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Fab Fabregas Far From Infallible

Here at Vital Arsenal, we try to call things as we see them, be honest about the comings and goings of Arsenal Football Club.

This weekend is no different. If I'm being truthful, this article has been on the horizon for quiet sometime, and rather regrettably, the time has come for a few home truths.

Cesc Fabregas is arguably one of the best central midfielders on the planet, the young Spaniard is true class (as opposed to the fake class that Fat Frank portrays), but between genius and insanity there is a fine line, a line which Cesc is threatening to step over.

Since Fabregas' rise to the top of domestic football, the midfielder has shown us his vision for the game, he has also shown us his vindictive and petulant side.

As the 'Grand Slam Sunday' clash drew to it's close, Cesc Fabregas took out his frustrations on former Gooner, and all round vile human-being, Ashley Cole, and crashed into him from behind, bringing the former best left back in the world to the ground. Ashley Cole (equally as petulant and stupid) launched what could only be described as a 'girly slap' into the mush of our Cesc. Let's be fair about this, Ashley Cole should had walked along with Fabregas, but it was hardly a knockout hay-maker, in fact, I'd wager even Ricky Hatton would have stayed on his feet (Sorry Ricky, we love you really), however the Arsenal man held his face as though he'd caught one from Old Prezza himself.

It's not really the sort of thing we want to see from our 'heroes', indeed, thousands of aspiring young footballers look up to him as a role model and a mentor, and if we truly harbour wishes to rid our game of the cancers that spoil it, then it's up to the so called super stars to set an example.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 17 2007

Time: 3:43AM

Your Comments

It was a bit strange, but I actually wondered if Cashley had hammered his thumb into Cesc's throat when he girly slapped. But you are right. he's the best in the world in his position, no need to follow Ronaldo who is also the best at his position but is the best diver too!
CAN NOT AGREE, get off the lads back. He was hacked hacked hacked all day. He was the first to shake hands on numerous occasions when fouls were committed against him. The thin line what Have a close look at his face around his neck you will see a red mark after his clash with Cash hungry. Paul you are wrong mate dead wrong.
Totally agree he needs to sort his discipline out because i think that is his 6th yellow card in the PL. He needs to get back his concentration in front of goal because he missed some sitters against Chelsea.
Its a brave writeup Paul, I agree to some extent, however there was maybe a little added venom due to the garbage Cashley wrote about Cesc in his 'book' This one had been brewing for quite sometime in my opinion.
also Paul, I think if anyone in the team should be singled out for such behaviour Eboue would be ahead of Cesc everytime, he escaped the red on 3 occasions in the last 2 matches, I know its an old arguement, but I just think he needs to wind his neck in a bit
AB lovely lad are you real first game back and this comment He needs to get back his concentration in front of goal because he missed some sitters against Chelsea. For crying out loud what do you expect the lad played a great game. All last year everyone was saying we get bullied and now we are the villains BULLS.IT. You want to mix it with us watch out. IMO Ces walks on water and long may he continue to do so. I sometimes wonder when I see comments like yours and Paul's if I'm on the Arsenal site. The mid field returned and once again we looked and played like the champion team we are.
rocks, it may well have had something to do with the 'no heavyweight like vieira' but in cashley's book. Whilst I don't condone violence, in this case, it can't have come against a finer person. The man's face turns my stomach every time I see it (and no, I don't mean cesc). »»Arsene Knows««
rocky, i do agree Cesc will play the actor in him alot, trying to kid the ref, but i suppose he is only doing what others will do to us given half the chance. For those of you that have played football to a decent standard will know, its not about the quality in your team, not about the football you play, but also how you kid the ref, gain a little, step on players toes, talk to them and wind them up, make them lose concentration, tell the ref he didn't see that right and hope he does the next decision in your favour.. and so it goes. YES rocky your right Cesc shouldn't, but until the FA and Refs clamp down on players and this theatre then it will continue.
Its first game back, the sharpness cant be expected AB_Arsenal... Also think Wenger needs to make an example out of Eboue, if he lets Eboue carry on playing dirty its going to send the wrong message to the rest of the players..
