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Arsene: What About Abuse At ManU?

Arsene Wenger has responded to Fergie's tirade about the 'dangers' he endured at Ashburton Grove recently, detailed in a piece on

Quoted from an interview given to Setanta Sports, Arsene said:

I was surprised that Alex Ferguson came out and said it was played in a bad spirit and a bad atmosphere.

I didn't have that feeling. although I didn't sit on their bench. But I can tell you, I could get some dossier together from Manchester United when I go there.

And we Gooners all know the type of incidents he's referring to. They are vile, quite blatantly untrue, slanderous outpourings of bile.

I wonder if Fergie will respond to this and air his thoughts on the abuse Wenger goes through on each visit to Old Trafford?

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 14 2007

Time: 2:41AM

Your Comments

Grow up, sado's
they r mu. they can whatever they want. their manager can shout at the ref and get away without prob. that has always been the case.
We're not childish, he started it.
Ultimately it depends on what was said. Referring to Wengers alledged predelictions is slander and defamation and is very unpleasant. However if the chants are directed at Wenger for being French then that's surely racism, and clubs have a responsibility to act under 'kick racism out of football'. Likewise, if the chants against Ferguson are stereotyping him because he's Scottish then that is racism - if references are purely made about his alledged alcoholism then fine, but if that alcoholism is implying all Scots are drunks then thats racism and clubs are obligated to act. Only if at ManUted if they were implying the French are a nation of kiddiefiddlers would that be racism. I think.
ES, clubs dont just have a responsibilty to stamp out racism. They have a duty to stamp out anything which breaks the law including slanderous statements & chants. Amazingly though I never hear the spuds or the mancs say anything to their fans about such behaviour.
Ashburton Gooner
AG, I thought it was only if it contained words which fall under discrimination law .... so sexual orientation, racism, religion etc? Whilst it is unpleasant, slanderous statements aren't actually criminal, they fall under civil law, so its up to the individual being slandered to either sue the individual make the statement, or the company they represent for allowing it to happen.
Hence Wenger having the right to sue Manchester United for allowing such bile and filth directed at him E.S.
Actually he probably can't. Unbelievably because he never took formal action years ago the situation could be defended as ... 'Fair Comment: the defendant shows that the statement was a view that a reasonable person could have held, even if they were motivated by dislike or hatred of the plaintiff.' - they'd argue the chants have gone on since Wenger arrived as he'd done nothing previously.
To be fair it's probably water off a duck's back to him anyway. I'm sure also that had Man.Yoo won at The Emirates Fergie wouldn't be making any complaints either. It all seems a little childish to me.
Bit strange that Fergie said it in the first place, has he not noticed tha the benches at OT are in with the effin crowd, what a W*nker
Ferguson's argument was that the emirates lacked security & that he & his team suffered abuse. He also claims arsenal should be able to find the culprits on CCTV (not sure how exactly, unless someone was trying to attack him), however based on his feeble argument, man utd should be able to identify every person who sings songs about Wenger & then pass on their details so Arsenal/Arsene can take court action!! however whether its civil or criminal its still possible for a person to take action & therefore the clubs still have a responsibilty to eradicate it. I remember spurs never had a problem with fans making songs about Sol Campbell's sexuality after he left the club, however when those 'gay stories' about premiership football players appeared in the sunday papers (& Jenas was readily suggested as one of them, although later it turned out he wasn't) then spurs made a big deal of the fact no homophobic chanting would be tolerated & action would be taken against offenders, surely that should be the case with anything thats not to do with football??
Ashburton Gooner
Is all a load of ********* anyway, Fergie was just spouting off because he was miffed we pulled the result back at the death. Man Ure will not attempt to make a running issue of this.
yeah, so now AW is now spouting off becuz ur fergie-dog was talking crap. we could sue u for blashemy, but then you are dogs, we can't sue dogs..the constitution protects dogs.
we have all played the mancs enough times to know and fully understand that if SAF doesnt get the result he wants then all this crap starts, its appallin really, christ can you imagine the ***** you'd have to listen to if you'd beaten them! its always been 1 rule for manyoo and sir stevieG side liverfool and a rule for the rest of us.
