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Spurs Need Their Own Identity

Whenever Spurs get a new manager (or whenever the day ends in a 'y') noises come out of White Hart Lane about how Tottenham are looking to emulate Arsenal, or that the time has come for the Lily Whites to overtake the Gunners in the league standings.

Juande Ramos is a much respected manager and turned Sevilla into a title challenging side in Spain's La Liga, indeed his playing side has been compared to that of Arsene Wenger.

Speaking after his first league game as Spurs |Ramos said 'Arsenal, right now, are the team that is most in form and playing the best, They're the closest to my philosophy of play. It's a game of much speed, triangles and possession.'

'But to do this you have to have the appropriate players. In terms of a team's profile, Arsenal's is my favourite.'

Whilst it is a compliment of the highest order that rival teams want to be like us, ultimately this will be Tottenham's undoing.

We always give Spurs fans grief, and I genuinely believe their midfield and defence is the weak link in their squad, if I'm being honest they do have SOME great players and the position they find themselves in right now will not be the position they find themselves at the end of the season.

When all's said and done, David Dein and co. unearthed an absolute gem in Arsene Wenger, one of a kind, completely unique, one in a million. People have tried to re-create what Arsene Wenger has done and failed spectacularly (anyone remember Gerrard Houlier).

However if Tottenham want to progress they need to find their own identity, to become their own club and press on thinking about themselves rather than how close they can get to us.

Maybe if Spurs can concentrate on Spurs their fans can find some happiness.

Actually.......what am I saying?? As you were Tottenham Hotspur Football Club!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 4 2007

Time: 5:31PM

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I think their weaj link is their attack , midfield , and defence.Spuds don't have great players, they have good players, and mostly average players. Thus, they need to buy a whole bunch of players, so they can at least stay up this season. And maybe, fight for the Waffa Cup spot next season.
Don`t they only win things when theres a one in the year?
I think Ledley King, Dimtar Berbatov, Robbie Keane (although I hate him) and Gareth Bale are all great players.
I hate Keane but agree he is a v gd player but not a player easy to play with. he reminds me of Barmby, neither a midfielder or a out and out striker. Best suited behinf front two but unfortunately that style of play is not as effective in the modern game as it was when Barmby was around. The core of the team King, Dawson with time, Bale, Berby if he changes his attitude and Lennon if he decides if he is a winger or not will be the players that will shine at Spurs with robbo in need of some good coaching. Then we ned to bring Defoe into scoring action and we need some midfielder players, creativity and leadership.
I don't think you can call Gareth Bale a great player yet. He certainly has the potential to be one, but a few excellent premier league performances doesn't make him great. Myles Palmer over at ANR has always maintained that the spuds will never be successful again until they get over this obsession with Arsenal & everything we do. If any genuine spurs fan looks at the facts they will see, that whilst in the past couple of years the teams have been much more equally matched on the field, off the field Arsenal have moved light years ahead of them. Obviously the two teams are gradually going to move apart now as well because spurs cannot get the types of player that Arsenal can (& I'm not talking about on a financial level). Spurs are still trying to get planning permission for a training ground to match what Arsenal built 10-11 years ago, then they need to do something about the stadium. ENIC can't afford all that, so they are either going to sell up or put the club in serious financial danger!!
Ashburton Gooner
Has anyone told Usmanov about tottenham?
No club deserves to be up there with the best - it has to be earned. the biggest problem with Spuds is that they think they should have this by right. Lets face it - have they ever won Europe's premier competition .... er , sorry, ignore that!!! Forgot which site I was on!! The sooner they admit they are essentially a mid table team the better for the whole club.
great idea kevin! I rate Berbatov ONLY from that team. King WAS good last time I saw him play regularly - which was quite a while ago. Bale also looks good but it is too early to say.
The Ramos / Poyet combo looks suspiciously like a dream team, and dream teams never work. I think that Portsmouth, Blackburn, Everton...have all just got on with it, without the unrealistic expectations, self inflated ego and obsession with Arsenal. Those teams have not once thought it was their right to replace Arsenal in the top four, and players like Arteta don't recieve half the hype spurs players get. The problem with tottenham is their superiority complex and their bitterness at what has happened to their neighbours Arsenal. I doubt Ramos can make a huge difference to these fundamental problems.
Professor Calculus
I don't even rate Berbatov, in all honesty I think he's a lazy ***** with no team spirit and an ability to sulk that makes Henry seem like cheeky chirpy Charlie Chipper. F**k him and his stupid balding girly hairdo.
