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Forever In Our Shadow

As usual the superb match report will come from Mr Stillman, but I just can not let this occassion pass without comment.

Believe it or not (I don't care really) I fully intended to end this evening with a graceful article, whatever the result.

If we'd have won (which of course we did) I was going to show my gratitude to Spurs for their part in an enthralling cup tie, that over two legs has produced some scintillating football and many memorable moments.

If we'd have lost, through gritted teeth admittedly, I was going to offer congratulations to our poor neighbours and wish them luck in the final.

That was my intention.

However, considering Tottenham's belief that they have the greatest supporters in the world of football, they were easily out sung by the Ashburton faithful. That is until the 'fans' from the Lane boisterously sang the vile song that I will not acknowledge by quoting.

Considering the lengths both Arsenal & Chelsea went through to make sure Mr Cole wasn't abused in any which way by Gooners who travelled to Stamford Bridge, how the visiting Spuddies are consistently allowed to omit this filth in regular bursts is astonishing.

It is with the sickening thought of that song in mind that I say...........


Forever in our Shadow.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 31 2007

Time: 11:50PM

Your Comments

its not a shadow its an eclipse. and may it stay that way forever. UP THE GUNNERS!
Ozi Gooner
and Cashley did his knee tonight.
As soon as the 3rd goal went in they left in their droves, ive got the photo's to prove it! I hope this is the last we hear about their great support as its the 2nd time this year they have deserted their troops when their troops needed them most! As for that vile ive said before anyone who can make a joke about child abuse does not belong in a football ground....there were 5000 of them to my left.
Any pity you start to feel for the losers then they sing crap like that and you just think naaaah you're scum are'nt you?, the longest standing joke in English football, they're not even in our shadow cos even that is too bright for em - too poor to be called pondlife - they're puddlelife
having said that, 'sit down tumour boy' was'nt my proudest moment as a gooner, shame on the *****s that started that up.
when i was just a little boy,i asked my mother what should i be.... should i be arsenal?should i be spurs?and this what she says to me. wash your mouth out son, and go get your fathers gun, and shoot all the totnum scum...wash your mouth out son
fran merida
hes only a poor little spurs scum,he sits at the back of the shelf,he goes to the bar, to buy a lager,and only buys one for himself, tight ********
fran merida
tight ccccuuuuunnnnntttttt
fran merida
Just a thought lads but did Goonerchef strike again last night?, or did Lennon just get the almighty fear?
spuds fans were abysmal. Only offered token efforts at 'vocality' and decided to sing only once they'd scored. That didnt last long. If we have a library, they mave a morgue... »»Arsene Knows««
* have
Is it just great being a gooner, and like the article I too was going to say well done, but then I realised it was the scum I was thinking of and they are just scum. I thought young Denilson played a game an a half he was terrific. Diaby (at times it looked as though Pat was back) Traore, and Hoyte had great games. Almunia seems to grow even better with each game. The lads were really great a great game. Then with dismay I read an article by Neilson in the Daily Mail, is this ******* a spurs supporter, what a *****er he really is. Every article from him spews of (in between the lines) hate for the gunners. I would like to think he was a scum spud fan, but they can’t read or write, so where does he come from.
Lennon was poison again before the match that is what Mr M.Jol will say after 7 weeks.. like he said after 7 weeks that Arsenal first 2 goals was not OK 1 was not a penalty and 1 was hand ball(in EPL)
Good morning to you all - I dont wanna give Jol any excuses, but he should look no further than the end of his nose. If he wants to play sunday league football, and have less subs than his opponents, then he should come manage my sunday outfit. Congratulations on yet another victory. I don't know why i expected anything else.
Jacky B
Your grace is astounding Jacky B. However, surely the Spuds told Lennon to stay away from the lasagne?! Denilson has to play in the final, he's been motm or close to it in every round. Oh and watching the Spuds players reluctantly go and applaud a load of empty seats at the end was priceless! It was a great game, both legs were, played in a decent spirit as well. A shame the referee tried his best to make the occasion about him.
Little Dutch
honestly thought your boys were gonna nick it in the last minutes of full time Jacky, Jol arsed up big time with the subs list, Lennon shoulda been made to play if he was ok up til an hour or so before at least come on for the last 15 mins, I believe if you look up the word magnanimous in the dictionary there might well be a picture of you Jacky B.
