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Kitson: Arsenal Approach Is Magic

Dave Kitson, the Reading forward, last night deployed as a lone forward against the Gunners at the Madjeski stadium, has spoken of his admiration for the way this Arsenal team plays the game.

Coming from a Tottenham fan, it cannot have been easy for him to say, but speaking after the match against the Gooners, in which our boys prevailed 3-1 to return to the top of the table, The Guardian reported Kitson's views on Arsene's team:

It is unbelievably difficult playing against them and, to be honest, there wasn't a lot we could have done, they are without doubt the best footballing team on the planet right now. It's absolutely phenomenal stuff. Trying to get near Fábregas, Hleb, Rosicky, it's a tough ask. The thing that amazes you most is they are not just passing to each other. They are passing so that the next person can run on to the ball and, by then, his mind is already made up with what he is going to do next. It is unbelievable.

Fabregas puts his foot on the ball, has a look, sees what he wants to do and then he plays it four yards in front of him to Hleb. He'll turn round, play it another four yards by which time Fabregas has already gone past, and so it goes on. Trying to get near to them and stop it - I'm not saying it can't be done because the team they beat 7-0, Slavia Prague, managed to do it last week - but it is tough. They don't have off days very often.

It's interesting to compare them with Manchester United or Chelsea. What I would say about Arsenal is they are not reliant on one, two, three or even four people. They all kind of chip in even though, against us, they didn't really use their full-backs, simply because they didn't need to. I thought they had another couple of gears to go. It will be close at the end of the season between the three of them but even for a Tottenham fan like me - and to say this is blasphemy - you hope that a team who play as well as Arsenal win something. Their approach is just magic.

They have one major injury in Robin van Persie and they don't even look as if they are missing him. Emmanuel Adebayor plays up front on his own and he is almost like two strikers up there. When Barcelona came in for Henry, Wenger must have seen the fee, looked at Adebayor and thought it was Christmas. He had a player waiting there for his chance and the unbelievable thing is that he probably wouldn't even have to spend the money.

Just looking at Adebayor as a technician and as a football player, that is what every striker should aspire to. He is very right footed but, when you are that good, you don't need your left foot. He is 6ft 5in and you look at him and think: 'How is he doing this?' For his goal, the ball came at him at 100mph and he just cushioned it into the far corner. Then there's Fabregas. It is not even fair that a kid that young can have so much talent. He is world-class already: definitely among the top five players in the league, definitely one of the top players in the world. It's frightening. Wenger must be licking his lips because there is just silverware here on in for Arsenal.

So there you have it.

Spoken from a spurs fan, who's experienced the beauty and deadly potency of Arsenal's play up close and personal. Fair play to Kitson.

Any other spuds wanna pay homage to the team playing the best football on the planet (according to one of your own...)?

