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Platini Having Fun At Spurs Expense?

After spending the last two years trying to break into the top four and gain that all elusive Champion's League spot, Spurs could now have that place in Europe's premier competition stripped away before they have actually gained fourth spot.

Platini has put forward a plan to remove the Champions League place from the team who finishes 4th and handing it to the winners of the FA Cup.

Should the winner of the FA Cup finish in the top 3, then the CL place will be handed to the team finishing in 4th.

The thinking behind the move is to try and add variety to the teams qualifying for the competition rather than the same four teams year after year.

For me, enough thought hasn't been put into this move as it has been a full 12 years since one of either Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool have NOT won the FA cup, indeed only Everton (the last team to break into the top four) have claimed the FA Cup from these four teams since 1991.

Should the move be agreed, the winners of the 2009 FA Cup will enter the Champions League.

Still, you've got to laugh ain't ya.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 30 2007

Time: 6:35PM

Your Comments

What happens if the FA Cup winners are one of the top 3? Does the other spot go to who finishes 4th?
Yes.....I should have put that in....infact, gimme two minutes. Cheers SG.
See I was thinking about this today. Its a pretty funny idea, but imagine this: For the next few years the top 4 stay the same, in different orders each season. Platini gets his go-ahead and that season Spurs finish 4th after all their hard work and Arsenal finish 5th and win the FA Cup? Imagine the uproar. People say it devalues the tournament by not just having the champions, people say its devalued further by having 3rd and 4th place. Millwall got to the FA Cup Final a few years ago, imagine that being for a CL place and United having Rooney sent off after 3 minutes and Millwall get into the CL. Its such a ridiculous idea I cant even believe anyone with power has though it remotely viable.
to win the F.A cup, you need to win 7 game- potentially. If the best 3 or 4 teams meet each other alon the way ( since there is no seeding), it's concievable that a team could win the Cup not playing anyone in the Premier league, or maye one or 2 teams, none of which would necessarily be in the top half of the League. Not only that, but with a kind draw, up to 5 of your 7 games could be at home. This is not a fair way to decide a 4th Champions league spot, and in reality, it affords clus like Spuds a much more realistic chance of Champions League qualification tan a consistent performance over 38 games, against all of the top sides, home and away. This just devalues the C/L even further. Why not just change the name to the Platini Trophy for Losers and invite Spuds in?
wouldnt be good for football but it would hurt spuds so duznt sound 2 bad. but i dnt think id like it if it actualy came. prem top 4 is much better way of ensuring only the best get into the champions league.
I think the statistics prove that you need to be a consistent team to win the FA Cup. Ok dodgy teams get through to the semi's and finals, but ultimately they don't win. Out of the last 20 FA Cups, only four times have one of the top four not won the trophy.
Fair shout Rocky! As I`ve said (or wound them up more like) on Vital sperz, that the big clubs love the double, it has a certain ring to it as well as the adulation it brings. Just ask any self respecting Chavski fan what they would rather win.Good god even they who should not be mentioned down the road have crowing rights there.
It's absolute b0llox, it's the latest ludicrous idea from the suits in the upper echelons of UEFA/FIFA who need to come up with this cr*p to justify their pay packets, what a load of ****. If it aint broke...
Either way, come 2009 you'll be in the UEFA cup
Its a load of *********. Its always the "Big 4" who win it anyway! What would West Ham or Bolton do in the CL!!??
Could have an effect on Spurs fair comment, but what about the effect it will have you the gooners as well? I can't see you troubling the top three this season, this Man Utd, Chelski and Liverpool will be the three.
The Fear
And your comment is based on what exactly Mr Fear?
Fear, we finished behind Liverpool only on one goals goal difference last season missing Thierry Henry, William Gallas & Robin van Persie for half the season, we also played the last 11 games with only Aliadiere and Baptista as fit strikers. Liverpool also needed a last minute penalty to finish above us. Ok they may have strengthen, but if we can avoid major injury that will provide more strength to our squad. Also bear in mind that a good start moulds your season, and so far this year we are already 5 points better off after only 3 games.
As for the actual headline fellow Gooners (now trade marked) Everybody is having a laugh at Sperz expense!.