And Ledley King makes Darren Anderton seem like The Bionic man. What a crock!
Has your drinking session carried over from yesterday Niko?? You seem a little
Tony Montana Rocky, he turns into Tony Montana while drunk.
LOOL, feckin quality read there! :)))) Bet it won´t go down to well with our yid friends tho. Nevertheless, feckin quality.
Blue is the colour
Tony Bennett more like! tense Rock? moi? not now I've cracked open a cheeky piesporter ;)
OK seriously, thing is with Sp*rs, their sheer undignified, desperate 'do anything' desire for success is robbing them blind of any 'identity' they may have once owned. They are jumping blindly from pillar to post employing any methods and characters they think will achieve this goal. No long term plan has ever been implemented or if it has it has never been given the chance to succeed, you can see it with the players they don't know if they're coming or going (in the case of Engerlands No1 it's gotta be going!) and it all contributes to the headless chicken and ball atmosphere, spuds always use the fact that Levy is a businessman to justify his actions but in business terms he makes Arthur Daly seem like Branson.
Totties are investing like the late 90's chelsea did. The only difference is that we got loads of trophies. lol
I read somewhere recently that Ramos looks like one of the blokes you'd see photos of hanging on the wall of old skool gents barbershops, short back and sides sir? nah gimme a Ramos.
"The Spud Identity -Starring : Whoande Ran Mos, Barbietov, and Paul who-ate-my-fries? Robinson"
you know, i have a feeling spurs might break into the top 4 this season...i just cant see you staying playing in the champions league next year :-)...It must gwt quite dizzy up there right at the top of the table - we are just 4th, and i cant walk in a strait line. long may it continu that the good footballing sides win games (for once)
Firstly you must be having a really slow news day if all you can produce is this. Ashburton Gooner, Spurs are majority owned by ENIC, which is owned by the Tavistock Group which is ultimately owned by Joe Lewis, the second richest man in British football after Abramovich. As the Tavistock Group, are major property developers, don't worry about our stadium. The reason it has taken so long is we'd prefer to stay at WHL than move, but the decision is to be taken in Feb2008 and the stadium opened by 2011. We are currently looking at transportation improvements for the Olympics and the finalisation of these plans before deciding on a site. A lot of clubs have planning difficulties .. we now look to have the training ground finalised. He's worth $3bn just by himself, more than the Thai PM or Randy Lerner (Forbes). For your information, K_Chelski, Usmanov made an inquiry and was told to f*** off as both Lewis's sons are Spurs fans ... and ENIC are actually increasing their stake not selling bits and pieces off. Unlike other clubs, we don't want scum having any stake in our club. Jol was a good coach but only second choice after Santini left. Once Arnesen was poached there was obviously going to be problems. The arrival of Ramos/Alvarez has brought concensus, and I wouldn't criticise Robbo too harshly after Alumina's displays. Players like Kaboul, and Boateng will bed down shortly, King will be back and Dawson will regain his form and Keane hasn't been doing too badly with 24 goals in the last 31games. And over at WHL we are not too concerned if Berbs or Defoe leaves as we have TOMAS PEKHART coming through - played in the FIFA World Cup U20 Final aged 17, and at only 18 has started his Czech U21 career with 5 goals in 4 games.
That Dawson has ever had form for Spurs is a complete myth, the fact that you regularly concede one of the highest amounts of goals in the league tells you that. If it wasn't for Robbie Keane and Berbatov (last season anyway) you would be fighting relegation on a regualr basis. And whilst you effort at war and peace there counters some of the other members comments, you fail to say whether or not you agree with the piece!!
oooo sumone sounds abit defensive
Lewis's sons are spurs fans? Well, you can expect his fortune to drown faster than Leo DiCaprio in Titanic, when they get their hands on it.
And the climate is not getting warmer, and Spurs will make a late challenge this year and win the EPL, and Arsenal will be relegated, and... was that a pig I just saw flying by...
Taking into account EnglishSpur's arguement and with Juande Ramos at hand, spurs can make it far, wether they fall to the Championship or not, there is a long road ahead of the club. But there is an undeniable truth in Rocko's article "if Tottenham want to progress they need to find their own identity, to become their own club and press on thinking about themselves rather than how close they can get to us." and again, with Ramos at hand, i don't think a sense of identity is out of hand. Good one Rocky.
