Arsenal - Usmanov Shows His True Class
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Usmanov Shows His True Class

The Daily Mirror are reporting that Alisher Usmanov is showing what a truly classy geezer he is, by attempting to gain his 'blocking stake' by purchasing shares from Arsenal supporters who have died.

It is estimated that 1% of all Gunners shares are owned by people who have passed away. City sources say they are difficult to track down, but not impossible. While the number of shares is nominal, the 1% could prove pivotal in Usmanov's bid.

Usmanov has already developed a relationship with Arsenal fans by trying to silence Gooners on the Internet(and non gooners) using strong armed tactics and violating our freedom of speech, using our club as a way to make a quick buck, trying to undo all the fantastic work the current board has done, and now trying to profit from people who have died.........well I never said it was a good relationship did I?

This latest move will only serve to strengthen the resolve of the board and various Arsenal groups who have joined together in the fight against this horrible man. RedAction, AISA & The Arsenal Supporters Trust have all united to stop this revolution. In turn, hundreds of of sites across the blogosphere (including this one) have given campaigns to stop Usmanov their 100% backing.

As yet, I am still to meet 1 Gooner who is happy with Usmanov and his ambitions for Arsenal Football Club.............and I doubt I will find one either.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 12 2007

Time: 12:06PM

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Well he has already made £75M out of it so far scooch. Dein for me now is the the evil genius you see on films. The start out on the side of good, but have different opinions to others, in his attempt to prove his peers wrong he completely loses sight of what he was trying to achieve in the first place, and becomes a raging looney hell bent on revenge. Sat in his lair at night, lightening crackling round him, rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of his enemies demise.
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12/10/2007 12:28:00

It would be interesting to know how this story got out. Is it Usmanovs lot trying to keep the pressure on? Or is the story out of the club or a broker? Either way he seems to be struggling to pick up more shares at the moment. We need to make him and Dein feel as uncomfortable and unloved as possible. The Downing Street petition has, for the moment, understandably stalled (it's just under 3,500 at the present) but if anyone hasn't signed up there is still plenty of time to do so at
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12/10/2007 12:33:00

I think I know what you're saying Rocky. Star Wars Arsenal style. It is like Dein being a Jedi that later ends up being consumed by power and joining the Dark Side. We know who Jabba the Hut is (Jol), but who is Princess Leia and who is the Wookie in the story?
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12/10/2007 12:52:00

can fizman do the same, i mean get at least 0.5% of those shares, at least its in arsenal hands.
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12/10/2007 12:53:00

If only tevez was a bit taller... he could be I said in a previous article. The end is near... I'll be cheering for usmanov to buy the club, just to take the *****, and then I'll be one of those guys who go "it's a disgrace to football people like usmanov buying clubs, it makes me sick" , and all that good stuff. :-)
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12/10/2007 13:12:00

He bought another 24 shares yesterday, for 10,500 each. It's all gonna add up slowly but surely unfortunately. Just hope the board all hang on.
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12/10/2007 13:36:00

That is disgusting.....your right k_chelski the end is near but i think you should be forecasting it for your own team.
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12/10/2007 13:39:00

Kevin, Even with Usmanov taking over our club we'll still be self sufficient, unlike your little club. By the way, are you happy with that bloke taking over as manager, sorry I can't remember his name!!! Haha. Do you not think that he's only installed as Roman's puppet?
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12/10/2007 13:44:00

Nah, the end was near a few seasons ago. We might not win anything this year, but we'll still be in a comfy position. But eh, will ya? Usmanov clearly doesn't care about what you lot think, neither does Dein, the so loved dein... that's gotta hurt.
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12/10/2007 13:45:00

I'll be cheering for usmanov to buy the club, just to take the *****, wow what a love for the game you have kev, basically what you're saying is OK my cash broke old hooker of a club opened it's wrinkly old legs and whored it's poon to an unscrupulous Russian, I won't be happy until all clubs are owned the same way and our game is the plaything of the corrupt and morally bankrupt, unlike your lot we are actually trying to fight our ogre, but you just sit there and laugh mate, that says everything to me about your p1ssant excuse of a club and it's pathetic part time supporters. Have a word with yourself.
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12/10/2007 13:46:00

