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FIFA Hypocrisy to the Fore Once More

The Shortlist for the FIFA World Player of the Year 2007 has been published by FIFA, and after perusing it, I was surprised to see Thierry Henry's name on it. Here is the full list:

Gianluigi Buffon (Italy), Fabio Cannavaro (Italy), Petr Cech (Czech Republic), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Deco (Portugal), Didier Drogba (Côte d'Ivoire), Michael Essien (Ghana), Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon), Gennaro Gattuso (Italy), Steven Gerrard (England), Thierry Henry (France), Juninho (Brazil), Kaká (Brazil), Miroslav Klose (Germany), Philipp Lahm (Germany), Frank Lampard (England), Rafael Márquez (Mexico), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Alessandro Nesta (Italy), Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Franck Ribéry (France), Juan Román Riquelme (Argentina), Ronaldinho (Brazil), Wayne Rooney (England), John Terry (England), Carlos Tévez (Argentina), Lilian Thuram (France), Fernando Torres (Spain), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Netherlands) and Patrick Vieira (France).

This is the same Thierry Henry who should have won it at least once out of three times during his time at Arsenal, such was his stellar contributions to football.

This the same Thierry Henry who spent last season injured for between half and two-thirds of last season.

This is the same Thierry Henry who joined Barcelona in the summer.

Now, which of these three reasons do you think is most likely as the main reason of the three for Titi's nomination? (I'll give you a clue - it's not numbers one and two).

Titi did of course appear 17 times in his last season for the Gunners, netting ten times. If this qualifies you for this shortlist, why do we not see Obafemi Martins and Andy Johnson there too, as they reached that magical milestone too.

I cannot really comment on the merits of players from other leagues, as i do not see enough of the leagues from abroad to comment from a position of strength, but of the domestic players, players such as Drogba, Ronaldo and Gerrard you would say deserve nominations. The second tier of those from the Prem would include Essien, Rooney and Terry. And then, Thierry might make the third tier. But he simply did not feature enough last year, he was nowhere near being Arsenal Player of the Year, so how he can make this list beggars belief.

I seriously doubt he will emerge victorious, but I hope he wins it, for two reasons.

One, it will make up for the occasions when he should have finished top of the pile in one of the past seasons, for he surely deserved to at least once; and

Two, it will show up FIFA for the bunch of clueless, hypocritical bunch of c***s that they surely are. Who are led by a fat mug who contradicts himself at every twist and turn to try and justify his position.

But for Titi, if you win it fella, it will make up for the past injustices when you were overlooked. I still hope Barça go tits up though. Cheers.

