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Twerps Of The Day

As everybody who knows me, and most people who have met me, can vouch, I don't really give a crap what people think of me, or whether or not I'm liked, and the same can be said for my football team.

Football is about families. About groups of like-minded people who come together for a love of something great (or not so great for all you Spurs fans), and as long as we are happy with our team, then all is well with the world.

So while I couldn't give a monkey's about other peoples views on the Arsenal, and I'm not about to beg for scraps of praise at the table of the footballing world, it would be nice if the people in the 'Match Of The Day' office could extend a little professional courtesy and give credit where credit is due.

As the opening credits of this evenings Match Of The Day rolled up and we were informed that Arsenal vs Man City would be the premier game on the show, I quietly informed my wife that messieurs Lineker, Lawrenson & Shearer would spend their entire analysis slating the Gooners.

They didn't disappoint.

Ok, so it wasn't the most polished of Arsenal performances, but we became not only the first to take points from city, or the first team to beat them, but also the first team to score past them this season. Yes, the much maligned Sven Goran Ericsson has the blue half of Manchester firing. So you'd think that a performance that saw over 62% possession, 15 shots on goal with over 80% pass completion that there would be plenty of positives to analyze this evening.

Don't kid yourselves.

The entire analysis was spent discussing how 'poor' Arsenal were in the final 3rd. Alan Shearer made light work of ripping into Robin van Persie for choosing to shoot when a pass would have been the better option, then moments later accused Arsenal of over indulging in the passing aspect of the sport rather than having a dig.

Indeed. the conversation regarding Arsenal's 'weaknesses' was so in-depth that they didn't even bother showing, or even discussing, Cesc Fabregas's sublime finish that awarded Arsenal the spoils.

Match Of The Day was once considered the Flag Stone of the BBC, it was a show loved by young and old alike, it was the daddy of football shows, it was the one to watch. But over the past few years, idiots such as Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Gary Lineker etc etc, have dragged my once favorite programme from the summit of British television, and has become something I no longer get excited about watching and is now a televisual feast of horrific proportions.

Rant over.

Ahhhhhh that's better.

The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 26 2007

Time: 12:03AM

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Bloody hell, imagine the rant if you did care
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26/08/2007 00:42:00

Dunno what Shearer said, as soon as he opens his mouth my eyes glaze over and 3-2-1 I'm under, truly the dullest cvnt ever to pundit, he makes Clive Allen seem like Mr partytime, Lineker is a spud (say no more) Lawrenson although more depressing than a self harm convention said that with better finishing we'd have won the game by four or five goals and that I can't argue with.
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26/08/2007 00:44:00

That sad collection of tired old men probably don't even listen themselves to what they are saying anymore.
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26/08/2007 00:46:00

Phartman, it's the product of my 8 week old constantly crying for the past 3 weeks & a few Stella's when he finally went to sleep:)
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26/08/2007 00:49:00

I can only say I'm glad that i dont have to listen to these *****s analyse matches on a regular basis as we rarely hear from them over here in Australia. But every time i have heard from them or read something they have written it has been the biggest lot of drivel. *****S!
Ozi Gooner
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26/08/2007 07:40:00

they are jealous? look, if a team is having a bad day, naturally, u will look for the positives, and if a team is completely dominant, there must be something to say right? So i say don't look into it too much and take it as a complement.
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26/08/2007 07:45:00

Amos, they're not the only ones. Shearer is as much of a **** as a pundit as he was as a player. I don't even bother watching MOTD anymore, as it stands, I'm glad I missed this show.
Little Dutch
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26/08/2007 08:11:00

I didnt get to see MOTD as I was watching Prince at the O2, so I opted for the purple one over Alan Hansen, the purple helmet. I cannot stand this man now - where once upon a time his slant on Arsenal would be neutral, now he merely spout scomplete and utter anti-Arsenal b**locks the whole time. *****. »»Arsene Knows««
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26/08/2007 08:31:00

I think Shearer was spot on with his views, I went to the game and both Adebayor and RVP were white in front of goal. Not to the degree of being bad players but they aint clicked yet. As for football being about families, rubbish, its for the working man, not for the middle classes and thats where its going wrong.
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26/08/2007 08:42:00

I haven't seen it, but i agree with gunnerb re football being for the working man. Also, i thought Ade was particularly poor yesterday, he just looked ''lazy'', now that's a criticism that can rarely be levelled at him, so i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he wasn't match fit, RvP just didn't have a great day, that happens.
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26/08/2007 09:14:00

rocky, the bbc have never been arsenal fans, but some of their points were right. i thought hleb and rvp didn't shoot enough when they could of, we had alot of shots and play, towards end of first half and then second half we stepped up and performed with a hunger to win a game. it wasn't the prettiest game to watch, but its not always about playing well and winning, as chelsea are doing right now, get the points and then worry about looking good.. i think that should be our base for this season.
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26/08/2007 09:38:00

gunnerb & AFC85Lew, I think Rocky was using 'family' to suggest that 60,000 people of different backgrounds and social standings can forget their differences for 90mins and unify for a common cause.
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26/08/2007 10:35:00