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 13 2007

Time: 8:02PM

Your Comments

It's wonderful reading, but there's still a long way to go and I hope the players don't take it too much to heart. Let's just keep knocking out the wins and we'll glory in the praise in May :-)
Little Dutch
totally agree, LD. One game at a time, and let's not get ahead of ourselves. Credit to the team, nay the squad (angry germans aside...), for they speak, play and think as one, and seem to be very much approaching the season one game at a time, and clearing the test immediately in front of them before focussing on the next hurdle. And that's just the way to do it. It's served us well so far. And as Ade said, it's nice going into the international break top of the pile. It's a good position to resume from. Now we can all nervously hope that none of the guys away on international duty pick up injuries playing for their countries... »»Arsene Knows««
What's up with reading and redheads?
help i need some advise,came home from uni to find that my wife had washed my Toure 5 Arsenal shirt.....whats the problem,i hear some of you ask....well i hadnt washed the shirt since the last time we lost a this a bad sign or what????
fran merida
fran, theoretically speaking, it should be fine, as it wasn't you who washed it! So yo've not broken the unwritten superstition rule. And on a plus note, at least the shirt doesnt need a room all to itself anymore :) »»Arsene Knows««
must be somethign in the water, Kev. High copper content, maybe? »»Arsene Knows««
Great team, ***** fans.
Probably, or they are just on fire. Maybe it's part of a campaign? BE GINGER, GET INTO READING....
Its true Arsenal are playing some great footie, just a shame its a foreign legion team, which reflects zero, zilch, nada on the uk and england and the local polulation.
Big Cheese
Some fans (gunnerblog.........ahem!) need to come out and publicly state that they did not believe we would do anything. Is it just me who thonks this?
He's one pale dude, even in these winter months he can't leave the house without his trusty factor 50 sunscreen.
Nah i thonk it too !
thank goodness he said that, now at least we might not get a hatereading poster, degarading the club in others eyes like hatespur.
Is that Obsession by Calvin Klein you're wearing there Tony?
Big Cheese, damn right. As we were singing last night, "have you ever seen England play like this?" The fact that Arsenal have so few English players should be a worry for England, not vice versa.
Little Dutch
Big cheese I dont give a t0se about England or any international football. I pay a fortune for my season tickets and away tickets for my son and myself and just want the best for Arsenal football club! Then what do you know! After a pointless International break our players come back with injuries! Van persie...5 weeks!
This whole Arsenal foreigners thing is getting real old, real fast. It's time for the English to realize that the Premiership belongs to the whole world now, with the advent of Satellite TV. The big money tv deals bring in has the tradeoff of having to present a product palatable beyond the borders, including foreign players, coaches, and methinks refs soon too, going by the performance of certain characters who shall remain unnamed. I do not know much about my local league, coz it is ****e, but feel physically ill when the Gunners lose, and I have never set foot outside Kenya, let alone been at the Grove.
Kenyan , you are the point, if all arsenal fans or a majority end up being like you are abroad, where will the club and the premiership end up, its not sustainable without the backing, support, and input of the local population, and england people as a whole. The prem is international but it is based in england. In a few years time you will see, I stand by my opinion if nothing changes the prem will die or mutate into a euro/World league.
Big Cheese
Don't know about England as a whole but rest assured Big Cheese that The Arsenal has all the backing support and input of the local population, I do understand the concern about a future euro/world league though for if this were to happen they'd have to create a Euro equivalent of the Ryman league for Sp*rs :)
Who the hell mentioned Spurs !!, fixated or what, deary dear me, get over it, you are the better club in terms of league position, football played, recent history, start behaving like it, for *****s sake, waste of time trying to debate anything on here with most of the posters.
Big Cheese
Sorry cheesy just don't have any time for your doomy skys' falling down type predictions, personally I don't see the likes of KenyanGooner as anything more than a welcome addition to our global brethren, I'm feckin proud of the fact that our glorious club is reaching out to people worldwide without the need for blood suckers like Peter Kenyon desperately trying to flog our sorry arses to superpowers that could'nt give a toss, however large this club becomes it's roots lie in the generations, families, and workers of Islington whose lives have been spent making this club what it is today. Please don't demand sensible debate when all you can bring to the table is that tired tired foreign legion tirade, you would'nt turn up to DJ at a party with just one record would you?
Unless it's Big Poppa, by Notorious B.I.G... that could go all night...
true Kev, I feel the same about Stevie Wonders' "sugar" could handle it on repeat for an hour or two, hear the drummer get some serious flow.
Big Cheese sounds like ES/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry. Anyway, if ES/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry reads Kitson, a spurs fan, praising Arsenal he would probably think Kitson is an "non-English scum" lover.
Fulsome praise from Kitson and good to see that someone can see the good in the game without banging the nationalist or tribal drum.
LOL, he must have thought it was christmas! funny guy..
I've heard said that Arsenal have among the best fans in England at a local level. I am an Aussie, living in Aussie, and have followed the Gunners for 15 years, but travel throughout the world especially Asia. Big Cheese, have you ANY idea how amazingly popular the EPL is throughout Asia. Jersies everywhere, posters all over Singapore, KL, etc. When a game is on the hawkers set up big screens, restaurants are packed watching, and here in Aussie where very few follow football, increasingly people like me are staying up half the night to watch our team! It's global, it's growing, and I'm proud as punch to be a GOONER!!!!!
"'s roots lie in the generations, families, and workers of Islington whose lives have been spent making this club what it is today..." Well put nikolaijns, and furthermore we're one of the few top English clubs still majority owned by English shareholders, which is consistently overlooked by these Big Cheese types when criticising Arsenal on the nationality of our first team squad, whilst also ignoring the fact that a large number of current English national team players spent a lot of time at Arsenal FC.
why worry over the the performance of the national team and the so called lack of quality english players when the national dish of england is chicken tikka bloody masala?
i'm not sure 'national identity' is the first that sprung to your mind when you ask for extra cheese on your lamb kebab eh, Big Cheese?
Arsenal have also drawn praise from another source, a very illustrious one, taken from the telegraph:

