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Arsenal - Spurs: The Beat Goes On

Arsene Wenger's Arsenal put the final nail in Martin Jol's coffin after coming from a goal behind to beat top four contenders (hahahahahahahahahahahaha) Tottenham Hotspur, 3-1.

I won't steal anything from Tim's excellent match report, I'm just providing a place for joyful Gooners to celebrate and gloat until said match report arrives.

I wonder if we will still get the visits to our boards from the hoards of Spuddies who infested us this week?

Some how I doubt it.

I'm off to get pished!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 15 2007

Time: 3:28PM

Your Comments

We are top of the league say we are top of the league! Oh its good to be back, so whatever happened to spurs on the up and us in decline?
adebayooooooooorrrrrr what a goal where are these fokaz now?? hmmm/?????
Can you say "bold"? I'll have to fix that.....I was just soooooo excited. What a win. Title contenders for sure.
errr... what say you now GOONERS?! Who's that team they call THE ARSENAL?
It's all quiet over at Spuddies site as well now..... Can't wait to see Cesc's goal, pile driver they called it
Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar. Lets all laugh at tottenham, Lets all laugh at tottenham, na nar nar nar.
Oh one more thing. if it weren't for that spurs fan, the ref wouldn't have asked us to retake the free kick :-)
it was about Adebayors finisher, oh my He'll be out scoring Drogba this season
Been doing that since the full time whistle
916995 cesc's and adebayors second goal were out of this world robbo was still picking up some donut crumbs of the floor while the ball rattled off the back of his net then what made it even better was they began to show all the spuds exiting the stadium
Speaking of exiting the Lane...all you Gooners over there, be safe. This was by far the best birthday present EVER!!! hahahahahaha
The *****y t*ttenham hotsp*r went to Rome to see the Pope, The *****y t*ttenham hotsp*r went to Rome to see the Pope, The *****y t*ttenham hotsp*r went to ROme to see the Pope, The *****y t*ttenham hotsp*r went to ROme to see the Pope, and this is what he said:
Can you hear the Spuddies sing? I CAN'T HEAR A ******** THING. In all seriousness, this is one of the most impressive Arsenal wins in a long time...we've got a great record against them the last ten years, but wins have always been hard to come by at the Lane. To turn over a team desperate for a win in their own hostile building really says something about this squad. As for the Tots, I really do feel bad for Jol...despite some questionable decisions he's unquestionably been their best manager in the last twenty years, and didn't deserve the backstabbing bull***** the board was doing a few weeks ago. Alas, I think he might be shown the door after this one, and that's a shame. No matter who it is, you never wanna see someone lose their job.
i was just laughin when they scored because i knew they would ***** their pants and giv in towards the end. dey cudnt finish their chances and luckily for them we had a glimpse of last season in front of their goal but let me just state one thing. Bent = 18million henry= 16.5million did u see bent 1-on-1 with almunia hahahaha now wouldnt henry of tucked that in haha i guess wengers right about the price for english players being ridiculous
Doesn't get any better than this, sun is out, Arsenal beat spurs at Three Point know what? I don't even know how many points we are ahead of them, I know we have a game in hand but has the point difference gone into double figures yet? I'll ask a spurs fan, I'm sure they will know.
Professor Calculus
My mother thought I was mental celebrating!!!! DID YOU SEE ADE'S GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! GOOD TO BE ON TOP!!! Lets hope savage returns and kikz da ***** out of every cska london player on the pitch. ps. Saisho............ truer words have never been spoken
What joy - I also had 2-1 with the bookis, at 90 minutes, so it's money too. What a waste of money that Darren Bent and what a trappy $hit too. Long way to go but looks really good. COME ON!!
Prof.....what a feeling eh, especially for the worry warts like me and you!! We are currently 9 points ahead of Spurs with a game in hand. Their next four games are Villa, Newcastle, Liverpool and Bolton.....LMFAO
f*@K OFF! I think thats how it goes G4L!
Well im a Tottenham fan and I have never once said you lot were in decline! With Wenger in charge you lot are capable of anything. The guy is class! All I can say is I hope that is the final nail in the coffin for the useless JOL! Enjoy GOONERS!
Real Deal
Nah let's all laugh at gloryhunting Arsenal fans who disappear when they're behind and miraclously appear when they draw level thanks to the ref.
ADE F*CKING BAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The way things are going, we could be celebrating St Totteringham Day at Christmas!
What a day to get my Internet back :) What a win!!!
Very gracious Real Deal, thank you......sameoldspurs.....could that name be more appropriate? Always something to whinge about, did you see the two other peralers? I suppose they were encroaching on Spurs airspace so should have been disallowed.
just watched the highlights i swear paul robinson cannot leap 4 inches off the ground
This is ******** great !! What a win, we played them off the park. LMAO - iceman. Heck, I'm laughing at everything right now - the world is such a good place right now :). Cesc - you BEAUTY !! Ade fancies Spurs (heck, we wont miss Pires against them any more).
Sorry Rocky, I spent all my good jokes on their site...
Real deal - you are a credit to your club. Turning up to offer congratulations is tough. But where the ***** are griddo, Scottdayid, cusop and those other 'intelligent' spuds who predicted we were in decline ?
On a more sobering note, I hope LD and others who visited the Lane are safe. They cant be taking this defeat very well, those spuds.
