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Barca Want Cesc To Beg

Barcelona have taken the tapping up of Arsenal players to a whole new level.

Gone have the days of making outrageous claims to outrageous prices for our outrageous player, oh yes, now the Catalans have decided they aren't going to pay much for the players........and the want the players to beg for a transfer.

Barcelona nutcase Txiki Beguiristain says Barca won't break the bank for Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas and he must 'show desire' to return to Barcelona.

'He is a great player but the circumstances of his departure make things very difficult,' Beguiristain told Avui.

'We cannot pay a great quantity for a homegrown player that decided to leave us. To start with he would have to show his desire to return.'

How far can Barca push it before action is taken?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 15 2007

Time: 5:36PM

Your Comments

No action will ever be taken! They are the pride and joy of europen football. It wouldnt matter if they fly over here and kidnap him they would get away with it!!
Frank Cese
Heh, any player must be crazy not to want to play for Barcelona. Except those who support Real.
Next article : " Cesch - I will have to buy a I-am-an-arsenal-player-t-shirt.
I had a lot of respect for Barca until a couple of years ago. They play great football, but they are still making themselves the villains of European football by doing things such as this.
exactly they have lost their ways and have become money grabbing fools
they're not money grabbing foolsm they're money spending fools who like to humiliate / ***** off Arsenal.
If Cesc has any pride that should ensure he is with us for some time to come. That sort of arrogance will cost Barca in the end.
I dont get what is so outrageous about this...if anything we should be happy, becouse it basicly sais that Barca arent all that intrested in him , and are upset couse he chose to leave the club so ''despicably''. Anyone for Bojan?
Rocky - normally I agree with the stuff you come up with, but there is a strong whiff of sensationalism, in the headline and the article that follows. I'm certain someone must have put this question to Beguiristain, in response to Cesc' dear agent, who said that he would listen IF Baca made an offer. The next logical step is for the media to ask if Baca would ever make an offer for Cesc. I see the logic in Beguiristain's comments, and atleast this should put to rest Barca's interest in Cesc for sometime.
what prits said.
But surely Cesc can tell his agent to shut the ***** up, what annoys me is that footballers want to blame everyone but themselves for what is written/said about them in the media. Sure, they can't respind to every piece of rubbish written about them, but for some cases, especially potential illeagal ones, they themselves could come out and make a statement to set the record straight, or make their agent make an official statement. Seems to me, that players like to flirt with other clubs whilst hiding behind their conveniently evil agents. This is not the first time Cesc's agent has seriously flirted with barcelona, Cesc could easily put a stop to it, the fact that he hasn't suggests to me that he is exactly like all the other players out there, they have a marriage of convenience with a club rather than a genuine love.
Professor Calculus
I have to agree with prof here, for example, who knows the name of Kolo Toure's agent? Exactly.
Little Dutch
Agents are killing the game
Agents kill every sport - how do they get paid?
But they can only do that as long as players employ them. As much as it sticks in the craw, you have to admire someone like Gary Neville, who has never had an agent. No coincidence that he's stayed with the club he's loved all of his life.
Little Dutch
Yep, footballers are grown men, they represent themselves, any agent that displays less than ideal behaviour is therefore endorsed by that player whilst under the players employment. Arsenal fans have a mini history of watching their players flirt with Barcelona, then eventually give in and leave for the Nou Camp. My memory is still ripe from Henry's summer of coded statements which were neither here nor there. It's simple, if a player wants to commit to a club and is genuinely committed to that club, then they come out and state it. Right there and then, the balance of power is rightly shifted back to the club and the player they have under contract. I will never get use to this, what more does a player want? If I was working for a great company that paid well, treated me well, developed my talents, where I met friends for life, if another company started talking about me, I would consider it dishonourable towards my current employers, not to put the record straight.
Professor Calculus
Prits - What Tixilix is doing here is playing mind games, nothing more, nothing less. If anyone really believes Barca's interest in Cesc has dropped, then you are only fooling yourselves.
To clarify Rocky, I only said 'this should put to rest Barca's interest in Cesc for sometime'. Its just that this latest statement was prompted by Cesc' agent. And we should be looking to blame him (and partly Cesc - I can see the logic in the Prof's comments) for re-opening a debate that had been shut for the moment.
Cesc has never hide his desire to return to Barca one day. Certainly he is one of the most valuable player here but if Barca were to come knocking with 25 mil for him, I wont be losing sleep at night knowing that we still have a clone of him in Denilson, a Vieira clone in Diaby, a Gattuso clone in Flamini and a Makelele clone in Diarra
Thank god you don't have Pele's DNA.
Cesc is 20. Imo, not my definition of a "grown man", esp. since he's been in the spotlight since he was 16. Give him a break. He's committed to us, pure and simple. Don't paint everyone with the TH14/@ ****ly Cole brush. Some players tell the truth even if their agents lie. And don't also forget that lying and conniving is part of an agent's job. It'll certainly help in any future contract negotiotions, although in this case, it appears to have backfired somewhat. I don't like it but it's the way it is.
Cesc is staying Media bull*****
Prits - I was actually refering to Barca's interest. This is not a statement of dis-interest imho, the man is fishing. He's trying to see what he can get Cesc to say. He's trying to unsettle all involved. Fortunately for us, we have Arsene Wenger, and Cesc tied down to another 7 years!!!!
does it really matter though, i mean at the end of the day hes got a 6/7 year contract. Ultimately we all know that one day he'll want to leave and go back home, but for the near future, next 3, 4 seasons its up to the club and the club alone. we hold all the cards baby!
I don't think Cesc will leave anyway....he starts every game here and is loved by the fans something he won't get at Barca.
