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No More-inho

Josie Moaninho has rather spitefully stolen the back pages of the mornings newspapers by getting himself sacked.

The plaudits should have belonged to Arsenal after the Gunners slaughtered back to back UEFA cup winners Sevilla. The Arsenal looked set to be plastered all over the sports pages until inconsiderate Mourinho picked up his P45.

Despite having it rammed down our throats that JM is the greatest manager in the PL, and the fact that Chelsea are a club steeped in tradition and full of history, the Portuguese motor mouth has, it seems opened his cake-hole once to often.

Only 48 hours after waffling on about eggs and omelette's, Roman Abramovich appears to have had enough and booted the Matalan coat wearing Muppet out of the club for good.

We here at Vital Arsenal would like to thank Jose for all the moments of magic he has brought to the Premiership, for his charisma and witty comments. We'd also like to thank Hitler for his sterling work in human rights & Margret Thatcher for services to coal mining.

Credit to Wingers for the cracking headline

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 20 2007

Time: 1:19AM

Your Comments

I'd also like to thank Harold Shipman for the good work he did in improving the public belief in General Practitioners... »»Arsene Knows««
Rocky, change that headline to 'No More-inho' at once... »»Arsene Knows««
Haha That guy will be missed... lolz
Wingston that a great healine
Lmao. Done.
How long have you had that one in mind Wingers?
Good riddance. Watch him go to Spurs. Whining tw*t.
I'm incredibily dissapointed with the management.But instead of talking about Mourinho, shouldn't you be talking about Usmanov? That has now, 20% of your club?
Oh god. The only way that tosser could become more insufferable would be if he were Spurs manager. I wonder what the Spurs fans would make of him.
Just now as I read the piece, Rocks. I guess i was just born with it (naturla gob*****e ability, not headline writing talent...) »»Arsene Knows««
shouldn't you thank Usmanov as well? The guy that raped a couple of people? Surely he is just as good as the others you've mentioned...
Kev, stop trying to change the subject of Chelsea swift demise. Oh and to think you thought you'd rule the world. United will hammer you on Sunday.
Nah, thanks Kev - we're having faaaaar too much fun relfecting on a fantastic 3-0 win over Sevilla, and watching the Steamship Mokba amble on up a rapidly narrowing river, with no rudder and no captain, and after last night's game, it appears that most of the crew have abandoned ship too... »»Arsene Knows««
KC, we have already discussed Usmanov. All these money grabbers that buy into our clubs should be kicked out that includes Roman and Usmanov. They are a disease that is killing our game - however the back pages arent full of Usmanov, they are full of your EX manager and thats what the title of this is about.
So Roman has taken his ball back - that club has no class. To think a few weeks back we were the club in crisis - losing all our players - manager about to go. Now there's a sword hanging over Jol's head and the special needs one has gone! Great game isn't it.
I'm not. I just find that it's ironic you accuse papers of showing Mourinho instead of your victory, but vital arsenal hasn't written a match report yet.
Thats cos everyone is celebrating a fantastic win and of course saddened by your loss.
We lost our best manager of all time. Not much I can say.He's unique, and we won't ever have a manager like him again. That's pretty much it.
That Kev, as a regular visitor to Vital Arsenal should know, will be written by Tim Stillman tomorrow. Funny that your site isn't reporting Moaninho's sacking yet!!!
probably because LD is happily just stumbling in drunk from celebrating a fine 3-0 victory, his head filled with words and superlatives to sprinkle onto the keyboard tomorrow. As a chelsea fan, Kev, following tonight's Maureen extravaganza, what's your head filled with? (serious question, not a mocking one...) »»Arsene Knows««
Ah, I see you've just answered that. Do you think you will get a manager who will play a more expansive game now, Kev? »»Arsene Knows««
He may induce boring football but he was a great manager i have no doubts about that. He will go on to achieve great things elsewhere. I have a felling the Portugal Job is now in his sights since the infamous 'Sam Punch' Maybe even Inter.
stamford bridge is falling down,falling down,falling down,stamford bridge is falling down poor old it up with red n white red n white red n white,build it up with red n white fu. ck off chelsea.....and that includes you as well kevin
fran merida
Isn't it like, almost 2am there? Well, I was just pointing out rocky, just pointing out the irony. The club didn't even have the balls to give more detail, those ********s. Take the ***** I guess.
The portuguese national team is in crisis, maybe Mourinho saw it as a good opportunity to make himself available? I don't know, maybe the current portuguese national team coach will join chelsea?Don't know either, what I do now is that the new manager cannot have a strong atitude.