"Sorry Rocky, I spent all my good jokes on their site..." - lolz...this is one of the few times when Chelsea fans are actually tolerable.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I am glad that they went a goal up as it gave them a sense of hope it is much more enjoyable when victory is swiped from their sight.
saisho. you ******** loser. ***** off. Tom_Yoof <<< On spuds site, Teehee
When they went a goal up, I wasnt too concerned. Hell yeah !!
Yes!!! Bent can go dig himself a grave after all his nonsensical comments... Go Arsenal!!!!!!!!!
saisho - well done, mate. Though whatever u said was just the truth which made a lot of sense. I guess those spuds just cant 'handle the truth' . LOL.
You can see that blindness is an affliction which haunts the whole of spuds fc!! This passage is from their official website *The team weren't getting a single decision going their way and from a set piece on 65 minutes taken by Fabregas, the head of Adebayor rose highest and the ball landed in the back of our net.* No wonder they always take one step forward & two steps back when they cannot even admit to the obvious, & that is they just aren't good enough to play against the big boys, not just arsenal but any of the top four.
Ashburton Gooner
what is it so hard for us to lose at WHL?
Top of the league with a game in hand!! I didn't smile this much on my wedding day!
what a win, i predicted 3-2 but will take 3-1 any day!!! was frustrated with ade at first but he redeemed himself in great fashion in the second half. rvp had a quiet game and fabs??? u beauty......... oh what a SWEET victory. and going top of the ladder is just the icing on a beautiful cake.
A blast from the past, but very apt right now,
We've got Cesc Fabregas, we've got Cesc Fabregas, we've got Cesc Fabregas!!! They've got....errr ...... 4 points in 6 games!! HAPPY HAPPY VERY HAPPY DAYS!!
What must it feel like to be a spud eh? All that mouthing off before the season started and even more before this game got underway. Some of them really believed it all you know!!!
Ahead of today, we even gave them a bit of respect Amos. What did they do? *****ed it right up against the wall!! Shysters, hahahahahaha!!!!
How about Adebayors second. Thierry couldnt have done it better himslef, absoloutley brilliant and a nice goall to add to the embarassment that is Tottenscums already severe depression.
Ozi Gooner
With 4 points in 6 games Spuds are on course for 25 points this season. With our 13 in 5 games we are on target for 99 points. Best not mention it to the Spuds though we wouldn't want to upset them - would we?
Griddo will still maintain Sp*rs are better than us based on the fact Ledley King scored the fastest ever premiership goal.
But Iceman, they were the first English club to win a european trophy - SuperGoals, Fat Franks eats some pies, SuperGoals.
Dont you just love football :D Come on u GUNNERSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goal of the month Ade's second
But Rocky our top of the table squad cost a lot less than Shevchenko, Supergoals.
goal of the month for sure if not goal of the season.. hope rvp scores one of that in the very next was good to see him applaud that piece of beauty even though he had an off game.. its all the team unity.. its gonna get us to great heights
hehehehehe, spuds gone a hiding... MARTIN JOL your boys got spanked good and proper in your own backyard !!! WOO HOO ... how crapola are they huh, i will laugh my socks off if they gone down, infact i think i am going down the bookies tomorrow to place a bet !!! effin get in, shut up you stupid arrogant little spuds !
at this rate st totteringhams day will fall in line with xmas this season :) there was also an article on vital spurs that adebayor and van persie will never make their first team ahead of their strike force, well hahahhahaha :)
Their strikeforce is good on paper, their stadium looks like its made of paper and their manager will be selling papers after monday morning.
Not goin 2 lie Rocky.. i said yesterday the worst we can do is score first. As for Adebayor... world class today, what a goal and Cesc was immense as well. To be fair to our lot we played alright and created chances, if Bent wasn't a waste of space and berbatov didnt have to be always be brilliant it could of been different... Fair play to you boys!
Fair play to you, JC. Unlike some of your brethren who are very good at the pre-game trash talk . Spurs could have nicked this one, but there can be no arguments that Arsenal was the better side. We outplayed Spurs, and we took more of our chances.
Yeah, i was there and we could of easily been 2 or 3 down from Hleb and Diaby's chances.. i mean i refuse to trash talk because it is a very similar story for us, we will create chances against you and often we go 1 or 2 up.. but then we hit some kind of mental block and throw away chances and in all honesty Bent and Berbatov had the 2 most clear cut chances, one when we're 1 up and then when we're 2 - 1 down.... but i was very impressed with Ars*nal today, considering it was bit of makes-shift at the back as well.
Shows some bottle coming back today JC (Jesus Chirst? Your dad is a gooner isn't he?) and you won't get no ribbing from me. The game could quite easily panned out differently, but you make you own luck I believe, and two quite amazing goals won us the game, on any other day they wouldn't have gone in. You're welcome back any time mucker!!
Oh dear, what can the matter be, tottenham's hopes got flushed down the lavatory... 3-1 flattered us, 2-1 to the arse was fair. but hey, you know what? Who gives a funk. Once again, supremacy has been proven in north london. It seems that £40m+ spent in the summer still does not get you close to the mighty gooners... here's to my headache, my hoarseness, my beers sunk, my pie n' mash (x3), my fellow fans, and most of all MY GLORIOUS TEAM.

