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Cocky Spurs Deflated...Again!

As I'm sure you're all aware, most Vital sites run polls. Before our carling cup tie with Spu*s on Wednesday, Vital Spurs ran a poll asking Spurs fan's what they thought the result would be.

The majority (56%) thought Spu*s would win in the 90 minutes. They were wrong.

So, as you can expect they would not be too keen on the results being published for all to see so they were instead put on the spu*s forum.

And I quote:

'No way am I putting this on the front page for the Gooners to rip apart, but for what it is worth - which is nothing - here are the results of yesterdays poll.'

Prediction for tonight?

Win in 90 mins 56%
Win in extra time 8%
Win on pens 1%
Win on away goals 1%
Lose 34%

Spurs didn't want to be ripped apart, ther were in the match so I think it's only fair it be done after the match...enjoy ripping Gooners, enjoy!

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 2 2007

Time: 1:23AM

Your Comments

34% of them seem to know the name of the game. The rest are as deluded as they come. When will they learn?
ach, it's like beating a lame dog though, isnt it. let's face it, the spurs have been torn up more times than paris hilton's quim. »»Arsene knows««
Wingston... Briliant one!
talking of which, isnt there a portuguese goalie called 'quim'??? »»Arsene knows««
LMAO! yes there is and you are on a roll man!
I'm still basking in t'glory of wednesday night. A spurs mate of mine Ive known for years came online tonight on msn, and i tried to speak to him, but he said he couldnt talk as he was still too upset about the game. »»Arsene Knows««
G4L, unfortunately, that's more quim than i've had a for a good while. Goddamit. If sexual action was success on the football pitch, for the past couple of months I'd have been a sp*rs fan... :-) »»Arsene Knows««
The difference is Wingston, you can entertain yourself...
:-)))) I have a friend who is (unfortunately for him) a sp*rs fan, and ever since the game all he's been able to produce is a something like 'mwbah...'. says it all actually.
'sounds like a dying giraffe!' »»Arsene Knows««
True enough, Simmy. Though there's nothing like 90 minutes of end to end action :D »»Arsene Knows««
considering it's gone 2:30AM you're on the baal my friend!
LOL...two thirds thought the Spurs would somehow break Arsenal's home run and the hex they've had on them for seven years, when they couldn't even finish the job at home after being up 2-0? That's just sad. Then again I bet two thirds of us will pick the Gunners to win at the Reebok, heh...such is the state of mind of a fan.
I'm one of the 2/3's who'll think we'll win at the Reebok. And i'm generally a pessimist.
that poll result is funnyyy
brilliant !!
You can bet your life that most of the 34% that said lose were not Spuds fans. Bearing in mind this is the same breed of half wits and hybrids that genuinly believed that this was their season to overtake us. They'd be funny if they weren't so f***ing dumb.
i bet all vital sp*rs vote for sp*rs win and they were wrong. They dont have a footballing mind.
nothing to do with this topic but this videos quality, watch it LOL
I know I voted for them to lose and I suspect I was'nt the only one c'mon who else here did?
Very surprised to see you put this article on here. Did you actually think that fans would say we would lose? After all, you did require extra time and the poll was taken before two things occured .. Lennon not being able to play, and Jol deciding not to do a Bolton on you ..... I would be absolutely amazed that any fans from any team anywhere in the world would bet vote against their team in a two leg game after the first leg had been a draw .... its call being a supporter.
Not really Sir Harry, it's called being a realist. Just as I think we will lose to Bolton in the FA Cup. Ok so I want us to win, and I know we have a good as chace as anyone, I just don't think we will. I'm being honest!
Sir_Harry, get real. "Lennon not being able to play". And you call US a 1 man team. No Henry, VP, Gallas, Eboue, Ljungberg, Jens, Djourou, Baptista from the squad and Cesc, Rosiscky 7, and Clichy from the starting 11. Grow up or you'll start sounding as embittered as that big faced dutch ***** you have allowed to take you back to oblivion.
we are hardly in oblivion... though i am worried about being a one man team. Although not quite that... I would say we are a "3 man" team. Guess which 3.
Jacky B
ledly king, lennon and berbatov, it has to be becuase there your only good players, along with dawson and defoe on occasions.
correct.... your prize? nothing. lol. Interestingly, you think that sometimes we have half a good team. And you could argue for Chimbonda aswell.
Jacky B