Phantom of the Grove
EnglishSpur's arguments seems to have no bearing really. Everton already reached the CL without rich benefactors, and they already have plans for a new stadium. Same for Portsmouth, and they really were greatly improved, from relegation battles to fights for European spots within a season. Aston Villa, even pre-Lerner, have already been a strong side. It's only been the Jol years in which Sp*rs managed to finish in the top 5, which has nothing to to with ENIC, which also owns controlling stakes with Slavia Prague, Sp*rs "feeder club."
And regarding the "awesome" goal scoring form of Keane...well A. Johnson was in great goalscoring form as well when he was with Crystal Palace at the Prem. That didn't save them from relegation. All I'm saying is that Sp*rs have to really rebuild almost everything, they can't rely on just two or three or four players, they're a team ffs. And doing it starting this November is an uphill task.
their identity is to be 2nd best to arsenal!
Heh, Keane and Anelka have been in the top five of EPL scoring all season long...shows you how fruitless that can be sometimes. As for Ramos, does anyone find it funny that a team which apparantely puts the development and buying of English players above all else, hired a manager who can barely speak a lick of the language?
Entropy ... breaking news!!! ENIC sold their stake in Slavia Prague over 12 MONTHS AGO!!! However they still have a reputation as the best club for producing Czech talent in the 16-20year old range and we've got that link with them. Villa have for many years been in the bottom half of the Premiershi. And if you must know, Everton's new stadium is being heavily underwritten by Terry Leahy, and TESCO. Where do you get your inaccurate information from?
K_Chelski ... at least we won't have a stadium half full for Europe's Premier club competition. With £27.2m in profit per annum, the largest sponsorship deals for a team not in the CL, and a deal between Puma and the Tavistock Group meaning it likely will continue, and the likelihood that even with a 60,000 seat new stadium there will still be a season ticket waiting list, considering 15% goes to away fans and the list is currently 20,000+, I think the Lewis boys will be well alone. This is the information which has to be given to the stock exchange so cannot be factually inaccurate. If you go to THFC website or ask the shareholder, GilzeanIsKing, I'm sure he'll clear out your misconceptions
Rocky7, I think the piece is a shoddy and inaccurate piece of journalism. All Ramos has said is he likes Arsenal's style of play. Are you suggesting Sevilla should get their own identity? Do some research on Ramos and while in some ways he has a similar approach to Wenger in other, including always playing with two strikers, he is different . How this paragraph of remarks has been twisted into Spurs wanting to copy you lock stock and barrel is beyond me and beggars belief. Nice of you lot to still be obsessed about us though :)
"Entropy ... breaking news!!! ENIC sold their stake in Slavia Prague over 12 MONTHS AGO!!! However they still have a reputation as the best club for producing Czech talent in the 16-20year old range and we've got that link with them. Villa have for many years been in the bottom half of the Premiershi. And if you must know, Everton's new stadium is being heavily underwritten by Terry Leahy, and TESCO. Where do you get your inaccurate information from?" OK, the Slavia Prague ownership may be wrong, but you still have links with them. And why bring up TESCO? I never said anything else regarding their stadium plans, except that there are plans. The "without rich benefactors" is part of the clause "Everton already reached the CL..." and not the "they already have plans for a new stadium" clause. So besides the ENIC thing, the only inaccuracy was your interpretation.
Calm down EnglishSpurr, You'll end up in hospital.
will it ever happen
Now let's compare Villa with Spurs: Current season (07-08): Villa 9th Spurs 17th. 06-07: Villa 11th Spurs 5th. 05-06: Villa 16th Spurs 5th. 04-05: Villa 10th Spurs 9th. 03-04: Villa 6th Spurs 14th. 02-03: Villa 16th Tottenham 9th. 01-02: Villa 8th Spurs 9th. 00-01: Villa 8th Spurs 12th. 99-2000: Villa 6th Spurs 10th. Villa ave position: 10th. Spurs ave position 10th. Not much difference really on the average since 1999 until this season eh?
It shows that over the past 8 years, Aston Villa and Spurs were more or less the same in terms of finishing in the table. The only difference is that Villa has ended a season within 5 spots of the bottom twice (02-03, 05-06), while Spurs has ended a season within 5 spots of the top twice (05-06, 06-07). It's the reverse this season though, Villa at the top half and Spurs just a spot shy of relegation spots.
