Arsenal - Should Have Gone To Specsavers
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Should Have Gone To Specsavers

Manchester United Gaffer Alex Ferguson could be about to sign for Specsavers, after making a statement that clearly indicates that his glasses aren't doing their job.

The purple nosed pensioner claims that his Brazilian midfielder Anderson dominated Cesc Fabregas when the teams met last month at Ashburton Grove.

Anderson - a player touted by some as 'the next Ronaldinho' during his time at Porto, played more like Joey Barton than his play-making countryman when the two teams met.

He did little going forward, but was lunging into tackles left right and centre and was even lucky to have stayed on the pitch for 90 minutes after some vicious tackles.

But of course Fergie didn't see that. Speaking of the youngster the United manager said: 'Anderson's battle with Cesc Fabregas against Arsenal was interesting because they were two very influential players in the game.

'The boy Fabregas is going through a golden period at Arsenal, but I thought that Anderson dominated that position.'

All I can say is 'Oiii, Fergie, NOOO!'

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 6 2007

Time: 6:37PM

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Match Stats: Fabregas Good Passes = 50/ 75% of passes forward(attacking passes)/ Key passes - 3/ Goals = 1/ Goal attempts 4 on target 2. Anderson Good passes = 25/ 44% of passes forward(attacking passes)/ Key passes - 1/ Goals = 0/ Goal attempts 1 on target 1. Let's hope he continues that level of dominance in the next game then.
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06/12/2007 19:07:00

I think that needs to go in an email to Manchester United FTAO Alex. Done. Dusted, Sorted. Finished. Over. End of. Nothing more to add your honour.
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06/12/2007 19:10:00

i love listening to bitter arsenal fans after they dont get a result, such moaning little *COMMENT EDITED :) Anyways, SAF is right, anderson was immense againt arsenal and the lads gonna be a real superstar in the future. Cesc Fabregas? nah....Anderson's where its at!!!!! Speak to you goon Gooner *COMMENT EDITED [Edited by nsafc]
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06/12/2007 20:01:00

Head, sand, buried anyone?? Amos has just given you the facts. What has Anderson done so far? Nadda. What has Fabregas done this season? Scored 11 goals, got about the same amount of assists and help us get 4 points clear of you lot. And there's no need to insult people. I'll remove some of your post. No more of that thankyou.
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06/12/2007 20:23:00

I don't get it at all. Are we talking about the same match?! Was Sir referring to another ball game, like that kind at Ronaldo's home?
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06/12/2007 20:52:00

HAHAHAHA, I saw this headline and knew what it was talking about instantly. I know that old purple/red nose likes the mind games but I fear for him this is moving further away from psychollogy and closer to senility.
Ozi Gooner
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06/12/2007 21:56:00

Looks like we have a new nerd (united4life) to try to rile us. Anyway, just because old Red Nose spent around 15 million, the manure fans thinks he's quality. I guess, they forgot the last Brazilian they spent money on that flop big time, you know, Kleberson, remember him? simmy8_2000, I know what Anderson done so far, he rolled around like a little girl in an attempt to get Cesc booked. And Anderson did such a great job to.
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06/12/2007 22:54:00

Yes BMF, that's all Anderson's done so far. And our Cesc's humble enough to say "He (Ferguson) is right, I'm not a great player because we haven't won anything yet. I've just got an FA Cup." Now THAT, plus contributing to a great CL 2006 run and this year's fantastic and consistent performances, is what Cesc has done. Who's better now?
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06/12/2007 23:07:00

well, not only fabregas can laugh about it, it will motivate fab4 extremely when w meet em again! lol, it will backfie spectacularly!
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07/12/2007 00:41:00

I like how Cesc made fun of him after Anderson got up after rolling on the ground. Funny stuff. If he dominated over Cesc, where was he when he scored the equalizer? If I had a penny for every player saying that he will man-mark Cesc and keep him quiet, I'll be rich.
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07/12/2007 00:52:00

Carlsberg don't do News but if they did, they would make up silly quotes like Alex Ferguson does.
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07/12/2007 07:41:00

Anderson was a good player at Porto but since he went to ManUre he's been playing *********, I think he's trying to emanulate Savage, only in a more girly fashion. If he can't stand up to a challenge he'll instantly fall on the floor and start moaning. Why do all United's imports from Portugal act like this? (Nani apart since no one bothers to mark him) Anyway it'll be nice seeing Anderson matching up against Savage. :D
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07/12/2007 07:47:00

i thought he(anderson) caused us some trouble (nothing to write home about) but cesc had him all day and he would do it again with one arm tied to his knee
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 09:45:00

I love it that we're in a position to hate Fergie again. 'appy days...
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07/12/2007 10:35:00

