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You Can't Always Get What You Want

I'm afraid you'll have to excuse any journalistic inaccuracies in this report. With a friend infuriatingly timing her birthday celebrations for Saturday night, and with the M6 infuriatingly jammed on my journey home from Merseyside, I've managed to clock up an impressive five hours sleep over two nights and my brain feels somewhat like a large slice of swiss Cheese. I arrived at the ground rather confident of at least a draw given the respective form of the two sides. But Anfield is always a difficult place to go and one has to be realistic. After observing the mandatory minute's silence for poor ickle Stevie Me's shock substitution last week, the game was underway with the infamous Anfield roar missing. There was a sense of apprehension from the home support, who sensed that this was not a good time to play us.

Liverpool lined up with three upfront, which didn't overly surprise me. No side has really pressed us back this season and put sustained pressure on our back line. Kuyt and Voronin also did an impressive job in pinning back Clichy and Sagna. However, this also left some space in midfield, where the battle was very engaging indeed. Mascherano, Alonso, Hleb and Fabregas all had fantastic games. It doesn't surprise me that Stevie Me has been universally lauded for what I felt was quite a lukewarm display from him, but being the media whore and one man PR machine that he is, nobody in the media dare point this out. Gerrard did however have the first say in the match. Having not yet seen highlights I can't comment too much on incidences in the build up to the goal, I felt there may have been a case for a foul by Gerrard on Flamini, I also had a very good angle on Fabregas' challenge on Alonso, which was penalised by Coward Webb (sponsored by tippex) and I was convinced it was a dive at the time, but I have subsequently been told by those who have seen replays that it wasn't. Anyway, that's all academic, because a feeble Arsenal wall allowed Gerrard to really wrap his right boot around the resulting free kick and smash Liverpool into an early lead.

Arsenal's response was very impressive indeed. Fabregas and Hleb manouvered with intelligence and took advantage of Liverpool's three man midfield. An glittering display of one touch, attacking football had the home support in contemplative silence, despite their side being in the lead. Conversely, despite their side trailing, the travelling Gooners were in mocking mood, teasing the hosts with regular renditions of 'Liverpool, HOOF the ball', while greeting Carragher and Hyypia's every touch with an expectantly mocking 'woooooooaaaaaahhhhh' before greeting the inevitable lump forward with a mischievous, 'HOOOOOF!' The aftermarth also had me smiling, with the Gooners stretching their vocal chords to the dullset tones of 'Arsenal, pass the ball.' The players made it no less a mocking retort than a manifesto, as the Gunners' glided across the turf with awe, Mascherano and Alonso biting hard at the winged heels of Hleb and Fabregas, whose understanding just seems to grow by the game.

Minutes after falling behind, the away side had a chance for an equaliser, Rosicky's impressive disguised ball put Adebayor through on goal, but Pepe Reina was out quickly to thwart him. More fine football from the Gunners' saw them go close again, this time Adebayor played in Rosicky, his goalbound chip was cleared by Hyypia as far as Eboue, but Hyypia was frustratingly well placed to beat out Eboue's firm volley from the goal line. Ironic, in a week where the Finnish defender has formed a propenisty towards guiding the ball into his own net. Liverpool threatened sporadically, with Torres clearly unfit, and Kuyt and Voronin proving industrious but impotent. A dipping Gerrard volley was excellently tipped over by Almunia. Pre match, Lehmann did not warm up with Almunia, choosing to warm up alone before joining the other outfield substitutes. It was a childish and pathetic gesture and frankly, I don't think he should be on the bench at the moment, he should playing at Underhill on cold Monday nights in front of shrill schoolkids. The Gunners' continued to play excellent football, but Adebayor's decision making in the box was very poot, thus we were a little too ineffective where it mattered. I have read a lot of thoughts this morning lambasting the performance of Eboue, which is totally unfair. I thought he had an excellent game on the right, his workrate was excellent and he linked up excellently with Sagna. Arsenal fans seem hellbent on having a scapegoat, and with Senderos and Song not on display, and Hleb playing too well for even the most blinkered supporter to criticise him, I guess Eboue is the new target.

