Arsenal - Blatter Shows His Lack Of Class
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Blatter Shows His Lack Of Class

Everyone's favrouite village idiot, Sepp Blatter, has once again showed just why he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the decision making process in football.

It's a well known fact that the FIFA President wishes to limit the number of foreign players in each team.

So, when his evil plans were thwarted by EU employment law some time ago, we all thought we had heard the end of the idiotic plans.

But oh no.

Blatter once again declared his intention to push through the plans, and fight European Union employment law.

How he came to the conclusion that kicking out players like Tevez, Fabregas and Drogba would benefit English football is beyond me, but hey, I'm not a village idiot!

Not only is the man mildly insane, he also showed a distict lack of class with the following comments: 'If you have teams playing in the league like in England and there are no English players on the field of play, then something is wrong.

'One day you'll say we don't want a national team, then okay you'll follow Arsene Wenger.'

How did this fool ever find himself in such a position of power?

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 29 2007

Time: 9:00PM

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"If you have teams playing in the league like in England and there are no English players on the field of play, then something is wrong."- There is something wrong, they lack talent.
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29/10/2007 21:05:00

Spot on Kev. If a player is good enough, he will play. That's not just the case at Arsenal, but at every club in the world. There's not something wrong with the lack of English players, but there's definantly something wrong with Blatter. What a *****er!
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29/10/2007 21:07:00

Sport is competition at the end of the day, and if you can't stand the heat, then ***** off out of the kitchen.
Little Dutch
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29/10/2007 21:09:00

Well said Gordon. It's like your boss saying that you're only having 5 foreigners in each class. It's just not cricket!
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29/10/2007 21:17:00

Actually I agree with him. The day has already arrived. It wouldn't bother me at all to see the end of international football. It just gets in the way of the real thing.
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29/10/2007 21:17:00

Bl@tter is g@y... just like al@n H@as0n
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29/10/2007 21:29:00

International football is a watered down version of the real gama and should ***** right off, same with this Blatter ****.
Ozi Gooner
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29/10/2007 21:43:00

Ok... now some talk. If this rule comes 1) the price tag for the english players will go up like anything 2) the quality of the league will go into the drains 3) International support for all the league teams from all over the world will be reduced dramatically... then there wont be any difference between fighting for CL spot and fighting in champoinship. H@ns0n thought we'll be out from the top4 because we lack PlanB now he suddenly thinks we are competent enough... what a bull$hit
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29/10/2007 21:44:00

International Football is great, just not very well planned.
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29/10/2007 22:30:00

as Knight said iif the plans went through, the rprice of English players would escalate even further. Then, the quality would most probably disintegrate. The interest in the 'product' would drop. The satellite paymasters would no longer be falling over themselves to throw such huge sums of cash at the domestic game, due to the lack of glamour involved. Clubs would have less to spend on players. Prices would be forced to drop.

Anyhows, Arsenal would be affected not so much by this, as our english youngsters are nearer and nearer the standard Arsene has been aiming for. Regarding the young foreigners we have who, by the nature of them joining the club at a tender age, become 'nationalised' or 'assimilated' players (whichever/whatever it is...), can anyone tell me if this would be likely to affect the status these players acquire? As with the whole CL ruling the other your regarding clubs required to have a certain quota of homegrown players in their CL squad, we were hardly affected by this, so again, would this largely leave us unaffected? »»Arsene Knows««
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29/10/2007 22:58:00

oH MATE spot on there, wat a load of bull*****. Blatter is fecking mental
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29/10/2007 23:27:00

Agree with you all the way on this. You'll make the team if you're good enough, not because of where you're born.
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29/10/2007 23:34:00

Some English players should go overseas and play in La Liga or Serie A so they can learn different playing style, maybe improve their technical skills. Is there even an English player now playing in either La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga? The last time I remember were Hargreaves and Beckham. Even if some English players did go aboard, they probably going cost a lot more than they are worth, since they seems to have a high price tag.
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29/10/2007 23:41:00

blatter, who voted for him.. ****s
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30/10/2007 01:02:00

Ever get the feeling the Swiss tw@ isn't too happy about the PL being the most popular league in the world? Im sure he aint pleased that club football is now regarded as the height of the sport as opposed to international football... Anyway, he's a (unt and can stick his ill formed views up his jacksie...
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 01:08:00

ah nothing better than fans of all sides getting united around the same cause! Brings back memories of the Red Army revolution when we were all equal... jokes aside, I found myself in total agreement of all what was said - even Kevin!! Blatter: "one day you'll say we don't want.. blah blah.." what is this? Sounds like some of the plonkers from my neighbourhood who sit around and argue all night about issues they have no f@ckin' clue. There is something wrong, yes. It is you Sepp Blater. Someone should ask how much did he fork to the poor FAs to vote for him? Corrupt w@nker.
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30/10/2007 01:27:00

Stupid idea, stupid man!
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30/10/2007 01:46:00

