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Gallas Close To Arsenal Return

Arsene Wenger says that Billy Gallas is close to making his first team return.

Gallas, 29 has now been missing since November after suffering a thigh injury.
Arsenal have clearly missed Gallas as they continue to leak goals you would really expect a team of such quality to defend.

Arsenal have attempted to bring Gallas back to fitness twice since he suffered his injury last year but both times it has been too soon and he has suffered a setback.

Wenger says he will not be making the same mistake this time.

'We rushed him back every time and he had one or two setbacks, but now we are relaxed about it and we don't set any time at all. He will be back soon.

'The good thing is he is progressing well, but to say he will be back next week, certainly not.

'In two weeks, maybe.'

A return to training so soon could see Gallas face his former employers Chelsea in the in the Carling Cup final on Febuary 25th.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 2 2007

Time: 5:32PM

Your Comments

I take it Gallas has finally found a house he likes in North London then!! His injury, otherwise known as the M25 has cleared up!!
Ashburton Gooner
he should return in time for our champions league campagin. God i can't stop thinking about that competition, so want us to win that over anything else..
It would be a great disappointment to not reach at least the semis in my view.
it would be a great disappointment if we dun win it this season, dun want us to think that lets reach the last four atleast, no way, nothing other than winning it will do. last year's defeat still hurts, and that is what that's gonna motivate the lads to go one better this time..
I hate to say it, but there isn't much precedent for a loosing finalist to return the next season & win.......didn't Valencia get done in consecutive finals? Would be fantastic if we managed to get to Athens again though, just think about the future with youth on our side
precedents are there to be set tho!, thing is having got to the final we got the hunger and wanna set right the hurt and if anything our squad is more complete and solid than last year, someones got to get it and we're right in the mix.
I don't disagree It is a tough ask We seem to piling up the fixtures....Villa game moved due to CC final....replay @ Reebok.....injuries rife I have my ticket for Holland though, so will be willing the boys on
bring billy back for the Carling kids cup final against his old friends in blue
Toure needs a breather. As soon as Billy is back, king Kolo should be rested.
I agree G4L. I think Toure has only missed one game this season (?) and that was through suspension.
Hahahah , each time i look at that picture i laugh so hard, never gets old.He looks like a 'special' player, mentally challenged that is.Perhaps this is why his nickname is silly billy.
that's why you have an overpaid right back and a defensive midfielder playing as CBs and your 'best left back in the world' scored an own goal off of one of them, prior to suffering an injury likely to put him out for a while. And your new left back is probably happier than most of us because of that, since he took the money and now he even gets to play.
k_chelski, given your defensive shortcomings, looks you have special needs. and isn't your manager 'the special one'??? Speshul indeed...»»Arsene Knows««
Toure is in danger of burning out - although i dont remember any lengthy periods of injury for the guy, he is mainly out for ivory coast duty i wonder if we are going to get a single game in which our strongest 11 play
bootoo, give it a seaso or two, and we'll have a strongest 22!!! »»Arsene Knows««
Billys look is one of sheer joy, at leaving a club sullied by dirty blood money, rife with inflated ego, he looks like a man given a new lease of life thats remembered why he got into the game in the first place, Chel$kis' loss was our gain and the same can be said about Cashley.
We have defensive problems, yet we are still winning games.Blood money?Prove me it's blood money.You said it, now i want proof.Give me the list of how many people Abramovich killed in order to buy chelsea.Or to become a billionaire.You do this and i will shut up about this matter.
chelsea are winning games, for the last 3 seasons they have been winning games, although i do wonder when they will learn to destroy teams like the arsenal do regularly and man-u are starting to do - chelsea fight tooth and nail to scrape every win they get - even against nothing teams...maybe its because for 4 years they have been in a constant transition period due to muronio's rotating door transfer policy
Ask the peasantry of Siberia. What was it, the loans for shares programme? Look it up and you'll see what an amoral crook you have running your club. But if your happy that children in that part of the world can't go to school so JT can have another £50k a week, so be it.
Little Dutch
What you gonna do if we don't prove it k-chelski. Get Abramovich to shoot us maybe? 8-)
Since Terry's been out, you have drawn so many games, conceded so many goals, so winning your recent 2 games against lower league opposition is hardly something to boast about is it?
As 1 of 5 members within Putins inner circle known as 'the family' Abramovich has powers and access to resources such as the KGB/Siloviki, given the circumstances involving the recent murder of Alexander Litvinenko and the fact that Putin has handed all of Russias top govt positions to ex KGB assassins you are naive in the extreme if you think that any rival has not been dealt with using extreme predjudice in order for him to consolidate/maintain his power. Proof? you plank, if I had that you think Id be alive to post this? Murder has been a common and normal business all throughout the history of Russia - its nothing new.