One nil, and you f***ed it up,
One nil, and you f***ed it up

To ********ise a *very* annoying phrase.... COYR. »»Arsene Knows««
Pie and mash 3 times??? I thought I was suposed to be the sites resident fatty!
oh yeah, bay-beh. Pre-match pie and mash. Post-match celebratory beer-soaker pie and mash. And then pre-kickabout pie and mash (as a form of dessert...)... »»Arsene Knows««
And Blackburn draw at the bridge. All in all, turning into a verrrry nice day for gooners everywhere :) »»Arsene Knows««
MORE GOOD NEWS !!!!! chelsea drop 2 more points !!!
Lets take a moment to pay respect to a gooner who passed away watching the game. Came across it in google news.
RIP Arsenal fan that passed away. Did everyone notice how Spurs were constantly stopping the game re-starting etc, trying to disrupt our flow. But what can we say about Cesc - the new invincible hero!
Had a day of Football. Arsenal were fantastic. I thought Kolo, Cesc and Hleb were immense. Ade was pi**ing me off when he finally scored. I mean sometimes the guy is just plain lazy. RVP was not really in the game. The Flamster was brilliant as was Gael. Bent is a waste of money. Bale looks the real deal and Jol is in serious trouble. The Chelsea game was a shocker. Gamst is a cheat - he is learning from Savage. They must take acting classes together. Blackburn might have got a point but they wont win any football lovers. They are *****e - *****e and more *****e. Malouda looks a good player and can really cross the ball. Anyway , a point dropped by Chelsea, Arsenal are top and boy do I love my team. GOONERS GOONERS>
Those of you who have yet to see highlights, make sure there's a cushion or something comfy on the floor, because Darren Bent's finish with five mins left will have you in stitches! To think they could have got Henry for that £16m! Ha ha ha! It's so quiet, it's so quiet, it's so quiet at the Lane, it's so quiet, it's so quiet, it's so quiet at the Lane!!!!!
Little Dutch
well done lads, I guess you're as pleased as punch to be top again!
Can I also take this opportunity to say how much I *****ing love football? Happy to report I saw no trouble whatsoever, the police did a bang up job!
Little Dutch
You certainly can LD, I think most fans would agree with you.....well maybe not the Spurs fans eh!!
oh what a great night indeedy ! bring on MOTD ! you know i can't remember the last time i went to the toilet and scored 3 times, RESULt or what !
3 times whilst on the bog? That must have been some turd PG, we scored the first early in the second half!!!!
Alright lads. Although all this gloating exposes a severe lack of class amongst a large number of you, I'm still here to say well played. Havn't seen the game but it doesn't take a genius to work out who was the better team and I'm big enough to admit that, as we all should be.
happy days folks, top of the table and a fantastic win. a pattern is emergin and oppostion teams need to be aware that in the 80th minute Cesc will score.
You guys have all said what's on my mind. And I'm so happy I'm out of words! :D I enjoyed Cesc's strike and thought AW was right in saying that he's like Scholes (a younger and way better looking version of him). Just when I thought that'd make my day, Ade's wonderful goal totally caught me offguard! Geez that's too good to be true!!! And yes LD, I was telling my friends how Bent said the fee we got for Thierry was too low for someone like him, and the fact that he got sold to Spurs for about the same amount didn't mean much, blah blah. Before I even finished saying how stupid he was, he shot wide off target and I and my friends burst into crazy laughter!!! I will watch it when it gets shown on TV again. WHAT A GAME!!!