Blatter hasn't really thought about the effects of his plan. He wants to help the development of players, so he reasons that english players, for example, have to be given the chance - at the moment their chance is being taken by evl africans, south americans etc. But who is benefitting in the end? Nobody! Club soccer will go down, english players will get worse due to the lack of comeptition, the belarussian league will still not be world class, and talents like Ade, Drogba, and McCarthy will be lost to the world, kicking punctured balls with their bare feet on dusty fields. Thanks Sepp, life must be tough in Switzerland...
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 08:48:00

Do they pay the weasel to spout rubbish like this? FIFA are obviously competing with our own FA for the stupidity cup.
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30/10/2007 09:14:00

It is quite funny that there is a descent into personal abuse of Blatter when he’s probably at least as well educated as most who post and has many years experience of working in football as well as other sports. He singled out Wenger as Wenger was the only one who piped up about his proposals. Other managers think the same but keep quiet. The players you mention are not relevant – they are A class, not the B or C class who also move to many clubs and yes I can say people like Tainio and Rocha at Spurs. Quotas have worked in many sports to improve the level of domestic performance, and the performance of Italian clubs and the Italian National Team improved considerably when overseas players were completely banned in the 70s. I think no foreigners play in Aussie domestic cricket but it doesn’t stop it being the best in the world or them having the best national team. Blatter will also point out that this does not necessarily lower standards; AC Milan won the CL final with 7 Italians in their XI. The Premiership is an anomaly due to its excessive wealth and in Spain and Italian they can produce winning teams and attractive leagues having 63-74% domestic players unlike 36% here. Employment Law is a funny thing. Every week there seems to be exemptions being made, and it can be argued that because football clubs represent a restricted employment market in terms of limits of clubs per division in each league, restrictions need to flow the other way as well. I mean you can’t just create a professional club and start competing in the Premiership!! English players are expensive because everyone knows English clubs are rich, a phenomena now occurring when Russian clubs come looking for players as well and this occurs when they look at any player domestic or from overseas. Many clubs overpay but there are still bargains and as you say you have a decent crop of English youngsters in the pipeline. What may happen if players are excessively priced is that they will sign shorter contracts and there will be more 'free' movement or clubs selling at discounts because contracts are ending earlier. And despite what some think about international football, 99.9% of players regard representing their country as the pinnacle of their careers
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30/10/2007 09:18:00

Pinnacle from a personal perspective, but certainly not a footballing perspective. And the difference between English youngsters and Italian/Spanish is the technical training they receive at ages 6-10. Hence, it doesn't matter if a limit comes in, English players still won't be good enough! That is why it has taken Arsene Wenger this long to create an academy side full of English talent that is up to the highest standard in terms of technical ability. And there are some brililant prospects. It was argued in The Times that if a player is good enough to break in the Arsenal first team, he should be an automatic choice for England as the technical and physical standards are so high.
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30/10/2007 09:43:00

thats all very well said EnglishSpur.. but the point i would like to make here is that if the influx of foreign players is stopped.. it would mean a lot of things.. eg.. imagine arsenal with walcott.. no persie.. ade.. cesc.. imagine united with rooney.. no tevez anderson nani and ronaldo.. imagine chlesea with no fine player up front.. forget drogba or malouda or kalou or robben previously.. imagine ur own **** of a spud squad without berbatov and keane.. yes.. all leads to believe that the quality would be down to crap.. the league would go to the dogs.. talk about quotas and all which improve the level of the national team.. here, the case is not that the english players are not given a chance.. its just that they are given a chance.. they just dont stand up to it or prove in any way that they are better than the plethora of foreign players.. coz if they were they would definitely be in the team.. wenger has given hoyte his chance in defence.. but its simply not his ******** fault that eboue and sagna have proven to be better right backs than him at every damn occasion.. i would ask anybody who agrees with blatter to come up with a right back better than sagna who is available and is english.. u would have a hard time finding one.. look at the case of bale and traore.. traore comes for negligible fee and bale goes for 10m quid.. and i bet u anything that traore turns out to be better than bale.. mark my words on that.. bottomline is.. simply because u want a national team to develop.. u cannot ruin the basic principle of providing the football fan with quality football week in week out.. its not down to the influx of foreign players that the problem lies in.. its a problem with the homegrown players.. they simply cannot put up with it.. and if u reall want the national team to develop.. i would suggest two things.. first.. get a decent manager in and find some stability.. second.. give birth to some ******** good youngsters so they may be played week in week out..
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 09:54:00

I think when we start going on about the law we need to be careful. Tomorrow I could walk into the office, hand in a letter of resignation, and the maximum restrictive period that could be applied on me not working for a competitor is I think 3 months. Now if we want to make sure that the EC law is properly applied, Robin Van Persie could walk into Wenger’s office and “Arsene, I fancy playing in Spain, here’s my notice” and in the 3 months time could be turning out for Real Madrid. No compensation, nothing. Now his current contract says he cannot do that, but the EC have considered whether football contracts in their current form are a restraint of trade and this is still being investigated. Now do we all want that? Or would we like exemptions to employment law being made for Sport?
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 09:55:00

