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What Would Defeat Mean For Arsenal?

When the fixtures come out in June, Arsenal fans immediately look to one of two fixtures, Man Utd and Tottenham Hotspur (Don't kid yourself Chelsea, you're nowhere near). I personally look to the North London derby with dread.

Despite Arsenal only having lost once to Sp*rs in the Wenger era, the tension of this match, for me, becomes unbearable. The Tottenham fans would have you believe the reason for my nerves is due to the team from over the Seven Sisters closing the gap on our good selves and a defeat would only serve to prove this, I say 'Balls'.

After recently reading an article on the Online Gooner, I found myself nodding in agreement with the comments of Arsenal legend Charlie George when he made the claim that he prays Arsenal don't lose on Saturday, not because of points but because if Spurs somehow manage a victory they will go on about it like they have won the European cup.

In my honest, frank & well respected opinion, the Spurs squad doesn't hold a candle anywhere near the current Arsenal side, and with the exception of the forward line (only due to Eduardo's lack of PL experience) the Gunners boss every single position.

But does that mean we can't lose?

Of course not.

Arsenal's current crop of players is fantastic, the financial status gets better every week, we have the best manager in the world, and we will only improve from here on in. But on derby days, all that goes out of the window.

I like to think of myself as a realist, and it's more than possible tomorrow that we don't turn up and actually lose to Tottenham for the first time in eight thousand matches, of course it is, but what would a defeat mean?

Would it prove that the Spurs fans theories that they are catching up, and soon to over take us?

Not on your nelly.

If the Tiny Totts do somehow squeeze out a win at the Lane at lunch time tomorrow, all it will indicate is that Spurs were the better team on the day.

Arsenal have suffered some horrendous defeats over the past few seasons at the hands of such teams as Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, West Bromwich Albion etc etc, and did this prove their superiority? Their current non Premiership status can easily answer that question.

So will I be worried if we lose at WHL tomorrow? No. Will I be gutted? Like a big fat fish ready to go on an Australian barbeque.