Arsenal's slick passing game has also drawn praise from a more illustrious source with Pele adding his name to their growing list of admirers last night.
br>"Arsenal are my favourite team right now," said the legendary Brazilian, ''and I think they are the best performing team in the Premier League."
But his view doesnt count, as he's foreign.
»»Arsene Knows««
im with pele we are playing so sexy at the moment I usually need a cigarette after the game...what would happen if we took foreigners out of the EPL??? the drogbas, ronaldos, torres's, fabregas's and obafemis...hmmm just to name the fewest...malouda, carvahlo, kanu, mwaruwari, saha, tevez, giggs, berbatov and fomers like bergkamp, henry, zola, cantona...
just some food for thought i know they are calling for quotas not for all foreign players...but think about the quality the EPL will be forcing to join other leagues which of the players i mentioned would you rather have in another league?
this is a list of the top 20 scorers in the EPL...count the englishmen please...i was going to put top 10 but it loked very very bad for england. Benjani Mwaruwari, Emmanuel Adebayor,Christiano Ronaldo, Francesc Fabregas, Robbie Keane, Nicolas Anelka, Gabriel Agbonlahor,Fernando Torres,Olivier Kapo, Benedict McCarthy, Robin Van Persie, Didier Drogba, Roque Santa Cruz, Lee Bowyer,Clint Dempsey,Kevin Doyle,Frank Lampard,Carlos Tevez Kenwyne Jones, Dave Kitson,
for those of you not familiar with the players, there are 3 out of 20 and the first jumps in at number 14....number 14 in the name of lee bowyer. England best wayne rooney comes in at 21. yes he's been injured and he is an amazing player but this should give you an idea of what foreigners mean for the premiership its the same reason why its watched all over the world coz americans (all 4 of them tune in to see clint dempsey and trinidadians (hope that is correct) to see kenwyne jones
kitson sing his heart loud and clear.honest!!
That's a nice list of goal scorers in the EPL. I have a feeling that ES/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry or Big Cheese who could be ES, will be saying that's what's wrong with the EPL that too many foreigners scoring goals hampering the english players from being on the top of the leading goal scorers list.
if you have a rubbish pool of talent to draw from in the first place no amount of exposure and first class football could improve the quality of the national team. just ask scotland. yes its a cliche but what england need is to get things right at grassroot level. learn a thing or two from the french and the spaniards. they must be doing something right if they can produce players such as fabregas and messi (footballistically spanish). not to mention the countless clairefontaine graduates. and no beckham's football academy doesnt cut the mustard. it has to be something on a national scale. and while you're at it get those fat school kids to lay off their fries and off the couch
How pathetic are you BMF? I have already demonstrated this nonsense is ********* - the fact that my IP address is apparently the same when its a dynamic IP so constantly changes to prevent hackers means it is impossible - duh, how stupid are you? ... I have never made any complaint about the number of foreign players in a team .... yet you manage to come up with this tripe. Maybe you might to employ the truth for once. However I know find it reassuring that anyone who disagrees with Arsenal fans apparently carries this moniker. I imagine those 4 people were in fact entirely different individuals. Do you manage to keep your brains between your buttocks?
On the issue in hand, yes Arsenal are playing extremely well, but still seem to lack that final clinical edge, and I think if you were placed under sustained pressure, your keeper (Alumina or Lehmann) may become a liability. I think an inability to turn possession into goals against the top teams is still an achillies heel.
I think the two reasons why the EPL is so popular overseas is that most people learn English as their second language so the EPL is much easier to follow, and the way our TV deal was done made it easier to show worldwide. It is a concern that overseas fans support EPL teams at the expense of local sides, rather than in addition to ... these teams will never improve without local fans, so whilst they may produce the odd star, they will be snaffled away very quickly and the standards in places like Kenya will remain at the levels suggested. Considering overseas players, as the spending power of SerieA clubs fell, they had to develop domestic players and correspondingly are the World Champions and Milan are the current CL holders. Germany has had a similar situation to us with 60%+ overseas players and their national team standard MAY have fallen as a result - there could be other reasons though. Personally, I am not in favour of quotas but a redistribution of the TV and prize money. The money which each club receives based on their position at the end of the season should be halved, and the extra money put into training and skills academies run by the FA or given in grants to teams who guarantee a majority percentage of English players at their academies. I think squads should be limited to 23, so if there is an injury or suspension crises, then young English players get an opportunity, rather than get stuck beyond oversized squads like at Spurs. This will improve the ability of younger English players and is not illegal as sponsorship money distributed in such a manner is allowed to be done at the discretion of the benefactor
