Arsenal - Arsene Wenger Makes Me So Proud
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Arsene Wenger Makes Me So Proud

Ladies & Gentlemen, football supporters are proud of their clubs for a lot of reasons. Spurs fans are proud of the number of players they have in the England squad, no matter how mediocre the players, Chelsea fans are proud to win trophies no matter what the cost, even if it's the very soul of their club, Liverpool fans are proud of their fantastic history that can not be matched by any other English club, but me? I'm so very proud of the way in which our club is run.

We have already been written off by almost every media source, football pundit and football fan across the land, indeed Wenger's reluctance to spend money saw the odds on the Gunners winning the title shoot out to over 25/1 at the beginning of the season, yet the Arsenal already sit proudly in second place playing the best football of any team in the PL so far this season.

Arsene Wenger is not only a genius, but also a very stubborn man. A man who will not betray his beliefs no matter how much pressure is placed upon him to 'spend big' or to devise a plan B. Le boss has often been criticised for detracting so much from the English game despite statistics proving that Mr Wenger has pumped more players into clubs around our nation than any other manager, a man who has taken flak despite having more English players in the national youth teams than any other club bar Boro.

This man has more honour than any other manager in football.

Arsene Wenger is a firm believer in, what my nan calls, 'living within your means', which basically means don't spend what you haven't earned. Since AW's appointment 10 years ago, the Frenchman has spent a net total of around £2M (Shaun Wright-Phillips cost £19M more than that). It was at £13M up until this summers transfer activity. In that time we have seen great players such as Patrick Vieira, Sol Campbell, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry, Freddie Ljungberg, Ashley Cole, Cesc Fabregas, etc etc.

Today Arsene Wenger reaffirmed his stance that he doesn't buy stars, he makes them.

"We want to be faithful to the policy in the Club," he said on the clubs official website. 'We have a team that can develop in the next four or five years. I feel we are in the process of turning Cesc Fabregas, Denilson and Abou Diaby into world-class players.

"It may not be so long before we are on top again. If you ask me if we have the potential to achieve success this year then I say 'yes without a doubt`. It is important not to relate only success with money. I feel we make superstars. We have a feel for the game and the way we want to play football is linked to development and therefore you have to take your time a little bit. If you find an extra special player then OK.'

"But I have not seen a number of what you might call world class players. World class prices maybe but not world class players."

So while I'm extremely proud of the football our team plays and what it has achieved, the thing I'm most proud of is our manager, what he stands for and the belief he shows in his charges.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 4 2007

Time: 8:27PM

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the man is pure class.. wat else can we say abt him.. all the time we say that no one man is above the club.. but i cannot imagine arsenal without arsene.. i know for sure that he is staying.. and that assurance is showing on the pitch.. i am so truly honoured to be supporting a club led by arsene
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04/09/2007 20:58:00

They say the wisest men follow their own direction. Wenger is a wise man in a Premier league increasingly inhabited by idiots.
Little Dutch
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04/09/2007 21:01:00

... Daving Dein desperately trying to become one of them. AW has my respect because of his idealistic yet very pragmatic approach to Arsenal in general. He has not just respected the values of the club and the history, but I am a believer that he has added to them. Historically, in terms of success - he is second to none. As a person, his faith in certain individuals (players, coaches, board members, etc) and his respect of his own word/contract adds something that many these days lack: CLASS. Yes he has 'sinned' but he never backed off of his words/actions, he has stood by his players and held the club's best interests ALWAYS as no.1 priority. He has parted company with some of the best players the world has every seen only because he thought that AFC would have been better off without them or there was someone better coming up. His treatment of Jose Reyes for example is commendable - I never heard him say one bad word about him bar the 'global warming' joke and he did everything to do what is best for the club, but also for Jose Antonio. He will always be a legend, and he will always be one of the greatest Gooners that ever walked the Earth.
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04/09/2007 21:17:00

"So while I'm extremely proud of the football our team plays and what it has achieved".........yeah...what has it acheived lately?
Blue is the colour
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04/09/2007 21:24:00

Great Article. I cant imagine Arsenal without Arsene.
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04/09/2007 21:29:00

Why does everything have to be about now with Chelsea fans? Oh cause nows all there have ever had.
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04/09/2007 21:32:00

Being above 4m...Champions league Final...Carling Cup Final...Unbeaten Season...spending almost the least in the Premiership and still being a force. But your lot have been bought, yes you have a "special" manager but he wouldnt be able to do what AW did. Yes, he won with Porto. These players were awsome. Its not like they were the Porto of now. They have Deco and Mccarthy. You could never feel the same as we gooners do for our team. Its just AWSOME!
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 21:37:00

"So while I'm extremely proud of the football our team plays and what it has achieved".........yeah...what has it acheived lately? Blue is the colour - - - - one less loss than Chelsea is what it has acheived lately
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04/09/2007 21:38:00

blue is the colour,
money is the game,
crass and unpopular,
no history or shame...