Oh please Rocky, we finished so close because we played our reserves from about March cos we knew we had a CL spot tied up. Arsenal are in a league of their own in 4th place, sorry. And yeah only 4 of the last 20 have been won by sides outside the top 4, but look who would have been representing England in the CL if this rubbish idea had been in place then! Spurs, Wimbledon, Coventry and Everton!
Its The to you Rocky7! lol. Yes, I know, just my feeling, Chelsea have the quality to keep going because of the money they have spent. I don't particularly rave about Liverpool but think Rafa has built a good squad who have started far better than usual, they could well be in the mix. And Man Utd, bad start or not, are predictably top 3. Don't get me wrong, as a Villa fan I don't really give a stuff who finishes top 3 up to the point where MON wakes up, buys big, stops the long ball, and gets us challenging, but my feelings as a neutral is Arsenal are in transition still, you'll play the most attractive football in the league on your day, but inconsistencies of inexperienced players will cost you the chance of top 3. I did think Spurs might push on this season as well, but Jol is negative and their start has been a disaster, which I'm sure you are all gutted about.
The Fear
It took a long time to accept that the champions league wasn't just for true champions, but to fend off a break away European it was a good idea to expand to European elite. But how does including cup winners improve the competition!! One bad game from Man Utd a few years ago and Millwall would have been in the champions league if it was down to Platini!!! Leave it alone!
Dear Fig, Wenger has been with our club for ten years now mate and during his tenure with us since `98 the lowest position he has finished has been 4th! for the last two seasons. Before that there was no big 4? it was either United or Arsenal. Then came the dark days, Millwall with money (Chelsea) arrived and it became the big 4 with L`pool flattering to deceive (however respect for C League runs) So 4th place is a little bit dissrespectful. Go FIGure!
Mr Fear! Your alliegence to the Villa is admirable, welcome to Vital Arsenal. May you never be duped by the noises coming from WHL again. Are the Blue noses just as irritable during silly season?
I hate this *****er. He is ruining the greatest competition in the world by putting in crap eastern european teams. Spurs are much better then the teams he wants to get in. Theres no way the G-14 is going to let this go through.
I remember his team coming to the Arse in the late 80`s for a friendly, result was Mighty Gunners 2 France nil ! LOL. Great goal by Martin Hayes too. So I guess Platini has never forgotten his humiliation I guess.
yeah but lets face it, united played millwall in the final not so long ago, imagine them causing an upset and finishing playing the following year int he champions league !!! what a disgrace that would be !
Puregold. would that be Millwall with money! AKA chelski?. LOL If it is, its true my friend. A sad endictment of our game today.
I have no idea what Platini is trying to do to the greatest club competition on the planet with a stupid proposal like this. I could understand if it were going to improve the competition as a whole but all his proposal is going to do is degrade the overall quality of clubs in the competition. Allowing automatic group slots to just the champions of league and allowing spots to something like 40 of the lowest 52 leagues in UEFA is ludicrous. Another thing that wasn't mentioned is that the qualifying would be divided into two separate phases played at the same time. The CUP qualifiers and the league qualifiers. So in the example given above for last season locamotiv would get their place in the league qualifiers (which i presume will be easier since it will be filled with bad eastern european sides) and Arsenal would take their place in the cup qualifier where they it seems to me that they could face sides like Valencia (Sevilla won the cup but finished in the top 3 in Spain). Overall a bad idea no one wants to different teams in the champion's league we want to see the BEST teams in the CL.
Totally 100% agree with you Xitij. Well said.
Wasnt having a pop Herbert, but Rocky was saying you had a goos season because you had lots of injuries and still only finished behind Liverpool on goal difference, when the simple fact is you finished that close because we got CL qualification sorted very early and eased off in the league to concentrate on the CL. No disrespect, but like it or not you're the 4th best team in the country and for my money that doesnt seem like changing anytime soon.
Thats a real trend isnt it FIG? U always fade off in the league and focus on the cups. And you really wrong. Right now were one of the top 3 teams. Man U hasnt even started their season yet. Their still trying to ingnite the engines and get it running.
Is Platini's intention to add an element of randomness to the teams participating? Why do this when the whole point of these competitions is for the cream of the crop to fight it out? Winning the FAC does not really make you the best. Next cranky idea please Michel, we're all ears!