Englishspur, firstly you don't have permission for your new training ground yet, so just because your assuming you'll get it actually means nothing. Secondly, even if you do get the required permission you are still 10-11 years behind Arsenal on that score. As for the stadium & ENIC I'm fully aware that Joe Lewis is behind it all, however he won't invest his own money into spurs & he never has. If the club don't generate enough cash the stadium wont get built (well not by ENIC anyway). If he didn't care about splashing his fortune around do you honestly think he wouldn't have invested millions into the team already. Predictable & like many spurs fans you are just waffling, ENIC bought more shares because they want to get planning permission for the training ground & stadium/re-development which would all make spurs a more attractive proposition, then they can sell up for a big profit!! Please stop kidding yourself there is any more to it than that!!
Ashburton Gooner
According to the Tavistock web site ENIC still has a stake in Slavia Prague so I am not sure that your information is accurate ES. All your protests really support the basic premise of the piece that you have to invoke Arsenal as a bench mark for success or failure rather than making your own mark. It is unfortunate in PR terms that Oneday Ramos chose Arsenal as a comparative indicator. He would have been better served to use Seville or Barcelona. The point is illustrated by the pre-season hype which was not just that you would aim to qualify for the CL but that you would qualify at the expense of Arsenal. The fact that you feel it is so important that you explain to us gooners that your financial backing is secure (despite rumours that ENIC are keen to sell) and that oneday you will build a training complex and oneday you will have a new stadium is all part of the same basic insecurity.
Also, just to add your reply was typical of a spurs fan trying to talk the club up again. Forbes latest list has Joe Lewis listed as having a personal fortune of $2.5 billion & he is number 369 on that list. The fact you claim he is the second richest in british football behind Abramovich is correct, but lets face it thats a very poor fact to throw around when Abramovich is listed as having a personal fortune of $18.5 billion compared to $2.5. Lets face it the ex Thai pm, Randy Lerner, Mike Ashley & the Glazers etc are all much closer to him than he is to Roman!! To build a stadium such as Arsenal's now, in London would cost upwards of 600 million (just ask Liverpool or Everton & they are in the north where prices are a lot cheaper). Do you honestly believe Joe Lewis would risk a penny of his own fortune on that??
Ashburton Gooner
Reckon spurs should move to south london..
Berbatov didn't look too happy on Saturday either!!
"K_Chelski ... at least we won't have a stadium half full for Europe's Premier club competition" That's because you ain't never gettin in it, HAHAHA.
spurs should move out of epl
Unless they start allowing the top 12 clubs in the CL !!
Good piece there, Rocky, and a relevant point. During the whole Jol saga on the vital spuds site, there were constant references to Wenger and Arsenal, whenever Jol made a stupid sub (and there were a lot, mind you), someone on vital spud would make a point that Wenger would never do that. Despite Englishspurs valiant (but ultimately fruitless) efforts to claim that the article is off the mark, I disagree. Till a season or 2 back, the spuds were holding on to their philosophy of buying English talent (another attempt to benchmark themselves to the Arsenal), but that seemed to be reducing slowly. With Ramos at the helm, it will be interesting to see the Jan and sunner transfer window activity for Spurs.
Need an easy way to get to spuds home page lads, they're nowhere near us in table so I can't use that to get to their page and now they longer in our recent league games. Need an article on the quickest way to spuds..
the spuds can always share with milton keynes dons....robbie keanes gones
Good points, and well done Rocky for a civil write up. You could have just said "Spuds are pure undiltued ****, and they need to get a life", but that's not as constructive. Thank your lucky stars I'm not one of your writers lol.
"That's because you ain't never gettin in it." LOL. Good one, kev. EnglishSpur, you got burned.
Spurs need there own Identity? Yeah it's called Tottenham Hotspur Football Club! COME ON YOU SPURS!
Real Deal
nah!! lets be fair, spurs with the ok players have been punching above their weight for over 2 seasons now, they have an identity! its called "were a middle to bottom of the league club, only our fans are too up themselves to realise"
SMOKIEJACK, We have had JOL in charge. The guy didn't have any Tactical sense, he didn't have the minerals to be a number 1. He was a number two, and got found out. Now we have a number one in Ramos. This season in the league it's a right off. JOL and the board are to blame for that. Next season it will be a different ball game. We have a talented squad, if you don't think so then you are deluded and out of your depth!
Real Deal
Next season will be different? Who are you trying to convince, us or you? Again with the "next your will be different " thing. It's like those fat ladies who say "i'm just gonna eat a little bit more, and monday i'm gonna start the diet" - next monday : "just one more piece of bacon, and next tuesday I'll start the diet". Spuds are deluded, that's why you'll never make it to the top (that and because you are crap) , and the fat lady's husband will keep screaming Shakira's name every time they do it. That's just how it is....
