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Usmanov Can Fuc.......Go Away

Up until now, I have refrained from writing anything about Usmanov and his supposed takeover, not through fear of retribution from him and his lawyers, oh no, through the simple fact that all this 'city' talk has me baffled. I can tell you how much change you'd get from a £20 note for a pint of Stella and a packet of pork scratchings, but that's about it.

But after reading Usmanov's latest comments about his plans for the club, I can safely say, from the bottom of my red and white heart.......

'F*** of and leave us alone, we don't want you here.'

Putting aside the allegations made against him regarding various crimes (Yeah, I do value the small amount of cash I have in my wallet) his visions for the club are nothing more than self serving.

Usmanov said recently, 'I want a position (in Arsenal) that would allow me to have a blocking stake and then wait for its value to rise,'

'They (the shares) have a 50 to 100% growth potential.'

Whilst the romanticist in me would want board members that will, first and foremost, serve the club, I'm not so naive as to believe our existing board don't want to make a few quid from their Arsenal adventure. However they have plans, a vision of where they see the club going, they have an interest in football (well most of 'em do) they want to see Arsenal become the biggest and best footballing side in the entire world, and don't just see them as a way to make a quick buck.

In Usmanov's latest interview, not once did he mention the team, what he hoped for them to achieve or what avenues he wants the club to go down, he simply wants to make money, lots of it, and quickly.

This is unacceptable. He needs to be stopped, and I pray the board that has brought us so far, and so much, has the balls to stand up to this man and prevent him from becoming anything close to the owner of our club.

So if Mr Usmanov's lawyers are reading this (which they probably are) you can tell him from me, that in Paul Mustchin's opinion, and in the opinion of many thousands of Gooners, you would be bad for the club, and we don't want you here, not now, not ever.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 21 2007

Time: 3:59PM

Your Comments

Amen to that!
I second that!
*(Not kevin)
Nice one Rocky, I take it vital has'nt had any threats through yet from this scumbags' legal team? seems like they've contacted several gooner blogs and told them in no uncertain terms not to print anything regarding the criminals' criminally criminal activities. Other web hosters have been ordered to take down posts regarding the fat criminal resulting in Blogs that have nothing to do with the criminal being taken down (ie Boris Johnson!) Haul your morbidly obese criminal carcass elsewhere please Usmanov.
lol, G4L, don't give out my name! He'll sue me. (my above comment, was directed to Michael Joseph) No Usmanov, the friendly russian. :p
And to Davis Dein shame on you man, is your lust for power so great you would hop into bed with any criminally fat controller? Get a grip and get some feckin ethics back Dave.
David not Davis!
i'd hate for someone like that to take over at everton, but on the flip side he couldnt be anyworse than kenwright
Not contact yet Niko, but the Usmanov content on this site has been minimal, but it's getting out of hand now, things need to be said and done!!!
i was getting my coat and on the way out saisho before i read the bracket lol