Tom_Yoof, well done on showing up, but do you seriously think we wouldn't be swamped with Spurs right now had you won? Ok so you may not be one of the morons, but every site has them, and we've had our fair share of yours this week. Still, it's very good of you to come here an say well played. Respect.
St. Totteringham day is coming before christmas, veeeeeeeeeeeehoooooooooooooooo..
Here comes the BBC MotD **** squad to rain on are parade by saying we cant win the title the **** cabbage face hanson and dumbo linekar
Arsenal to be revealed as world's second richest club
Again, instead of giving Arsenal proper credit, Hansen & Co point out the deficiencies in the opposition. If that was Liverpool, and Gerrard had scored that goal that Fabregas did, they would have been drooling.
I noticed that GV - If you can take anything negative from our performance, just say it was all the other teams fault.
Heard that MatinJ having difficulty sleeping tonite....Time to update the his resume....Our performace today was spot on. Superb goals from both Fabregas & Adebayor. Top guns once again. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!
Guy's, we all know if arsnal had scored 10, Hansen and Co would have said something negative. You have to watch those programs with the volume off and just see the class of Cesc. Trusr me, if Gerard had scored that goal of Cesc or Ade's second,he would have left a snails trail in his shorts.
Hansen that is.
i alos thought it was quite funny, hansen talking aboiut our 'grit and determination', like he always praises it. I thought that, according to him, we were spineless... and yes, agreed, the cesc goal was completely skirted over. BUt credit where its' due, they did talk up ade's goal... »»Arsene Knows««
Cant spell either. Too much to drink.
Sweet dreams Arsenal fans, Nightmares for Jol. 3-1 , 3-1. "16.7 mill on who did I buy."
and it gets better "Arsenal's total turnover of all the business the club generate... has shot up to about £180m,about £22m behind Real Madrid, while United's turnover stands at £167m. That is an increase of almost 50 per cent in just one season, such has been the effect of moving to the Emirates Stadium. who says we dont have money to spend...
arsenal im flying
Didn't go to 3 Point Lane, but ended up chanting, screaming, and high-fiving with delirious Gooners at a local pub. Fack me, haven't had so much fun watching the telly in years!! Christ those goals were superb!!
hey Gooners, Kenya is going delirious (the red and white half anyway) i do believe we have a team on our hands, and a 3 time world player of the year in waiting. You have to be really daft to not figure out who
Alexandre Song????? lol
Very true about Hansen and Shearer...if that was Rooney or Gerrard that scored Fabs goal it would have been down to their immaculate positioning , spotting the gap to run into and a world class finish...for fecks sake do you get credit for beating an international keeper (????) from 30 yards ??...I know why they are so limited in their praise....most of them are going to have to eat a ***** load of humble pie soon because I don't know of one single pundit that has given us a prayer this season , some even saying that we are in danger of not even finishing in the top four !!.....Spurs ??...Champion League ??...You're having a laugh !!!
well laughed peeps
A Wonderful game, a fully deserved victory!!!
it was a great game....not for a yid but for the gooners and for football.....spurs yet again throw it all away and end up worse off than when they started the match.....I can only see up for wengers boys....
Well done thank god you beat the spuds. Maybe just maybe they will stop their bragging about getting into the top 4 this yr. Mind you i am looking forward to you lot coming to upton park in 2 weeks. 10 points in the last 4 games for the hammers.

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