A Spurs fan saying next season will be different and accusing someone else of being deluded. Wonders never clease !!
anyone hear about the suggestion about sp*rs sharing emirates with us?
The problem with our club (Spurs) is that the Chairman is a total *********. He has this stupid continental structure that doesn't work unless the Director of Football and Manager are bum chums (like Arnesen & Jol were). This is the undoing of the club. We had two great seasons where we finished 5th only because other teams did so poorly. We were in a bit of a false position and the board got ahead of themselves and place unrealistic demands on poor old martin jol. this unsettled the whole club and we are now in the position we are in because of Levy. Whatever you lot say, i think we have got some excellent players and some promising players, but because of our stupid transfer policy (young players with high sell on fees), we have no experience in the sqaud. dawson was superb when he had King alongside him. We have no leaders in defence without him and our central midfielders at the club are all awful 2nd rate players. With King fit or another centre back and two class midfielders, we really are a top 5 team. But at present we are a mid table team.
Jimmy James
PLUS: Ramos will be a failure because he can't speak English properly which will give you lot another 5 years of laughing at us IMO.
Jimmy James
at present you are a relegation-threatned club.
Spurs are p*sh anyway. Can't see them coming anywhere near Arsenal. This Ramos chap will probably be another Totteham tit!
We won't get relegated, that is rubbish. PS - Chelsea are not a football club. Please don't comment on football clubs.
Jimmy James
I never said you were going to get relegated. I said you are a relegation-threatned club. Where are you now? 18th? 19th? 17th? I can't see because it's too obscure.
PS. We're much more of a club than you. That's why it takes almost 2 decades for you to beat us AT YOUR OWN STADIUM. You were ***** then, you are ***** now, and you'll still be ***** till the good Lord returns!
they'll still be *****e even after that Kev, he's a gooner ain't you heard?
LOL niko
Niko, trying to convert me to atheism? It won't work son, it won't work!
K_chelski, before saying we have a bad stadium, when did you last go to Stamford bridge?
And regarding the costs of the stadium, one of the principle costs of a new stadium, like the Emirates, is the land. Over the last two years the Tavistock Group, have bought up last around WHL and 3 other sites, keeping the price low (they knew it would escalate if a stadium was announced) - as the last was bought at commercial prices, they'll still recoup £30m+ from its resale, the sale of the WHL ground area if relocation is chosen etc. Unlike fairweather Arsenal & Chelsea fans, who will disappear the moment Wenger retires and Roman gets bored, Spurs fans are known for their loyalty. Even with a 60,000 seater stadium, there will still be a season ticket waiting list
Where/when did I say you had a bad stadium? You deluded spud.... starting to see things.
"Spurs fans are known for their loyalty" Ever heard of masochism?
Englishspur you can have a 280 thousand stadium.Abramovich could get bored and leave.Wenger could retire. YOU WILL STILL be ****.That's who you are, that's who you were, and that's who you will be.Your rivals laugh at you, you rarely beat them(and I mean really really rarely). And when you do beat them, they mock you anyway. Because it's the closest thing you get to winning a title. What does big Spurs do? They make DVDS about it, "the glorious night, when tottenham was finally able to beat chelsea, after decades, AT YOUR OWN GROUND". Pathetic, simply pathetic.
Despite all the put down comments and gloating on here, we are still ranked 17th richest club in Europe. We are also the only club in the top 20 that has not played CL football; you could well argue that is small comfort (with some justification). But what it does show is the huge potential should we ever get our act together, we may well be 10yrs behind you. But then again none of us know what is in store for our club, but as night meets day football clubs fortunes change with time. Some off the comments made cannot be argued with, but any fan will tell you that part of being a football fan is hoping that one day your club will get it right. Despite what you may all believe (and I wonder if you really believe some of your comments), we are on the right path. Until we get where we aspire to be, it looks like I’ll be wearing Gooners shirt come the end of the season. Can life get any worse, I doubt it.
K_Chelski, the level of your ignorance and stupidity is both staggering and pathetic in equal measure. Your club has only actually been somewhere in the last 5 years of their 102year long history, the plaything of a billionaire of dubious means. Your complete ignorance of our history just shows what a pathetic individual you are. You might currently be able to buy some trophies but that will be a temporary situation. To provide you with some info, we're an older club than yours, first double winners of the 20th century, 1st English club to win a European trophy etc etc. These are FACTS, unalterable no matter how much you squeal. And wherever you are in the world, and your idiotic comments suggest you've never set foot in England let alone visited or seen live any of the teams you try to sound so well informed about, I look forward to reading with much mirth the future postings of K_ManUtd, or K_Gooner, whenever a fairweather fan likes you realises that the rise of Chelsea are a temporary blip founded on the dodgy money of some billionaire, bound to eventually get bored or end up in some gulag having offended his president.