Cesc shouldn't have reacted in the way he did that is clear but it is the lesser crime. Girly slap or not it is still violent conduct from Cole just as it was from Eboue recently. But aren't we taught to defuse violent conduct by turning away? That might not mean falling to the ground clutching your face but at least Cesc was already on the ground whereas Cole dropped clutching his leg once he thought the ref was getting involved. The worst thing Cesc could have done was to react to Coles reaction so maybe it is some form of anger management technique. Cesc is a little spikey at times and his foul on Cole was unnecessary but it was in the context of a spikey game which is no excuse but as someone else mentioned earlier in the season to survive in this league you have to play the game the way your opponents demand. This season we have needed that little bit of edge that we have previously lacked but it is indeed a fine line to tread.
Good write up, Rocky. He does need to cut this play acting out of his game, coz its unecessary. He has too much class for that. The tackle from behind deserved a yellow (but boy, was it worth seeing Cashley being taken out ;), and he got it. Cole was also punished for retaliation. In Cesc' defence, he is not the worst offender, and this side of his game crops up only once in a while, in the high pressure games.
Cesc vs. Cole is shaping up into a very friendly tango. Thing is, it's a special between the two, coz you'll never see anything like it happening with Cesc when we play anyone else. Ronaldo on the other hand... Or our own Eboue for that matter (love the lad, hate the antics).
I watched this match on MOTD2 and so only saw the highlights but it did look like a tasty affair. Unfortunately i do think that there should have been a few red cards in the game (3 in fact). Eboue's challenge was pretty shocking and i do wonder how he has not been sent off or even pulled up in front of the FA for some of the things he has been doing. Cesc should also have seen red for his challenge as well as cole for his violent conduct. I think it is more about consistency for me as if you look at it Robbie Keane is sent off for a nothing challenge for a 50 50 ball but eboue is not sent off for a possible leg breaking challenge and cole is not sent off for a slap in the face. I suppose the fact nobody was sent off meant that the game was a little tastier. You never know, the FA may actually pull their fingers out and study some video footage and discipline accordingly
I agree that Cesc could have got a red card but having ignored the earlier red card tackle by Terry on Fabregas the ref had rather restricted his options later in the game. That's the problem with referees - they either to clamp down from the start, but then that does risk an early sending off, or let it go in which case you can't then punish someone for a similar offence later in the game. I don't think Eboues was an intentional foul- Terry caught him with his follow through as much as anything else. But again if treating all fouls like that harshly results in players thinking carefully about whether a tackle is really on or not then I am all for treating them harshly.
I agree with the other posters, Cesc should be above that but Eboue? It's one thing supporting your players, but Arsene, it's gone on too long, SORT HIM OUT!!!
alwaysgunner just because we were bullied last year does not mean that Cesc can now start putting in stupid tackles like the one against Cole. If he had got a red card then he would have missed 3 important games and certainly would not be walking on water for me. Just because i support Arsenal does not mean i have to close my eyes and think that all our players are angles and nothing they do is wrong. You said:"I sometimes wonder when I see comments like yours and Paul's if I'm on the Arsenal site" what do you mean by that, Is it that you wonder why you are on a site where the people generally think through situations rather that proclaim stupid statements about how great we are when we have not won anything yet. Also i know it is his first game back but those were pretty easy chances by any standards and therefore as i said he needs to improve his concentration in the next game.
Amos, i think the Terry one is a tough one to call or at least it is for me. Dont get me wrong, i think Terry gets away with murder but i think the challenge he put in was a yellow but he would not have been able to do many more fouls after that one before he saw red and i do think that would have happened if he had stayed on the pitch. As for Eboue, it seems as though every time i put MOTD on and see him playing he seems to get away without being sent off even though he will do a dangerous challenge. At the end of the day though you got the result you wanted ie 3 points and a clean sheet. For your sake you will hope the FA dont look at video footage and decide to punish both teams with suspensions of players but i dont that will happen as the FA like to do nothing or mess things up
Amos is right, once Wiley had bottled that disgraceful foul by Terry on Fabregas he was a bit hamstrung in the authority department. I don't agree with getting on Cesc's back - yeah he over-did it a bit with the face holding but he's not exactly Eboue, whose acting is a consistent embarassment to the side. He'd been getting booted about all game and dished it out to one of the most odious ****s on the pitch, Cashley himself. GOOD.