Spurs aren't a 3 man team at all, they just aren't very good. King is now injury prone & has been for at least a year & a half so they have had to cope without him anyway. Lennon hasn't even had a complete season yet (meaning continuous first team football at spurs) & Berbatov is at his peak now. Spurs completely overpaid for him after all had anyone heard of Berbatov at this time last year (if people are being honest most will admit they didn't) & yet he is 26 years old. If they had paid 11 million for him & he was 20/21 then I could understand it as he would get better but at his age he will stay at this level & then decline, & to be fair its not like e has set the premiership on fire especially away from the lane!! Spurs have big problems.
Ashburton Gooner
I don't think King's injury prone as such, he's just so important to Spurs that they won't give him enough time to recuperate. He keeps getting a recurring injury, when this happened to TH, Wenger took him out of the firing line, Jol has to do the same for King and stop rushing him back. Spurs are just going to have to accept that they are average and stop comparing themselves to us.
Little Dutch
Exactly. You should always set a yardstick on the teams above you to create some ambition, but to that token we should set out our goal on Liverpool and Chelsea and Spurs' yardstick should be Newcastle and Everton. If i had included Reading in theirs I would have been compelled to include ManUre in ours.
Really Arsenal & Spurs are a lot like Man Usa & Man city. Man Usa are clearly a much better all round club but man city will try & tell you otherwise. Its the same also with Liverpool & Everton, although in that case the two teams have become a bit closer. What gets me about Spurs management is that they spend their entire time trying to convince everyone they are as big a club as the top four!! If they wanted to prove that maybe they shouldn't have sold Carrick who was pivotal to them!!
Ashburton Gooner
I think Man City were still a force in the 70's and Everton won the league a couple of times in the 80's, so Spurs couldn't compare themselves to either. Also, check Man City's average attendance when they went down and you'll see the comparison to our neighbours is way off with regards to fan base.
Ashburton - If you have have watched champions league football in the past few years you will have seen Berbatov, and known that he is good.- though i agree with most of your other points. I wouldn't say we have big problems. We are healthier than we have been in a long time. Uefa cup football on a regular basis is all i expect (sadly)
Jacky B
I do watch champions league football every year. I watch football all the time regardless of whether arsenal are playing or not. There are thousands of players in the game that I wouldn't know of, however any big european player that has achieved something would be known over here & thats a fact!! Big players have a reputation & at 26 Berbatov should have been known. Simple question when was he last named in the shortlist for european player of the year or world player of the year??
Ashburton Gooner
Well. Now we are a 2 man team. King out for 6-8 weeks.
Jacky B
The big teams around europe always want the best strikers, so why is it that Berbatovs best choice was spurs?? Thats not having ago at spurs either its simply stating a fact!!
Ashburton Gooner
Jacky B, what you worried about Gardner is better than king anyway!! lol. I bet you wish spurs had signed campbell on a free now, he is playing well for portsmouth!!
Ashburton Gooner
That is a shame straight after the transfer window. It would be like us missing Gallas for much of the season. Still, you have that odd looking bloke that tried to hide the ball under his gut in the penalty box the other night.
it is common knowledge that King won't play again this season, infact pat jennings has been quoted along with a spud director that they feel King can't complete a whole season and are trying to offload the injury ridden defender. something to do with his ankle not being able to heal very well.
Why did they sell Davenport?? Seems crazy to me. Not that I thought Davenport was that good but surely he was better than Gardner or some Benfica reserve player!! Thats why spurs aren't any good they could have signed Upson but instead they have messed about.
Ashburton Gooner
Davenport wanted to play for a big club. End of.
So does Lennon!!
Ashburton Gooner