There were a lot of empty seats in the Park Lane End for the Getafe game. Loyalty?
Little Dutch
Oh Englishspur/sir_kewnow/just-another-deluded-spud. First of all before abramovich came, we were a threat to the big teams, we had already played in the Champions League, something you have never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever...EVER.... done. And probably won't never ever?Never ever?Never ever. Got it?Good.Second of all, YOU SPENT ALMOST TWO, TWO, TWO DECADES, WITHOUT BEATING CHELSEA AT YOUR OWN ******** GROUND. And you call your team mighty? Un*****inbelivable. You embarrass your fellow tottenham fans, by trying to come all high and mighty. When tottenham is just a feckin joke. You are trying to do a pre-abramovich chelsea, hoping that you'll attract the attention of a big investor. But instead of winning several trohpies like we had in the late 90's, you're just losing, and losing. And Englishspur, you can try to sound big as much as you want. You know the truth, you also know that the best players in your team are foreigners (does that hurt?It does doesn't it?). You brought a new manager, let's see what happens from now on. But I wouldn't be putting my money on you to win anything. The fact is, tottenham is a mediocre team, pretty much because of it's deluded fans. That's why you are not taken seriously, and that's why people hate you.
englishspur, you have failed to answer me. Where did I say that you had a bad stadium? Hmm? If you're just gonna dodge all the points that I throw at you, I'm just gonna submit "spuds are *****". That way I won't waste my time.
K_gooner2010, why would I wish to engage with or answer a parastic neanderthal of a fairweather fan, who is only interested in following this team or that while they are successful, and lack the class to recognise the rich footballing traditions of numerous clubs, prefering to worship at the latest chav attempt to be classy? ... you even lack the intelligence to realise supporters of all clubs big and small refer to their clubs as 'mighty' .... oh dear, oh dear
I notice that you seem to pop on loads of pages, desperate to have someone talk to you .... STEP1, have something clever and intelligent and unique to say, rather than spout out the lines of you heard from others about players and teams you've only ever watched from the comfort of your bedroom
Ah EnglishSpur, you disappoint me once again.From threatning people's job, to claiming someone hacked vital football (lol), Saying you only buy stuff made by british people. You seem extra *****ed off lately, what's the matter, the KKK meetings have been adjourned? For being a Englishspur, you sure lack reading knowlege. When did I lacked the class to recognise the traditions of numerous clubs? Arsenal has a great history, Manchester United, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingam Forest, ASton Villa. I'm just saying that tottenham, for pretty much most of the time, is *****. If you don't believe it, that's ok. I have my opinion, you have your opinion. So please, I'm asking it kindly, don't go attacking any foreigners, or people that might speak differently than you and/or don't attack people physically (well, with a gun, you must be a wuss). So let's end it here, before you have to change your username once
You noticed that? You noticed me? Oh thank god EnglishSpur has noticed me. Goody. Here's a few steps for you : 1 - Get a girlfriend whom's name doesn't end in .jpeg or .wma. Second step - When you claim you are not the person who everyone thinks you are, be sure to change the name you've put when you registered, that way, you can almost lie. Third step - if you failed to do step 2, do not claim people have hacked a network just to see your real name, it's a tad unclassy. Step 4 - When someone disagrees with you and make you look like a complete moron with several different usernames, don't threaten to make them get fired of their real job, that is, too, a bit unclassy. Step 5 - Don't call others ignorant just because they weren't born in your country, also a bit unclassy. And Step 6 - Make sure that you aren't trying to put someone down that knows 7x more about footie than you, and knows more sitting in his toilet than you standing 10 feet away of the players.
And you know why I hate tottenham? Because they have most stupid , racist, obnoxious set of fans I've ever heard the displeasure of meeting.