The problem is that Terry's tackle set the tone for the rest of the match - everyone thought they would then be allowed at least one poor tackle. Eboues actions are rarely bad tackles or dangerous challenges - he over reacts to being tackled himself but in a way that should invite action and will if he continues. The FA won't look at video footage as the referee saw all the flashpoints and, however tamely, dealt with them at the time.
One positive thing I noticed that is relevant to our players attitudes on the pitch was Robin van Persie's actions. In amongst all the fracas when terry and cesc tussled van Persie kept calm and tried to seperate Cesc from terry and the rest of the vultures. There was a time when the Dutchman would have been the first one in there like Bruce Lee, this gives me faith in van Persie's ability to progress as a player (as there are more attributes in football than just skill and athleticism) and also in Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fc's ability to have this affect on their players.
Hopefully as time goes by Cesc and Eboue will progress in the same way.
I agree that the holding his face after the handbag Cole threw was a bit emberassing but I laghued my arse off when I saw the replay of the tackle. All I can say is that all the horrible tackles in that game couldn't have happened to nicer blokes. Terry, Eboue and Cole. Also Wiley is a right ****.
Ozi Gooner
Did anyone see in the second half Toure run about 40 yards to have a go at Cole but someone held him back?
Ozi Gooner
I partially agree with you, mate. he should not have done what he did......But he was forced into it. Constantly being targeted by 'em Chavs it's unbelievable.
Ab lovely lad comment from the boss think the spirit in our side is absolutely amazing. Not everyone was at their best against Chelsea because many came back from injury. However, the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Alex Hleb and Mathieu Flamini gave us a technical stability which is completely different. Comment from you He needs to get back his concentration in front of goal because he missed some sitters against Chelsea. Let me think hmmm the boss opinion or yours and Pauls hmm I think I will take the boss opinion any day. I have never said we were angles or angels, (I think you meant the latter ) I just said we were not going to be bullied anymore. I still consider them to be a champion team, in my opinion and surely that is what this site is for opinions. But sorry only your opinion counts, or does it?
AB finally I still think Ces walks on water (as a footballer) and is one of the best (at this time) footballer we have, and in time I think he will be the greatest footballer we will ever have IMO. Can I have your permission to pass an opinion?
"It's like putting the gloves of a heavyweight champion on the hands of an unproven featherweight and telling him to go out there and knock out the opposition." Well done Cesc I say
alwaysgunner lovely lad, states that i thought my opinion was higher than that of Wenger's and then also states that i somehow didn't think his opinion was valid....really alwaysgunner grow up. The only thing i did was defend my own opinion....thats right defend my opinion, surely i am allowed to do that. Where did i question Wengers assertion that we didn't have more technical stability with Cesc back...ofcourse we are better when he is on the team all i was saying is that he needs to be more disciplined and have better concentration in front of goal for the important games coming up. I love it how there is always one person on every forum who comes on and argues against someone's opinion (in this case mine) but when that person has their own opinion argued against they act as if they are not allowed to have one. No alwaysgunner you are allowed to have your opinion and even if i said you couldn't would you really listen....i'm not on this forum to stop you from having your own opinion, all i want is to be able to defend my own opinion, not to stop you from expressing yours or even to hold mine above that of Wengers, which was something i never did. Surely you can allow me to do that when you were also allowed to defend your's.
I don't in anyway believe that Cesc is worse than Eboue, not even close, but I have spoken about my distain for Eboue's actions in the past, I felt it would be irrisponsible not to pull up Cesc just because he's a world class player. If anyone thinks that Cesc's moments of petulence are limited to a bad tackle and over reaction with Cole yesterday then you're only fooling yourselves. You may feel Cesc's actions were justified as it was on that odious little **** Cole, but that doesnt make it ok. One of these days he's gunna get a red card, and maybe a further ban for doing something this stupid, then we'll be without him for a period of time for no other reason than Fabregas acting like a brat. That makes him a liability. Best player in the world? Probably. A very silly boy? Definately.
If Cesc was Viera yesterday then no Arsenal fans would be commenting on his brutality, but only opposing fans. Yes he was rusty in front of goal but he was not match fit and had been out for a long time so this rust should be understandable. I was actually happy to see the all the fight and heart that Cesc showed yesterday.