FIG, you saying that you chose to sacrifice the title for a crack at the CL? If you had really wanted the title though, you would have won it right? ManU must be relieved then that you didn't really really want it!
It's really absurd, I don't think it'll do anyone any good if Bolton, West Sham, Everton or even Everton make it to the group stages of the CL, they'll be slaughtered like those Turkish teams that end up fourth in their CL group every season.
What Platini might be trying to do is reduce England's strength/representation in the CL. Imagine a scenario if the FA Cup winner (who is not one of the top 4) attempts to qualify, but fails. It will only lead to a reduction in England's co-efficient in the CL, and might be an indirect way of reducing English representation in 2-3 years. Of course, thats only IF the FA Cup is won by someone from outside the top 4, and based on what we've seen, there is nothing to worry about. But does anyone have the stats on any other countries? Has anyone outside the CL qualifying spots in countries like Spain, Italy, Germany etc won a Cup, which would enable qualification?
Hold on, is this rule only for the FA Cup in England, or will this apply to every country's equivalent, like the Kings Cup in Spain?
I've always thought Platini was a cit of a ****. DId you guys hear his spud/anti arsenalstyle moaning about foreign ownership in the EPL?
Spurs NEVER win more than 2 rounds in the FA cup?
That's a fact korodon, what's everyone moaning about then anyway?
No Andy what I meant was it was clear we had lost too much ground in the league and the CL was a better chance of success. gunnerkid, what planet do you live on? Arsenal one of the top 3 teams? How? You're squad is really quite poor. Take Van Persie, Fabregas and Toure out and it isnt even up to Spurs standards. The days of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, Campbell, Cole, Vieira and Lauren are looooong gone I'm afraid chaps, and without big investment you'll be moving down rather than up.
Don't talk about "Spurs standards"'re embarrassing yourself.
hey, how can we move down if the supposed "5th place" is bottom 5?
First of all FIG, if you are admitting you gave up the ghost so early it surprises me a bit. Your other comments about us being a poor squad makes it appear, to me at least, that you don't know too much about football. Take out RVP and they may, may appear slighly stronger up front, but in the middle we are far superior. As for the back, you are saying that Clichy, Senderos, Gallas, and Sagna are inferior to Chimbonda, King, Dawson, and Bale/whoever! This is waht is known as having 'a bubble'! I would even hazard a guess and say that some balanced Spurs fans would admit equality on those back lines! Comparing our defence to Spurs is a consistently one-sided argument nearly always in our favour going on historical stats. Anyway, when you lost John Terry last year, your defence practically folded! Losing him, plus Drogba, plus Lampard, would put you where exactly?
And it's sad to hear things like 'without big investment you'll go down'. That 'big investment' you are talking about is what is killing football slowly. You lot can go and play in the cheque-book league (sponsored by Paris Hilton) if you want - I'd rather go to the Championship!
spurs are *****e anyway the wont win anything! gimps!
WE GOT LASSANA DIARRA! I did NOT see that one coming... trust Arsene to say it was out of the question to get him and then get him! To be honest i dont know what to think of this deal. we have so many talented young centre mids.
Surprise eh? I wonder if Arsene is hiding anything else that might pop up at 2am or in the morning even!
Great signing. He is very versatile and can play anywhere in midfield really, as well as Right Back. Top Stuff.
Fig isn't a chelsea fan. Dammit, we lost Diarra, such an excellent player. Our squad looks a bit older now.
You're going to have to get used to it, kev ;). Less youngsters are signing for Chelsea now, and who you have left, are leaving. What are the odds that Sidwell will also regret his move?
Our best youngster is still a blue. A name you will hear oh oh soo much in the future.
Yes, a name we will hear ohh soo much coz he would signed for Arsenal by then :P
Today's result at Fulham makes FIG's investment comment look a bit silly. Sperz have invested more money than anyother PL team, Man Utd and Chelsea aside and they have only won one major honour in 16 years, and that was the worst of the three domestic trophies.
With respect some of you gooners are being a bit hypocritical, for years all i've heard is "spurs are but a cup team" now there's the possibility of CL through the FA we've got a worse chance then before? IMO Platini's finally pulled a good idea out the hat, (possibly break up the champions league monopoly in europes biggest leagues,) although if he does manage to ban 'route-one' football afew pottential qualifyers may get a bit of a spanking!
FIG i don't think you can write Arsenal off as title challengers, last season they picked up the most points in matches against the rest of the big 4 (I think thats right!) they were just inconsistent like we were.

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