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Titi's 'ta-ta'

Thierry Henry spoke yesterday of how he missed life in London, and how he likes the atmosphere at Barça.

Henry was quoted in the Daily mail saying, 'I miss London a lot and always will. It's a great city, I had a great life there. I lived eight years there and it's not something I can forget just like that. I am having to play myself back into form because of the amount of games I missed and it will take time.

'I played eight seasons without missing anything. It was a shock to the system to not play for six months and coming back has not been easy, but I am starting to feel better.

'The pain is going away and I felt sharper for the first time against Real Zaragoza a couple of weeks ago. It's been a long time since I felt like that.

'The atmosphere is good at Barcelona. It is like a family and reminds me of Arsenal.'

The former Gunners skipper, and player-who should-have-been-voted-the-world's-best (on three occasions...) also said he plans to come back to say a proper goodbye to the Arsenal, expanding thus,

'I think I will try and do it in December because we have a winter break in Spain and I will have the time.

'I would rather go back in a non-playing situation and be able to enjoy it. I don't want to get drawn against Arsenal in the Champions League this season. That would not be a proper way to say goodbye to the fans.

'When I go I will probably just sit in the stands. I won't walk out on the pitch or anything like that.

'The focus should be on the team and I don't want to draw any attention away from them and what they're doing. They will be playing a game and I want to respect that.'

And that's good to hear. Not that Titi plans to come back and say 'hi'. I mean the whole 'not interfering in the playing side' thing. That's what we need to do - stay focused, and block out all outside interferences. We've got a title to challenge for (amongst other things). There's plenty of time for reminiscing and all that malarkey when we're celebrating a trophy.

All the same though, it's nice that 'the-artist-formerly-known-as-TH14' wants to come and re-acquaint himself with the best football played in Europe, eh?

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 10 2007

Time: 12:54AM

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should-have-been-best-player-against-whom-exactly? Ronaldinho?Pff... Ronaldinho? Pff... Ronaldinho? Pff... Ronaldinho? Pff...Zidane?Pff... Figo ?Hmm..maybe...
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 01:10:00

Wingston, While Arsenal play great, the best football in Europe is being played in Barcelona at the moment.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 01:15:00

kev - in one of the seasons Henry came second to Ronaldinho, the goofy one scored something like 17 goals and 10 assist, Henry had 38 goals and 23 telling me he didn't deserve it? Take you Brazilian hat off and answer properly.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 01:43:00

rocky that's a pointless attempt. You know he can't/won't.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 02:16:00

John Doe - Where do you get your information? Considering Barcelona have only been on tv about 4 times this season due to contractual arguments with the TV companies, I wonder why you think this? The game where Henry bagged a hat-trick was against the worst side in the world, so really you're basing your entire opinion on the strength of three, maybe four games you may or may not have watched. We have had a better start to the season than Barca have, and if you alone consider the spectacular goals from Cesc, Adebayor, Diaby & van Persie in a few short games, then I'd have to say yours is an opinion I don't agree with.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 02:26:00

I was going to comment on kev and JohnDoes comments but I have to say Rocky did it all great :) But really such a great player for this club needs a proper goodbye, but i would have to say December is way to soon. Actually I think a few years would be better.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 02:43:00

Pointless *****in windups. More ********* come out of kevs mouth than his teams ex-manager. Every one in world football new that in the invincibles year, and the year he sibngle handedly drgged us into 4th place (with a little help from some bad lasagne) he desereved the world player of the year awards.
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 03:17:00

Rocky7, Fine if you don't agree with me but that's my opinion. By the way, I've seen more than four Barcelona games this season if you include the CL games, six to be exact. Long enough to form an opinion of how a club is playing don't you think?
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 03:17:00

TH is still one of my favourites, i find myself watching barcelona games nowadays only to catch a glimpse of TH. it would be nice for us to give him a proper send off and show our appreciation for all that he has done for the club. lets face it, he made us the envy of sooo many clubs around the world. "thierry hen-ry, thierry hen-ry"
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 04:20:00

i love Arsenal, but i have to say that barca play better at the moment because of Messi, Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Deco, etc.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 04:59:00

matt, that's just names, ok Messi is hot right now, but Ronaldinho isn't exactly playing to his own high standards, even AW said as much. This debate is a little pointless at this stage, the style of play in the leagues is so different that we have to look to the CL to compare, and two games is not enough.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 07:50:00

Kind of agree with JohnDoe some of the footy being served up by Barca this year has been fantastic especially from Messi and Iniesta.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 08:39:00

I agree wingers, surely the best time to come back would be at the end of the season, December/January are important times for the challenge and although him coming back for a 'visit' is great, we must not lose any focus at all, we all know the press will whip it up a bit!
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 09:24:00

Rocky, you and I both know that Fifa only awards players that won something major with their team. That's why , Cannavaro won it, something unbelivable. Ozi, it's not windups, it's good windups, it certainly had an effect on ya there.In the invincible year, he went against, with , probably the best striker of modern times, Ronaldo, who scored a record 8 times in a World Cup, leading Brazil to an unbeatable run, towards the big cup(after coming back from a major injury, which everybody thought wouldn't recover) .
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 10:28:00