Yeah, in injury time of normal time I really thought they were gonna "do a Rocky" on us. I can't believe they didn't go for it in extra time. Spurs failed to go for the jugular at the Lane at 2-0 which was his first mistake, but not going for it when they had to score in extra time is just plain stupid!
Little Dutch
Cant explain it LD bit baffling, tiredness must be a factor, I dunno
I have never had so much fun with my pants on. Good on you Jacky B. Well played young lads and well played Mrs.Hatespur for recording it for me so I could lord it up again when I got home. I knew there was a reason I married her.
Why do the club keep doing fire drills in the away section when we play Spurs?? Very disappointing. I turned to my left to let them have it after the 3rd goal and have to chant at 4,998 empty seats.
he he chuckles hatespur!!
thanks guys. I have come to realise over these two legs and your game against Utd that your team is the fittest, and maybe that was why we couldn't "have a go" in extra time. other than that, the lennon issue, and Mido not starting were what killed us. both of which i put down to Jol - I too was hoping for that "Rocky moment" and it wasn't far away. But as usual it never materialised.
Jacky B
I can almost feel your hurt Jacky B and it's people like you who deserve more from your team. It's also people like the 40 or so Spurs fans on the train into Drayton Park which drag your club down. Animal behaviour and pack mentality looking to have a fight with anybody in their air space.
I'm not too down, and in todays game i think success takes longer. and you can have ups and downs. I think we will know more about our current regime at the end of next season, or maybe even the one after that. Pack mentality is a stupid thing. Its like kids who smash up bus stops - would they do it if they were alone? those sort of geezers better hope they never come across a Jedi. They are so weak minded that Obi wan would have em pullin their pants up and down saying "I am a gooner"
Jacky B
Hahahaha, on a seperate issue, the general consesus on your sites is that Mido isn't good enough but imo he done more in 40 minutes than Keane and Defoe done all game. What is you view on your best striking partnership?? I guess it's Berbatov and 1 other.
From those of us at Pompey who have a soft spot for you. Congratulations.
I was handed an article before the game from the Guardian I think, from a journalist who opted not to sit in the press box and took a seat with the home fans for the first leg. He was threatened physically and told to leave by a steward when it was apparent he wasn't a Spurs fan (he wasn't an Arsenal fan, just a neutral). He also reported racial abuse aimed at Baptista, did anyone else see it?
Little Dutch
Thanks storagematt, and greetings to you down at Arsenal-on-sea! commiserations on the result the other day, Campbell had a blinder dunno why Kanu did'nt start tho!
I read that on a newsnow thing LD. Typically typical. Thanks storagematt, that was nice.
our best pair is Defoe and Berbatov. No questions. The problem is that Mido only plays well when he is "Top Dog" (last season) I was astounded with how well he played last night. Its the first time all season.
Jacky B
Also Ld I had heard he left on his own accord as he felt that that kind of behaviour isn't what football is about and he didn't want his view on the beautiful game ruined by some morons.
When i went to Spurs v Fulham earlier this season (0-0) i saw something ridiculous aswell. we were playing crap and there were some knobs sitting near me, who were racially abusing their own players. (albeit relatively quietly - IE not screaming) .They couldn't even get the names right Assou-Ekotto, was being referred to as Eto (lol) and the stewards turned a blind eye. I wrote an email to the club explaining my disgust - and guess what? No reply. I did hear the unmistakeable sound of a broom in my inbox though.
Jacky B
It is all wrong Jacky, but I do believe that it does go on less and less in the game now. There was a time it was accepted and most fans sang racial songs, but now I think it is just the minority who tend to do it. As we say, we're not homophobic or rascist, we just hate Ashley Cole.
Cole-ist then? lol. I am not so sure - even if most are not outwardly racist, I still hear a lot of people saying what are in my opinion racist things. I know of people who "don't like blacks" yet are happy enough when Defoe is banging the goals in.
Jacky B
This subject was best defined by Nick Hornby in fever pitch. He tells an anecdote of a game he attended in the eighties, he turned to confront a supporter who was racially abusing Paul Ince, when he found out the guy was blind! Talk about the blind leading the blind....Still, Arsenal fans must eliminate the 'y' word. Since our increase in season ticket holders, we now officially have the most Jewish season ticket holders!
Little Dutch