I think Usmanov didn't realize that Dein is not very popular around here. He thought if he was the one who brings back Dein we would all love him, but now Dein is a liability. Usmanov said as much in a recent interview. Scumbags, the whole lot...
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12/10/2007 13:50:00

Nonono, not all clubs, just Arsenal.There's not much I can ***** you lot off about... this would be one lovely thing. It's not like this guy will ruin football, he was more assets, it's not like he'll turn Arsenal into "The death Star" . You guys are making a huge deal out of this. And be honest with yourself, if chelsea went bankrupt fell apart, fell into third division, and was bought by hitler, would you be "feeling sad for the game?". Hell no.
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12/10/2007 13:55:00

And geez, you guys can't take a joke...;p
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12/10/2007 13:56:00

Usmanov would'nt give a toss who is popular or not afri-gooner and Dein only really fully lost the respect of gooners after introducing this slug into the proceedings. But yeah you're right scumbags to a man, yet further proof as if it was needed that ultimate power corrupts ultimately.
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12/10/2007 13:58:00

Kev we're making a huge deal out of this? bloody hell I guess you just don't get it, why would you I suppose? you're thousands of miles away, it does'nt affect you and your ability to watch it on your laptop/tv. AFC is a club of the people owned and run by families that see it as their duty to act as custodians and guardians of our club, and to always try to do the right thing by us. it has been in their families for generations and is the stable model of club ownership, the last of a dying breed and we feel it's worth fighting for and attempting to save, whilst you're acting like a little brat Kev tbh, a really strained attempt at humour cos like you admit yourself there aint anything else you have to **** us off over.
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12/10/2007 14:10:00

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the arsenal part, it's a huge deal for you. But not that huge for football, I mean, what's love for the game got to do with Arsenal selling out? That's a bit exaggerated , that's all I'm saying. And, eh, I said there's not much I can ***** you off, I didn't there's nothing. Arsenal ain't perfect. And give me a break, I took the "No Mour-inho" jokes on the same day he left, you can't take a joke about Usmanov?
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12/10/2007 14:14:00

"As yet, I am still to meet 1 Gooner who is happy with Usmanov and his ambitions for Arsenal Football Club.............and I doubt I will find one either." - You obviously haven't met David Dein!!
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12/10/2007 14:17:00

Well if your site were'nt gonna report the fact the specious one had been sacked someone had to. This is exactly what we want to avoid with Usmanov, some dodgy ***** that knows feck all about footy wanting to play championship manager and sacking the best thing about a club cos he wants to remind everyone in a childish fit of pique that HE is the special one.
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12/10/2007 14:19:00

The fact that kev is thousands of miles away has nothing to do with it, niko. There are a few overseas gooners on this forum who care about Usmanov being kept away from AFC. I guess you can just blame kev's chav inclinations for that one, rather than the distance ;).
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12/10/2007 14:20:00

Hmm, niko, report it at 3 am? Nice try.Abramovich claimed that Mourinho felt like he was bigger than the club, they fell out, and mourinho got 20m+ on his wallet.End of story, Abramovich paid alot of money to see good football, mourinho didn't achieve what Roman expected, he got a new manager.Simple.Just a quick quest now, if another foreign investor, wanted to buy Arsenal, would you lot behave int he same way as you are with usmanov?
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12/10/2007 14:26:00

kev, in answer to your question, i would still wish for the current board to retain their position, as they have done a sterling job and we neither want nor need a rich man chucking his money about, before making the club pay for the debt out of it's own pocket; but if it was not a person with such questionable scruples as Usmanov, then i very much doubt he would be met with such vitriol, although we would all be concerned still. Witness Kroenke - we didnt want him at the club, but that is in no way comparable to the reaction we have all seen and been part of at the prospect of Usmanov buying our club. »»Arsene Knows««
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12/10/2007 14:34:00

The club has benefitted from multiple ownership for many years. This has enabled the club to be run on a consensus basis in the interests of the club alone and not to serve the whims of one individual whoever that might be. It is and should always be all about Arsenal and not about Usmanov, Fizsman, Dein, Abramovich, Glazers, Shinawtra or anyone else.
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12/10/2007 15:03:00