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday October 13 2007

Time: 1:01PM

Your Comments

I agree with you (except for the should've won before part).They select more based on name than on what the person perfomed during the year.What the ***** did Ronaldinho do? NOTHING.If Ronaldinho deserved to go.... so shoudl've Romario and Rivaldo (lol). Go figure fifa.
But you forgot to mention the Arsenal players that were nominated, don't focus on the bad stuff! :P...
I know Kev :) That's my poin though, in my opinion, Cesc sould have been nominated over Henry. And Gilberto too, had a fantastic season... »»Arsene Knows««
These polls, rooted as they are in politics, have as much to do with real football as the Eurovision song contest has with real music.
Cesco should have been nominated. Its a disgrace that Henry was! Imagine if Rvp hadnt got injured...
great parallel Amos.
Said it when he left and ill say it again... how ironic would it be if he wins it this year...
You're forgettin a small detail though... managers of national teams are the ones who vote(and captains I think) . Not Fifa.
There thick aswell then.
In world football it's the Latinos versus everyone else, they have all the power and they will make judgement calls on absolutley everything to do with football, from rule changes to voting the World Player Of The Year. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just naive I'm afraid, I know that sounds arrogant, but there's no other way of saying it. Can anyone imagine a Premiership team being allowed to cheat in the way AC Milan did, then go on to be reinstated in the Champions league, whilst their owner (Berlusconi) sits and celebrates with the UEFA President Platini. Like I said, world/European football is a Latino based institution, and their politics dictate the entire football philosophy, no English side, especially one like Arsenal will ever be part of the set up. Remeber the season when Henry was statisically the top goalscorer in europe, and had the most assists, and was part of a team that went the entire season unbeaten in the most competetitive league in the world. I think an injured, pie eating Ronaldo won it that year. Says it all.
Professor Calculus
You mean an injured pie eating that scored 8 goals, and led Brazil to an unbeaten run to win the world cup? After coming back from a knee injury. Fifa and managers care more about an unbeaten run in a World Cup than in a league. Sorry, but that's how it goes. And about the latinos things, please, even Arsenal is changing it's way into playing the latino way, and by the looks, you lot enjoy it. If you honestly want to compare Ronaldo with henry, sorry, Ronaldo all the way.Oh and Liverpool got in the champions league even without qualifying for it, talk about cheating.Also Fifa closed their eyes on the Mascherano & Tevez transfer. You're just being bitter I'm afraid.
yup henry deserves u titi
So it isn't about the best footballer in the world playing consistently against the best teams at all then Kev? Just the best player in the last world cup or some other mediocre festival of an international tournament?
If it's that mediocre, why hasn't england won it more than once?
Face it k_chelski the world cup is mediocre, sure teams want to win it but its hardly the same level as the champions league in terms of quality and entertainment.
England haven't won it more than once because they are mediocre. The International Cups are nothing more than lower Premier League level. Are you telling me that Brazil, France or Span would beat Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea/Man Utd? Please.
Brazil would beat arsenal any day.France would beat arsenal any day, not sure about spain. The World cup is far far from being mediocre. World Cup 06 was bad, mostly because Italy won it cheating and playing defensively. France was excellent, and deserved to win. If anyone watched Brazil x France, I doubt they'll say it was mediocre. Most likely they'll say they were in awe of Zidane's ability. World Cup 2002 was excellent, so was 1998.
I was bored when I watched France vs Brazil. Zidane wasnt that good. Stop having such a blinkered view on football that you would go "wooooo" at a man playing against the least defensive team in the world. Arsenal would kill Brazil.
And, one game is one game. The rest were truly awful. Columbia against Ecuador? What the F*** is that?
No K_chelski, it's not about being bitter, it's got nothing to do with me or Arsenal which is why I used statisical evidence. I have nothing against the Latino way of playing football or regulating it, I would rather have a flashy diver than a donkey who goes round crippling other players. My point is that latino culture IS football, Arsenal may play latino style football but they are not part of the elite latino power club, therefore ANY Arsenal player, no matter how good, will never be accepted as the best in the world. And about the Ronaldo thing, we all know that the World Cup does not represent the highest level of football, it doesn't even represent consistentcy, if a player can statistically outperform everyone throughtout 38 games at a consistent high level then they deserve to win. The point of the original article and the point I made, was that we all know that if Henry had performed to that same consistent high level and he was playing for one of the favoured latino teams like...say Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, Real Madrid, then we all know he would have won the award, the fact he played for Arsenal at the time was the deciding factor in him losing out to a pie filled Ronaldo who was injured throughout most of the season, or a baffled Nedved who looked embarassed to win the award. It's not about being bitter or biased towards Arsenal players, it's simply about knowing how things work at the top, and it works in favour of the latinos who happen to run things. You are either being really naive or deliberatley argumentative for the sake of it.