Roll on Sunday.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 14 2007

Time: 4:54PM

Your Comments

Everyone is tipping you to get done at the Lane and I have to say - I think you'll spank them off the park. Three or four nil. They wont live with Van Persie and if you can keep the ball in the middle they have got nothing. Ignore the bluster - nailed on three points for your lot. Any other day Id be sorry to say that, but not today!
I honestly hate the NLD, you expect that comment from a Spurs fan, but from a Gooner? It's just horrible, and tense, and not enjoyable (until the final whistle if we win).
"What Would Defeat Mean For Arsenal?"Having to deal with Spud dvds, t-shirts, an the word COYS written 50000 times+ "jol is a genius".
Well said Rocky, and must agree they have a good chance against us this time round. Had a great idea though of how to deal with the aftermath, because let's face it, as you said it's only the bloody aftermath we dread. If we lose, we get a step ahead of them and make some T-shirts ourselves - a piccy of a drunk-looking c0ck falling off a ball in the middle with nice big letters around it: "We, The Mighty Arsenal, were beaten by Spurs on 15th September 2007AD. It's the first time in 8 years - please, write it down!"
Its the same story every ******** year. We're always nervous about the result but they never do enough to beat us. I think it'll be the same story this year too. A draw would be good enough i guess. I would be absolutely devasted if we do lose. We've all forgotten how it feels like to lose against the tiny totts and we're unlikely to remember how it feels like tomorrow
The run has to end somewhere, and it's not the quality of Spurs shower of *****e that has me concerned, it's the law of averages. Oh and Kev.....isn't "COYS" the most annoying thing in football. Probably needed because the can't spell the whole thing.
What would it mean for Arsenal? Well it'd mean that we would join the elite group of such luminaries as Chelsea and Man Utd in having 1 defeat so far this season. Nothing more. Nothing less.
It is incredibily annoying. I'd rather hear carragher talkin through his nose than listening to the spuds yelling coys.
What exactly does the term COYS refer to? I've never heard about it here in India
Oh lord! How sad!
"Come On You Spurts" gay really
COYS! If we win the derby this time around I'l go on about it as if we've won a cup! COYS!
I guess that would be your biggest achievment in the last 45 years.
Mistraal you only find the term gay because you find singing (which is where it originally comes from) confusing and unfamiliar and so you react to the unknown in the only way you know how....'Oooh it's gay'. So are you.
By the way I can't wait to add the DVD of our probable win to my growing collection.
Your growing collection of ONE dvd that comemerates ONE match? Oh how spoiled you Spurs fans have been.
To be fair though... if it was the other way round (oh, how i wish it was) that you hadn't beaten us in 8 / 9 years... and you then would also go on about it like you won a cup. How you can say that Spurs are nowhere near the standard of the Ars*nal side, frankly baffles me... over a 2 year period we have finish about 7 points behind you ! It may not be as good, but i wouldn't say your MILES ahead and the gap is closing and you know it.. COYS !!
I didn't say I'd blame you for going on about it like you'd won the cup, just that it would annoy me emmensely. And while you have finished closer to us recently, that was you at your very best and us at our worst for years.
i have t oagree with OLASAL, this will be our most convincing win at the lane under Wenger. the team will be on a high after Arsene's contract extension, and if the ref does his job well and spuds come out to win, we'll spank them easily. i would love for RVP to score his first Arsenal hatrick tomm..
And that is exactly the reason why i'd do it, Rocky7!
Having watched many a North London Derby, its very hard to predict a result, like everyone says... nothing is a given! Who knows, but right now, i have a feeling you boys may take more than a point from the lane. I think the worse thing we can do is score first.. cos then we're up ***** creek ! COYS!
Only joking, I won't go on about it that much. Only a month or two. I don't really have any dvd's and to be honest I don't even hate you lot but when it comes round to the NLD my passion brims over, as with any Yid/Goon, so here's to a good game and a well earned win by the mighty Lillywhites!
Amen Tom.. COYS !
One thing both sets of fans can (and mostly do) agree on is that this will be a high paced, high tempo, high testosterone, well, just high everything game!!!
high cholesterol high triglycerides....
the second half of the 2-2 draw last season was the best football Arsenal played last season, we completely played the spuddies off the park. and if we can play even half as good as we played in those 45 mins, we'll win this one in style..
It doesnt matter what Sp*rs do if we play well they wont be able to handle us, end of. If we dont turn up we could be in trouble, good test of our credentials 2moro!
How sick of this ***** with comparing our teams is everyone? To be completly honest lil spuddies, the fact that one year you were one point off us and the next year eight is no coincidence but the fact that our youngsters (who are already better than anything you have) are getting better all the time. You can talk about a sinking ship or whatever the ***** you like but regardlesss of the result tommorow the ship is not sinking it is growing. It is a sad fact for you lot, but a fact none the less.