An absolute classic get it framed, "we are not childish" by someone called hatespur, it doesn't get any more hypocritical than that !!
Ignore hatespur, he is probably the ed/or another site co-ed etc pseudonym, its designed to get people going, nobody could be that bigoted or hypocritical on purpose.
You mean to tell me that there were some actual fans shouting at the Immigrants... get outta here! It's called irony Gooner scum, Fergie's taking the mick!
Dr Yid
Abuse of any kind is going to offend someone and the partisan, tribal atmosphere of a football match will ensure that a fair amount of it is directed towards the opposing team and its officials. I am sure both Fergie and Wenger have been around long enough to accept that. It only really becomes a problem when its your own supporters hurling abuse at you as a few former Spuds managers might confirm.
Just a thought but am I alone in thinking that anyone calling themselves 'Tonytime' should be a little careful when talking about childish user names?
lol Amos. And missing the irony in "we are not childish, he started it" seems a little dim too.
tonytime, care to check the 'hatespur' thread you started in our forums? »»ARsene Knows««
Dr Yid - what do you mean The Immigrants? Is the use of the word immigrant meant to be some kind insult? I have to say, you Spuds fans have really got the monopoly on dim-witted bigots. And you Dr Yid are definitely depriving a village of an idiot.
1. the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend. 2. Literature. a. a technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated. b. (esp. in contemporary writing) a manner of organizing a work so as to give full expression to contradictory or complementary impulses, attitudes, etc., esp. as a means of indicating detachment from a subject, theme, or emotion. Just thought you should know Tone.
Little Dutch
What was that then Wingy?
Wingy, don't worry, I've just read it. How lame. Thanks for putting the little loner right for me. This vendetta all originated from xenaphobic comments made by he and his brethen regarding the detrimental effect our great club has on english football and his failure to understand my view that my premium concern is Arsenal, not England. Hey ho, i won't be losing any sleep.
Dim me, how very dare you, Dimmer than calling oneself hatespur, a name so grounded in bigotry and mindless hatred as to immediately brand oneself as intellectually challenged, by the vast majority of impartial minds, yes i do believe im getting the hang of this irony thing ! lol
T.T, again revert to the childish forum you tried (and failed) to generate support from.
Enough tonytime, it's pony time for me. Fortunately, unlike tony here, I don't lose half of my I.Q when I take a *****. In fact, I'd probably be intellectually more enriched having taken a good crap than by conversing with this dude.
Little Dutch
looks like amos is after all alone, wots childish about tonytime considering my name is er ...tony, thank god i wasn't christened hate ! that would be quite a negative downer.
LD, "Never argue with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience". Oscar Wilde I think.
Get off TT you tit! How about you take your "Campaign for PC Names" around the whole of the vital network, no doubt there are hundreds of fans who, with little to no malice intended, have a user ID based on a dislike for their local rival. Wake up you silly old bugger!
I don't have the strength or inclination to argue with bores like Mr. Magoo here. Besides, the turd and I just had a fascinating converstaion about degentrification.
Little Dutch
My only remark to TT would be, I'm not Little and I ain't Dutch. While you wrestle with the political implications of that, I'll be doing something whittering away my working day in the khazi.
Little Dutch
Thanks Gooners, i would understand the hoo-har if I made racist or defamatory remarks but merely having a 'tag' which indicates my dislike for Spurs seems relatively harmless to many of the comments I read on these sites. Ironic that he/she hasn't critised everyone with the term 'yid' in their usernames.
Ok guys, enough fun for one day, I think i have established the level at which Vital arsenal is at, (*****, crap, turd, bugger etc its all far too high brow for me,(is that irony ,, doooohhhhh) debate wise, unlike the team their is room for improvement. tonytime knows....
"Their" certainly is room for improvement, lol, lmao, fyi, blah, blah, blah ad infinitum.
Little Dutch
Grammatical errors in every one of his posts LD. I blame Labour.
At least you take some education in literature with you Tonytime. Sadly you weren't able to contribute anything of any value, use or benefit whatsoever in your time here but your limitations are clear. Just as a little more help to your education try - sanctimonious adj affecting or simulating holiness or virtuousness, especially hypocritically.