Not irony really Kev. Why should we change our usual schedule just because Josie gets sacked at night time? You think I'm gunna wait to take the ***** on this one? What a difference a week makes. (And yes it is 2am, hazzards of having a small child)
You know what KC, the fact that you are up at 2.00am tells me that you sleep, drink and eat football and for me thats ok. You must be pi**ed with your club. It just goes to show when the owners get to involved then it is detremental to the club. Just look at American sports.
Maureen leaving 'by mutual consent' - that's the official line from the club... »»Arsene Knows««
Not saying that Rocky, I just said that the arsenal page has a story about mourinho, criticising the papers because they are not commenting on your victory, whilst you haven't done that yourself.That's what I meant. Even thought it's 2 am there, I bet you feel like you just woke up from a nice sleep with this news.
Yeah Wingston, I refreshed the ******** site for 45 minutes just to get that. And TMA, it's 10 o clock here.
Where's here
If I'm being honest Kev I was bleary eyed and falling asleep, when I got an email entitled "Mourinho Gone", I immediately searched the internet for confirmation, and I now feel alive as ever. I realise it may appear desperate and classless of me to make fun of this situation......but in all honesty, I couldn't care
Can't blame ya, I'd do the same.
K_chelski is from Brazil
Mutual consent always means someone got the boot.
Kev, we'll all be reconvening here tomorrow to talk about it once LD's match report is penned. This one just popped up as a bit of a doozie, like when you open a doorto go through it, only to find someone standing on the other side of it, about to knock. Freaks the **** out of you. »»Arsene Knows««
Kev, it's stuff like this that makes football so exciting. The unexpected is always round the corner. Who do you want as the next manager? Martin Jol?
Agree K_chelski Mourinho is going to coach Portugal now IMO>
totally, Rocky. Though supposedly Maureen was telling people he'd got the boot, Chelski were reporting he'd resigned... I'm more incclined to go with Maureen's version. I reckon Chelski's board are worried there'll be a negative reaction from the fans if it's revealed they gave him the heave-ho... »»Arsene Knows««
Rocky, if Jol becomes the new CFC manager, I'll sell everything I have, go to london, and beat the ***** out of kenyon.
I may not have admired Chelsea's style under him but you cant deny that the man was a great manager and the Premier League wont be the same without him. I'll miss his press conferences and bitching!! Must admit i was sad when i heard the news even though i'm arsenal thru and thru. also sad wenger will never get the chance to beat chelsea whilst mourinho's in charge. Roman just *****ed up big time!! Talk of a club being run without class!! Thank God Arsenal isn't run like Chelsea and that the board appreciate the manager they have. Chelsea are gonna go downhill after this. just watch the players exit stamford bridge starting with lampard and drogba!! It's ***** like this that makes you appreciate Arsenal and the way it's run. ARSENAL 4 LIFE AND WENGER KNOWS.
I'm a prophet. You all don't know that yet. It came sooner than I thought and expected though.
Warri Gooner
Usmanov is coming to get ya gooners...
forget Usmanov and think abt Chelsea without Mourinho.. tht would be a big loss.. I had to check twice if it was Mourinho who quit.. I think many ppl are ready to quit Chelsea in any case.. 'special one'.. not so special?
MARTIN JOL FOR CHELSEA!! The campaign starts now. I don't like Mourinho, but it seems a bit strange on Chelsea's part, to hire a pragmatic, conservative styled manager and then get shot of him because he doesn't play the beautiful game.
Professor Calculus
On that note, I think Frank Lampard may leave chelsea as well.Maybe write an article bout that?
That remains to be seen Kev - in the meantime, who's coming to rescue your mob from the mire you are in tonight? »»Arsene Knows««
how about a new petition headlined: "Jol for Chelski! Why not?"
It maked me laugh that Chelsea sacked Ranieri just as he was starting to do things for Chelsea. A nice guy and a decent manager!!!
So true Rocky, so true. Still, it turned out alright for Ranieri, he eventually landed a job at a big club like Juventus... »»Arsene Knows««
Because, well, see the spuds board are a bunch of cowards, they won't fire Jol.And plus, before they fire Jol, they havve to see what manager will come to CFC.They'll work with the left overs, like vultures. Mourinho won't have to work anymore, he certainly doesn't need money. He'll just wait to manage the portuguese national team. And CFC will carry on, it's a shame but.
K_chelski, you're starting to sound like a desperate spurs fan, they too have to create non existant scenarios to make them feel better about their crap reality. "Yeah, just you see, Usmanov will buy you lot, then you'll be in trouble, then Wenger will leave, after Wenger leaves, Guunersaurus will be your manager and then Usmanov will be unhappy the Gunnersaurus's style of football, and then he will get the sack and your stadium will exlode, ha ha ha, who's laughing now gooners?" Stuff like that.