I have had the same argument with people I know about Henry and so forth. Our most prolific goalscorers since the early 90's have been black, so I assume if you were rascist you wouldn't celebrate their goals. As for the Cole issue, if being Coleist is an 'ism' then I certainly am 'ist' (if you know what I mean).
Ld, I don't concur with the yid thing because Spurs fans themselves have taken that tag for years. I don't think it is being rascist as it is their right to call themselves 'yids'. As far as I am aware it isn't a particulary derogatory remark anyway as it comes from the hebrew word of yiddish which is simply a language. I may be wrong as i don't have a religous bone in me.
I think the "Y" word is a bit like the "N" word. If you catch my drift. Not "yes" and "no" by the way. I tend to agree with hatespur, and it depends on the way it is used. A complicated issue i think.
Jacky B
i am jewish, the Y word is deemed acceptable by some and not by others, a weird one, the N word is ok to be used by two people of the same colour and the Y word is acceptable to be used by to jews.. just not by anyone else ... weird but thats life. hatesopur your right in what the abbr of yid comes from, like we call the greeks , bubble&squeek, pakistani is paki, the aussies call us POMS, americans are yankies, russians are ruskies, chinky for the chinese is more to do with the takeaway as is indian and indiebum, cos thats what you will have after a curry ;).... on a side note, anyone notice how quickly the spurs supporters left with 5 mins still to play of extra time !
I took a photo with my camera phone PG, all you can see is red seats!
I guess it depends whether it is said with racist or hurtful intentions - which is why so many people fail to understand when they are being racist. "Paki" is one i defo dont accept. As far as i can see its never been used in a positive way, unlike "Brit". I use this example as some people have tried to level this "similarity" with me.
Jacky B
I can understand why Jacky B spend more time on this site than spurs own. That bunch over there are the most deluded I have ever come across. One of them (forgotten his name) is claiming it was our first team minus henry. It was our reserves & youths that is a fact. The starting lineup yesterday cost 18.7 million, now I cant be bothered to work out spurs starting cost last night but considering Defoe & Zokora cost a combined 15 million I reckon you can safely say theirs was much more costly!!
Ashburton Gooner
I think using the 'y' word is out of order, it has the same historical resonance as the 'n' word. For example, Arsenal (as well as having the most asian and jewish season ticket holders) have the most black supporters. It would be akin to Spurs fans using that word as a term for Arsenal fans. It also has little to do with football, I'd much rather call them 'totts', 'spuds' or even 'scum.'
Little Dutch
That is a sad fact. give us a bit of success, and they will soon realise. Its just frustration i think.
Jacky B
But Spurs fans will always sing "Yid army, Yid army, Yid army"
Jacky B
LD, article U referred to was in the telegraph on Sunday
Jacky made a great point, and it's something I think has been a factor in our numerous comebacks this season...our fitness level appears to be the best in the EPL, and by a decent margin. In extra time I don't think the Spurs quit trying...they simply couldn't catch up to us. We were just quicker on the run, quicker with the pass, and seemingly had the ball on a string and there was nothing the Tots could do about it. I also think it helps that the team is (on average) so much younger, as they're able to sustain a high pace for a longer period of time.
the word Yid is offensive if used by non-jews although I can understand that it seems ok to use because the spuds use it to refer to themselves but lets not forget most spuds (not including you Jacky) are feking idiots...! P.s Jacky I know it won't happen but wouldn't your life be a hell of a lot easier if you were a gooner, you could wax lyrical about all the young players we have happily rather than having to tell Big Fat MJ how to choose or manage a decent team!
kenny lunt
I'd like to thank all members for conducting this debate sensibly. It's good to see we can get a discussion on a serious topic going without sporadic blasts of moronic coments. Nice one. Oh an JackyB, you are always welcome here my friend, you truly are a credit to your club!!
I wish they were a credit to me!
Jacky B
"and Cashley did his knee tonight. G4L" You're not happy about this right?I understand your hate for cole, but to laugh at his injury?You don't see me happy because Baptista is injured, or rvp, or silly billy.That's just a line that fans are not suppose to cross.
Fantastic stuff!!
Normally you wouldnt wish injury on anybody but for Cole and Savage i can make an excpetion. Anyways it did still look pretty funny, and its not like even if it was career ending C**tley Hole wouldnt be able to pay the bills, thats what Romans for. Also i think that old line got drawn way further back when players started like Cole started making small fortunes every week.