Great headline Rocky... like PG said, some of their comments were accurate though. If I was a middle-aged player offered a chance to sit on MOTD and say what I like, I would jump at the chance too, so its the BBC treating its audience like muppets who are responsible. I mean what were they thinking exactly, when they put Alan Shearer in front of a camera? Normally every person on TV will have one saving grace; just one redeeming feature - Lineker's warmth, Lawro's moustache, Hansen's attitude... but I think in Shearer they have finally uncovered a person who does not even have a single one! Is this s TV first?
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26/08/2007 11:36:00

No, Jamie Redknapp. Is it me or is he appearing in EVERY live match on Sky?
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26/08/2007 11:55:00

There's not being a fan and then there's bashing. I was amazed we were on first for a change. For some reason I was also amazed when they started Arsenal-bashing. I didn't watch anything on MOTD after the Arsenal game, nor shall I be watching it any more. It'll be Mr Murdoch and Football first that get this viewers attention from now on. And Gunnerb, if you do go to football on a regular basis, you will know that there are plenty of families that attend.
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26/08/2007 12:03:00

Redknapp eh! If you were forced to spend an hour in a pub with either Redknapp or Shearer (not bottling allowed) are you telling me you would choose the latter? BTW, is the word T W A T a banned word on Vital, or did the Ministry of Truth & Information get to you guys?
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26/08/2007 12:44:00

Haha, fair point Ab... i'd much prefer Merse as a pundit on the big games though, but for some reason, i don't think we'll be seeing that for a very, very long time.
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26/08/2007 12:49:00

I'm not sure I would agree that Motd is bias against the Gooners; I seem to recall that after you beat Manure last season. They were waxing lyrically about the way you played; you have to learn to take the pat on the back as well as the criticism
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26/08/2007 13:03:00

You should have heard Hansen and Peacock on MoTD2 last Sunday after the Blackburn game saying that Blackburn did nothing wrong and it was typical Wenger moaning. MoTD really needs a major makeover because the BBC are become dated and stale with their football coverage and pundits. At least Sky and even ITV try to be innovative. I was at the game and I agree with the point about Adebayor passing back when all had to do was put one touch forward and have a shot on goal.
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26/08/2007 14:49:00

Andy mate, I'd take Shearer over Redknapp anyday. At least Shearer could play football a bit even if he did use his elbows more than his feet. Redknapp was useless as a footballer, is useless as a pundit and is useless as a human being.
Ozi Gooner
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26/08/2007 14:58:00

Also Andy I thought of a semi-redeeming quality of Shearer. That scene in Purely-Belter where he let them give him ***** about having Celine Dion CD's in his car, that would take a braver man than me.
Ozi Gooner
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26/08/2007 15:00:00

As JakeB pointed out, the "family" I refer to is the family of Arsenal fans!! And I already said that the performance wasn't a great one, but they were positives there, but the decided to focus on the negatives, they didn't even show the feckin goal.
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26/08/2007 17:48:00

Rocky...dont worry about those cvnts mate... who cares if the wh*res think they r the most intelligent... the sky ain't gonna fall on us... lets enjoy the victory
Report Abuse
26/08/2007 18:34:00

Even on SkySports brief analysis of yesterday's game, with most of the attention foccussed on Kasper Schmicheal, Andy Gray still found time to give us a little praise.
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26/08/2007 18:48:00

It would appear that the title is not what it was? Hold your plums mate, hold your plums!
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26/08/2007 19:16:00

i'm a diehard gunner, but from a neutral point of view we had two strikers up front yesterday who laboured hard but no end product.. adebayor was found too often offside that a a final pass to him could not be made.. we were also lucky not to hv been caught in one of the very few counter attacks manc had, but being a gooner let me point out the positives; our midfielders r firing and scoring and it wont be long before rosicky gets one.. adebayor was probably rushed but he'll be there in time at 3 point lane.. flamster did pretty good as a make shift rb
Report Abuse
26/08/2007 19:34:00

They are proper *****s i mean twerps :D
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26/08/2007 23:46:00

Who cares what they say. We just have to keep winning, and they'll STILL find something stupid to say. I'm with Ozi here downunder, and we don't get those guys. All we get are commentators who cannot see beyond Chelski, Manure and Pool. I don;t want a neautral, how bout a blatently pro-Arsenal pundit for a change!
Report Abuse
27/08/2007 01:43:00

i would luv a pro arsenal pundit too db007 but in reality that aint gonna happen. so just take their comments as jealousy towards a coach who is proving everyone wrong with his team of "kids". im glad we havent hit top form yet but are still winning. this is the mark of a champion.
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27/08/2007 02:59:00

Who needs pro arsenal pundits? It's fun to prove people wrong!
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27/08/2007 07:57:00

Thats why i love watching soccer saterday on sky sports news Charlie nickolas and Phil Thompson are usually spot on with there opinions even though one is pro arsenal and one is pro liverpool, they still come out with stuff that boring shearer and Hanson could never even think of.
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27/08/2007 11:37:00

Big nose Thompson spot on?? Do me a favour!!!!
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27/08/2007 13:56:00

Yea Thompson is a good pundit
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27/08/2007 18:29:00

Hanses lost all credibility when he said Wenger's decision to play the youngsters in the CC Final was "an insult to the fans and the sponsors." Ironically, Hansen is an embarassment to the human race.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
27/08/2007 20:23:00

Did he say that!? We all know he is the scum of the notrh border anyway!
Report Abuse
27/08/2007 22:48:00


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