Rocky - he has shown his petulance more than just once, I agree, but I'm not sure its alarming enough to be concerned right now, and not nearly as bad as Eboue. Cesc has limited this kind of behaviour, and whilst I hope he cuts it out, at present the criticism will be moderated somewhat.
His over reaction / play acting to the Ca$hman prod does seem strange considering it was only recently he was taking the pizzle out of manures Anderson for his pitiful play acting, although that weaselly chav prolly had his fingernails manicured down to claws before the game. You don't need to resort to any of that crap though Cesc, rise above son!. Love the way that despite all the vicious lies and character assassination attempts by that bitter little freak Maureen and his shadowy henchmen at Crumblsea FC after he left them, Billy STILL had the class not to rub anyones face in it with his respectful restrained goal celebration.
if cesc reacted to cole he might of had red card! i was in the game and i was praying that he stays in ground if he had stand up it would have been another brawl ! it was smart move from cesc who has been violently attacked by terry in first half ! you always forget that he is only 20 years old ! and has been attacked by cole in his book! i mean we all had a go all the game at cole and none said it was wrong why then blaming him, he just had a go at him like most of the crowd ! he loves the club and he just did what 99% of arseanl fan would have done at that time! it was just in heat of the moment !
Gooner SA
It's good you put this up Rocky - the last thing we need is to defend the indefensible (for example if you were a Chelsea supporter, you might continue to justify Terry's thugtastic thugism). I just hope Cesc gets the petulance ironed out of him by the older heads like Gallas and Arsene.
Who's justifying terry's behavior?
Kev, just an example... I meant it's rare to hear any of your brethren having a go at Terry for some of his awful tackles/behaviour. Best not to expand that here though, in case it takes anything away from the validity of this thread :-)
gunnerkid made the best point if this were Vieira, or even Ralph, Keown or Campbell we were talking about nobody would give a *****. I think Cesc is prone to moments of stupidity but then again so are all great players in almost any sport. Maradona had it, but Napoli wouldn't trade him for it. Cantona had it, United didn't care. Vieira had it, we loved him for it. Zidane had it, the French still worship him. I think Bergkamp was the only player I've ever seen who was absolotuley at he top of his game but didnt have a mean streak, and although I wish they could all be Dennis's they cant and to talk away the hot headedness takes away the passion, when they lose the passion they lose there desire and influence.
Ozi Gooner
OZI at last we agree. AB, your words He needs to get back his concentration in front of goal because he missed some sitters against Chelsea. 1. first game back the boss says and I reiterate However, the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Alex Hleb and Mathieu Flamini gave us a technical stability. But perhaps you dont need technical ability to score goals. (Who's our leading goal scorer?)Dont you think your statement is stupid? 2. The lad plays with his heart is a real asset to our team yet you and a few morons consider he needs a chill pill? Leave the lad alone, there is nothing wrong with the way he plays. Comments like Gallas sorry but even he and Torre have moments when the passion gets to them. My only problem with your comments is i think you have your head is too firmly wedged up Pauls rectum and I could say kiss my bum but I think you would like it too much.
gooners fighting, lol.It's like a boxing match at a star trek convention. Like a marathon in a all you can eat buffet.Like shallow white girls fighting. Like dogs... oh you get it.
kev mate you little lady boy, go back to *****in mardi gras or carnival or Moscow or somewhere other than here. You were beaten, fairly, we hate your players you hate ours, its all done so ***** off till next time we play.
Ozi Gooner
lady boy? Sounds like someone has experience on the subject...geehesh, touchy guy. Just hope not all Australians are that short-tempered.
To be perfectly honest, even though I couldn't agree to how Cesc put in that potentially dangerous tackle and at first sight was nervous that he might get sent off, I did laugh out loud at Cashley and thought "justice done"! But yes I think that Cesc went overboard a little bit. The face-holding thing was embarrasing to watch. But what I'm more concerned about is that, as much as I enjoyed seeing Cashley get kicked, Cesc's tackle did look questionable. He tried to challenge Cashley to get the ball with his left foot and then, when Cashley's losing his balance, he applied his right foot as well, basically sandwiching that b@stard with both of his legs when they both fell to the ground. That yellow could have been a red on another day. That said, and like another poster said previously, Terry's tackles went everywhere but only got a yellow, it did set the tone of the game. After those precedences, Wiley could only give out yellow cards for the 2 subsequent bad challenges by Eboue and Cesc. But in fairness, Cesc only gets especially nasty with Cashley, most of the time he's really mature beyond his age, with the rest being passion, not malicious violence at all. He'll grow up after this. But Eboue, yes, Arsene does need to talk to him, even though he won't be playing soon. Otherwise I think our players are mostly clean and fair (if you disregard Mad Jens, oh well). So overall, we lost Eboue who's replaceable, but they lost a captain and "defensive rock".
k_chelski, you've changed your tune last time you wrote it was all tears because you lost, and naughty Arsenal had stood up to your thugs. Has mummy wiped your tears away??