Half time came and went with the Arsenal fans greeting news of a late winner for Blackburn with a rendition of 'Tottenham's going down, they're going down....', but it was much of the same in the second half, with Arsenal's approach play very impressive, whilst the quintet of Fabregas, Hleb, Mascherano and Alonso matched one another stride for stride. Crouch came on in the second half and would have been effective had he not been so isolated. But he nearly put the game beyond Arsenal when Alonso played him through, but he dragged his shot wide from inside the box. But Arsenal continued to play their football and carved out a gilt edged chance close to the hour mark. Hleb twisted and turned past Liverpool's bewildered midfielders and played in Eboue, his low shot cannoned out off the angle and straight to Cesc Fabregas, but with the ball travelling very swiftly, he guided the ball over with the goal revealing its hymen. Riise's dipping volley brought another agile save from Manuel Almunia. But the Gunners' broguth on Walcott, Gilberto and Bendtner, whilst Liverpool lost their best performers in Alonso and Mascherano to injury.

Walcott gave Liverpool a new problem with his pace, whilst Bendtner looks a little awkward at times (though his control is immense), but he has made a difference and caused problems in every single game I have seen him play in for us. The pressure on Liverpool told on 80 minutes, once again Alex Hleb was at the hub of it all. With Bendtner and Adebayor making defender occupying runs, Hleb clipped an astonishingly well weighted ball into the path of Fabregas, his compadre Reina hesitated and it gave Cesc all the excuse he needed to toe poke home the equaliser. Credit to Cesc, he did not allow his earlier miss to inhibit him and he now has a goal tally that is the envy of most Premiership strikers (ahem, Darren Bent). I rejoined planet earth just in time to see Webb book Fabregas for his celebration. To be honest, I didn't really see much of his celebration, my face buried as it was between a baying sworm of armpits and clnched fists. What is a shame is that celebrating a goal warrants the same punishment as Mascherano's flying lunge, where's the justice in that?

The Gunners' had the chance to take all three points on 86 minutes. Fabregas hit another of his now trademark curlers, which came back off the post. To rebound fell to Niklas Bendtner who agonisingly mimmicked Fabregas' initial effort by blazing the rebound over with Reina stranded. The away end was a sea of heads clasped in hands, it would have been a deserved winner. The final whistle sounded and a point was scant consolation for our performance, we dominated large periods of the game with some sumptuous football. Going a goal down did not deter the team from staying faithful to their game and staying patient, it was a big statement to go to a place like Anfield and play in such an uninhibited fashion, but a victory would have been a huge statement of intent and a great filip for the young players. What is clear is that this young team are proving themselves to be the real deal. Fabregas is scoring goals, Hleb is silencing a few doubters. Gallas and Toure were superb. In particular, a late block from Gallas on Crouch was of apotheosis stature. Both brought the ball out of defence with verve and swagger and Toure intercepted countless passes by charging out of the defence, snapping on the heels of the Liverpool midfielders. Liverpool were fortunate to escape with a point and they know it. It put me in mind of a an old Rolling Stones song, 'you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.'LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 29 2007