Rocky, don't get yourself sued mate! You have a family to feed, imagine when your wife finds out that you're getting sued cuz of Arsenal, lol.
If Usmanov is purer than the driven snow, let him take Craig Murray's challenge to sue him in a libel court.
Little Dutch
Sued for what Kev? Voicing my opinion?
who the feck knows! Rich people find lawsuits everywhere (see church of scientology).Apparently, if you say they are not a real religion, they'll sue
I reckon you're made for each other. He's just the sort of person you deserve in the Chairman's seat. As they say no smoke without fire. He'll ratchet up prices, flog Fabregas for a tidy £25m, try to sue Wenger if he walks away ... Hill Wood will be cursing himself that he didn't take Kroenke's money as there's a man who knows how to run Sports teams. And what of that mercenary Dein? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - as a hard headed businessman, he will eventually get his way
You're not allowed to mention his criminal convictions as apparently he was a 'political prisoner'
Damn right Rocky! This is one book we should definitely judge by it's cover - he has the repugnant look of a double-dealing, dirty, sweaty-palmed molester. An alleged criminal whose record was wiped clean they say, but they couldn't wipe it off his face. Alleged rapist, alleged racketeer - fack right off and take Dein with you!
This [nice] [nice] can go and [nice] himself and [nice] come anywhere near our club!
This is all pretty frightening stuff and I fear that if the fat ****wit gets enough shares the board or anyone else, for that matter, won't be able to do a single thing about a hostile takeover. David Dein may have been great for the club in the past, but you are only as good as your last 'action' and his was to sell us down the river. Apart from a cool £75 mil, could spite play a part in this? ****ov Usmanov!!
Us- man - ov oh oh oh oh Us -man - ov oh oh oh oh He comes from Uz-bek-istan I know coz I ****ed his gran.
This week has shown us all just how a Russian owner does business, they cannot let others run their affairs it just aint the Russian way they have to get hands on, should Count Avrula stake his place as permenant manager it is only as Roubles' mouthpiece, relating to us there is equally no way the fat criminal would let Wenger have the freedom he has thus far enjoyed, we would see an exact repitition of this weeks events where Arsene unwilling to sign whoever the fat criminal wanted or bow to other demands from on high would see this as the time to retire.
**** off!
stop saying *****wit! Its my word ;-) Im joking... As long as we dont sack Wenger we will be fine. To be honest, we may need a sugar daddy to survive when he goes but not one of those [nice]ing [nice]ing [nice]ing [nice]er [nice]ards
***** off Usmanove leave us alone ..... we are happy with the current board so shut the ***** upp
"Arsenal F.C. Usmanov moved into the football arena in August 2007 by acquiring a 14.58% stake in the English team Arsenal Football Club. This despite his apparent support for Manchester United. " lol, wikipedians are funny.
Rocky, some of us are hosted in the States where the libel laws are different. I should just let it be if I were you ;0)
-.-' my comments always get removed...
Link removed Enjoy [Edited by pmust]
K chelski he is no man usa fan ,,,,, he has been an Arsenal fan for the past 8 years so just shut the ***** uppp
hear bloody hear, Rocky - consider my hat thrown into the ring