Yes, your mother was very helpful.But please, don't call me daddy, only your mother calls me daddy.
Bloody hell k_chelski, didn't know you were an necrophiliac, my mothers been dead ages; you dirty little bugger. But I should not be surprised Dead sh.t useless team followed by necrophilacs, they go hand in glove.
k_chelski for interest my daddy been dead for the last 64 years and looking at your comments so have you.
alwaysgunner again you don't seem to understand anything I’ve said and seem to keep reiterating a statement that has nothing to do with what I have brought up. As I have said before, of course those players bring back more technical stability to the team I never argued that they didn't. Also never argued that Cesc doesn’t have the technical ability to score goals but for some reason you keep bringing this back. What I said was is that he needs to get back his concentration in front of goal to the level it was at when he was one of our top goal scorers surely his concentration was not lost during a 2 week break. So if he can walk on water as you seem to think, then can’t his concentration levels can remain the same after a tow and a half week layoff. Secondly of course he has heart I never said he didn’t but their are different ways to show you have heart which don’t involve committing stupid tackles in the last few remaining minutes of the game which could lead to him getting a red card and missing three extremely important games....hence why he needs to calm down and think of what he is doing in that situation, why does being calm mean that you have less heart. Lastly alwaysgunner even though I enjoyed our debate about this before I always respected your opinion and you as a person, obviously as a fellow arsenal supporter I still respect you but if you continue on making some quite stupid and basically childlike statements like "My only problem with your comments is I think you have your head is too firmly wedged up Pauls rectum and I could say kiss my bum but I think you would like it too much" not only will it make you and your argument sound dumb it will also make it really hard to take you seriously . Just stick to the argument at hand instead of the person making them. Also again you have done what you protested against in your previous posts, you state that you have a problem with my opinion because it is inline with Paul' what is the problem with that, because I have the same opinion as that of the person that wrote the article and as it is different to yours therefore it is invalid. Cmon alwaysgunner cheer up the world is not so bad, I am not some spurs supporter in disguise trying to bad mouth Cesc and the Arsenal team I am just an Arsenal supporter with a difference of opinion.
Aaah, I get it now alwaysgunner, you're one of those old geezers who think viagra will kill you, now you vent your frustrations on others...including your fellow goon brothers. That's mean.And to call others gay because they disagree with you, oh dear.
AB a robust opinion of ideas I welcome and lovely boy I dont take umbrage at your opinions it just on this occasion you rush to support Paul and make IMO a stupid statement about a lad who has just returned to the team. The childlike retort was in comment to me having to grow up. Up to that point I had only attacked your opinion not the person. I still stand by my comments that the chill pill statements is a load of I do defend your right to have a difference of opinion but at the end of the day we both support the same team. Truce.
necrophiliac k_chelski, why do you have this obsession with sex; is it because you cant get a live one? Do you realise you have told the whole of this site you dig up dead women for sex? What a twisted world you live in; but hey your a Chelsea support who digs up dead women for sex; you dirty bugger.
Oh my, the secret has been exposed.Seriously , alwaysgunner, for someone who is almost 100, you sure have the mental capacity of a 9 year best. You call people gay when they disagree with you. You try to dish it out, but in your little head, you think I knew your mother's dead( if she really is). Fine, bitch, I'm sorry that I said your mom calls me daddy. Happy now?