You really do come up with some drivel. I do not criticize stadiums and grounds overseas, because I have never been them. I do not criticise the history of teams because irrespective of long ago their achievements were, they actually did achieve those honours. If you actually knew your football, you would know Spurs have far more recent honours than for example Newcastle but you seem to lack brains to even be bothered to look it up. You come up with all this nonsense but I don't slag off places I've never been ..... its not racism or whatever nonsense you come up with ... its basic manners ... your constant bile about Spurs is a lack of classiness. I am not criticising you for being born overseas - I am criticising you for your nauseating remarks that could only have been expeirenced by someone else ...... I have no idea about the other crap you are speaking about but from what I understand the only way you can get someone's personal details is to logon as a fan of that club and enter their forum ... however to save you the effort It has nothing to do with your language or nationality and everything to do with your foul mouthed abuse, information you have only got from others equally bigotted rather than actually having an original thought yourself. I shall leave you to beating one off, or molesting the town donkey -
YOU INSANE SPUD FAN. WHERE. now tell me where. I criticised your ******** stadium. You're just without any points here.Newcastle has played a Champions League match. You lot, have not. But as a spurs fan, I can understand why you ignore the Champions League. I'm not slagging off any place, you moron. I'm saying what I know, I'm tellling you what I saw, it doesn't matter if it was on the tellie, or on the computer, it's a fact. Tottenham is the team that most conceded goals in the history of the premier league. That's a ******** fact, if you lot were a decent club, you wouldnt have been able to conceded that many. What did I say that a foreigner couldn't say? You write write write, but only rubbish comes out of your fingers.I've seen your players play, they suck, For the amount of time I've been on forums of english clubs, I have seen from personal experience, that tottenham fans, are incredibly racist, and stupid, and arrogant, ignorant, everything.That's why I hate tottenham, because most of the fans don't have arguments, so they try to attack you personally, they try to attack your nationality, they try to do eveyrthing, except debate .I've only met, one or two sensible, smart tottenham fans, and both ain't you. PS. You still haven't told me where I talked about your stadium. But I bet you'll just ignore everything...
K_Gooner2010, as a large number of fans are Jewish and/or follow a club with a known Jewish affiliation ...... and are frequently taunted about the Holocaust, to describe Spurs fans as rascist is bizarre and without any foundation. You clearly think that history only lasts for the last 5 years. ManU are the biggest club in England and didn't win the Premiership for 25years+, Chelsea didn't win the Premiership/or old first division for 50years .... the fact that we haven't played in the Champions League so you've not seen us on TV does not justify your rant. Do you measure a club on goals conceded or goals scored? I know what Roman would prefer, and we are the highest scorers after Arsenal and ManU. And you are welcome to say what you like ... but we have loads of overseas fans calling WHL Sh1te Hart Lane, having never been to London, let alone to the stadium - have you NEVER used this expression? .... personally I never slag off someone's stadium if I've never been there, and I was pointing out why it is pathetic. As well as criticising Spurs fans for loyalty .... only a hater of football would criticise a fan for being loyal to their team
So wait a minute, if you're jewish , you can't be racist? HAHAHAHA. There's not a single jewish racist huh?? And I'm the stupid one, ok...
EnglishSpur, you were the one saying criticising stamford bridge. I just gave it back, like always, spud fans can't take the attack back.So they start to cry and whine like little bithces.I used the expression white ****e lane, you are ill informed. I did however, say that it looks like a box, and looks a bit crappy. I can't say it looks crappy just because I haven't been there? So if I say "iraq is full of bombs these days" , someone will go : "have you been there to know?". Once again you are wrong, I've seen tottenham play a numerous time, every time, with the exception of the derby game, you would concede.Tottenham has conceded a near 1000 goals. I never criticised a fan for being loyal, again, you are just whinning. I joked about it, but never said it was a bad thing.
Point of correction here but in the history of the premiership, which was what kev spoke of in pointing out the goals conceded, Spuds are behind ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle in terms of goals scored.
Amos, I was referring to goals scored this season. K_Gooner2010, I have been to several stadiums which have looked on pictures to be crap and have turned out to be pleasantly surprised. Refering to any part of the name in an abusive manner is pathetic ... at least we like to try to keep the traditional name. There are a number of architects who are increasingly favouring the 'box line' design as compared to the current oval fad .... it allows clubs to maximise limited space and many say that because it helps retain the noise it creates a better atmosphere. It is interesting that in Germany, the new stadiums are of a 'boxy design' to enhance fan noise. To criticise a ground because of that is ill informed. WHL is regarded as one of the better grounds which has been redeveloped rather than designed from scratch. Its amazing how many people whine and scream racist when someone points out how, as they have never experienced it themselves, can they criticise others.