'F*** off, Usmanov', I said 'f*** off usmanov'

»»Arsene Knows««
kevin,hows chavski doing at the moment? any news????
fran merida .
Count Avrula is the new special one lol, special cos he can turn into a bat at the drop of a cape. Man he must feel right at home with bloodsuckers like Fester, are you happy with your teams attempts at bringing the Addams family back together Kev? Is this a new Disney initiative?
we should really find a way to get rid of this ********. who the hell sold him the shares last week? i hope someone born english billionaire gooner comes and gets all these shares back from him, and show him the way back to russia..
Don't know niko, but I know soon your club will be looking like Russia in the early 90's.With fat usmanov taking care of ya. Do you think he'll want to spoon with wenger? lmao
lyao..... but weeping inside
Apparently Chelsea players are concerned about the Grant appointment as his wife believes in the theraputic value of drinking your own urine, and they are concerned this might become part of the new nutritional regime.
I'll join in. F**k ov
i dont understand; as fans the only power that we have is loyalty, and consumption of all things arsenal, being a non uk fan i have less power than someone who holds a season tix (yes i am jealous) however stranger things have happened in the world from numbers of people acting in a semi organised fashion. whilst i have no real idea of what the real demographic of arsenal fans looks like or how knowledgeable they are about the possiblilities of what could happen to the board, i do know that the sheer number of people available to show there concern is huge. i am wrong or stupid? or both - all i am saying is that whilst the fans have little power surely there could be some mass response that is available that would not be damaging to the team but would show concern for the possibilities of what could happen to the club. does anyone know anything about the history of fan input and reaction to club actions? for all the warranted moanings of chelsea fans and there lame appearance at the bridge -if anything it shows that 100 people can get press exposure, i just wonder what is the capacity of the fans to change things? any thoughts?
Usmanov can go screw himself. The fact he is asking his legal team to stop and deformation against him shows he has no knowledge of a democracy and freedom of speech. As i dont particularly want to get sued or have this site shutdown I tell Mr Usmanov / his lawyers reading this: We dont want you at Arsenal, We don't need you at Arsenal,
Everyone is saying nasty things about Usmanov. His investment will help Arsenal become a better club and you should be thankful that he's willing to help the needy Gunners out. Stop bad mouthing him, he's just trying to protect his good reputation and everyone is being unfair to him. Mr. Usmanov, well done for making sure that nobody tells lies about you.
Martin Jol
misstm is right - none of us have the financial power as individuals to stop this insidious man - but we do have a HUGE number of fans. If we truly love Arsenal as much as we say we do, then it is our duty and responsibility to organise and make our feelings known to as many influential people as possible. Contact the board, the FA (as much use as they are), Uefa, FIFA, the press, financial institutions, MPs, forums - anyone you can think of (and post the replies on Vital Arsenal and any other forum you can) Let EVERYONE know that we don't want this man bullying his way into our club. A good place to start is with West Brom MP Tom Watson..... He is going to be raising the issue with his parliamentary colleagues, and is inviting Arsenal fans to leave their comments on his site. You can also email him on If we do nothing, this man (yet again) gets his own way at the expense of OUR club.
C'mon gooners if you care about our club read Bergkampsboots' post above and please email tom watson your feelings, we can make a difference if we act en masse, use your voice!
K chelski wiki can be even be edited by fools like you,,,,,,,, have a look what the russian or uzbek guy said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, You do it to increase the number of banknotes either on your bank account or in your pocket. "So far, thank God, I've never invested my money and lost it. Arsenal is a place where benefit and pleasure go together. "The business of Arsenal football club is underestimated by at least two times. I have made a portfolio strategic investment and I am intending to obtain a blocking stock of shares — 25 per cent. "After that I'll quietly wait until the price of the stock increases. I'll go on being an Arsenal fan. I have already been a fan for eight years."
afghenry, if you like him so much, why don't you offer to spoon with im once he takes over? I'm sure Wenger would appreciate it. lol
Yes totally agree!
A'*****in'men to that Rock. PHW should have saved his 'we dont need your sort' speech for this **** rather than Kroenke, who if you ask me is starting to look a top notch bloke. ***** off back to Uzbekawhereverthe*****yourfromistan, we dont need a David Pleat as an owner. [Edited by pmust]
Ozi Gooner
Amen to that Rocky. My 1st feelings when I heard about Usmanov was the same reaction when I heard about Kroenke, but the things we've been hearing after that are simply terrible. His reputation was tainted to say the least, and its scary what he is trying to do to curb freedom of speech. I have just read arseblog's edition, and I am all for doing whatever I can (hundreds of miles away) to keep this man out of Arsenal. And his comments today clearly cannot win him the support of any gooner out there. But looking at the bright side (I'm speaking relatively here), does he only want to pick up 25%, sit on that, wait for the prices to rise, sell it at a tidy profit, and ***** off on his own. A few million richer, no doubt, but atleast he will not be near Arsenal in a while.