I love the genius that is Arsene Wenger, I love my club, I will forego immediate success for the sensible, frugal and careful stewardship of M. Wenger, for he knows, and he will bring us trophies again yet, and all by bucking the current trend for being over-zealous with big money signings, and without throwing the club's money away. Look at Martin Jol, he now stands on a knife edge, expectations at liverpool are through the roof, whereas we have a quiet confidence in this team, and have thus far dodged the bullets of the build-'em-up, knock-'em-down media... »»Arsene Knows««
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04/09/2007 21:53:00

i was about to start a rant about no history at chequeski but i see you have that well covered Wingston! well said!
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 21:58:00

And what has your shocking brand of football achieved BITC? Your owner to leave games early or in some cases not attend because he is so bored. Anyone can put a quickie flat pack Ikea table together mate but at Arsenal we prefer to take our time and carve a beautiful table out of solid oak, it gives us a sense of along now.
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04/09/2007 22:01:00

Nice work boss.
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04/09/2007 22:17:00

A funny quote in the sun on monday, "The starting (arsenal) XI cost around £30 million. Less than two Darren bents - an as one amused arsenal punter observed, pouring scorn on local rivals spurs buying policy" Wenger is a genius. nuff said!
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04/09/2007 23:16:00

It depends how you define the word "lately" BITC. If you use The Big Book of Chelsea History, I'd have to say not a lot of Silverwware but the laying of some extremly solid and promising foundations, but if you use, what I like to call "normal peoples" definition of the word, I'd say (in reverse order) Carling cup finalists, Champions League finalists, Fa cup winners, Premisership winners (unbeaten all season may I add), Fa cup winners, League & Fa cup winners, Fa cup runners up, Uefa cup runners up, League & cup winners, Cup winners cup finalist, Cup winners cup winners, Fa & League cup winners, Division one champions, Division one champions, League cup winners, Fa cup winners. And you know don't have to go back to my grandpa's era to experience all that, it all happened in my life time in a club run within it's means.
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 23:23:00

I think we've gone beyond having to justify why Arsenal as an institution is "better" the Chelsea. Man Utd? Liverpool? Granted, I'll take flak from them - they are in a position to dispense it with good humour. But the Chav's? Not a chance. They are nothing without RA and they know it. I started an argument with one of them over Gio dos Santos and their answer? RA will buy him if he wants to, EUR30m or not. I've said it before tonight but I'll say it again, Carlos Vela cost us £2.5m. Not 30m, 2.5m. I hope to g-d we stay with the current Board and that they support Arsene. I don't want us selling out to some bloke/consortium. Arsenal stands for something in this season of Sky money being thrown around in record numbers. It stands for going about our busines in a certain way. Yes there's things Arsene's/Arsenal have done they would rather have done differently, but time after time we distinguish ourselves from other clubs. Here's an example which many of you won't know: A couple of years ago, Harry Redknapp's father died. He was an Arsenal fan. You know what the club did? Send flowers to the funeral. Harry himself said no other club would do that. And that, among so many other things, the piece above included, is why I love Arsenal.
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 23:39:00

Yes we are lucky to have Arsene - all steadfast values, honour, intelligence and hard work. A bloody good football manager too! Parts company with the Cashleys of the world, like a gent, and I doubt there are many to say a bad word about him. I look forward to hearing what he says and seeing what he does with all the upcoming takeover battles that probably lie ahead.
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 23:47:00

remember when AW predicted we could go a whole season undefeated and was mocked when we didnt do so in that season. but we did it the very next season and pundits and the media alike could not come up with enough superlatives to describe how good we are. AW knows. thats all i have to say.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 00:30:00

have he signed the contract yet???
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 02:32:00

very well put iceman and the rest of you as well...BITC your comments are classless and untimely show some appreciation for one of the greatest football managers of all time and tell us what you think about him... or don't bother. I hope AW stays with us for many many years to come his philosophy and his commitment to it is the best thing to ever grace the football club.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 02:48:00

Arsene is the mastermind behind the Beautiful Gunners team. Somehow he consistently produces players out of nowhere, nurturing them into the first team to become world class players. There is no other manager in the world capable of producing a high class team with the funds Arsene had at his disposal. Kolo, Clichy and Cesc were all brought to the club on a shoestring budget and have become world class players under Wengers tuition.
Aussie Gooner
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 03:25:00

i really want him to stay for ever..pls sign that contract wenger..u noe we love u!!!
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 04:22:00