i think this is the media trying to unsettle our and cesc's good start. he is on a long contract, loved my the team, fans, manager etc etc, he loves london, why go to a team that didn't give him the chance in the first place ? load of bull imo.
lol k_chelski, you're on a roll today...
Irrespective of how provocative Cescs agents comments might have been I think Barca could have acted with a little more class. I can't imagine Arsenal responding to the sort of link that was made by an agent in the same way. A straight forward denial of any current interest would have served the purpose.
i dont see this as tapping up i see this as barca are just saying that they are not going to pay over the odds for a homegrown player that wanted to leave them not the other way. i do think they are using the same tactics they used to get henry
I see your point, Rocky, just that I am not surprised by the stunts that Barca and Madrid pull these days.
As ever the full text of Begiristains comments reads a little differently from the tabloid quotes. You can read it on: The tone, in context, is notably different from that attributed to Barca.
we were the 2nd richest club in the world.. do not have to sell our player anymore. cecs agent should be FIRED !!
Thanks for the link, Amos. My view might be a little naive here, but I cannot see how Barca are tapping up Cesc with these particular comments. No doubt Cesc' agent will be asked about these comments from Txiki - I am looking forward to reading that muppet's response.
Still after reading that all I can see is Barca taking a different route to get their man after coming up against a brick wall. After all the tricks they've played in the past against us, I can not believe for one minute that this isn't an attempt to play mind games with Cesc, getting him to say something out of place and ultimately drive and wedge between him and the fans making his position untennable and therefore they get him on the cheap. Classless bunch of ****s the lot of them!!!
will cesc have been known if he was still at barca?
Perhaps we shouldn't get too worked up about these issues, they will be there as long as we're a big club with great players. All the other clubs face this sort of speculation as well. AW plays his cards close to his chest, but that doesn't mean he doesn't covet other club's players, and we know things are going behind the scenes. We like speculation when it involves players coming our way, and Wenger does sometimes say he admires somebody etc. It's the same thing in red&white.
Arsenal have DS syndrome. Departure of Stars syndrome!
"Classless bunch of ****s the lot of them!!!" Now that is one statement I whole-heartedly agree with, Rocky :).
And you Kev have TBS syndrome........I'll leave you to work that one out for yourself!!!
The brazilian soccer syndrome? :p
Yeah you wish!!!!!
If they want him he will go simple as really, At least for your sake you should get a decent price. 10-15 million. good businesses for a kid you pinched ileagly.
* illegally *
That's not true cockeril, look at this youtube video - which shows barcelona annoucing that it wasn't an illegal move. (remember, you saw here first [vital arsenal{you're welcome rocky,:-)}])
No use k_chelski, this guy thinks we would entertain selling the best 20 year old player on the planet, tied to an eight year deal, for "10-15 million." That's as far detached from reality as it's possible to be.
Little Dutch
He is a Spud (and thats all that needs to be said about it).
It's going to cost them 50 mill if they want him.
will it ever happen
Well if Cesc left I wouldn't really care to be truthful, I want him to be a Arsenal player for many years to come and I like him as a player I just don't think it would gravely affect Arsenal. Denilson in time will develop greatly he also has more physical strength to his game ( not bashing cesc). Barcelona as a team though, Arsenal on principle shouldn't sell players to Barcelona as they are being quite disrespectful to us they clearly see as a small club. I don't really see them doing this ****ery with Chelsea, Manu or liverpool then again we probably have players that they respect.
Hi all, I'm new here. Anyway, onto business. About cock's comments, okay, who let this cock in here? We must keep this place sanitary. k_chelski, oh, you're funny man, I thought with the appointment of Avram-ovich and with you Chelski fans still crying over Mourinho's departure, you would be chatting non-stop over at Chelski Vitalfootball. I guess, it's boring over there (like the way your team play their football) so I can see why you visit here frequently and you are welcome here.
on a lighter note,i would like to cast your eyes to the above picture which compliments this article. doesn't eboue's expression behind a very ecstatic fabregas look hilarious. gay orgy springs to mind (no offence intended). lol!!!
I thought it's the Spurs players who has the gay orgy because they seems fatigue on the pitch and not last the whole 90 mins. Probably explains why they give up goals on the last few minutes in recent games.
thanks for having BMF. I wills feels mosts happys withs yours welcomings! Happys times...
While we're at it, BMF, what Arsenal player do you think has the most change of winning FIFA player of the year 07? For instance, I think Drogba will be our top contender, who do you fancy being Arsenal's top contender?
Is this a trick question? Cause no Arsenal players were nominated for FIFA player of the year for 07. That must bring a smile to your face, eh. If any Arsenal has a chance of being nominated for POTY, it's Van Persie, as last season he was having a good run till he got crock. But that's how life goes sometimes, we have to move on. Anyway, the list for this year's is funny. How come Totti is not nominated when the likes of Tevez is? He saved West Ham from relegation, whoopie doo. While, Totti was Europe's Golden Boot winner and won the World Cup. No doubt your choice was Drogba, since he was easily the best player for Chelski. I would also nominate him for best actor along with Lehmann for their great performance when Arsenal played Chelski at the Bridge.
Speaking of Drogba, here's a video of my most fav Drogba goal from last season. I don't like it when he dives but can't deny he's a great player.
You could also nominate Henry for the acting trophy.The "I love Arsenal saga" was brilliant piece, with good plot twists.
I think the acting trophy will go to Dida, he's in a league of his own! They'll have carry him onto the stage on a stretcher to collect it, I hear he's got a problem with his head!
I would nominate John Terry for best dramatic performance. Just look at him crying all the time. The guy can cry on command, he's such a pro. After that game between Chelski and Rosenberg, when Mourinho criticized Terry's defending, Terry cried to Abramovich about being harshly treated by Jose, which resulted him getting sack.

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