Arsenal - Should Adebayor 'Ride The Pine'?
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Should Adebayor 'Ride The Pine'?

I think it's safe to say that Emmanuel Adebayor's performances have not been quite up to scratch of late, and despite being the league's top scorer, some fans are calling for him to be dropped.

Ferocious debate has been taking place in the Vital Arsenal forums, some members backing Ade and his abilities, others calling for the highly respected Nicklas Bendtner to take his place.

Nicky B, as the big Dane is becoming affectionately known, is not short of supporters of his ability, indeed the person who thinks most highly of Bendtner is, well Nicklas Bendtner, but is he ready to make the step up to first choice striker?

Lets see what our members think.

Someone with their feet firmly in the Ade camp is VA's super_gooner.

As I've said before, I like Bendtner but you just cannot drop Ade. Top scorer in the league, praised as 'world class' by Billy Davies, and he gives us a lot more options. Bendtner's time will come but not against Chelsea, a game which could partially decide our fate this season. Give the guy a break, please. A couple of bad performances and some of you want him out the door! Sp*rs get this every week. I've learnt to be patient from Henry and Ade when they first came and I will continue to do so. Never doubt Arsene Wenger!

G4L is rather more forceful in his support of the big Togan.

Adebayor: Premier League top scorer, 9 goals. Has won us numerous games, scored against all the big clubs in big games, and has been playing ALONE up front for large part of the season (since RvP's injury). Eduardo and Theo have not done much to ease the pressure off. A player who opposing defenders detest playing.

Bendtner: a talented 19 yr-old whose greatest achievements are 10 goals in championship, couple in CC, and a bunch in reserves league. Also has a few for Denmark. Done well when coming off the bench a couple of times.

Inchpractice thinks that Manu's goal tally has been falsified somewhat by a good showing against whipping boys, Derby.

Well if that world renowned genius Billy Davies says he's world class then he must be. Please please stop bringing up the fact that he's top scorer in the league everyone! It drives me mad. He's only up there because he scored a hatrick against Derby - a team who've conceded 32 goals in about 15 games. By the end of the season everyone and his gran will have scored a hatrick against Derby and probably be called world class by Billy Davies.

Besides which that top scorer league only tells part of the story. Ade's goals disguise his missed chances and messed up assists. And by the way no-one on this thread said that we want him out the door. This thread is about starting Bendtner not sacking Ade.

I think he should be started asap, I know it's brave but maybe even against Chelski. Ade looks knackered and if Bendtner is getting no joy we can always sub him for Ade or someone.
Bendtner just looks so much sharper at the moment.

While rdcgunner thinks that the 3 points is the most important thing, and Ade's current form is not good enough to keep him in the first team.

You people seem to lose sight of what is really important...and that is the results, those 3 points at the end of every game. It doesn't matter if you are world class (which is not the case here) but what really matters is how the player is doing at the moment , his current form. That should be one of the most important criteria in selecting a line up IMO. So in that perspective which do you think should be selected for the Chelsea game?

I voted for Bendtner simply because I believe that he could do better then Ade with less service from midfield, also he can win more headers and even create chances for himself. Ade has been low on morale for some games now and it won`t do him any good playing against a defence like Chelsea`s .


So who do you agree with? Should Ade be dropped? Has Bendtner done enough to get his chance?

I'll tell you my opinion later ;)

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday December 14 2007

Time: 9:08AM

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I'd have to agree that he isn't playing great as of late, but he has still scored two goals in his bad spell of 3 games so that is better than we would have expected from him last season. Also the Derby argument is a bit stupid I think as all the teams that have players at the top of the scorers list have played Derby. Torres only got 2 against them, dito Ronaldo, so Adebayors hat-trick against them bettered two of the Premierships most hyped players performances. I think Bendtner looks an exceptional talent and t the moment the most likely of the back up forwards to seriously push for a first team place in the future but Chelsea is not the time for experimentation. Stick with Ade for now, he will dop the businesss.
Ozi Gooner
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14/12/2007 09:17:00