Time: 1:29PM

Your Comments

Told you Flamini would cost you points..... just a pity Walnut wasnt on from the start he could have really ****ed it up
The foul by Fabregas on Alonso was a foul, but the scouser did his best diving trying to reach the penalty area looking for the spot kick. I too thought Eboue played well but his theatrics again were completely embarassing. Carra did foul him, but the arm nowhere near conected with his face as he suggested. We should have had a penner when Carra played his new trick on Cesc, and Mascherano should have walked for his foul on Sagna. 63% possession at Anfield is no mean feat. As I have been reading all over the interweb today.....We ARE the real deal.
How did Flamini cost us points.....and begging your pardon but you said we would get beat. Hows the new look Tottenham by the way? We are top o the league, say we are top o the league!!!!!!!
sport, if you're looking to comment on other games, shouldn't you be visiting vital everton and thanking them for beating Derby for you? You said we'd lose 3-1 and I'm sure you probably joined the legions of Spurs fans who said you'd finish top four this season. Good luck in your battle against the drop.
Little Dutch
Booking Fabregas was absolutely pathetic. As Rob Hawthorne put it, "The law makers have never scored a goal in their life." Excellent play by Hleb and Fabregas though. Hleb taking the MOM award IMO. And if you ask me, Kuyt and Voronin were absolute *****.
What I would give to come there and watch an Arsenal match! BTW, this is probably the first time I noticed Gallas coming forward like Toure. He was brilliant.
I said if he started with Flamini and Walnut you would lose 3-1. He started with Flamini who was responsible for losing possesion in the build up to their goal and for breaking the wall. Flamini for all his effort was shown up to be the average player that he is. Walnut was woeful when he came on and is a liability.
We completely dominated Liverpool at Anfield which is impressive enough in itself. I thought we would draw before the game, but after the game I felt hard done by as we deserved to win. The reactions of the players post game said a lot. Cesc was very disappointed.
Sport - If you think Flamini is a bad player because of one incident, then ALL of the Spurs team must be bad players. And no matter how bad you think Flaminho is......he's better than ANY central midfielder you have at your club.
Also, you said that if Walcott and Flam started we would lose 3-1, do you honestly believe Theo could have cost us 2 further goals?
Driving back down the M1 i was proud to be a Gooner. We were fantastic, and as has been mentioned we deserved the win. Think Almunia deserves a mention for a superb display. Liv-er-pool, HOOF the ball
when bendtler missed that one hell of a chance, did u see toure's(who was right beside him) reaction? it was hilarious! i think he put in enough restrain not to strangle his junior!
I saw that! Even better was King Kolo's reaction when he played a one-two with Adebayor, only for the latter to push the ball too far ahead on the return. He was livid!
Rocky my whole point was that if wenger played the same team as against prague then you would get beat 3-1. Flamini was at fault for their goal and if walnut had been selected then liverpool would have gained the upperhand in midfield. Wenger got it half right by dropping walnut but playing mister average instead of gilberto cost you 3 points.
Looking forward to the mancs destroying your title ambitions this weekend....
Actually, not finishing two gilt edged chances cost us the 3 points. The fact the Mattuso left a hole in the wall would have ben irrelevent. Silly spud, anything to pick holes in an otherwise majestic Arsenal performance away from home, where we forced Liverpool to play like an away team at Anfield. Theo came on and ran Liverpool ragged with his pace. Also, if Mattuso is "mr average" you have just stated that your entire midfield are less than average as he would strut in to your first team.
Care to make another "enlightened" prediction through the bitter, twisted, and downright deluded view of a spud?
"Theo came on and ran Liverpool ragged with his pace." your kidding right?? he came on slipped over himself a few times gave away possesion and then hide for the remainder of the game. Yes 2-0 to the mancs this weekend
Destroy our title hopes? Even a loss would leave us only 3 points behind with a game in hand. You maths is shocking. If you want to talk about having your hopes destroyed.......hows the top four challenge coming along? How about getting into Europe next season? No? Ok, what about midtable mediocrity????? Surely you'll get out of the relegation zone? Oh well, you'll do ok in the Championship next season.
What would the spuds would give for a midfielder they could even begin to describe in such terms as grand as 'average'? We played some great stuff yesterday and 3 points wouldn't have flattered us at all. Difficult for the doubters to swallow but for an away side playing at fortress Anfield that was some performance.
I never had any belief of challenging the top4 while we had the conman JOL in charge. I expect a challenge from us next year when Ramos stamps his authority on the team. We have money and a proven manager so just watch out.
LMFAO!! Of course mate. Your manager can't even speak English. That'll go down with with all your "Young English Talent". It wouldn't matter if Jesus Christ himself came to manage the Spuds, with that weak midfield and *****e defence, he wouldn't get anywhere. Are you aware that you have conceded only one goal less than Derby county? And more than three times the amount of the Gunners? And to think you lot say Dawson is better than Toure!!!
HAHAHA!!! What a load of utter b*ll*cks! You silly tosser! You sound like every other sp*rs fan to ever walk the earth. "next year, is definitely our year" I don't think I've laughed so hard.
Errrrm...... Who is this Sport Tw@t??? I'm assuming he's a spud? See, this is what I find so amazing about Spurts and their fans....... After a match where we played some great football and pretty much silenced the Anfield crowd she feels she can come on here and tell us where we went wrong!!! Sport, you big fat girl, how did your team do???