Professor Calculus
IF what we are talking about is an award for World footballer of the YEAR, it would seem logical to judge the award on the performances over the year. If it is only based on the performances of games in international tournaments of which most are likely to be against mediocre teams the the award would be better renamed as 'World Footballer of a 4 week period over June/July'
haha, Zidane was incredible at that game man, stunning. Arsenal would kill Brazil? Hahah, let's just leave it like that. Professor, I think Fifa and the managers/players are more inclined towards Spain. Henry's france didn't even go through the last 16 man, they were stopped at the group phase, that's embarrassing, if France had at least reached a semi , or a final. Henry would've won it. Sometimes things seem unfair, but that's how it is.I'll incline to agree with you, that Fifa looks at english clubs with a different eye.Chelsea being one of them.But sometimes they'll let stuff go (like the suspicious cases I told you about).Premier League is expanding, it's getting bigger and better, soon it will overpower all the others. When you say latinos, it involves alot of countries, don't generalize it. Italy, and Spain in particular are a bit favoured.
Another thing, how many players that currently play in latin america are in that shortlist?
K_C, did you watch Brazil in the Copa America? They were utter *****e. Yes, they had Ronnie and Kaka out but were they that good in the World Cup? No. Arsenal are the best team in Europe on current form.
Yeah, Brazil was bad during Copa America, but how was argentina?Pretty good right? What happened when they faced Brazil? Who won by a big margin of difference?Brazil x Arsenal, 90% chance of brazil winning, you'll disagree of course, because you're biased and so am I, so it won't lead anywhere.
I said Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea/Man U. You actually feel Brazil could beat ANY of them? Because at the moment we are the best of the four and would beat Brazil at their own game whereas you would fall into the trap of defending.
Rafeal *****in marquwz is on the list?!?! What a *****in joke! Are FIFA doing comedy now?
Ozi Gooner
Yeah, Brazil would beat all four of them. Chelsea would give alot of trouble because Brazil's weakness is aerial game.But since Gilberto is used to the british game,Arsenal wouldn't stand a chance. This debate is kind of getting pointless, it's running around circles now...
Get a life kev, you bell end. Even Tostao said after the invincible season 'Arsenal play the way people romanticise about how the Brazil of 1970 played.' Which means arsenal played better than the side which was supposedly the best tp ever play the game, coming from someone who played with them.
Ozi Gooner
This award is a joke. Thierry has easily been the best player in Europe if you take into account his last 6-7 years. the level of consistency he has shown for so many years, dun think even Zizou or Figo can match it. he doesen't deserve his nomination this year, but i'll be rooting for him cuz he deserved the award in 2004 for sure when he was the best player on the planet by quite some distance..
Ozi, care to give me a link?
Yes kev, i'll find a link to something Tostao aid in 2004, you knob. WHy would I make that up? And if I was gonna make it up why would I say Tostao?
Ozi Gooner
*said in 2004
Ozi Gooner
Oh boy, ok let's say it's true(that he did say that). Just because he said that doesn't automatically make him right and/or owner of the truth.Pele says sooo much bull*****, it's even surreal.
Right, latino football culture is dominant throughout the world, even in places like Africa where they have adpoted a more latino, technical style of football rather than a more direct approach. England and northern europe are not part of this huge latino football culture, even though many latino players play in the premiership, they have to adapt to a different style of football, a style which is not admired within the footballing philosophies of latino football, which happens to be the dominant force in how the game is played, goverened, regulated and awarded. World football has not adopted the good and bad aspects of english football, world football has adopted the good and bad aspects of latino football. Provable, unavoidable fact. This is not about club bias, this is about a world football culture which is dominated by latino philosophies which are maintained by old men in powerful positions, therfore teams like Arsenal will not be accepted as part of that world, it doesn't matter that Arsenal play the type of football Real Madrid used to be famous for, the fact remains that Arsenal are NOT Real Madrid and that's the key factor in why Arsenal players or any players form non established lation clubs, will be overlooked. I don't see how any serious follower of world football can think otherwise.
Professor Calculus
Enough debatting for today. See yall later.
lol, you replied just went I was walking off.Ok, just to conclude.It's not latino's fault that it has become dominant. Players like Pele, Maradona, etc etc, did that to the world. Latins reinvented football. But the premiership is slowly turning itself from the old british way. The games are much much better. If the premier league can get the good aspects of both types of football, it will become a hybrid league. And it will stand out of all others. Consequently, it will attain more power.