Of course Prits, and I was in no way trying to belittle or demean the support and passion of overseas fans but there are some things that would directly affect those that live closer to or in and around the borough, for instance the proposed plan (before we found Ashburton) to move into some soulless M25 bowl, such a godawful scheme I shudder to think of it even now! it would've ripped the heart and heritage of Arsenal from Islington, sure the bowl would still get filled and to the casual observer life would go on and it's still Arsenal, but to me Arsenal ain't just the club, it's the area, the people, the pubs, the markets, the community. Usmanov is another such matter as he is the type of man that would have no qualms about instantly hiking up the prices to get some instant return on his outlay, alienating even more of the grass roots from their team. Something again that just does'nt directly affect those that enjoy us from abroad. In essence though you're right - it is just k-chavs inclinations! ;)
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12/10/2007 15:16:00

Slightly different scenario to the Chelsea one, Chelsea were within hours of going bankrupt before the Russian billioaire bailed them out. They ran a bad business and needed outside help. Arsenal are totally self suffiecient and are running a completely sustainaable business model, any takeover would be completely unnessacery, hostile and unwelcome by everyone - from the fans right through to the board - there are laws, or an interpretation of the law which is designed to protect institutions and businesses that find themselves in the same situation as Arsenal. End of the day Dein has sold us out big time, but I really don't think his plan will work, I think the Arsenal board will bring in their lawyers if needs be. Like I said, this is a unique case, Arsenal don't need or want anyone, the board are still majority shareholders and unwilling to sell, these facts are in Arsenal's favour, and if it goes to court, the odds are against Usmanov.
Professor Calculus
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 16:10:00

All these lies and propaganda being spread about me. You are fools, you believe it. One day I will own Arsenal, we'll see who has the last laugh. The ground will be called the "Usmanov Stadium" and there will be a statue of me outside the ground. Fans will cheer my name and you people who post these blogs will need to support another club like Leyton Orient, obviously class is an unknown word to you considering you don't really know what you're talking about. I'm a committed Arsenal fan, I'm actually investing in the club. Are you? Arsenal is partly mine whether you like it or not, and fans like you are not welcome. I'm a Gunner for life, Gunner by name, Gunner by nature!
A Usmanov
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 16:19:00

Report Abuse
12/10/2007 16:37:00

Talking about stadium naming rights have Spuds sold the rights to name their stadium at WHL yet? It is just a case of finding the right partner that would associate compatibly with the venue - Rentokil Stadium has a nice ring to it!
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 17:09:00

Mate with your morbid obesity even if you did weasel your way into majority ownership lets face it you're only a year or two from a fatal heart attack then yeah you're right we would sing about you "hey ho the cvnt is dead, the cvnt is dead the cvnt is dead, hey ho the wicked cvnt is dead!, oh and they're aint enough bronze in the world to cast a statue of your rather impressive 'guiness book of records' type girth.
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 17:09:00

aimed at A. Usmanov obv not Amos ;)
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 17:10:00

A.Usmanov hasn't invested in anything other than Dein's pension fund unlike many gooners who invest in season tickets, membership schemes and everything else that goes along with being a supporter none of his money goes to the club. Like many shareholders you own some shares but that's all - the club belongs to others and always will.
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 18:08:00

ah cusop or one of his cousins again... :)
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 22:18:00

Unless Cusop has bought a dictionary G4L I doubt it's him, maybe one of his marginally less inbred hillbilly kissing cousins?
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 22:25:00

he (cusop) was just banned from the forums (again) after hiding behind a very cheeky name - Alisher Usmanov.
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 23:19:00

cusop's latest effort wasnt half bad eh. Certainly the least offensive of his attempts. And Niko makes an excellent point - I dont see the word 'pikey' in any of the posts there :).
Report Abuse
12/10/2007 23:45:00

I think its one of Cusops inbred auntie/uncle/sister/brother/lover combinations thats posting above.
Report Abuse
13/10/2007 01:51:00

I think its his sister/wife....he has a tight family :P
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 01:56:00


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