AW is the ULTIMATE manager, and a nice bloke to boot. Anyone can build a football team with unlimited funds. Only Arsene can do it on 2 mill. The man is awesome!
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05/09/2007 04:59:00

I can only hope that Arsene wants to stay on for at least another five years, but I would take ten if he'd give it!
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 05:40:00

Guys, all very well put. One word, CLASS, enough said. Hats off to Arsene!
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 06:30:00

BITC, I wish your team all the best in having another crack at the unbeaten season again next year.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 06:30:00

LD, you're right, no point arguing with people like those who don't have the slightest idea what class is. That club is just not worthy to be mentioned in the same post as Arsene so I didn't bother in the last comment. Yeah wish them a bit of luck - and class.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 06:35:00

Being a relatively recent gooner compared to a lot of you here, one of the reasons I love this club is Arsene Wenger. The man oozes class, and I like listening to all his press conferences coz he has such a practical, yet different perspective on things. The analogy he gave the press - 'when you have 100 and your neighbour has 200, you want 200 as well. But when you get it, he has 400 by then', and on it goes was excellent. Arsenal has always done things their way, and I am proud to be associated with such a club. WHEN Wenger wins something of note with this team, it will shock the football world, just as the invincibles did.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 08:21:00

Fantastic: you are so proud of your club because it practices sound accounting. That's certainly a valid reason for your heart to swell with pride when hearing about Arsenal FC. Of course, you conveniently forget that the fiscal prudence of which you are so proud applies only to player purchases: the huge debt that you have amassed to move to a new stadium, presumably, doesn't count. But then again, that sums up Arsenal supporters: Premiership pontificates-in-chief, always insufferably self-righteous, and always trying to find a justification for the notion that their club is somehow 'better' than the rest.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 08:39:00

"Fantastic: you are so proud of your club because it practices sound accounting." That's Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0 then.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 09:03:00

EuroBlue - the stadium means debt for now, huge profits down the road. "Doesn't count"? Of course it does, big time, cos it's starting to reap cash week in week out. The board members have been saying that after the debt payments, we're still doing much better than when we were at Highbury. And the Highbury flats will go onto the books soon enough. So we're not self-righteous, just self-SUFFICIENT. Unlike some. :)
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 09:50:00

EuroBlue - how do you sum up chavski then? i'll hazard a guess. a club with no tradition entrenched in nouveau riche mentality playing soulless football with mechanical efficiency.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 10:12:00

Some people make money, some people make history.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 10:42:00

Euroblue we work for the things we have - the stadium cost a shedload, but we are working our way through the repayments (know what they are?) so we can clear it. When we buy players we normally seek gems that need more developing and cost a few million rather than £20-30m. So of course our hearts swell with pride, when we do all this against a backdrop of the spoilt cigar-chomping high-rolling brats that your club has come to represent. Get back to your classy little champagne party and take that floozy BITC with you!
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 10:54:00

euroblue, we are better than the rest because we are the arsenal.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 11:57:00

It's just fantastic how many Arsenal fans love Arsene, and when they sing his name at the stadium. It shows we all recognise what a special person, manager and visionary he is. When Wenger's association with Arsenal eventually ends, the Club must simply honour him by naming a stand or something after him. The thing that really intrigues me though is how we are going to integrate all these world-class midfielders into the team - Cesc, Denilson, Diaby and now Diarra. Does anyone have any ideas?!
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 11:58:00

Just remember that every club in the country has history some bigger and longer than others but history all the same, I am fed up with reading the same old no history or tradition bollox everyday. I also get a bit miffed that a team that played far more unentertaining and boring football in the late eighties and eary nineties than we could ever play think they have the right to knock our style is beyond me. AW is a great manager and I'm not here to knock him becaue it would be unjust we are two very big clubs, you have a wonderfull history and we are making ours as we speak so lets leave it at that.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 12:11:00

Vin, you're forgeting Bert and Flamster as well. I agree with you, that's alot of quality CB's and I think in future Bert will move to CB and first choice will become Cesc and Diaby. As for Denilson, Diarra and Flamini, they will rotate in and out as the others won't play 60 odd games a season. Plus, poeple drop to RB, LM etc so there are always enough games to go round. Plus we also have cover for injuries. I genuinely think Arsene sees Gilberto as a CB in the near future.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 12:14:00

Michael105 - you're right, I forget about Flamster. I only disregarded Bert because he is not going to be around in the medium to long term. I have to disagree with you about Bert being a CB though; I just think that Arsene likes big, strong and pacey centre backs. He's definitely a great option though for us because that's where he started his career I believe. I think Cesc plays better with a holding midfield player though, and don't think that Diaby looks like one - not yet anyway.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 12:49:00