anon, Gabriel Agbonlahor is english & according to your list is number 7!!..............ES, all 3 of our keepers are better than anything spurs have to offer & if you class Almunia & Lehmann as liabilities then I would love to hear your views on Robinson? As for being under sustained pressure, its not really a problem seen as all the opposition we have played couldn't get the ball off us for any period of time in order to have that sustained period.
Ashburton Gooner
BIG CHEESE SAYS----Its true Arsenal are playing some great footie, just a shame its a foreign legion team, which reflects zero, zilch, nada on the uk and england and the local polulation-----------------REALLY? then what would you say about SIDWELL, UPSON, PENNANT, MUAMBA, HARPER, BENTLEY, RICHARD WRIGHT, (STOKES too - he is Brtitish)...not to mention JEFFERS....Does anyone recognize these names - englishmen who were not patient enough or couldnt make the cut. You want more names - ASHLEY COLE, CAMPBELL - Players who wanted to leave. And also- WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, ROONEY - players who we wanted but were priced out of our reach. FINALLY - take a look at the arsenal youth team - CONNOLY, KIERAN GIBBS, HENRI LANSBURY, JUSTIN HOYTE, GAVIN HOYTE, MARK RANDALL, THEO WALCOTT - players who could wait to break into the team if they make the cut eventually. May I remind you also that players like Clichy, Flamini etc waited patiently to break in and its paying off today----------what more could anyone ask from Wenger. CAN WE LAY THIS ARGUEMENT TO REST. Pity tho, it will still still rage on. All I can thus say is - may we haul in the trophies...and fk anyone who doesnt like what we do or how we do it.
Number14 - Stokes is Irish I believe. I think the problem that Arsenal may have is that - true or false - English players will not be given a proper opportunity. You missed out Stuart Taylor, who I never recall letting Arsenal now, but faced a succession of players bought in infront of him. Until Wenger actually promotes these English guys and gives them 20 PREM games unlike just the 1 game he gave Bentley, English lads aged 18-19 at Arsenal are going to think .. will I really get an opportunity, or will my career advance by moving?
AG, I think the difference is Alumina and Lehmann have had howlers behind a strong defence and a great midfield. Robbo has had howlers behind a shockingly sieve like defence, and a weak midfield which would sap any keepers confidence. If Robbo had been in goal for you, everyone would be singing his praises.
It is hardly likely that the EPL is popular globally simply because the commentary is in English. The beauty of football is that it is easy to follow in any language. The language of football speaks for itself. Far from harming football in oyher countries, particularly the third world the success of players like Drogba, Nakata, Weah, Eto'o, Adebayor and many others has raised the profile of the game in their home countries attracting more people to the game and increasing the player pool. Denying those players access to the major football competitions would be far less beneficial to the promotion of the sport in those areas. darinb007s post above is testament to the success of the globalisation of the EPL.
ES...I didnt say Stokes was english. Bentley had Pires ahead of him in the pecking order. Whow would you choose in the first team PIRES vs BENTLEY...well he couldnt wait. The stakes are high these days and teams who have players like and under-developed Bentley in its firt team and not in the top flight eg. West Ham, Aston Villa. If u have to compete with the ManU's etc..then you have to buy englishmen who are finished product and not build them viz a viz - Rooner, Carrick, Ferdinand, Wright-Phillips...etc. An english lad who thinks he cannot wait should look at Clichy - HE WAITED...he hardly got games whem Ashley Cole was there...I remind you also that Flamini was about to leave....come on get real....who would have - Eboue/Sagna/Hoyte? whow would you have Pires/Bentley...who would you have...Sidwell/Petit/Viera...who would you have...Eboue/Walcot????
Fulsome praise from a Spuds fan. Lovely reading for a Wednesday morning.
The issue is Number14, Bentley waited for Bergkamp and Pires to retire only to discover Hleb and Van Persie had been bought. At this point you see the writing on the wall. If you are doing a job, have stuck around, your boss leaves and then they bring someone in, you do think the only way I will get on is by changing companies. They haven't even properly seen if I could have done the job. I wonder if Hoyte, would did well last season would have renewed his contract if he had known about the signing of Sagna? Interesting the reasons why Fabregas and Merida left Barca was because they thought they would not get an opportunity.
