kick off times be used for the final outcome of the match.

If their appeal is successful, Arsenal will have both their goals chalked off as the match kicked off 30 minutes late and the Gunners goals were both scored in the last half hour of the match.

Daniel Levy is preparing a well thought out letter as we speak.

Watch this space.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 25 2007

Time: 12:52AM

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They were given lasagne at half-time.....2-0 and you mucked it up!!!!
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25/01/2007 01:02:00

Dontcha just love it when they give it large.....then just fall apart. That was like their whole of last season compressed into 90 minutes...Lead for some much of the way, the bottled it like a bunch of big girls!!!!
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25/01/2007 01:11:00

Ah ha! FOD has been saying since 1928 that in 2007 a man named David Dein will cause a traffic jam in 2007 to set up a 2-2 draw at WHL in the semi final of the carling Cup!! He's the root of all evil is DD...him and Mc Donalds...
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25/01/2007 01:17:00

Haha my sides are splitting. You should write scripts silver screen comedies.
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25/01/2007 01:17:00

It was all quite plausible until the final sentence, everyone knows that tool Levy has never composed a well thought sentence let alone a letter.
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25/01/2007 01:28:00

"That was like their whole of last season compressed into 90 minutes" - LOL...I almost feel sorry for the Spuds.
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25/01/2007 02:39:00

You need some sugar with those grapes! 2-0 and you ****ed it up!!!
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25/01/2007 06:41:00

and how great was robinson ? i mean my coffee nearly spat all overall my mates TV when i saw him c oming, we both shouted GOAL at the same time when we saw fatty robbo coming out so quick, he must have had some lasagne, cos we reckon he needed the loo pretty quick.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 07:32:00

2-0 tto the Engerland, 2-0 to the OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH. Doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 08:05:00

What ever your smoking I will have some.....
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 08:07:00

I'm smoking the beautiful satisfying air of life mate. Take as much as you like.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 08:18:00

Welll, the beast managed to socre a hattrick,... somehow eh?
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 08:49:00

Top of the morning - yet again a capitulation.
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 08:51:00

I am quite happy with the fact that the eam really has depth now. The work of building is bringing good results. It can only be good for the future.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 08:56:00

Fair play Jacky for coming on. I don my hat to you sir.
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25/01/2007 09:01:00

Denilson looks some player. He looks like a brazilian Fabregas! great passer and seems to have lot's of time on the ball. Think he is going to a top player and is only 18.... Walcott seems a bit lost on the wing and looked a lot brighter when put up top with the "Beast" We have the team of the future and to think Bendtner, Lupoli, Muamba, are all on loan gaining experience.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:15:00

Hard to stomach mate - I think 2-2 was about right on balance of play, just feel we are gonna need to be even luckier to beat you. Our 2nd goal was not a free kick admittedly, but i think the beast could defo have seen red before gobbling 2 goals. When he was on a yellow he gestured to the ref to book Defoe (which Wenger did not see lol) and Keane was defo onside for 3-1. But if you cant hold onto a 2 goal lead....then you dont deserve victory. I was sitting so close to you scum aswell! lol
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:20:00

It was a great game and superb atmosphere. I must admit I was thinking about flogging my ticket for the return leg after 20 minutes. Note to self....have as much faith in the kids as Arsene does.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:26:00

I am deflated but dont think we are totally out of it. a draw of any kind will see us into ET. One thing i would point out is that the players on show who could most be classed as "kids" (Walcott and Traore for example) actually struggled. Wenger got the balance right for you i think.
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:30:00

Jacky B - Denilson is a "kid" only 18 and bossed the midfield with Cesc!
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:34:00

i disagree, cesc had a good second half but i cant say i really noticed denilson - I thought he was pretty much shackled by Hudd. but i take your point you totally dominated 2nd half
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:37:00

away goals count for 2 in this competetion, so what happens if its a draw ?
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:44:00

Jacky B - i admire your optimism. But its going to be a mountain to climb for spurs in the 2nd leg. A couple of poor decisions, like your 2nd goal freekick and the keano offside, but i think they levelled each other out. The pace at which spurs played the game in the 1st 55 mins or so, they were never going to be able to sustain it thru the 90 mins. Once again, Arsene outmanouevred MJ tactically !!
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:49:00

Jacky B, spuds second goal should never have been as it was never a free kick, & although the first has to go down as Toure/Almunia's fault I am still annoyed at the blatant back pass by a spurs player which robinson picked up & resulted in spuds getting their first goal. Yes the defender was cutting out a cross but it was still a back pass, either that or the defender (possible dawson) was trying to score an own goal. I thought the spuds midfield was all over the place, Huddlestone & Zokora were awful. Its still not over but even a 0-0 or 1-1 draw is fine for us which certainly gives an advantage. Spuds however do have the luxury of being able to rest players for the FA cup game against championship opposition whereas arsenal will need to play all our main players against Bolton.
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:53:00