K_Chelski you are in the minority because the chelsea site had a poll on which former player they would like back and Billy boy won it by quite a stretch!
listen to k_chelski trying to defend abramovich. your the first person ive seen even try to pretend that those billions are legit. c'mon now
K_chelski is right Abramovich made his money at flea markets and by selling freshly squeezed lemonade outside the Chelsea flower show every summertime.
Dont forget the girl guide cookies Iceman!! ;)
Haha! Seriously tho I think he made it playing penny up the wall behind the bike sheds!
no he made it by selling plastic ducks
fran merida
Let's not jynx it
Good news at least to hear that "2 weeks".
That is another 2 weeks, I cant wait for him to return
To answer all of my fans that are desperately calling my name.: Alexander Litvinenko kept tauting Vladimir putin, now would you taunt Jack The Ripper? Or Sonny Corleone?I'm not saying his innocent, nor defending him.What i did say is that he is not like Saddam Hussein, cruel and cunning.He has his share of sins.The one thing i could say, is that you , LittleDutch, are absolutely mistaken.Abramovich has heavily invested in Russia.Flv if i could ask Abramovich for a favor, you bet your arse it wouldn't be about shooting you.A yatch maybe.
Iceman i never said he wasn't a good player.What i did say is that he's an idiot.No Cesc Pirlo, but a 3-0 against blackburn is!
Henry is a great player.But as a person, he's a total****, arrogant and an ignorant.It still doesn't change his playing abilities.
k_chelski, that is the kind of garbage I've rarely heard. Arrogant? try Fat Frank., Ignorant? try Ca$hley. *****t? Try Jose, Terry, Fat Frank, Joe Cole, and of course Peter Kenyon.
Oh yeah? do you know what henry said before the world cup game between france and brazil?He said brazilians are so good at fotball because they don't go to school, therefore can play all day.
I said arrogant, because i felt maybe saying racism , was too much.Perhaps i was wrong.
henry racist? you are a deluded man.
maybe looking at your captain and his comments towards Ledley King could give u a hint of what racism is.
Thierry Henry a racist? The captain of the most multicultural team in world football is a racist, I wonder how Gilberto, Baptista and Denilson feel about him being their leader? I know you being a Brazilian you are still a bit sore about him knocking you out of the world cup but be sensible. By the way isnt being a Brazilian Chelsea fan a bit like a nun being a fan of satanic death metal music?
I was correcting what i mispelled earlier as it should have been :"I said arrogant, because i felt maybe saying racisT , was too much.PERHAPS i was wrong"..Okay, how would you feel, mourinho said all british people are fat?Or that all italians stink?Stereotypcal comments are disgraceful.Nonetheless, i still respect him as a footballer, he's a great player.Just not a very good person.
Not at all iceman.Zidane wooped are arses in the world cup, not a problem at all.They probably don't know.Many players that met him during the 98 world cup said he and david trezeguet , were arrogants.I have much respect for Zidane, he is one of my favorite players.I don't know if they knew about his comments iceman, i too don't know if his comments were taken out of context, or if it was a misfortunate comment, what i do know, is that he should apologize.I don't understand your point against chelsea, are you referring to Combat 18 links in the 1980's and the chelsea headhunters?
He is a great man and well respected by his fellow proffesionals. He gets clapped of the pitch at almost every away ground and plans to open soccer schools in deprived area's when he has finished playing. I have not heard or read the comments he may or may not have made but from what you say he is actually complementing the skill of Brazilian footballers not calling them fat, smelly or trying to be derogatory. I bet you Cheer Cashley every week though and he's a great person isnt he? Mourinho's a great person aswell, slagging off the ambulance service who drive around all day saving lives, how about John Terry who cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with a gold digger do you cheer him to?
what the hell is wrong with my typos today. our not are
for the love of god iceman.READ: BRAZILIANS ARE GOOD BECAUSE THEY DON'T GO TO SCHOOL.Now please, tell me ,how is that a not derogatory?
No im saying Brazilians are known for the beautiful game and Chelsea and Mourinho are as far from the Brazilian style of play as you could possibly get. Why on earth would a Brazilian support Chelsea there way of play is so anti-Brazilian.
Im reading your words not his. Thierry Henry was one of the main founders of the Stand up, Speak up Nike campaign, racist? He also cut his ties with nike as he does not like the ethics they have in relation to sweat shops etc. The words you are saying he said were not publicised at all in the UK so he either never said them, your sources are unfounded or he was misquoted. Thierry Henry is a one of the few guys in world football who would apologise if he felt he had done something wrong.
The Brazilian national team has played a bit like chelsea as well.If you recall the 1994 World cup, Brazil style of play was worse then chelsea's style now.We always won 1-0 or in penalties.I love chelsea.That said, i don't think, chelsea's style is so bad.
I heard it from ESPN.Do you think ESPN would want to create this kind of thing?
Parriera was heavily criticised for the Brazilian style of play at that world cup as you well know. As a side issue maybe you could explain why Brazilians are so technically gifted in relation to many other nationalities?