Well ES..that goes to buttress my point...Hleb and Van Persie are claerly better than Bentley...what did you want the coach to do? Make do with a poorer version? well...the West Hams and Aston Villas can do that. The only way Wenger can lay this whole thing to rest is to do what ManU has done. Splash out 20-30million for the best English talent out Green (West Ham), Micah Richard (Man City)....please dont forget that not only did Wenger buy players to replace Pires - Hleb and VP like you have said....ManU also bought players to replace english lads who couldnt make the in ppoint Anderson...remember him? sold off to Sunderland...and replaced by FOREIGNERS...yep expensive ones too. I for one think Wenger should spend a huge chunk of dough for some british lads in their prime...maybe then people like ES who dont look at all the facts will keep quiet on the issue. Hey, by the many english lads has Benitez many has he at least produced to be snapped up by other teams in the league like Arsenal has done....ok ok..he has been in the job 3yrs...but hey...he will never beat Wenger in producing english talent. I am really sorry for Hoyte...but one Sagna is better than 2 Hoytes....even you would agree.
and oh....Spurs also make do with poorer versions...well maybe Berbatov is english...check the facts ES, would you rather have a 2.5million Van Persie or a 16million Bent?
oops ...i speak as if Wenger does not give english lads time to prove theselves...there are some fine examples of Jeffers and Pennant...remember them...if a lad like Walcott doesnt make it at Arsenal he will also join the chorus. But you can't argue he has not been given opportunities. and you know how much Arsenal had to pay for him?
Clichy had Cole in front of him, Fabregas had Vieira, Edu, Flamini and Gilberto. Toure had Keown, Campbell, Cygan and Stepanovs to negotiate, Adebayor came in and had v.Persie, Bergkamp, Quincy, Reyes. The lists go on and on. Bentley came back from a loan spell and immediately demanded a move, without even trying to dilodge the competition, Pennant kept getting in trouble with the law, Upson asked to move and Stuart Taylor might be the worst goalie in Arsenal history. Utterly terrible.
Little Dutch
thank you Little Dutch...ES...still got anything to say?
If some one said to me tomorrow Spurs could win the title but it would mean having no English players in it, I would take it no question. But I would be lying if I was to say I wouldn't prefer it, if the core of the side was English. When England are playing in a major championship, I am would be disappointed if their weren't one or two Spurs players in the team. It is always more interesting watching England play if your club is represented
God dammit.....gotta bite..... Espud you are talking out your rectum......perhaps you should try travelling a bit before making sweeping generalisations. You "think" the EPL is popular because English is taught as a second language and it's easier to follow? What a load of toss.... Of the Asian countries where the EPL is popular, only Malaysia and Singapore could claim to have English as their second language, though I'd hazzard a guess that Bahasa Malay is probably the second language of the huge Indian and Chinese communities that reside in both countries, with English being the third, however, anyone who has been to these countries will tell you that the locals speak very good English and they'd be right - hardly surprising given the common wealth status of both countries....However, in the other countries (Ie Thailand, Indonesia, China, and to a lesser extent, Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam) English, if spoken at all, is generally only spoken by the well off or those who work in the tourist is a small minority, yet the popularity of the EPL is astounding. I live in Thailand, and the Thais have Thai commentary, the other countries I mentioned also have commentaries in their language. I can also tell you that Thais have been following English football since the days of Liverpools domination, which as we all know is many, many moons ago. There is a clear generational divide between the 30+ age group who generally follow Liverpool, and the under 30's who are generally Man U. So it's not a recent phenomenon in this part of the world, and it's certainly not through lack of choice given that out here, you can watch any European League you fancy, it's all available. In Latin America (at least the countries I've been to: Mexico, Guatamala, Honduras, but I'm sure Kev will confirm it's the same in Brazil) the EPL isn't actually that popular, with Barca and Real being the most followed European Teams - a language thing??? Well maybe, but quite possibly it has more to do with the local stars being more likely to end up in La Liga.....? I'd also take issue with one of your pet notions that local football suffers as a consequence.....again what do you base this on??? Experience? or is it yet another "cause" for you to b!tch and moan about without having a clue if what you "think" is actually the case? If anything, European football encourages the growth of football in many of these countries. It gives people something to aspire to, and in some cases it can be a direct route out of poverty. Most countries I've been to have a thriving local football scene, and the case is often of having a EU team and supporting your local team too. Please do your self a favour and check yourself before you run your mouth about things you obviously have no clue about. Oh and you can fu(k off whilst you're at it.......Honestly for all the idiots on the net I don't think I've ever come across such a small minded ignoramus as you....