Censorship is an ugly thing.
Ozi Gooner
It is Ozi, but so are law suits ;)
thanks for that link bergkampboots- emails done
never mind his excellent rap sheet, he should just be avoided for resembling jabba the hut
that was a joke mate. no hard feelings Rock, I understand the rules.
Ozi Gooner
Good man Oz :)
It was supposed to be ironic, talking about Usmanov censoring us fans as we were
Ozi Gooner
The irony is Kroenke is a sports professional owning and managing a number of teams mainly in Colorado. Whilst he's sporty himself, he trusts in the professionals to run the teams and looks to max out the commercial advantages available. The board have been idiots. Did they think by saying f*** off Stan, everyone else would keep away? They've now got someone really pleasant to deal with
Much as I would love to watch the demise of the Arsenal, in my view their is no room in football for these kind of investers. People go on about Abramovich, but at least he's a football fan. At the end of the day he's sacked Mourinho, because the style of football played was not entertaining enough. That's a football fan, as gromit has stated you may well have been better of with Kroenke. If David Dein trusted him enough to back him, I would imagine he would have been good for the club.
That has to be a bit of a contradiction there Topspur, saying that if Dein trusted him enough he must be good for the club cos by the looks of it he also trusts this Usmanov *****er too who you yourself even said looks shady. I agree with you about Kroenke though (even if it took an evil ******** like Usmanov to change my mind about him) and the board may well have shot themselves in the foot with that one.
Ozi Gooner
Ozi Gooner! Kroenke was Dein 1st choice, I just think that this guy is a case of Dein behaving like a lover spurned. And is trying to get his own back, I just can't see how this guy could be good for football. I won't pretend I'm overly concerned for Arsenal, but the PL is reaching the stage where for other clubs to compete they will need people like Usmanov. Now in the short term it may appear to be good for the club, lots of money to spend on players (pushing prices and salaries up). But in the long run, it could spell disaster
I agree with you 100% mate. I think it is a joke people like Usmanov and Thakshin can get any where near PL clubs and I dont even think he would provide us any extra funds. He is no Abromovich and we have money Wenger just didnt feel the need to spend 16 mil on an over rated striker (cough, cough)
Ozi Gooner
Ozi Gooner! You just couldn't help yourself, you had to have a pop. Well it's a long season, and you may yet regret not spending £16m on a striker.
Usmanov, you can *****ov. You are not welcome.
Wyn Mills
Kroenke may have been someone Dein thought could deliver his ambition to usurp the board but that relationship doesn't seem to have stood the test of time. Kroenke doesn't seem to be playing Deins game anymore hence the need to embrace Usmanov. Dein has a long history of disappointing his friends even before Fiszman. And now Kroenke seems to have realised that the least attractive part of his interest in the club was Dein himself.
Nah I couldnt help it Topspur but at least i didnt make a reference to that 3-1 win at the lane the other weekend.
Ozi Gooner
i was holding back on the russian, but since thursday i did what roman will refuse to do and did a sensational U-turn and changed my mind on him. i don't want some russian coming in and sacking our best manager ever for no reason !
K Chelski,,, I *****in hate him but I was telling that he is an Arsenal fan and not a *****ing man uSa fan
The thing is Usmanov knows more about business than anyone at Arsenal, he has tons more money. If Wenger doesn't want to take good advice from Usmanov, I'd be able to help. Mr. Usmanov, don't let anyone undermine you, you show them how tough you are. I'd love to work with Usmanov and he knows that I'm ready to take the responsiblity of Wenger's job should he not live up to Mr. Usmanov's high standards. You should all be ashamed of yourselves putting down a helpful guy, a friend of David Dein because he wants to be a part of the Arsenal family. You should make a fan site and show your loyalty as gunners. Three cheers for Mr. Usmanov.
Martin Jol
Martin, if we even thought for a moment there was any danger of your good self replacing Wenger all of us here would fill up as many containers as we could find with petrol tootle on down to the grove and raze the sucker to the ground, should'nt you be busy $hitting your ogre size y fronts about getting turned over by the bottom dwellling orcs tomorrow?
nikolaijns! Are you sure your not a comedien? I can't believe you would not want a billionare owner, who would give you lots of money to spend. And deliver Martin Jol as a manager, are you on drugs?
no, what you holding?
Any hillbilly heroin?
Have u seen his face? That guy looks so currupt.
martin jol, you wouldn't last 5 mins at arsenal ! first of all, they don't serve donuts for lunch, secondly the turnstiles are narrow, we don't have fat slobs coming to AG, thirdly we only have winners here at AG, the last time your lot won a trophy, the original wembley was still standing and the twin towers were too. infact you haven't beaten us for 9 years, and exactly how what honours as a coach or player ( s*******s ) have you got ?
martin jol, if this is the best you got to brighten your weekend i pity you, with the look on your face after scoring 6 the other night, you must know, fail this weekend and your fat ass will be kicked out the door of white shat lane

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