Ozi Gooner
Of course now we've done the sensible thing and considered what's in store for us if we lose, shouldn't we be fair and think (just for a second mind) about what happens if THEY lose? Imagine the ensuing bloodbath - Jol's head on a platter - now! I want Levy and the board to sell us now! We are nowhere near as classy as the Goons! Bent is crap! Jenas - what a chocolate teapot! etc etc
if they do its 4pts after 6 games for spurts and 13pts after 5 games for the arsenal. That'll stop the tots top 4 shouts for another season
Can I just say to all travelling Gooners to be careful when leaving after the match tomorrow, the police are notoriously bad at protecting victorious travelling Gooners from the savage defeated spuds who line the streets and something tells me this time around they will be incredibly vicious if they lose.
You'd cringe, you'd not want to go to work on Monday, do you want me to carry on...........
No thanks Merlin.....PMS has already kicked in!!!
The eventual loss of fourth place!
I just want tommorow to be over, every year it's the same, I try and be rational about it - it's only a game, it's still only three points - but I can't fool myself. My feeling is that Spurs simply have to beat us some time, like Rocky said, it's the law of averages, it's just too perfect to beat spurs tommorow, they've spent loads, done nothing, their manager is a dead man walking because they sacked him, then denied it, we are joint top with a game in hand. To beat spurs tommorow would just be too perfect. The again, spurs are by far the biggest bottlers in the premiership...I dunno, I'm going to be a lightweight and prepare myself for the worst case scenario.
Professor Calculus
My feelings exactly Prof......I just hate this. And also it means I'm gunna be shltfaced at 2 o clock in the afternoon....thats no way for a responsible father to behave is it!!
Well Rocky, seeing dad *****faced is better than seeing dad cry I suppose.
Professor Calculus
What if the worst comes to the worse and I'm crying whilst *****faced? Double trouble!!!
Arsenal should win. Spurs should lose. Arsenal fans should have more belief in their own team. And if Arsenal does win, I'm very sure there'll be quite a few west ham, chelski, fulham and crystal-palace fans laughing their ass off too.
If the Totts beat us in the twenty-first century I will drink my body weight in Guinness. . What? . Oh?
seeing how the spurs celebrated jenas's late equalizer last season like they've won the premiership. Spurs win this time around would be like winning a european cup. This could be the first premiership season to end in september, is spurs win the derby.
FOD - Two things - 1) That's hardly a punishment & 2) We'll have to get the brewery working overtime till the end of the season to produce that much booze!!
let us not be soo doom and gloom over one game.. the players we have are 11 different individuals with one footballing mind.. our unity and solidarity will see us emerge with 3 points tomoro.. if everton can do it, there's no reason to believe we cant do it.. our players will know that tomoro could very well be the day we reach top spot if l'pool and chelski draw while manyoo gets their 2nd defeat of the season.. i cant wait
I have a feeling they won't be working overtime in Dublin this weekend Rock's!
I hope so mucker, I've said it before and I'll say it again....I hate the NLD!!!
You hate this.. we haven't won in 8 ******** years... everytime we go 1 - 0 up.. a few occasions may i add.. its the nail in the coffin. I hope we dont score 1st, cos its probably the best thing that can happen for you goons!
defeat would mean we hit the cross bar 7 times and them score a fluke goal that deflected off two arsenal player, the left post, rightpost and crossbar before going in.
Lmao @ JC - I realise is sounds like a stupid statement, but the anticipation is a killer. I'm not getting any younger and I hope my ticker will last to the final whistle.
its becuz we never lost in 8 yrs thats why we feel all the heat. =)
I'm hoping: 1. Eduardo starts (after scoring 3 in 2 international games) alongside RvP. 2. Gallas comes back, or Gilberto is fit enough to fill in, or Sagna, nobody else in CB. (Hoping I said!) 3. Diarra plays, DCM or RB. 4. Alongside Cesc, please let us have Diarra or Denilson or Flamini, as Diaby's not ready for the defensive duties in the DCM role yet. 5. Almunia together with Kolo and Gilberto keep out Berbatov. 6. Hleb and Sagna contain Gareth Bale (strong kid, good for them, but our Gael's even better). 7. Rosicky and Eduardo continue the scoring streak back with the club. 8. Kolo makes a fool of Keane somewhere (or Cesc, as he's so good in punishing morons, e.g. Savage and Repka sprang to mind). 9. RvP scores after a few games without goals. 10. We win (duh!) to celebrate Arsene's contract extension and his "marriage" to our club, the launch of our big book Arsenal Opus, Diarra's Arsenal debut, even Alex Song's birthday (a few days ago), Gilberto and Traore's birthdays (coming soon early Oct), the downfall of Martin Jol and the arrest of Chimbonda. See, we have so much to play for!
5 more hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck from us at Pompey. Stuff the spuds.