Oh Englishspur, every time, every time, every time you dodge everything else that I proved, and made you a complete fool. ANSWER THIS , just because someone is jewish, they can't be racist? Hmm?Are you gonna answer? Admit that you are an idiot? I've already told you, that in this threat, I didn't say a thing about your stadium, you're still whinning like a little bitch. I told you that, from what I saw , on tele-*****in-vision , that the stadium looks crappy. If it is crappy, I don't know, but it certainly looks crappy. Now you've just wrote a paragraph or two about the boxy-ish stadiums, they are indeed pretty, but yours, just looks like a cat's sh1it box. With all due respect.WHL is regarded as one of the better grounds by who? Give me a link. I can criticise things that are happening far away because it's a globalized world. If this was the 15th century, you'd be completely right. But as a tottenham fan, I can understand why you stick to the black and white era of the world, when tvs only had two colours, radios. That was when spuds were famous , right?
White Hart Lane Tickets 2007/2008 "White Hart Lane is home to league club Tottenham Hotspur FC. The stadium has a capacity of 36,214 (seated). In recent years the White Hart Lane stadium ground has been rebuilt, making it one of the best in the UK. The ground is totally enclosed and has a great atmosphere. Address Tottenham Hotspur White Hart Lane Stadium: Address: 748 High Rd, Tottenham, London, N17 0AP" - SoldOutTickets. Look up others yourself K_Gooner2010 ... you'll find the opinions of people who have ACTUALLY been to the grounds. And interestingly, most comments by away fans tend to be possible apart from London team supporters. I never said the Jewish can't be racist, I am saying they are less likely having been on the receiving end more frequently
and at least our fans turn up to see our team. What was the percentage v capacity against Rosenberg?
you ignore 98% of what I said, since it makes you have no reply. So let's focus on the final 2%. I said your stadium LOOKS *****ty, you can't take that away, because it does, ******** look *****ty, it's just how it is. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm wrong, but it does look like a crappy stadium.Sunderland's stadium looks prettier than yours, JJ stadium, Stamford Bridge, etc. It wouldn't be in the top 30 stadiums in the world.-------"s a large number of fans are Jewish and/or follow a club with a known Jewish affiliation ...... and are frequently taunted about the Holocaust, to describe Spurs fans as rascist is bizarre and without any foundation. "----- You said there is noway a tottenham fan can be racist, just because your club has a jewish following (though I've heard gooners have more jews than you, don't know if it's true". So you see, you have no point, just admit defeat, and walk away in shame.Though with the usual tottenham arrogance, you'll just write more rubbish.
Funny how all the Spurs fans get so worked up. Serious signs of mediocrity. The first step is denial. The second step is acceptance. Work on it! LMAO! I'm not even an Arsenal supporter BTW, just the impression I get.
Err, now who's not answering? Sunderlands ground is new, the JJB is new ... and we are talking about the Premiership ... even when provided with independent evidence you ignore it. I drew the distinction between new and redeveloped. Silly little child.
I never said it was redevelopded, did I? No, silly little grown up tottenham fan. Sunderland and Wigan are "smaller" clubs than yours, yet they have better stadiums. You didn't answer 99% of my questions, and I answered all of yours. All of 'em, the last one looked to me as a rhetorical question, that's why I didn't answer, but if you want an answer, I don't really know the percentage, 45%? 50%? Everyone was complaining about how high the price was, and ever since that event, the prices have lowered. The fans were making a point, and the club got it. Everyone wins. Again, you have no point. And you are getting whooped by someone you regard as a "silly little child".
you'd be at home at Wigan ... they get ***** all fans as well
prits you need to look at the bigger picture. We have a talented squad. If you can't see that your deluded too. Granted we are playing crap, but Im confident in Ramos.
Real Deal
*claps* 4 kev... tell it like it is mate, $hit£ hart lane is an apt description for a piece of $hit stadium located in the sewer we refer to as totenham... What this thread prooves beyond all doubt it that spuddies do have their own identy; deluded, bitter, with a superiority complex unusual for such consistent under achievers - with the exception of a few good'uns... espud is the very definition of all that is wrong with spuddies, and the multiple handles he user are a sad indictment of the way he avoids taking responsibility for how he chooses to interact on this site... You will never get joy out of attempting to get him to back up some of his many spurious claims, so ignoring the sad git is your best bet...unless ofcourse you enjoy winding him up (to easy imo...)
It was fun at first but them he just didn't have anything to say. His only comeback was a single phrase, lol. Meaning "I give up".
Watched the hapless fools play against Hapoa Tel Aviv - possibly the worst side I have witnessed in European competition and they were still utter dreck, is Jenas still alive? has he not just been wheeled out from an ice box and propped up with a big stick? and Bent hahaha he really is even worse than Dewoe. On another note how feckin class was Ribery tonight? we missed out big time not picking him up.

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