You have a point amos, but look at your last couple of posts they add nothing to any debate, however take heart dear boy, they will be taken more seriously by the casual observer than any ending in hatespur. Ultimately tomorrows another day, which is a bit of a shame if you are called amos !!!!.....
I blame all these foreigners...........
Little Dutch
lol LD.
I believe he meant that 'tomorrow's another day'. Even when you really try, you still come up short. Cheerio then.
tonytime, when are you going to take part in the question and answer debate we posed to you ages ago? or are you just avoiding justifying the attempts at mudslinging (without any basis or foundation) that you made? »»Arsene Knows««
Amos, I hope you moniker isn't a derogatory jibe towards Emmerdale Farm viewers?? I sincerely hope you have no idea what i'm referring to, it'll make you as sad as me.
Little dutch ain't little nor dutch? So I'm guessing Rocky7 doesn't speak like a down syndrome kid?
Ooh I get it... Little Dutch has that name because he looks like Edgar Davids...
without the cool glasses though...
Is that not far worse than being called hatespur???
Sadly, hatespur, I do know what you are talking about - I have been taunted with that before. The name comes from an over enthusiastic, alcohol fuelled, promotion of the talents of a '50s blues artist called Amos Milburn which a certain group of friends for a time refused to let me forget.
I wouldn't be so letdown by the name. In portuguese it means "masters".
Sorry Amos:) I like it, much more intreresting than Kevin.
wooot... you speakin bollox me son. I'm an irish saint. You just can't beat that...
By the way when I said "Is that not far worse than being called hatespur???", I was referring to Kevin's comment about down syndrome, not your name. Just to clarify.
And just to clarify, I am hailed whenever I go to an Islamic cultured country. Since KEVIN is a secret society group named : Keeper of the Eternal Vigilance of the Islamic Nation. Thus I'm an islamic and christian hero. Since I'm a saint in Ireland whilst Keeper of the vigilance of the islamic nation. Nothing can beat that, sorry...
What the hell have you been smoking today?
Just tryin to get some points...
and besides, it makes as much sense as what the spuds are always talking here anyway. SO I might as well take advantage... ._.
It wasn't a criticism, my next question was going to be, can I have some?
I don't think you're ready for it yet... stick with tea for the moment. : p
Funniest thing, I read it as "Le Poof" there in the begining...cheers for that, cheered me up a bit.
Blue is the colour
Even chico time is preferable to tonytime, what a confused character! someone that professes to be a "sometime gunner" whatever the hell that means, presumably when we play a foreign club he sits in his p!ss stained union Jack boxers and grunts his encouragement through mouthfuls of chicken madras, he constantly puts down 99% of our posters here for lacking "wit and intelligence" yet his sole contribution here has been to relentlessly stalk hatespur, oh well is this the price we have to cough up for some form of success? Cos success and renown aint all sunshine and roses - it also brings the type of raincoated simian that crouches outside your house whacking off maniacally.
Gooner_Vin, it's called a joke my old mucker... I meant no offence. I think you are being overly sensitive and to call me a bigot is completely ignorant of you... grow up you pleb, it's called banter.
Dr Yid
So Dr. ,can't you make like a prescription to success for tottenham? It would sure help them out. Start with "can't have overweight goalkeepers, since they need to jump",,,
that would cripple our NHS Kev, plus deplete our countrys supply of medicine for at least a decade.
niko, thanks for pointing out (with others) his failings in my absence on the forum. Tedious little cretin.
k_c and nikolai, don't worry gents i've been giving him psychotherapy and getting him to imagine that the ball is a Big Mac or a Krispy Kreme donut, he won't be dropping anything now... trust me!
Dr Yid
no probs hs, I'm sitting here chuckling like a drain thinking of Ramos turning round and saying "won't you help me Dr Yid? Doc doc doc doc Dr Yid? aah Miami sound machine classic from the eighties there pop pickers!
Can you teach Bent the rules of european football? I think he is confused with the american football, where you have to kick the several feet above the air.
I ave found a problem in your cure for Robinson doctor. He'll be sent off every game for taking an almighty bite out of the ball.
Davis? maybe even David
hs, he's gotta catch it first... let's deal with one problem at a time!
Dr Yid
Unlike Davis James who stood in the tunnel last saturday sniffing the ball, lol geezers' hatstand!
I hate it when that happens! posts out of order that is not ball sniffing