Professor Calculus
Wow, I think you have a creative mind. I'm not creating anything. :--------- "Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has upped his stake in Arsenal to become the club's second largest shareholder. Red and White Holdings Ltd, which is co-owned by Usmanov and business partner Farhad Moshiri, now have 21%, with Danny Fizman possessing 24% ""
He's buying you lot, and it looks like he will suceed. But with my curret luck, jesus christ will probably come back and buy you lot.
You dont understand the rest of the board. They may not indviually have large amount of shares but in unison they have a quarter of the club if im not mistaken add that to Fizmans and u have almost 50%.
Whatever Chelsea fans say, I insist that Martin Jol is the right man for the job. C'mon can't you see it, he's the opposite of Mourinho, granted he can't win anything, but to be fair he can create a side which doesn't look like an expensive Wimbledon. Martin Jol for Chelsea!
Professor Calculus
Didn't "Wimbledon" beat you lot last season?
I've got a better idea Prof. Let's campaign to have Chelsea and Spurs merge into one humngus blob of turd.
Beat our reserves Kev.....and only just.
I don't think Usmanov is buying anything, this scenario has already been played out a few months back with Kroenke, he was a dead cert to buy Arsenal according to every man and his dog. It didn't happen for various reasons, the main one being, Arsenal are not for sale. I think Usmanov just wants to leech off Arsenal, he can't be bothered to own a football club, like I keep on saying, if any billionaire wants to make money, there are many easier ways of doing this than owning a football club. Usmanov is not an Abromovich, Roman is a one off.
Professor Calculus
Rocky, that's the best idea yet. Spelsea FC. It will be the worst of both worlds, they won't win anything and they will play launch ball.
Professor Calculus
I reckon Roman will go after Cappello.
Yeah rocky, and those reserves came closer to winning something than your main team.
Not Spelsea, - spudsatsea
Imagine the spawn of the Chelsea and Spurs fans!!!!!!!
And those reserves are now our first team and topping the league buddy. It's called evolution, rather than throwing cash at everything Wenger builds, and it's paying dividends whilst your teams falls to pieces. Stability is a major part of football, and we have a very stable club, yours was just waiting to implode, and it started with the dismissal of your very unlikable, but very effective coach!!
Yeah TMA, cuz capello has sexy football. hey, let's get vialli back. Rocky, you're just proving my point, last season we defeated your current main team, that is better than your last season's first team.
But our current first team, last seasons reserve team, is now better than is was in the previous year, much much better, where as your team seems to be going backwards. Worse football (is that possible?) defence looks creaky and a horrible front line.
Jose Mourinho getting sacked is about exciting Chelsea can get
I guess it is,alots of positive signs though, belletti is absolute class,alot of good players. I think the main reason Mourinho left, has something to do with Shevchenko.
I reckon Chelsea will go for Klinsman, and most probably get him. I'm just interested to see how they cope with their main players leaving, if they leave. Arsenal fans have seen almost every major player move on, it is really tough, we couldn't buy ready made players to replace them, we had to develop them, and during that process we were pushed to the brink. It will be interesting to see if Abromovich is patient enough to go through the same, or whether he will revert back to his big buys. Beautiful football takes time to nuture, I don't think sacking Moirinho is going to change the way Chelsea play unless Abromovich is prepared to take a positional hit whilst Chelsea go through transition.
Professor Calculus
Suddenly i have a huge urge for some eggs maybe a delicious omelet
I am not sure Klinsman will play for Roman. I think it will be Capello, Ramos or Koeman. Who ever it is, transission is a slow process.
Am i the only one sad to see him go? His excuses were always worth a laugh ;)
No I'm not sad to see him go, he was signed by Chelsea to win the Champions League and he failed to even reach the final. As far as I'm concerned he is a good manager but nowhere near the level of greatness that he has hyped himself to be. His teams are supremely organised and commited and he won Chelsea trophies, but I also witnessed Greece win the Europen Cup with the same brand of football and footballing philosophy - neutralise the opposition rather than go out and play - his brand of football is unsustainable for a club with big ambitions. Neither Chelsea or Mourinho understand that truly big clubs have to win and win in style, whether that is fair or not, that's what football fans around the world expect from the big boys, and that's the true challenge of being a big club. Mourinho instantly made Wenger a personal enemy without any provocation, and when he competed against teams he truly feared, he would become nasty, personal and paranoid. I won't miss him or his brand of castration football at all.
Professor Calculus