Well, a lot of water has flown under the bridge since Titi left, and I must say that the Arsenal performances so far have done a lot to get used quickly to life without Henry. He is making all the right noises in the interview, though it is unavoidable to have the spotlight on him, if he does come back. As far as I was concerned, he said his good bye in the interview to ATVO immediately after his move, so if he wants to watch the Arsenal in action, thats fine.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 10:37:00

A few programme notes would be a nice touch, like he said going on the pitch would be too much and i'm not sure Arsene would allow it at the moment. As has been said before, no sentiment please, Arsenal is all that matters.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 10:46:00

He should come back at the end of the season....his presence at the club could be a distraction.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 10:49:00

Vieira did something similar the season he lft, he came back over xmas for a game v Pompey with little fanfare. It's perfectly understandable that he would come back to see his friends in the team and watch us play. I just hope that spelling out these intentions in this way doesn't create too much hysteria.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 10:54:00

Yeah, Viera went into the dressing room pre-game, then watched from the stands. I imagine it'd be the same thing. As for who's playing the best footie, both Arsenal and Barca have looked fantastic in the games I've seen. That said the best pure performance I've seen in a while was Real Madrid's complete and utter anhilation of Villareal. The second half in particular was just a stunning display of team football. That Arsenal can play in the class of these two great squads, and with a bunch of kids no less, still boggles my mind.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 11:44:00

k_chelski! u speaking rubbish! in 2004 Henry won the EPL without losing a single game! scoring 39 times and 11 assists ! last 8 in CL, FA semi final! "teeth out" won NOTHING, Not even a mug ! barca came 2ed ( he did great moving them from the 9th). they were playing in the UEFA cup lol and knocked out to Celtic in the last 16 stage! as for Henry he got huge ego! And he don’t want to lose his statue as legend in arsenal! But for me, he stabbed us in the back! All his lies back in the summer and his famous “I’m arsenal player now”! I think henry was bitter by cesc comments that arsenal play better without him and cause he has huge ego he can’t take that we get over him so easily! Henry want us to keep crying over him! Unfortunately for him, we have great future and we looking forward for it! Le Boss said (( I resist not to buy when people keep saying buy buy buy . and even when they said bye bye!! )) I wonder what he means by last three words !! is it henry?! … I LOVE ARSENAL FC
Gooner SA
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 12:18:00

Nono son, fifa player of the year award is not per season, it's per year. Arsenal won the epl 03-04. Henry was runner up to Zidane because of the 03 Champions league (which Zidane scored that superb goal) , and was runner up to Ronaldinho , because ronaldinho was playing the best football he ever played and ever will. But don't let that put you down, in "greatest footballers ever" henry will always come first than maradona in my list. :-)
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 15:05:00

I don't see any harm in him coming back just to watch one game. It might even give some of our players the extra motivation to do well. I personally would love to see him come back and say bye. We need to show him our appreciation. No matter what happens, he's still a leged here.
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 15:40:00

k_chelski! I know that it does called per year but in fact it is for the last season. The votes come from the national coaches in September! And the short list comes out in Oct(like it did today). It is only just presented in Dec. So it does count for the last season and summer tournaments and it doesn’t involved the last 3 months of the year ! so what count is what the player did last year season. As for roni playing great in 2004 u just said ((Rocky, you and I both know that Fifa only awards players that won something major with their team )) Barca won nothing 2004! Henry did won EPL and it does sound like something major !! as for henry losing to zizou for that goal in 2003 !! zizou didn’t score in the final of CL 2003 final cause simply real Madrid didn’t reach (honest, did u watch football before 2004 ?). zizou scored that goal in 2002 final and he still lost best player that year to ronaldo! He won it in 2003 for winning la liga
Gooner SA
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 16:30:00

Alright, I'll give you the Zidane part, I was wrong. But, just a quick quest... who won the Copa America - 04 I'll give you a hint, starts with a B. I don't think henry ever should've won it, many might disagree with me (especially here). I also don't think that Cannavaro should've won it ( zizou shoudlve).
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 17:03:00

Kevin you idiot, Ronaldinho didn't play in the copa america in 04, whereas Henry reached the last 8 of euro 2004 with france. atleast get your stats right, so you can have a good attempt of a wind up. Henry deserved it in 04, Gooner SA has provided you wid all the stats. a player who doesen't win a single trophy and plays in the early stages of the uefa cup wins the world player of the year. Cannavaro winning it last year was a joke, but Ronaldinho winning it over Henry in 04 wasn't a joke, it was a disgrace..
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 19:19:00

Luckys... never ever said Ronaldinho played in Copa America 04. When did I ever say that? Of all people, I'm the one who should know that he didn't play.My question was who won the copa america 04.It was supposed to be a tricky question that could've been interpreted differently, and fool gonners (Such as yourselve) :p. But I forgot that some of you lot are into brazil. Just think of it this way (from 04 onwards). It's voted by players and managers.They didn't think Henry was the best in the world, maybe they don't like him?Maybe he wasn't truly the best in the world?I don't know...
Report Abuse
10/10/2007 20:37:00


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