Now it makes sense. I thought I'd gone mad.
See, and you wanting what I'm having. Even tea is making you doubt reality, imagine when you get the real stuff!
you holding Chelski? soooo you lika da loco smoko make a gringo dingo huh?
It would explain your reasons for finding Chelsea entertaining.
lol, the real stuff is! Coffee is better than tea.
coffee better than tea? no chance......and heres Wu tang and Bill Murray to tell you why..........
lol. You guys are all on top form tonight. Excellent stuff 8-)
Ah Niko, I meant rastafari coffee... it involves , eh.... who the fúck knows... I tried it once, but I can't remember when... or where...
Niko, i atched that film in the cinema - that was by far my favourite scene from the movie! Thanks for digging that one up, dude :)
»»Arsene Knows««
my pleasure Wingers, I like the coogan/molina sketch - truly painful.
Anyway breaking news, people, Steven Gerrard joined the "foreign limit" bandwagon. It's funny, if Gerrard put away that sitter just after the break on the England-Russia match, England would have been 2-0 up and wouldn't be in the mess they are right now. I guess, Stevie is all sore that Torres, a foreigner, didn't give him some advice on who to score. Oh, it also does not help that England has a crap manager and fatty fat fat in goal (aka Paul Robinson) is hopeless. You spud fans, don't say it's because he's "big boned", face it, he's fat.
It's absolutely pathetic this debate, why do they keep harping on about it? Is he preparing his excuses for when we fail to qualify? Effin idiots the lot of em, how do they justify their pay packets when they've been proven to be completely immoral/corrupt crooks (Blatter/Platini et al) wallies
I'm surprised no-one has had a word about K_chelski, taking the p**s out of Rocky7? "So I'm guessing Rocky7 doesn't speak like a down syndrome kid?" .... isn't this name the editor paying homage to David Rocastle (1967-2001) who died of cancer and weared the No7 shirt at Arsenal (before we had squad numbers)? - what is pretty disgusting is that Rocastle even played for Chelsea between 1994-98 yet K_chelski couldn't be bothered to recognise that. So much for his claims of being a genuine Chelsea fan. Taking the p**s out of former players who have died of cancer has got to be a new low
EnglishSpur, you obviously haven't taken the advice that I gave you (get a girlfriend who's name doesn't end in .jpg). I am talking about ROCKY BALBOA. You twisted spud son of bitch. Played by SILVESTER STALLONE. Get it now? Or do I need to ******** paint it?. I'm glad we solved it. P.S : ***** you.
So you are taking the ***** out of DownSyndrome people now? Why did you think Rocky7 was a reference to a Rocky film? How stupid are you. It was was obvious to any real and genuine Arsenal or Chelsea fan ... indeed any football fan that Rocky7 was paying homage to the late David Rocastle (1967-2001). And now you are trying to pass it off as some sort of joke. PS. I actually have a wife so have gone better. Funny enough her surname doesn't end in .jpg.
Oh god. I didn't think Rocky7 was a reference to a rocky film. Nor did I think Little Dutch was because he looks like Edgar Davids. It's a ******** joke you asshole. Down Syndrome kids are smarter than your fanbase. So again, if i'm allowed to take the ***** out of you lot....
You have a wife eh? Did she came all set, or did you have to inflate her?
To be fair, I think kevin was perfectly aware of that. I think he was dabbling in some irony. See previous thread for definition.
Little Dutch
Seriously gentlemen, i don't think there is any need for all the insults. surely we can agree to disagree like adults without stooping so low. At the end of the day we are all followers of the beautiful game and each of us have the right to prefer a team over the other.So...can't we get along SOMEHOW? Well, I tried.
Well put number14, and what we really need now is an article or five up here to push this and the last few one into obscurity, it's getting out of hand and off topic. But it's a slow news fortnight - international breaks really are vexing...
that is to say, "...last few ones..."
Little Dutch - I am well familiar with the concept of irony. I do however think there are some areas where trying to raise a cheap laugh merely shows a weak mind. As for K_chelski, despite all your whining about being on the receiving end of abuse, I am beginning to understand the reason behind this, if all you can do is stoop to abusing people's families to try to justify some tawdry attempt at a funny comment
Oh I'm sorry EnglishSpur, I'm sure the doll is from the latest technology. Wanna talk about a weak mind, how about you thinking that jewish people can't be racist? People like you, make xenophobic and racist comments, and then try to shield themselves, behind your club, just because the fans call themselves yids.
Oh and me saying that down syndrome kids are better and smarter than most tottenham fans, was not a joke.