i am surprised at the support from other supporters for us to beat spurs, I hate the NLD, I go through all my normal rituals before a game, now i am just trying to find somewhere to watch it today ! i don't go to WHL, its like Jim Davidson going to a GAy rally, same effect !
I think in reality, we are still short of the standard of you goons - but at the same time, we're one of few clubs with the potential to bridge that gap between the top 4 and the rest. Surely the increased ambition and improved football from Spurs over the last few years adds to the flavour of the NLD. It must make a change not going into the game with victory all but guaranteed. Fingers crossed for another high scoring, well contended game at the lane!
Dave the Yid
Yeah same, just about to make my way to the lane.. *****ting themselves anyone?! haha!
A draw would not be a bad result for us. A win would really be a statement of intent and be the platform for a serious title challenge. A defeat would hurt but we would recover. Whatever happens, we know our team won't give up without a fight. We'll definitely create chances - just a matter whether we can take them. Could be the perfect game for Eduardo to start making his mark! FOYS!
ofcourse, a loss for us isn't as bad as a loss for the spurs is it. just a thought, gutted i am not there and even more gutted i can't watch it on tv, whats sky doing showing portsmouth v liverpool instead of a fierce london derby ?
we never lost at whl for like eons, true, we never won that many times but we never lost!
Puregold - you can download streaming software from the internet and then watch the game, costs 9.99 to sign up - i used
Okay guys here we go, good luck to us all!!! Sp*ds = orcs
As I said, I didn't feel like this was going to be our day. 1-0 at half time. But as I also said, nothing to worry about......we've easily outplayed Spurs, unlucky not to have a couple. If we lose we lose, just try and think of it as any other big deal!!
Almunia should have saved that free kick. Bert looks tired. RVP needs to step up.
Where are all you watching this?
Ade could not score in a brothel. I dont know where Dudu is today but why isnt Nic in the team.
Fox Soccer
Adebayor!!!!!! 1-1
FABREGAS 2-1!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahha Bent and 16 ml couldnt score a simple goal ***** offf Spudssss
hoho... awesome play by Arsenal... I think Arsenal will move to the top of the table.... I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT
Cesc !!!!!!!!!!!!! Law of averages says Ade would score. RVP was not in the game today.
Can you hear it?.............
it sounds like Martin Jol's career being flushed down the toilet
3-1... now thatz fun :)
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 3-1 ahahahahha ***** offf Yids!!!! wher are you now come on pay us a visit !!! you suckkersssss
Ade - you BEAUTY !!!!!
Ade - the new Pires
We are top of the table !!!! cheers gooners
Oh my Gosh. Ade. Ok so he can score, I was just getting irritable.
What a ******** great goal it was !!!!
Ok ok, I am getting carried away here, but what the ***** !! 3-1, and we're top of the table !! Where are those spuds with their 'COYS', and 'the gap is getting closer', and 'Spuds for top 4'?? ***** them, I say.
Come on goooooooooners........In all honesty, we were pretty poor today.
Arsene Wenger is the best!!!!
MArtin JOl has a career?
Rocky - no need to consider the worst case scenario, mate. This is great.
correction noted
Fabtastic - what are you on about ? We deserved the 3 points. Maybe a few individual errors out there, but if Ade and Diaby had taken their chances, it would have been 5 goals. I'll take being pretty poor, if thats what it means.
Oh man this feels amazing. I thought we would lose this one
SUX2BU - it would suck to be Martin Jol right now. BWAHAHAHA !! Another spud manager without a win against THE ARSENAL !!
Im just saying we were pretty poor at the back. Gilberto made a few errors. Bent had two good chances. Berbatov and Keane too. We in the end we won and thats all that matters
Gilberto made a few errors cuz first : the feckin defensive midfielder didn't really help (if you had one) , 2 he played 2 games last weekend, on a freakin hot place. Any of your brits would've melt there. And 3, in your 2 goal, his header was the one who started the whole play. : - )
Rocky... I also wanted to take it light but our players are not taking like that coz of wenger as he said he will be *****ed off if we loose... we cant help :)... Gun Down You Gunners (GDYG)
Yesssssssssssssssss.. i lost 5 years of my life watchin that but fabulous fab n awesome ade just gave me 10 years back.. hahahahahahha..i'm off to the spurs site to open a can of whoop a(r)$$ on em.. come on u gooners, join me celebrate at the most appropriate place.. and lets see which one of the master tacticians there get the nod to replace BMJ.. go fly kites u yids
Yeah, Bert just look tired. The man worked his socks off. Cesc was fantastic as was Hleb and the Flamster.
Also Bent comment about TH14 going cheap. I can tell you one thing, 16.7 mil for him was ridiculous. Th for 16mill would have scored at least of the those chances.
CSEC FOR MAN OF THE MATCH!!!! any of yall agree
Youngest in Charge
Anybody worth their salt would have scored that chance. Darren Bent - MUAHAHAHA !! Did that look funny or what !!
No way Kolo for me. We would of gone 2-0 down if Kolo didnt stand up Berbs on Almunias howler.
FAO FabTastic, the real translation of COYS is Cheating Overrated Yid Scum

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