I can recognize the quality of Lennon and King but Berbatov?!? Please! Nothing more than an average player - Adebayor, even Aliadiere any day over him. The rest of the spuds squad is made up of exactly that SQUAD players. I mean Rocha? Alnwick? Tainio, Ghaly, Jenas, Zokora... Malbranque? Dawson and Gardner? Their scouting system is either very very **** or is run by a Gooner. And I wonder what has to happen for that fat kid in goal to get dropped by both the club and country? What does Ben Foster have to do? Grow another arm? With the exception of Jacky and a few select others, the rest of them have been and are living in dreamland for a long time. The sooner they realize how mediocre they actually are as a club - the better off they will be.
G4L, If they want to play Englands best keeper at present then it has to be James, but if they dont want to go backwards but put people in for the future then it has to be either Foster or Carson. How Robinson is still no:1 beggars belief!!
Ashburton Gooner
It doesnt really beggar belief when you look at who the manager is! Sven's ugly ginger brother should never have got the job but the FA bottled it. The best men for the job were Hiddink, Oneill and Scolari but Svenclaren got it simply simply because he was English. I was actually a bit suprised because he does have a Scottish Surname, I was expecting Mr Chumney Warner!
And as for the 56% who thought Sp*rs would win they are probably still awaiting their money from a pyramid scheme!
Yes Ashburton I agree, he's been huge for Pompey and just why is McClaren sticking to the same principles that Eriksson used I have no clue. That kind of negativity, lack of innovation, bollox to make critical decisions (like dropping Robbo and Fat Frank for example) and creating a healthy competitive spirit within the team (instead of having overpaid, shiny and flashy tw*ts) is not what I (honestly) believe the English fans deserve. The own goal against Croatia (no excuses) is a true reflection of what or who is out there on the pitch.
Ashburton Gooner, just because your knowledge of European Football is poor doesn't mean the rest of suffer ... Berbatov was well known to anyone who is knowledgeable about European football, having been in the top couple of Bundesliga goal scorers for the last 5 years. ManU seriously looked, Arsenal inquired as did Madrid, the Milan clubs, Juventus and Roma. For most of that time Leverkusen wouldn't sell, but we were able to grab him while they were in a state of turmoil as we went in and immediately offered asking price
How do you actually know all of these clubs were interested in him? Remember a lot of this stuff is agents talking in order to move players around. Remember we wanted Zakora!....Yeah right!
Berbatov reminds me a lot of Ibrahimovich and I honestly dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing?!?
Sir_Harry, you keep telling yourself that!! You are all that is wrong with the spuds because you believe the garbage that spuds management team feed you. No doubt all those clubs looked at him, thought no he is s**t & didn't go back again!! It amazes me.........well actually it doesn't anymore, but everytime & I do mean everytime spuds buy a player they have a well rehearsed line about how they beat most of the premierships/europe's top clubs to the signing!! That spuds fans actually believe them says it all. Despite the amount of average to rubbish players you have you still think all the top clubs wanted them!! As for my knowledge of european football being poor I would have to disagree, but you're correct that I didn't know a thing about barbietov. Unfortunately I don't get to see many of the bundesliga matches but if barbietov was as you say one of the top scorers for 5 years, it just shows what a poor standard it is!!
Ashburton Gooner
As for the england friendly next week I shall be supporting spain!! I just cannot bring myself to support a team full of spuds, mancs & russian play things!!
Ashburton Gooner
and a better international record than Henry?
International records mean squat. Scoring against Andorra, Moldova, San Marino etc is easier than scoring a cup goal vs grimsby.
Are actually pitching Henry vs Berbatov, Sir Harry! You are joking right? I know it's Friday night and you might have had a few after work or something, but man that's just f****d up? What's next on the agenda, a shag with Kirsty Gallagher vs A Poke In The Eye. Get real man, c'mon get real haha......funny!
Scoring against Andorra, Moldova, San Marino etc is easier than scoring a cup goal vs grimsby..... yet Defoe has got only two goals against minnows like this in 16 appearances
Seriously, if Berbatov was ANY GOOD, you think he would be playing for Sp*rs?!?!? You're 'avin a laugh, surely. If he was THAT good he'd be playing Champs League football right now. He's at the club where he belongs by quality - spuds. It is an easy connection. I could go way back to aging Klinsmann in order to find a player who was actually in demand when the spuddies got him. Piece of cake.
"Cocky Spurs Deflated". Shame it's not Robbo.

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