I actually said that Jewish people were in many cases less likely to be racist having been on the receiving end of the worst form of racist abuse ever, so would be more restrained of being racist towards others - a whole lot different that you deliberate distortion of the comment I made .... its really quite amusing that I am being accused of making xenophobic and racist comments - please tell me when? .... and I can go better than that - an insultingly alledged 'doll ' that actually bares children; a son so far and it seems like No2 is possibly on the way .. its amazing what technology can do eh? ..... but I see you cannot help yourself when it comes to being abusive about other peoples families. Surely even Vitalfootball have rules stopping people doing that?
Hahaha, you're gonna try to get me banned? Sure I didn't hack in vital central and stopped their filters? I'm not abusive towards other peoples family, just you. Because you are a moron. Let me show you how much a moron you really are. Ever been to a black neighbourhood in the united states? Do you think black people are less racist than white people? And you did say that jews aren't racist, I can prove it, just ask for the quote, that's all you gotta do. EnglishSpur, and your previous incarnations were known to make bordeline xenophobic comments.
Bring on this quote then K_chelski. You've been abusive towards my family. You've also been anti-semitic, made cheap jokes about cancer sufferers, made tasteless comments about people with mental disabilities. Yes I have been into a black neighbourhood in the USA - Washington DC in fact. I saw black people using what I would consider racist terminology against other blacks but I would say that the level of racism they displayed towards other races and nationalities was far less than the average caucasian. Studies have shown that the victims of racism are less likely to be racist than others.
girls get over it, it happens!
"K_Gooner2010, as a large number of fans are Jewish and/or follow a club with a known Jewish affiliation ...... and are frequently taunted about the Holocaust, to describe Spurs fans as rascist is bizarre and without any foundation" I had to search it through google, since the news archive link is broken, but there it is.
Oh Englishspur, now you're acting desperate. I haven't made any anti semitic remark(me saying that there is racist jews, in the world, like there is white racists, blacks etc), is not anti semitic . I haven't made cheap jokes about cancer sufferers , that was already explained, I joked but also praised ds kids, for being smarter than most of your fans. I lived in black neighbourhood, and trust me, there's alot of racism against white people, alot. Please show me the studies that have shown what you claim.
Exactly where does that say that I said that Jews aren't racist? I said to descibe Spurs fans in the generalist way you do as all racist is without foundation. Though I must say that the sophistry you employ is most impressive - you are clearly suggesting the individuals with DownSyndrome are as stupid as Spurs fans rather than as intelligent, so you are trying to pass off abusive remarks as praise. Trying to explain away as irony, your failure to understand the Rocky7 name, shows your lack of footballing knowledge as well as your lack of good taste. However you clearly still believe that abusing people's families is an acceptable form of discussion. Oh, and the xenphobic and racist comments I have made .....?
The anti semitic quotes that I made? When did I say that spurs fan in general are racist? ?? ?? I said that 99% of the ones that I met, were racist. Where are the studies, spuddy? You haven't showed them. I'm suggesting that while Down Syndrome people have a lower than average IQ, 99% of the tottenham fans I met, have a negative IQ.See, down syndrome people,despite intelligence issues, are good people. Spuds fans however, that I met, are arrogant, deluded, racist, xenophobic AND with intelligence issues. See that difference? Now, you either answer everything I pointed out, or don't answer at all, your choice.
My god, I go away for a few days and these arguments are still going on. I think we have all had our fair share of dgs at each other, so can we now please call a halt to this? Oh an ES, from an emotional father who is about to be without his son for a while......congratulations on the good news.
Thank you, Rocly 7. Bit p***ed off that I'm going to have to look at getting a more 'family orientated' car though.
Seriously hope you guys win the title this season. Fergie is doing my head in this season, and you play by far the best football in the Prem if not the World!
I am just sure he was just looking for more excuses after his side threw away the lead twice!
kev, don't get baited by English Spur/Gromit/Kernowboy/Sir Harry. He will make stuff up to rile you.

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