LD: Surely Richard Wright is?????
Topspur1----i quite agree. However, the pointi am trying to make is that you cannot blame Wenger for the lack of english players in Arsenal and in the English team. By the way, how many Spurs players are in the English team? Lennon, King, Jenas...these three arnt fit to wear the english shirt...hey i'm sure you would agree...they wouldnt make the cut in the top 4. If the english FA wants Arsenal players hey it is welcome to take Hoyte and Walcott. These two players would fit into loads of other teams in the PL. But wait a few years...Wenger has talented english lads in the making. Watch out for these names for the future - Lansbury, Gibbs, Hoyte, Walcot maybe....i just hope they stay, learn and wait to prove themselves as Wenger expects them to.
I applaud your honesty, Topspur, and I thinks most Gooners would be more than happy if we had a few English players of the same quality that our multi-national squad is - see the reception Theo gets every time he comes on for example. But at the same time, I'm proud of the multicultural nature of my team, one of the things I absolutely love (and dearly miss) about London is that it's a true melting pot of nationalities and cultures, my old stomping ground (Stroud Green Road) has Turks, Greeks, Indians, Pakistanis, Africans and West Indians all living side by side, so to me, Arsenal actually does represent the community......
Number14: A fit King gets my vote at the back.......and now I'll go and wash my mouth with soap........
KaoTeK not ahaed of a fit Terry, Ferdinand, Carrigher, Sol Campbell. With the way Micah Richards is developing it would be tough for him. but yeah...he can be on the subs bench.
I actually rate King above Carrigher, Terry and Sol.....remember it was our very own #14 who rated him as the best in the PL......don't matter anyway as his legs are fu(ked so there's no debate......
KaoTek, what I was attempting to say and probably phrased in incorrectly is that as English is often regarded as the 'international' language, many attempt to learn it as the second language. When I travelled through SE Asia - Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as China, and Brazil, I was astonished at how many locals understook and were able to converse and express themselves in English ... if you had bothered to read my post, rather than being an arrogant idiot, I never specified a specific region overseas - however it is a FACT that after Chinese, English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and in terms of geographical spread, the most widely spoken!! .....As for local football, is was Kenyangooner who indicated that local football is *****e - unless local teams get fans through the gates, how do they make any money? I based my opinion on what your fans had said!!! ... and interesting it is organisations that you slag off like FIFA and UEFA who do most of the investment. Very few Europeans sides have settled deals with clubs outside of Europe. It is a typical response of you and your moronic thought process, that having decided to live in Thailand, you assume that the furthest any English fly to is Benidorm or Aya Napa - personally the list of countries I have travelled to is in excess of 35, and the only continent missing is Antartica.
ES, the point is that its incorrect that one reason for the popularity of the Premiership is due to English being widely spoken, coz the commentary is normally in the local language in certain countries (I can only speak for Russia, Sweden and Denmark as I've watched the Premiership action on TV in these countries). What does language have anything to do with it ? One important reason you missed was that a lot of promising foreign players ply their trade in the Premiership, making it an entertaining spectacle.
If you have travelled as widely as you claim, then you should know better than to make spurious, unfounded generalisations. Or could it be that you never took the time to find out one way or the other? Im sure you met many locals who speak English - as I said, those that work with tourists do. Your experience, if indeed it ever occured, does not validate your 'thoughts' and you would do well sticking to a subject that you have knowledge of - the art of multiple forum identities for example... btw Arsenal have an academy in Vietnam...
Finally: huge numbers of brits come to SE Asia, in particular Thailand, so the Aya Napa comment is a bit wide of the mark... (not that I need to tell you.... you've been here right?)
Sorry for the over blown rants guys.... just can't stand ignorance...
Looks like arses managed to put together a decent team this season, shame about the phuckwit fans tho. :) And what if Fabregas gets injured? then you´d be proper in the s h i t t e r.
Blue is the colour
BITC, naaaaah. If Fab picked up an injury, then we bring in Denilson. A right little beeyootay...