sport, stop embarrassing yourself. be a true sport and bugger off and hope that the Juande Ramos revival and surge to the top of EPL.
lasts longer than this season.
next week: top of the table clash Arsenal - Manyoo; relegation battle Boro - Sp*rs
what is your survival chances now sport?
spot is m dog, sport is my whore
There's always one bad sport Rocky, and its bound to be a bitter Spud! No doubt we deserved it more, but at least we gave Liverpool plenty to think about. On the game: 1 - Crouch, the lanky bugger still amazes with his play - did anyone really expect him to let fly when he did,a nd nearly score? 2 - Carragher should have been sent off for two fouls inside the box to top off his yellow card. 3 - Rubbish tactics - 50m spent in the summer but Liverpool are now favourites for the Hoof-Masters award! 4- LD is quite right that Eboue was more effective than some recent displays. 5- I dont know where we'll finish in the league, but I have no qualms saying that we are a better footballing side than the Scousers.
clearly, Sport is totally rubbish.. finally there is a great team that wears white jerseys in London..
I LOVE the Spuds calling Flamini "average"!! Hahahahahahaha! How pathetic, as stated above he would strut into the Tottenham team. Aaaaah, it does make me smile, trying to pick holes in a great performance in a lame attempt to compensate for your own team's pitiful inadequacies. Finishing above us this season, eh? Hahahahahahahahahaha, brilliant.
Cesc would improve the midfield in every team in the premiership Flamini would not, he may do a job against weak opposition but yesterday against quality players his limitations were clearly visible. He is a Nicky butt type squad player
Nicky Butt has won more medals than Spurs have in their entire history. Every squad needs the Nicky Butt type players, it adds balance. And our squad is finely balanced, tuned to perfection, which is why we are sitting at the top of the pile. Matty Flamini played in a team that kept 10 consecutive Champions League clean sheets, against teams such as Real Madrid, Juventus Ajax & Villarreal. You cant do that if your a bad player. Then again, you boys no very little about real European football.
yes but you are missing the point rocky!!! yes every squad needs a nicky butt type player but you dont pick him in an important match against title rivals. When did fergie ever leave out scholes or keane when they were fit just so he could play butt - NEVER. Anyways hope he starts again this weekend!!!
The difference between your squad players and our squad players is that Wenger (and the fans) have complete confidence in anyone who steps on the pitch. If a player is not able to step into the side for any game at any point then he is not a good squad player. The fact that your opinion is that Flamini is not a good player is by the by, because there is now complete faith that Matty can do the job. As the results have proved this season. We haven't lost a game with him yet this season.
I can not beleve any of you are bitting back at this sad spud and his ridiculous rubbish! We are watching a team that is playing total football never seen in this country! Unbeaten in all comps! Top of the epl and our champions league group! While the totts are deep in trouble and playing boring rubbish football. If I was a spud I would be embarrassed to come to a gooner site and try and slag us!!!
Is it Superman? Is it Batman? No, better: It's the. . . . . . . . . . . . . F L A M I N A T O R ! ! ! ! !
Reina even says that we are one of the best sides he's ever played against, and that they've won a point. That sort of admiration is not exactly common after you drew at home against a title rival.
When a sad spud comes on and wants to say a few stupid things I don't really's like a little kiddy in a supermarket that accidently runs into go... " oops careful lots of grown-ups around , you might hurt yourself...runalong now"
Flamini has been excellent all season and he had a decent game yesterday. It's about picking the players who are on form, and Flamini is certainly one of them. Wenger knows that the long term ramifications of dropping a player at the height of his form/ confidence can far outweigh the value of bringing a player in for one game. It would also send out the wrong message to the fringe players in the squad if they knew they weren't trusted by the manager, this has always been Wenger's big strength, trusting his players. The only time he didn't follow that protocol was when he made a huge mistake by dropping Manninger for a fit again Seaman, from that point Manninger knew there was nothing he could do to get into the team and his confidence plummeted. The unseen genius behind sticking with his youngsters for the Carling Cup Final last year was that, while inexperience may have cost us that one trophy, the confidence the players got and the experience will stannd them in excellent stead. In that particular case, we lost the battle, but we will win the war.
Little Dutch
I love the way 'sport' is already talking about how spuds will challenge next season under Ramos. This is the same manager who got lucky with his appointment at Sevilla as the previous manager had already built a great young side, which he got the opportunity to continue. However look at his previous 9 jobs & the s**t job he done for them before telling us all how great he will make you!! No top team wanted him, Real Madrid, Chelsea & even Barca preferred to continue with Rijkaard rather than take him. Whats even more laughable is the fact he turned the spuds down twice before realising that no big club wanted him, so he then back tracked. As for having money to spend at the spuds, well I think you will find that will seriously depend on how the spuds do this season. TV revenue the spuds will receive this season will reduce because of their poor league position (unless of course the relegation fight continues), you didn't make any significant player sales as you did the previous year with Carrick & the biggest outlay of all will be on the training ground (if it ever gets approved) & a new stadium or rebuilding the s*** hole you currently reside in! All in all your club is looking a very unattractive prospect & should Juande Ramos actually prove me wrong & become a success with your small club, do you honestly think he would stay?? As for your comments on Flamini, well to be honest I've never been a fan of his & I would still prefer that Denilson, Gilberto or Diarra were playing instead, having said that though he still taught the spuds midfield a footballing lesson at s***e hart lane this season!!