Haha PC i guess you were not a fan :)
This news brought a smile to my face. Though Jose's comments had a refreshing sound to it 3 years back, it has become tiresome recently. A club without class, and a manager without any class. The situation with RA was unsustainable, and he was always going to lose out on that tussle.
AB - you can count me in the Profs camp. Not sad at all to see him go.
But wouldn't it have been sweet to beat his record of no home losses?
Wow~ well I'm pretty shocked about this. Sad? I don't know, I guess I'll miss his moaning and excuses. Do you think he'll try to get a job in england? Afterall, I think I read somewhere about how he wanted to stay in London to enjoy the upcoming Olympics.
We are top of the league, Spuds are 4th from bottom, Fergie gets a long overdue kick in the goolies and Maureendaho gets the boot - this season phuckin rocks!!!, it better not be a dream, and if it is don't any of you bastids wake me up.
well u dun have to be nasty about it... although i won't blame u hehe
Spurs have just announced the appointment of Mourinho as their new manager? It would just be the thing he'd do ***** off Abramovich ... oh we'll done last night at least that stops the silly idea about appointing Ramos
lord kev of chavington. shouldnt you be back at vital chelsea protecting the sovereignty of your dominion? it's full of pestering away supporters there mate
speaking of which. what are the chances of us celebrating St Chavington's day this season
Although I don't like the Chavs, nor his comments about Arsene, Mourinho always made things interesting - and I really wanted to beat Chelsea (both in a game and in PL position) whilst he was still around. I hope he doesn't end up at Tottenham because, whatever you think of his style, there is no doubt he is a manager that can achieve results and win trophies.
What on earth is going on? Our club, 'in crisis', is riding high, and all around us the world is literally falling apart. Mourinho was a tool but he was a character and a good manager. I will actually miss his tantrums and amusing contributions to the Prem. I regret we won't get the chance to give his team a right pasting this year, and it was funny watching him try creating a team that played attractive football. Chavs - deep **** boys!!
i got to say, what a beautiful morning it is, we beat seville with ease, and then the chavs beat mourinho out the door.. the trebble would be for fatty jol to exit aswell ! can't believe chelsea, how stupid are they or wot ? so now with chelsea on a downward spiral, maybe spurs do have a chance of breaking the top 4, except it won't be at our expense.
Let them b e, cescfab4, right now I could care even less about the spuds(if that was posssible).
why can't he get sack the next day? he can grab the headline that spurs lost 7-0 away from them!
See this link quite funny.
Barnet Gooner
Has anyone here visited the planet earth recently. Can't wait for that pasting, like you pasted us from your own half last season when we only had 10 men. Sorry to see Jose go but don't get too excited girls. This is only the start. Enjoy your time at the top now and please show a bit more class in your articles in future.
yeah tjay cos your site exudes it eh? I'm sure Merlin, BITC et al would be most sympathetic had Wenger done the unthinkable and not signed a new contract, you reaps what you sows buddy and right now it's harvest frickin festival.
Have you given up on the English language as well as giving up on everything else English
now look whoz showing the class
I don't give up on anything I care about, unlike your 'toys out of the pram' ex manager, don't be bitter tjay you've got a rosy new beginning with Count Avrula at the helm, you'll have to make a few sacrifices obviously (all of them virgins)
I wouldn't gloat just yet! Wait to see who they get in, I suspect they are waiting to see how Russia get on in European Championship qualifier. Then they may get Gus Hiddink, now he's a deferent kettle of fish. Imagine what he would do with that group of players, maybe Mourino make the short journey across London to mighty spurs. Game on!!!
Topspur, AvraM Grant confirmed as manager until the end of the season, methinks... after that they m,ay get another fellow in, but looks like they have set out their stall for the season... »»Arsene Knows««
Matalan coat wearing Muppet - that's a top line!!!!!!!
That means absolutely nothing, I really can't see that guy lasting 5min. I'm sure the players will blame him for engineering Mourino's departure, I'd be surprised if they want to play for him. I guess we'll know after Sundays game.
Yeah Topspur1, and if they don't want to play for Count Avrula (top one Niko...), even 2 poor results could cost them dear, in the way the Prem has gone, now in these days, falling a further 6 points behind when the pressure is constantly on to win could spell near disaster for their title aspirations... »»Arsene Knows««
Just a second did'nt you lot say that anyone could manage Chelsea with all that money and win the league. I fully expect you all to be saying we are still going to win the league why has it changed now tha Jose's gone.

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