my input is simple i thought some of his good performances were going to his head and when he scores a goal his attitude changes, now this affects players differently some close up shop coz they have done enough and others ride the confidence to a brace or hatrick i hope im wrong but i feared ade was the former especially after his goal after newcastle but to take him off when he is top scorer in the league sends the wrong message and to be honest it would be extremely impatient of us as well. im glad RVP is coming back coz he is THE MAN upfront and manu knows this hopefully it will put more pressure on manu to size him down a little bit...he must start against chelsea preferably with RVP and bendtner coming on with about 30 mins to go.
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14/12/2007 09:28:00

you know on second thought and after carefull consideration, I think Nicky b should start on snday...I wanted bendtner to start at least 3 or 4 games ago he is readier and sharper than ade,walcott and the likes it would just make me nervous against chelski however sometimes this is the best game for a rookie because the magnitude of the occasion doesnt really register and he just wants to prove himself this would be an excellent stage for him...ill call wenger and tell him
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14/12/2007 09:34:00

I don't see how you can drop him. Every defender we have faced comments on how difficult it is to handle him and whether Inchpractice likes it or not he is top of the scoring charts for a reason. If he wins the golden boot by 1 goal the F.A are not going to take his goals against Derby off him are they? If I'm not mistaken Derby played against Chelsea and Man Utd. recently and nobody scored a hat-trick so to make a comment like "He's only up there because he scored a hatrick against Derby - a team who've conceded 32 goals in about 15 games. By the end of the season everyone and his gran will have scored a hatrick against Derby and probably be called world class by Billy Davies" is absolute b**ll**x.
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14/12/2007 09:35:00

I have an idea, play al three in a 433? Almunia; Sagna, Toure, Galas, Clichy; Fabregas/Denilson, Diarra, Rosicky; Van Persie, Bendtner, Adebayor???? That would ba amazing!
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14/12/2007 10:34:00

What I like about bendtner is that he is an accomplished player, capable of doing everything well. You may say "Adebayor causes trouble" but so may bendtner if he got the chance. I would not play him against Chelsea because ity is a risk (unless Rvp isnt playing) and I would then play Bendtner in one or two games after Chelsea. But that formation above is one that could work. With Hleb and Flamini coming in of course to replace Rosicky and Diarra respectivley. The only problem is that there may not be enough cover defensivley. Maybe we get rig of Ade/Bendtner and put Hleb up there and Denilson/Diaby/Diarra in his place in the middle three?
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14/12/2007 10:44:00

Ade plays better with RvP up with him. Most forwards struggle to look good in a 4-5-1 as time and space are denied them as Bendtner did against Seville. Hleb playing the support role still leaves Ade more isolated than when RvP is there and Eduardo hasn't yet developed the familiarity to take some of the pressure of him. Ade should be judged based on what he is being asked to do. The only reason Bendtner comes into consideration is that we haven't seen that much of him. He looks good but over a longer span of games his weaknesses, as with all players, are likely to come to light as well as his strengths. Having said that we need to see more of Bendtner while Ade continues to develop. Bendtner has a better touch and technique but not Ade's energy and work rate. We will need them both but at this stage of their development Ade is probably still just in front - but only just.
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14/12/2007 11:03:00

we hv to start adebayor and van persie together.. bendtner is an exceptional talent, but chelsea ia a bit too much for the young lad.. adebayor has proven time and again that he can be relied upon on a big game.. i think we'll hv hleb back, so hleb, rosicky and van persie will definitely create plenty of chances for adebayor.. all he needs to do is to put away 2 of those which i'm sure he will.. bendtner will get his time and we'll see one of the most feared strikers, not now but very soon
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14/12/2007 11:04:00

Wenger won't drop Ade. Arsene is known to stick with his big players especially when a big game is around the corner. i've not been happy with Ade's attitude on the pitch lately, but however this is the kind of game, he needs to get his confidence and form back, and big players often give a big performance in a crunch game, so lets stick with Ade for now and give him the chance to get his form and confidence back..
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14/12/2007 12:06:00

I like Bendtner a lot and feel he can take some first team action. But I wouldn't drop Ade for the reasons hatespur highlights, the fact is a striker's job is to score goals, Ade is doing that absolutely fine at the moment. His form is not too bad considering he's doing a lone shift upfront, but scoring goals and not playing well is a sign of many a top striker. I'd certainly stick with him for Sunday, Bendtner is a very good impact player from the bench. But rotation will be necessary over xmas, so Bendtner will get his chance. Ade is a big game player and they don't come much bigger than this Sunday, he gave Terry the run around at the Bodge last year.
Little Dutch
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14/12/2007 12:10:00