»»Arsene Knows««
What, BITC, are you turning into back into a knob? Sure, Fabregas would be a big loss if he gets injured. What happens when Chelski loses Drogba (and you will with ACN and also, he's looking to leave Chelski, maybe...)? Well, the blues' strikeforce would be crap wouldn't it? Especially with Sheva being horrible when he arrived at Chelski, while Kalou and Pizarro are nowhere near the quality of Drogba. Anyway, if every Chelski fan is like you (lucky, they aren't), Chelski fans would be voted as the biggest knobs out of all the fans in football.
To English Spur/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry, blabh, blah, dyamic IP blah blah, enough with the nerd speak, you nerd. You should try to find a woman and get laid, instead of going here and attacking us "non-English scums" (your words, ES). Maybe, that's why you are always so cranky. So, get your knob out of own ass and stick in a woman or man, if you are gay. Anyway, about Bentley, Wenger wanted him to stay but Bentley himself said he couldn't wait because of Pires, Ljunberg and Bergkamp was playing at their best. He never put any blame on Wenger or said it's because he was English that he couldn't get a chance, he just couldn't wait.
Anyway, Steven Gerrard joined the "foreign limit" bandwagon. It's funny, if Gerrard put away that sitter just after the break on the England-Russia match, England would have been 2-0 up and wouldn't be in the mess they are right now. I guess, Stevie is all sore that Torres, a foreigner, didn't give him some advice on who to score. Oh, it also does not help that England has a crap manager and that fat kid in goal (aka Paul Robinson) is hopeless. English Spur/Gromit... you know that rest, Wenger would never have Robinson in Arsenal, not because he's English, because he's fat. Face it, you spud fans, you have a fatty in goal.
when i watch football i dont care what nationality the players are, i watch for the quality of play and entertainment value. wenger knows this and has spent the last decade to produce this in his team. the FA allowed for foreign players so its not like wenger was breaking the rules. wenger is not responsible for english football, he is responsible for arsenal fc. even then one cannot question the english players he HAS given chances to (as mentioned by other posters). remember in the agm wenger says the future is bright at arsenal and the future is ENGLISH. so just be patient and wait. as for those ****ers who are critising us right now (platini, gerrard, fergie and others) all of us gooners know that you're just jealous.
I see BMF, that if you ever have a thought of your own, it can truly be described as original. As clearly demonstrated by your inability to understand that a dynamic IP address means its impossible anyone could read my IP address as some claimed. You even said I was 'Big Cheese' - why didn't you include that moniker? Your continuing to bray like you have the brains of a donkey are quite amusing really. You clearly choose your comments like you choose who to support ... jumping on a bandwagon, without having a coherent thought of your own. How truly mature of you to try to turn into personal abuse, which has nothing to do with football, and even make a lame attempt at homophobic abuse. You even level discriminatory abuse at footballers. Personally, I live with my wife (so don't need to get a woman) and my son. Considering the comments you have made, you should be compelled to receive steralisation as the likes of you should not be allowed to breed as it simply lowers the level of intelligence in the human gene pool. As with the name calling you direct towards us, Arsenal fans are scum, so you get English Scum or non-English Scum - nothing more meant than that, despite the pathetic attempts to claim this is racist. Bentley has for you information, complained about his lack of opportunities and noted that other English players suffered a similar fate.
Not totally true that dynamic IP addresses change or that they can't be read ES/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry. It depends on your ISP though they can change in given circumstances but not even proxy servers guarantee anonymity. There are methods of hiding or protecting your IP address though. You can check any changes at
EnglishSpur, Bentley isn't a valid example of English Players not making it at Arsenal. He is a flawed individual. His character is questionable and he was very impatient. Yes, Arsene had bought van Persie and Hleb, but if your attitude as a player is right, you'll wait for your opportunity. I belive Bentley would have been ahead of van Persie and Alex Hleb in the pecking order. No new signing ever walks straight into the Arsenal team. Wenger probably had plans for Bentley but his attitude was rotten, proved by the whole under-21 debacle. He thinks he is better than he really is. He is quality but his ambition and impractical attitude has inhibitted his ability. Wenger has nothing against English players, he has tried to give opportunities to so many of them, he invested in Jeffers for pete's sake, but very few English players have the right attitude to go with their ability and at Arsenal, your attitude matters a great deal. Theo and Justin have very pleasing attitudes and I'm sure, wether they turn out to be crap or not, Arsene will keep them for ages.