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07/12/2007 10:36:00

Anderson was good in that game (apart from his theatrics), but Cesc was far better, and something that the stats clearly confirmed. The headline is a good piece of advice to Fergie :).
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 13:31:00

Oh please...what is this drivel that manure and their fans keep spewing. Fergie has clearly lost the plot, and the Mancs are mostly a bunch of uneducated scummy b*stards who wil believe anything they are told by red face, so statistics will just go over their heads. No point trying to have an intelligent discussion, coz you wont get one from the mancs. I am surprised that red face is still harping on about us. Reminds me of a comment i made about the spuds being like a little bioy in the playground who doesn't know how to say he likes a girl, so he picks on her instead - i think SAF is becoming a bit obsessed with us because he secretly wishes his team were as good as us. Man WHo?
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 14:27:00

what a load of old ballacks! SAF is an old man who's eyesight is obviously playing tricks! anderson is absolute *****e! hate to say it but CESC is an awesome player. anderson is very far from it! the 2 aint even comparable!!
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 14:44:00

oh my god. read it again. he never said anderson is a better player. he said he was better in that game. as for anderson not doing anything so far... watch some united games guys before saying stupid things. it's like saying flamini didn't do anything just because he's not scored 10 goals...
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 16:58:00

we should just bring an article out about saying how much Ronaldo got dominated by our fullbacks!!! (not the first time either)
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 16:59:00

Cesky: i seem to recall your team equalised in the 92nd minute against us... didn't exactly played us off the park, did you? fergie has lost the plot, you say... well i say you never had a plot it seems...
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 17:00:00

RVP11: you're so obsessed with stats here so i bring stats for you: one assist and one goal, that's ronaldo's contribution in that game. hopefully he'll be dominated again
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 17:01:00

oh my god. read it again Vidicinho. The stats say he wasn't better in that game.
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 17:02:00

and did i say he was? read it again. anyway it's interesting how arsenal fans hate to see other players being praised, too. you are so used to the media licking your arse at every opportunity that you feel it obligatory to insult any player who doesn't play for arsenal yet someone dare to praise him.
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 17:05:00 and here is an article for you to be happy.
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 17:06:00

No you didn't say he was but Fergie did which was the point of this post and, as much as there is one, the point in yours. read it again. So ManU don't get their share of media arse licking then? And just for the record the first goal didn't go down as an assist to Ronaldo. Rooney got the last touch and then an own goal from Gallas. Don't get so defensive every time some one has a pop at one of your players.
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 17:15:00

But Fergie is the greatest. he must be trusted. Remember when he said "they will drop points, I have no doubt about that"
Report Abuse
07/12/2007 23:49:00

VD, i think thats a better name for you personally - just about sums you up. You epitomise everything that i surmised the typical manc would be. The late equaliser shows the new found mental strength and resilience that you are lacking, so yes, your comment does prove my point. Saying that, I bet your from London, probably from Tottenscum you glory hunter. Cant take it that we are better than you? Can't take it that red faced is so riled that he's making up delusional fantasy stories to try and play mind games, which just expose how weak his mind is becoming? Can't even follow the point of this thread can you? Please stick to your own site unless you have something insightful to add.
Report Abuse
08/12/2007 11:26:00

Vidicinho, you're having a laugh, mate. Anyone who saw the game, backed up by stats posted here, can see that Cesc was the better player, even on the day. So, for Fergie to say what he did was ridiculous.
Report Abuse
08/12/2007 17:10:00

goofle you muppet, SAFS qoute came true, you did drop points on wednesday. why are arsenal fans so stupid?, and by the way, vidicinho...i completely agree, arsenal can handle other players getting praise, fact of the matter is fabregas is better than naderson at the mo, but to anderson a 'savage' shows how little you know about football outside the cum-stained walls of arsenal. your so used to pundits creaming themselves at your (at times) beutiful football, that you cant see there are other players playing for other teams that are better than yours. to put it simply mate, if i was allowed to pick a best 11 out of utd and arsenal team, only two arsnal players would get in, fabregas and clichy (out of position). for anyone who is dumb enough to read thi sfar, ill treat you by giving you that team, hopefullly it will stir up some controversy with these fickle arsenal tw*ts..... VDS, Clichy (Right), Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Ronaldo, Scholes, Fabregas, Giggs, Rooney, Tevez.....and anderson on the bench!!!!!
Report Abuse
09/12/2007 13:11:00

No need for that language univer4life.
Report Abuse
09/12/2007 15:57:00

sorry, united4life.
Report Abuse
09/12/2007 17:28:00

Cracking read, especially given the headline! LOL!
Report Abuse
09/12/2007 20:13:00


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