@EnglishSpur: Well, English football is not just covered by EU law. It is also under the FA, and under UK law. It is also under International law. And there are also rules and regulations for each club, and rules and regulations for each players' associations, and for agencies (if that's the case). So your argument here seems to be based on the fact that labor contracts are virtually the same as football contracts, which is not entirely true. They are the same in essence (of being a contract) but not in their substance (with both having different regulations followed, and under different circumstances).
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 10:19:00

Entropy13, that is something that the EC is however looking into, whether such contracts are illegal and are considered almost slavery because players are unable to move without large fees being paid. In fact I think there is a current court case pending which will challenge the whole structure and is very much an extension of the Bosman Law. Already FIFA have looked into banning some practices which go against EC law - 3rd party ownership of football players, the changing of team licenses and the physical relocation of teams - in any other business this would not be illegal - The point I am making is you cannot pick and choose your laws. Personally if the choice is between having a free for all under labour law which would destroy club football entirely or having sport made an exemption to labour law and allowing FIFA/UEFA to insist on quotas then I would plump for the latter. Whilst in the short term, quality might go down, in the long term I am sure that the games top coaches would overcome this. The comparison made with plumbers and builders that I've sometimes seen made is erroneous. They are not tied into 3-4 year long contracts that severly restrict their ability to change employer without large sums being paid. You can open up a new building business and immediately compete at the top level Football is a closed shop (max 20 Premiership clubs) so if you want different laws to apply outside of every day rules then this could open the door for FIFA/UEFA to insist on restricitons, and then you have to choose what future game you want.
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 10:54:00

maybe somebody could explain how the rule works that restricts clubs from recruiting players outside a certain area. It somehow means that Arsenal aren't allowed to go into for instance Chelseas territory and recruit a youngster who is living in that territory. I don't know the details, but I read an article a while ago about how that hinders talent coming through.
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 13:01:00

Its a rule in the UK, Afrigooner that means an English club cannot recruit a youngster in England if he's a certain distance from the team (I think 90mins). It was originally designed to stop big clubs poaching all the young players without paying compensation to smaller teams who may have orginally discovered them, but it is probably archaic now.
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 13:04:00

99.99% of the players playing for the Brazilian national team are playing in different leagues.There is tons of south americans that never played on their country's league, and yet they play very good football. If you're good enough, you'll play anywhere. Unfortunately , great english players are rare, and when you buy something rare, it's obviously expensive.
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 13:15:00

But lads, parle vous Frances? Don´t think he has a point at all?
Blue is the colour
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 18:15:00

Welcome back sirkernowmitformanager
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 18:42:00

Platini is at it as well now. He doesn't like that Wenger signs young players because it weakens other teams. Perhpas he should be using his newfound powers to stop ANY transfers then?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 19:21:00

I believe Platini is saying that big clubs shouldn't go in and start poaching young players, sometimes as young as 14 and taking them away from their own cultures without on occasion even paying proper compensation to teams. I think maximum numbers should be put on 1st team squads and academies to stop teams stockpiling loads of players/prospects depriving the fans of smaller teams from occasionally watching some top young players before they get buried deep in larger teams reserve squads.
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 21:02:00

One word *****
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 21:34:00

We all live in globalised world now, so why should footballers be different. Without question, if English players were good enough, they'd DEFINITELY be plying their trade somewhere. Lets imagine that there were no foreigners playing in England today whatsoever. That would basically mean that all the positions vacated would be made up by English players playing in the Premier League reserve teams and by those playing in the Championship! Great! - that means the current England squad will be competing with players in the reserves and from the Championship; that standard of play definitely ensures England will win the World Cup!
Report Abuse
30/10/2007 22:13:00

so englishspur is gromit then
Report Abuse
31/10/2007 02:37:00

Well cescfab4, whatever that is meant to mean, there is no way I'm going to accept you as Wallace .... so I'm a dog because I raise some valid points? Everyone keeps on going on about how insane Blatter is with his call for quotas, but some of you don't seem to understand is that football already differs from any other type of work relevant to EC Employment Law, freedom of movement etc. If you think Platini wants to ban transfers take a look at some of the ideas the EC is thinking of, concerning the rights of players to break contracts at any point with no compensation!! A feeble attempt at an insult doesn't stop the fact, that unless FIFA & UEFA succeed in getting football (and other sport) made an exemption, the next Bosman type ruling WILL destroy the game!! So Cescfab4 and others ... GROW UP!!!
Report Abuse
31/10/2007 06:57:00

It would seem a great pity after reading all the comments for England to apply to hold the World Cup. It would also seem a complete waste of time and money. The overwhelming opinion seems to be that there are no English players capable of playing any decent football, and we as a nation are bankrupt in the art of football. The comment that English players should be trading their skills else where is rather to simplistic as the EPL is the best and pays the best in the world; why go elsewhere. I have no problem with our great club having no English players but surely there is merit in holding the world Cup in England otherwise why waste time? If we want to hold a World Cup in England surely we need English players? When you consider the mix of people coming from different countries who now call England home it would be a crying shame? I think the powers that be the FA are where the finger should be pointed, and we can go on forever debating the Pros and Cons and still nothing will be done. Lets look forward to Saturday and watching the beautiful game played how it should be and marvel that we have the best team in the World.
Report Abuse
31/10/2007 13:34:00


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