Having foreign players at your club greatly increases the fanbase in their native countries. Park Ji Sung, had that sort of effect at ManU. Their following in South Korea increased overnight when they signed him. I know a guy who is from Egypt and used to support Spurs when Mido was there. Now he supports Boro. The popularity of the league has nothing to do with English speaking as already been outlined. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world and according to your theory, the Chinese league should then be equally as popular? Sport has nothing to do with language barriers. I'm quite privy to La Liga and the most Spanish I can speak is Ciao Bella! The aesthetic quality, identifying with the players, and most importantly, your chosen club influence the popularity of the Premiership and not the language you speak.
Bottom line is that Bentley simply isn't good enough for Arsenal. He isn't good enough for Chelsea, Liverpool or ManU either which is why he is playing for Blackburn. Unfortunately for him (or fortunately depending how you look at it) our aims are a bit higher.
Bentley can't even get a start for England.
Little Dutch
Sorry Keplaz but Ciao Bella isn't even Spanish! I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that one! Top class mate!
Keplaz, I'm not totally comfortable with the idea of signing players simply to sell shirts ..... I agree about the langauge .. I watched this years CL final in German which was a little weird.
Amos, I know for an absolute 100% fact, that IP address does not flag up - This pathetic ludicrous nonsense of me being these other individuals - surely you want to accuse me of being Big Cheese as well, and I did hear something also about Laudrup? - are merely the concoction of those who are weak between the ears but it does amuse me about all the extra typing you have to do.
It's not so arduous if you use cut and paste ES/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry . I am quite sure that you are not Big Cheese but equally I am sure that you have used the other incarnations. You are capable of making some sound reasoned points and when you do so I'll enjoy reading them.
Amos, thanks for the website details. I used it and I am reassured that my current dynamic IP address is working, as the number that has come up is DEFINITELY NOT my IP address ... so it would appear that my system security is tip top. Thanks for the info, you've put my mind at rest. PS. FYI I have only ever used the incarnation 'EnglishSpur'
You would only know your IP address if it were static. A dynamic number would change within a range defined by your ISP. If the site is showing an IP address at all then it just proves that you can 'possibly' be identified.
You could also use a proxy if your ISP provides a static IP....Believe it or not I agree Amos, espud does come up with interesting points of view on's the inability to debate with reason, the predictability of opinion, and the one sidedness of exchange (ie - "selective reading" when he convieniently fails to address an opposing opinion/fact because it counters what he is saying) that I find so irritating.....a few weeks ago I attempted give him a "chance" and it turned out to be fruitless, hence my view that he is trolling......
Only just caught the goals..... They're here if anyone's interested: Crap quality and ironically of Thai satellite TV (English commentary before it gets asked...)
ES/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry, I supported Arsenal in 90's before Wenger arrived. I kept supporting the club even during the period when we were second best behind Man Utd after Wenger won the double the first time. There have been good times but there are also have been bad times, but I still support Arsenal. So, don't think you have figured me out by saying I just jumped the bandwagon just cause Arsenal is doing well this season. So stick your dynamic IP and smoke it. I never said any homophobic remarks, you just making stuff up again. First of all, I don't know you that well (except for the stuff, you post here at this site) and we are living in a world where there are gay people, unless, you are one of those extremely religious people or Repubilcians that does not even acknowledge homosexuality. I thought maybe ES/Gromit/etc. doesn't like women maybe, he's gay, so that's why I thought that. In fact, what's wrong if people think you are gay? Go ahead, accuse me that I'm gay, I won't give a crap, I have friends and co-workers who are gay and they are the nicest people I have met. I think you are the one who is homophobic but reacting so negatively, just because I just thought you might be gay. Also, If you think us "non-english scum fans" (your words, ES/Gromit... whatever) are so horrible why don't you ride your high horse back to the vital spuds, unless you have the build of Robinson, which you might have trouble getting up that horse.
What he said! Arsenals football is magically at times.
Gunnerman, you've ruined my only Spanish. Now I officially don't know any!!

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