Ashburton Gooner
I think the comments from the liverpool players show who dominated this game and who is the better side. Carragher said: "Are Arsenal as good as people say they are? You'd better believe it, I thought they had 12 men out there!" and another one from Reina: "There's not much doubt they were one of the best sides I have ever played against." Great preformance by the lads yesterday and to get a point out of Anfield with the style and domination we produced is no small feet.
The stats belie the average performance tag given to Flamini yesterday. He had a great deal of the ball and 93% of his passes were successful. Some 60% of those passes were forward zone passes which for a defensive midfielder playing away from home is pretty impressive stuff. It stands comparison with the performance of any other defensive midfielder at the weekend and was substantially better than the average. He regularly covers 13 to 14kms a game whereas 10 to 11 kms is considered to be top level standard. It is only in our team that he can be considered an average midfielder.
cool stats, amos, where do you get them?
Amos to the rescue with the stats, as always :). The fact that there would have been no complaints had Arsenal come away with all 3 points at Anfield says a lot about this team. I thought Hleb had a magnificent game, and he plays his best in a 4-4-1-1. We did not look like the away side for large parts of the game. Almunia had a good game, coming up with competent saves when required. The one thing that concerns me is the defensive wall on free kicks. Flamini against Pool, and Hleb against Spurs noth could have done better. A minor gripe, really, given the fantastic football this side is playing.
You are defo right about Eboue LD. He was in my mind one of our better players while Rosicky, Adebayor and at times Sagna were garbage. Rocky, I didnt know Alonso was from liverpool???
Ozi Gooner
Oh and Carra is turning into a *****er, just like Terry.
I would also like to publicly apologise for constantly bad-mouthing Almunia to all his supporters on vital arsenal. I didnt think he had it in him to perform well against a big side but he was excellent against the scouse-orcs and made me eat my words. Hopefully more of the same next week, and I wonder if there is any medication you can get for an aversion to stopping shots at your near post.
Ozi Gooner
Yeah Ozi, just goes to show what some confidence can do to a player. Getting picked ahead of Jens was a big vote of confidence for Almunia from Wenger, and the results of that will start to show from now. Its still early days, but the indications are and have been there - that Almunia would do a good job.
prits,give me terry than anyone in your defence,and almunia will feck up,give it time.
Let me think about that Terry for anyone in our defence. Would i want terry for Gallas..ummm no. What about Whos next Sagna For Toure...HELL NO!!! :)
There are a few sources for the stats AG but I those I quoted above came mainly from the Telegraph site;jsessionid=2RJI5J3BZKJH3QFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?menuId=35&menuItemId=155&view=PICHEADLINESUMMARY&grid=F17&targetRule=10&team=3&teamname=Arsenal&_requestid=128015 The graphic gives a couple of drop down menus to select competition and game and the icons on the left give various options to examine different aspects of team and player performance.
Let's not forget we HIT THE POST TWICE!!! Could easily have won it, even unlucky not to nick it. I thought the lads were great, all of them, and if Carrager doesn't give a penalty away in the next few weeks somewhere, then the whole contest is rigged. He should have had one at least against us, and one against Everton.
is sport by any chance gromit? whatever happened to that fella
I dont knw what capacity a spurs fan has to criticize our performance on Sat.. I agree with everything written by LD except.. Eboue.. I thought he lost possession too easily and was the reason for most of Liverpool's attempted counter attacks.. I really dont think that he should be a right midfielder..
I thought Eboue played reasonably well although there was an unwelcome reoccurence of the dying swan routine (yes, we know Carragher made contact, but really). On the subject of Carragher, I think he's losing it. He can't quite keep up maybe - would explain why he's now having to resort to hauling down any players around him in the box. Moreso than on Sunday that decision against Everton the other week was a disgrace.
I thought Carragher was immense, he could have gave away another peno but his defending was second to none, Gerrard the best player on the park but he and Carra were our only ones whilst you lot had a number of great players! Cesc wasnt that great in the match in fairness and Hleb was by far your best player followed by Almunia. Draw was fair result and if we dont win the league I truly hope you lot win it! good luck
Just wanted to add my say as some of you guys are familiar with me now. I'm pleased that myself and my ediotr's views are being realised. Your boys are terrific this season. Perfect football is the only description. Also, glad that Rovers could help wioth your celebrations on Sunday. Good luck for the game on Sat, it's going to be awesome!
Eusebio apart from the free kick Gerard was poor its just that Andy Gray and Sky have a fetish for him....Mascherano was immense as was Alonso the injury to these two changed the game.
IMO Stevie G is the most over-rated player in the history of the premiership... He cant play in CM, he cant play wide right the only time he looks half decent is when the pool give him a free role in front of two solid midfielders. He is also a cheating diving whinging****. Anyways rant over.
lol.prits do u think our wall is this week cuz the boys are treated to free kicks by RVP and tpure that they its best fro them to move out of the way

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