Ozi Gooner
I am happy about savage to be honest. cant help it. deep down, who aint?
Jacky B
Good to know gooners think like that.Good to know.
Regarding our fitness, i saw an interview recently with Sol Campbell saying at portsmouth the more experienced team members dont train as much as the young ones...he was saying it as a positive thing for him No wonder wenger let him leave, that is not a winners attitude, if he knows arsenal train more than portsmouth how dare he not step his game up and train as hard if not harder than his competition? Wenger proves right time and time again
regarding injuries to x-arsenal players, it was a shame that Vieira, Edu and Bobby Pirez suffered injuries immediately after leaving arsenal... but these players all went and played in different leagues, ashley cole plays for the competition, the direct competition - anyone who isnt a chelsea fan should be happy about this, until the national team get together again, wayne bridge is crap
Bad memories Bootoo?Bad memories?hahaha
k_chelski, i would take ashley back in an instant - but until that happens anything that benefits the arsenal is a good thing
k_chelski, to answer your comment I mentioned this not because I was glad that he was injured, but because it shows that there is a divine force out there. Poetic justice might be to harsh, but in a way it is. I would rather watch C*ntley rot on the bench or score the regular own goal for your mercenary outfit, than see him go down like that. However, sometimes it takes for people to suffer a little bit, in order to have more appreciation for some things other than MONEY. That's what's in store for the greedy tw*t.
jacky b, i dont want to seem rude but are you male or female?
fran merida
denilson is legend he ll be the captain of arsenal one day and don't judge me for saying this but i think he have the potential to be even better than fabregas...
G4L i didn't say you were glad, i was asking you to confirm that you weren't show any happiness.So if there's a divine force out there, maybe it showed Silly billy not to score an own goal.
Ashburton Gooner, I wasn't claiming it was your first team minus Henry, what I did say was that the team put out was not reserves but squad players who have sufficient talent in their own right that some of your 'first XI' could struggle to get back into the team. When you look at the side, all bar Alumina have represented their national teams at the age group level .. Denilson who is 19 in two weeks time has already made it to the full national team and is another good pickup - the team Liverpool put out against you did contain 'nobody's' but I don't think your team is. I could see Traore keeping out Clichy, Diaby and Denilson giving Gilberto and Fabregas, Helb and Rosicky a run for their money if they ever got injured. Regretably it has to be recognised on the ability of Wenger to spot potential stars. And therefore none of your so called first XI can ever lost on their laurels. In many ways you actually have more depth than any other Premiership side. Spurs may have a fairly decent first XI but as Puregold has mentioned our involvement in the cups this year has meant once we get injuries there is a significant fall off in the players we bring in. And at the moment you still have a 10year lead on us here. So yes, maybe swap Henry for Aladiere, but who would you take out of last nights team if they are in form?
Kenny, I believe Spurs fans didn't start calling themselves Yids out of stupidity but because in the 1950s and 1960s there was considerable anti-semiticism and the Spurs fans took to embrassing this abuse as a way of deflecting it ... you feel a bit of an idiot insulting someone as a Yid if the person is accepting the term with pride. However, it is a difficult situation now because it is a racist term ... if people called themselves Yids or Yiddos then its a marginal call but having discussed this with a colleague last year who is an employment lawyer, it is actually rascist abuse under the correct legal definition if someone calls somebody else a yid in the workplace etc
princeoflove you know class when you see it,that boy has quality written all over him
fran merida
i cant believe it,but im actually agreeing with you there sir-harry,with you point to ashburton gooner
fran merida
short, sweet and to the it...........
interesting discussion. shame my comment here isnt... »»Arsene Knows««
Fair point Harry, but most of your supporters aren't as clued up as you on the history of the term and use it in truely idiotic ways... I went to the spurs blackburn game last year (last game of the season) and I knew that even though the hundered of morons (I'm not saying all your fans just the idiots that were around me) were chanting Yid Army they would have still kicked my head in for being Jewish given half a chance... strange paradox don't you think!
kenny lunt

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