Ade can cause defenses major probs when he plays against them but his prob is that he makes the hard stuff look easy(e.g spurs goals and goal at newcastle) and the easy stuff look hard(e.g... well ye know what im talking about). his passing lets him down at times and without a top class midfield behind him he looks completely lost. Bendtner on the other hand is not as fast as ade but is an excellent passer of the ball and i believe has a better eye for goal then ade. At this stage i would definately give Bendtner his opportunity in the first team and let ade work his way back in if he can. I dont want to lose either player just yet but i can completely understand bendtner wanting first team football either with us or elsewhere.
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14/12/2007 12:10:00

Besides, few mention the fact that, prior to his injury, RVP's form was not brilliant. But players like Ade and RVP are always dangerous, even in their most horrible performance. We've missed that 'x' factor as it were with RVP and Ade not being able to do two men's work is probably why he is drawing criticism. Between them they're lethal, but RVP played a couple of lone shifts earlier in the season and also looked troubled.
Little Dutch
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14/12/2007 12:13:00

Arseane wenger is on crak if he leaves out adebayor hes a class act and a mint finsisher of a ball ..United all the wayy!!
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14/12/2007 12:51:00

bendtner is quality, but i think stick with Ade for now. I know just having potential is not good enough but look at ade's potential: pace, power, strength, good in the air, quick feet, good off the ball, can pass, quick thinker.....etc... he has the makings of a top, top striker. I know Bendtner has some of those qualitys as well, but not t the extent that Ade does.
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14/12/2007 14:04:00

how many of his 9 goals did Ade create himself? if Bendtner was in his place would he not have scored the same types of goals? how many of Ade's missed opportunities would Bendtner have scored? He is young and has improved greatly but i still say Adebayor is not good enough - Nick is unproven, so the arguement is, do we go for someone who we know is good but not good enough? or someone who dont know is good enough but know he is good?
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14/12/2007 14:49:00

I think starting with Ade and Bendtner and benching persie till the second half to come on for either of them least performing wil do best. Why? unpredictability. they are now planning agaisnt the obvious, and after running terry and co to ground, chelsea would never love to see a fresh persie off the bench. It will drive fear through them all.and you cant run, think and play well with that kind of fear.
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14/12/2007 14:53:00

i think arsenal should start v.persie and ade because thy are both class players !!
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14/12/2007 15:46:00

bootoo Ade not good enough for you?
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14/12/2007 16:05:00

Uhm, are we nuts or something? I know Ade infuriates a lot of us, me included, but if a striker is topping the scoring charts after 16 games, give the big lad a break.
Tell you what, in four years time, Ade will win the Balon Or thingy, Fifa player of the year and African Footballer of the year. I know you won't remember at the time it was me who made the predicition, but I'm calling it.
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14/12/2007 16:06:00

i am gonna blame the formation. adebayor had been horrid as he has been playing upfront alone. play another striker beside him like rvp or bendtler he will come good. eduardo does not count as he plays more of a LW role for some strange reason. AW! 4-5-1 is not Arsenal-style! play 4-4-2! cme on you gooners!
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14/12/2007 16:23:00

Adebayor is a player capable of great things but he will never be a great player. Gaga you should get your head looked at if you think adebayor will become the best player in the world. Bendtner on the other hand will become a sensational player but as you are a selling club he wont be there to long ;)
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14/12/2007 17:59:00

People must be having a go at Ade more because of his body language (which suggests he's not always interested) rather than his stats, which show him to be good on a goals-per-game ratio. I think maybe people are comparing Ade to players like Wright and Henry which he isn't. He a solid and enigmatic (ie. I can't figure him out) striker and he plays for the team. Nothing wrong with him, and now is not the time for him to give way to Bendtner.
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14/12/2007 19:52:00

I'm all for Ade here. Bendtner has been impressive in the chances he has got so far, no doubt, but Ade is doing the business in the absence of RVP. With him back, I think we will see the more positive of Ade, given that operating as a long striker is never an easy job.
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14/12/2007 20:14:00

How about we play 'em together? Walcott & eduardo are doing much worse than either of them.
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15/12/2007 00:25:00


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