I'm not blameing latino's for anything, so don't credit me with that point. I'm simply explaining what the current situation in world football is. Yes, football is constantly evolving and no doubt the strongest styles of football will survive and evolve in to a pleasing hybrid, which is what we have happening at Arsenal right now. But k_chelski, you as a Chelsea fan should no about coming up against the latino establishments of football, and not getting the due repsect, before Chelsea became utter ****s off the pitch I was right behind them when they knocked out Barcelona in the Champios League, the attitude coming from La Liga and Barcelona towards Chelsea for even daring to think they could beat the mighty Barcelona was sickening. Barcelona just assumed they have the right to greatness and it was obvious that the powers in world football felt the same. That is what teams like Arsenal are constantly up against, that's all I am saying.
Professor Calculus
Congrats lads, I saw your Henry made it there....ang on...Ouups sorry...that leaves you with...hehehe...Ou lala sacre bleuu as you frenchies say.
Blue is the colour
Erm...we are top of the league scoring on average 3 or 4 goals per can pretty much say "poo poo" to your title ambitions.
Henry played about 5 games for us this year 2007....
tevez, viera, lahm?!?!? some seriously overated players here. kaka will win it, but i feel toure should be on it for shere consistenesy
I get your point Professor.But it's not generalized, when you talk about latins, you include portugal and france as well. And Latin America isn't even looked at. Do you think that, there isn't one player performing in latin america that played better than an injured Henry/ Fifa privileges Europe, then they privilege Italy and Spain.
Kaka, Buffon or Messi. The only contenders really. Some of the players on that list are a joke. How does Rooney, Henry, or Vieria end up there. Its a joke. I dont really care who wins. May as well vote for Beckham, after all, he has played a couple of games for the Galaxy.
Who cares just another pointless fifa award.
Tevez being on the list is a the worst choice, Cannavaro is even worse (he shouldn't have won it last year either) Essien is no better. Ibrahimovic, Freddie Kanuote or even David Villa could have easily replaced either of them (no offense to Van Persie but he was injured for too long) Cesc or Gilberto could have easily replaced Essien (What the F*CK did HE do???) and Toure should have at least been shortlisted, he handled the whole defence ALONE last season!!! It just proves FIFA are complete dorks who don't anything about football other than those who are famous should stay on the list. I'd say that Buffon, Messi and Kaka would end up in the top three.
Can somebody tell me if Bergkamp, Adams, Overmars, Petit or even Seaman were ever nominated for this rubbish award???
stukazufuss This post by ESPN speaks my heart out. : )
So a goalkeeper playing in the lower tier of italian football get nominated but Cassilas,who has been one of the best/most consistent goalkeeper for the last few years(playing behind a shambolic defence at madrid) is not. Diego has been impressive in term of goals and assist but he play for werder bremen so he does not get nominated.Next season it is expected he will go to madrid so then he'll get nominated. What about berbatov. He almost single handedly drag spur to 5th and score for his country on a regular basis.Totti was european golden boot yet is not nominated.I think that Evra,Giggs,Vidic and scholes all had better season than Rooney. So did Cesc,Gilberto and toure over Henry.Thuram and Marquez were abysimal for Barca this season while Iniesta was much better than ronaldihno and wasn't etoo injured for most of the season. As he is again this season.Kaka win will though so in the end the right man will get it.
The funny thing is that the winner is quite obvious and its going to be Kaka.. the only injustice will be for 2nd and 3rd places.. I couldn't believe that Cesc wasn't in there!
The award is complete garbage and the list is absolutely terrible. That being said, Kaka should (and I suspect will) win the award. As the other debate going on I must say that I (grudgingly) agree with k_chelski. The award is always based on international tournaments, such as the World Cup, and had France faired better in 2002 Henry probably would have won. The award will and always be more about international football that's just how it's going to be.
im not so sure about henry being nominated but some of the people you have a go at further down, essien had a great season and deserves to be up there. did you check last seasons serie a table, well if you didnt inter won by a country mile and ibrahimovic was there main striker, and viera had a good year too, wouldnt say buffon will be a top contender this year just because he was in their equivalent of the championship, can u imagine him winning it if he played for wolves? rooney shouldnt be there but as we know, a lot of managers know nothing and they pick the players. its meaningless forget it your top of the league which is more important, god fans always find something to moan about :P
well thats it then, i am off to the bookies to lay down that titi wins it, it is written in the stars, the fifa stars.
@k_chelski: Chelski would give Brazil a lot of trouble? LOL. England likes the long balls and they didn't beat Brazil. Yes, I'm sure, Avram-ovich, the master tactician, will surely think of something to beat them. If not, Abramovich can fired him and that assistant manager you got from Ajax might do the job. If not then the next guy whoever he is.
This award is heavily influenced by internationals. However, in 2006 Henry lead Arsenal the UCL final, France to the World Cup Final and was top goalscorer in the prem with 27 (i think), yet he still did not win it. If he was a Barca then they'd have given him 2 awards for that season alone. He was at an English club so they gave it to Cannavaro.

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