Prits - I agree - subs by Wenger really changed things. I gotta be optimistic mate otherwise htere is no point watching the 2nd leg. Like i said, a draw of any kind takes it to ET
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:54:00

The great and fabulous Dutch got out alive, just!!! My mate Lee got done over unfortunately and another guy I know caught a fist. That's why the Spuds can't have 9,000 next week. Cesc was amazing second half, he really showed some leadership and I can only thank Paul Robinson from the bottom of my heart, have a donut on me slim! Denilson excellent, but really Eboue and Hleb changed the game by going at them, Spuds could have killed us off at 3-0, why they didn't go for it I've no idea. Anyways, enough, I'll save it for the match report.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:56:00

Average age of the starting 11 was 21. That is with Almunia,Toure and Baptista included. Jacky, how long are you lot going to put up with Robinson. Too fat, too slow and bad descision maker.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:56:00

First goal Almunia's fault, he called for it but didn't come. He took responsibility for it as well.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 09:58:00

That was NOT a back pass it has to be INTENTIONAL, however i can see what you are saying. We could go on all day about those sort of things, but like i have said - the 2 pivotal decisions went against us. Baptista should have gone, and Keane was one on one, and flagged wrongly offside. However we also blew the 2 goal lead which i am happy to admit.
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 10:02:00

Yeah disappointed with Robbo there.
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 10:04:00

Jacky B - whats the point unless u have hope eh :). LD - I was disappointed with toure, coz i thought it was his fault for not clearing it away. Looks like i was wrong. I expected Toure to take more onus coz the defence isnt experienced and the goal keeper isnt good !!! But i was concerned abt the spuds playing us off the park in the 1st half, i mean, we lost possession coz of the pressure they put on arsenal players who had the ball. But all good in the end.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 10:12:00

Toure is the reason we didn't go 3-0 or 3-1 up. so strong and quick
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 10:17:00

I felt defensively we were woeful, I'm inclined to agree that Toure did not take responsibility in the first half. However, Almunia had an off night, he is an otherwise fine back up goalie, as he proved at Anfield. Attacking wise, I think we looked good all night, even when we were up against it and 2-0 down I felt we could score, I just didn't think we could keep Spuds at 2. Why they didn't really go for it and finish it off I've no idea, but it could be a mistake they seriously regret.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 10:50:00

Sorry but the way I see it the 2 pivotal decisions went against arsenal, otherwise we would be sitting here today having won 0-2. It was an INTENTIONAL backpass as the defender made no attempt to clear it, he simple played it back to robinson. Secondly the only person who thought Denilson had committed a foul was Poll so again it went against us. As for Keane, yes he was onside but I can remember countless 1 on 1's that he has messed up so there is no gurantee he would have scored, although he should have been given the opportunity, & as for Baptista I really think you are clutching at straws. The only person I have ever seen sent off for waving an imaginary card is Lauren against PSV in the champions league. Wenger has said he will speak to Baptista about it but having seen Zokora do the same thing on at least 3 occasions this season I think you are being somewhat petty!!
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 12:03:00

thats fine
Jacky B
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 12:11:00

denilson what a promising talent he look wow, he didnt make 1 mistake all game did he, him and cesc bossed that midfeild especially in the second half, tottenham cam out the traps well and quick but the truth is we gifted them 2 goals so i would say we deserved a win, eoue was awsome when he came on but walcott looked out of depth out on the wing to be honest.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 12:13:00

I think arsenal & spurs both need a true left winger. Rosicky is fine but we also need someone else. I really hope the stories are true about Ryan Babel coming to us in the summer. having seen him 4 or 5 times now he could make a massive difference to our squad. We really have so many quality players but truly the one area lacking cover is the left side. I suppose a lot will depend on whether reyes has to come back or not, obviously wenger wont want him (although he will say he does) but I seriously doubt madrid will keep him especially if capello leaves. I also hope wenger signs baptista but I am not convinced he will as I dont think he feels he has space for him, unless we suffer lots of injuries.
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 12:36:00

SIGN ROMFORD PELE QUICK!!!! He's on a free transfer as well! God I miss him:)))
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 12:48:00

Don't get the slagging of Alumnia to be honest...he made a mistake on the first goal but he had no chance on the second, and he made an incredible save when it was tied 2-2 on that partial breakaway, raising his hand up to deflect the shot. Walcott I think just hasn't had enough game action, this is only the second game he had an extended run in since the Christmas period. So far this season he's been a lot more effective as a sub, as he generally comes in with less pressure and his ridiculous pace is even more effective against tiring opposition. That said he didn't do too badly up front with Beast...maybe Wenger plays him there from the jump next week, if Alidaire isn't fit.
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 13:22:00

denilson was excellent,he didnt miss place one pass,that guy has a great future,almunia and toure did mess up for the first goal but they def.made up for it
fran merida
Report Abuse
25/01/2007 18:38:00


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