Well as a Chelsea fan you would know more about media lies and spin etc as on the CFC site you lot are forever telling us the world is against you. You cant have it both ways, either the media lie or they dont, which one is it?
They lie, but they don't usually create comments like that do they?Another source for ya - "Thierry Henry, apparently unconcerned by almost global disapproval of his springboard acrobatics and soap opera acting in the Australia clash, weighed in by lobbing a small compliment wrapped inside a large insult by implying that Brazilians only play well because they don’t go to school."
Iceman, he was criticised because he lost, if he won, no one would give a feck.I'm not sure i could tell you why we are more gifted than others.I could tell you that school has nothing to do with it.Don't you think if that had an impact, african players would be the best in the world?
I havent got a clue thats why im asking you a Brazilian. you can see from the context of that quote you have given the writer is anti-Henry so he would put his own spin on words that we as Arsenal fans know Thierry would never say maliciously. Parriera was critsicised when Brazil won the world cup in 1994 for not playing the Brazilian way.
And in that article there are no direct quotes from Mr Henry. At the end of the day you cant be critical of Henry when you have far worse individuals at your club. people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.
so Espn is anti henry as well? He may have been criticised by others, but here, we loved him for bringing the world cup after many years. Now look at this video , when Baggio misses the penalty, does Pelé seem sad?
I'm not throwing stones.If you read what i said before, you'll see that i said i have much respect for Henry as a footballer.The same way i have respect for Pelé as a footballer, just footballer.
Here's the exact quote k_chelski was referring to - "We don't have the [soccer] identity. It's different. Brazil is Brazil," Henry said on Thursday, adding that Brazil are "ahead of us in terms of this. On the beach, they play football; on the street, they play football; in shopping malls, they play football; on the motorway, they stop to play football," Henry said. "They play football since the day they are born. "We go to school from 8am to 5pm. They are playing soccer from 8am to 6pm, so the technique comes easily," Henry said. "When I used to ask my mother if I could go outside and play [soccer], she would say no." - Now how someone could see that as some sort of slam or dig on Brazil is beyond me...if anything he's deriding his own nation for not being passionate enough about the sport (something he's always talked about when comparing English fans to French fans, though it's funny how no one calls him racist for that). Anyway, it's pretty clear he's complimentary about Brazil's passion for football, rather than making some jibe about Brazilians being uneducated.
Nice one Shinobi! That should keep K_Chelski quiet for a while at least!
Shinobi.Even with the exact quote, if you read it, with the intention of removing racial comments from what he said, it could be easily done.Playing all day isn't why we are good at it.
shut up kc. argument is over. you have the exact quote and it is open to your dirty interpretation as much as you want. you can twist it and turn it and make it sound like the KKK press release if you want. however, thierry is not a racist or whatever you are accusing him of. try finding the words that got Chimbonda and King upset in your game vs. the spuds which came out of the foul mouth of England's beloved son JT.
We go to school from 8am to 5pm. They are playing soccer from 8am to 6pm," You don't need to twist it much.Just removing a bit out of context does the trick.Oh come on, i know you lads love my comments. : - ).
yeah, like a tottenham win
Funny how k_chelski tries to avoid replying to the many good points G4L and Iceman made about your own players. You have no answer to that, do ya?
Lets face it, anyone who replies to accusations of Abramovichs' unscrupulous (and the rest) methods of business with claims that Henry is a racist is floundering so far out of his depth its best just to notify the coastguard.
Cesc_Pirlo , i honestly didn't see what happened to the john terry case.So i can't comment about it.I prefer not to comment on the things i am not sure.I never said henry was a racist.Read my comments again, i said he was arrogant.And if you read my other comments, you'll see where i stand.
But I don't see how it's an arrogant comment...again, he's praising Brazil's passion for the sport. He's also said repeatedly that English fans are the best he's ever seen, even giving praise to fans in opposition stadiums, and says that French fans don't come close to the passion and (dare I say) knowledge of the game. Now, are you gonna say Henry is arrogant for making that judgement? It just doesn't wash with me.
It may have been his intention to say that.However, he didn't care enough , or was naive (something i doubt he is) not to think his comment through, if he said they had to go to school all day, and that brazilians play all day, when would brazilians go to school? 8pm to 5am?He knows english press, he knows how they can twist things.For me that's why he's arrogant.He didn't care enough to think of the consequences.He lost some fans around here.But that doesn't change what a great player he is.
Tottingham not in the Champions League club then? They were shyttin miracals this time last year about been in the Champions League... did they not make it then?

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