Isn't it kinda hard to build a new stadium without going into debt? Kinda like buying a house...unless you're filthy rich, you're going to be owing money for ten to twenty years. It's just an inescapable truth. But once you've paid it off and amassed twenty, thirty, forty years, and you've done a good upkeep of the home while living within your means, the return should be substantial. That's Arsenal's plan, and while many believed we'd fall to midtable status swallowed up in debt and unable to afford to field a competitive squad, Arsenal appears to be making far more profit after debt repayments, and have fielded a very competitive squad on a shoestring budget, with more money to spend if something special catches Wenger's eye. Personally I'm not one to knock what other clubs do (unless it's in jest), but I do have a lot of appreciation for the way Arsenal have gone about things, especially the last few years. And Wenger is the biggest reason.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 13:33:00

dicksy,if your comments comes from a chavski fan,i would like to ask what was that team doing in the same period in the eighties?
fran merida
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 13:40:00

Euroblue - You may have heard one or more member of the arsenal staff mention the accounting figures coming out in a few weeks, and what a good position they're in. I'm led to believe profits are three times the amount of the debt repayment. So is it plunging ourselves into debt as you so cleverly put it, or is it even further sound business sense that will see us become one of the most, if not THE most wealthy club in the world.......and all through hard work, and not getting it given. That's why we're proud mate.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 14:01:00

Rocky - Trying to explain sound accounting to a fan of a club that makes a annual loss of 140M, and has the highest wage bill in the Premiership at abt 114 M is like teaching a pig to fly.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 14:29:00

I don't know how you can be sure he has such a small net spend. It obviously would not surprise me, as he ha ssold a fair few players at massive profit. However, there have also been a couple of losses. But why i feel it is uncalculable (if that is a word) is because all of his signings are undisclosed. You can never be sure how much he has spent
Jacky B
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 16:15:00

I dont have to read the article to find that Arsene Wenger is not only a fantastic manager, tactition, coach, motivator etc etc. He is also a superb visionary who has the Arsenal`s best interests at heart. We were blessed in the late 20`s and early 30`s with another true pioneer of the game in Mr Herbert Chapman. (That`s me by the way!) These guys don`t come around too often in my experience. So lets raise a glass to Mr Wenger when he signs that new contract and be free in the knowledge that our club is in the safest pair of hands Imaginable...
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 16:32:00

Jacky - I remember reading an article that calculated all of the totals of the transfer deals (I think it was from an official source) last year that hade Wenger only spending £13M over his tenure. I just did the maths from this seasons transfers.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 16:33:00

Do you have a link to that, Rocky? It will make interesting reading.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 17:02:00

I'll try did it our was quite a while ago.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 18:58:00

Jacky B, the word is incalculable. I must note that it's nice to see a spud paying attention to proper English speak.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 21:03:00

Wenger is magnificent, by the by, but that needn't be said as it's plain to see.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 21:05:00

thats called good debt euroblue...that has to be the most ignorant and uneducated comment you have made in a while. its (the stadium) bringing in more cash than its taking out if you tenant is paying you 100 and you mortgage is 50 thats a good thing...probably too hard for you to compute but i thought id try. you should be the last fans to bring up anything about money.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 22:06:00

the way i see it, spending money on the stadium is a good thing as it was badly needed. the great thing is that it generated funds right from the get go and will continue to do so long into the future. another positive for our financial management is the way we deal with players. bringing class at bargain prices, but all of our players increase in value during their period in the club (except for reyes maybe). so whether we decide to keep them or sell them on, our return on investment is sound. now lets compare that to the other "big clubs", chelski are making huge losses year in year out simply from their reckless spending on players, no new stadium. liverfools as i see it, also goin down the same road judging by rafas spending this year, it will be interesting how their new stadium takes shape in the future and how that will impact their team and investors. manutd, probably the only club which can hold its own on financial terms simply because the utd branding is so strong throughout the world and this club has been established as the biggest quite a number of years ago, and they already have a great stadium. i dont even need to waste your time by discussing spuds, mancity and other ambitious small clubs who are punching beyond their weight class. they will get clobbered in due time. but i think the arsenal machine will get in gear in the next few seasons and we will reaps the rewards then.
Report Abuse
06/09/2007 01:32:00

Another good piece about the Wenger way:
Report Abuse
06/09/2007 03:50:00

Wenger agreed to sign a new three year deal according to sky.,19528,11095_2711554,00.html
Report Abuse
06/09/2007 21:59:00

Good news, but its simply confirmation of what we already expected. One less question for journos to ask Wenger in his press conferences ;).
Report Abuse
07/09/2007 03:39:00


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