"he childlike retort was in comment to me having to grow up". And you elegantly proved him wrong. lol
necrophiliac k_chelski, please dont get upset, if you want to dig up dead women for sex because your sick okay. Please see someone so that help can be given to you. You are in need of help, necrophiliac k_chelski you really are. I promise not to let your secret out but you have told the whole of this site, you dirty little bugger.
alwaysgunner i never tried to rush in and defend Paul's comment's as i think he is quite capable of doing that himself, rather i tried to defend my own which were as you can tell very much in line with his. Also i's sorry about that "grow up" comment, i didn't mean to offend, i do usually edit out all my heat of the moment statement's like that before i post as i don't like sounding like i am some sort of mature intellectual that thinks of himself above others. As you said we both support the same team and i'm glad we can now concentrate on what brings us together.
"necrophiliac k_chelski, please dont get upset, if you want to dig up dead women for sex because your sick okay."I rest my case.Good night all, alwaysgunner, you've shown your true colours.
necrophiliac k_chelski, I do admire you for coming out of the closet that did take an effort. Tell Mummy to hide all the death notices it will help.
Kevin, please stop trolling. This was a reasonable debate on the merits and drawbacks of Cescs personality on the field until you came along. If lack the capacity to contribute without antagonising, then go back to vital Chelsea. Thanks.
*if you lack*
Alwaysgunner - I never had you pegged you for someone like this. I respect that you don't feel the same way as AB & I, but to call us morons for having a difference of opinion is a bit disapointing to be honest. If you think that I'm "getting on Cescs back" on the strength of this last match, then you are incorrect. Cesc's petulence has been growing over the last year or so, if you want to hide from that fact then fair enough, but please don't be insulting if you do!
Paul do you really want to stir up the fire again Ab and myself have put it to bed, but if you want to stoke the fire its up to you.
as for Ces perceived petulance, I perceived that as passion and I don't think it has gone anywhere as to use your words needing a chill pill. Hes a young lad and I am bloody glad he plays for us. As I said you are wrong dead wrong but that is your opinion I also have mine.
Fair enough Gunnerman, I shall contribute a bit : fabregas spitting on Michael Ballack's face - fabregas diving - fabregas diving again - Fabregas disrespecting opposition manager - this is a fresh one, fabregas trying to break a player's leg, and acting - . There's my contribution.
Forgot to say Paul as the editor if you don't like my opinions or comments you have the power to ban me its up to you.
I don't need you to tell me what I can and can't do, but ban you for your opinions? I'm not Hitler you know, infact I like that people have different opinions, it adds to the debate, I just don't like being called a moron for having a differnece of opinion. You can call Fabregas' little out bursts if you want, but spitting at people and faking pain and injury is not passion. Fortunately he is still young and has time to change, but needs to be told he is doing wrong.
Paul, IMO on this topic you are a moron, thats called an opinion. On one of your other sites someone called me an arse wipe that is insulting your action zero, even when I brought it to your attention. So Paul so being so bloody precious, and as you said about Ces stop being a daft little boy.
Paul nowhere have I told you to do anything i just said and I say it again you have the power to ban me its up to you. If you don't like my opinions then do so.
I don't remeber recieving a single email or personal message from you concerning insulting behaviour from any other members AG. If you think I have time to read every single post on the site then you are mistaken. If you take offence to someone calling you an arsewipe (which going by your logic was his opinion) how can you jusify calling me and AB "morons"? I always though you were one of the most sensible and senior of the members here at VA, I guess I was wrong.
Paul sent to your area on the 14/8/07 reply from someone in your area as I could not manage to send a email will pass on to Paul, think it was simmo. But who cares now, however arse wipe is a foul word not in any dictionary I use but moron is and means a very stupid person and in this topic IMO you fit the role. But as AB and I had put it to bed you after some delay start to stir up the fire. And although in most topics not all I generally agree with your opinion but in this one you are wrong. If that devalues me in your opinion so be it; it is nevertheless my opinion and I stick to it. Leave the lad alone.
Paul to use your words that is now the second time you are wrong.
Found the correct name jonathan.
If you think I'm wrong, that is fine, I've been wrong in the past. As I am priveledged enough to be able to voice my opinions on the front page of a website I accept the fact that every piece I write will have it's supporters and people who disagree, I can't keep everybody happy. I encourage you to speak out if you disagree with something, but you can keep your insults to yourself. Just because some words are not swear words doesnt make them any less offensive. I'm willing to leave this alone now, but I expect better behavior in the future. This childishness doesn't suit you.
Kev, of the 5 vids you posted (damn, you lot from vital chelsea are fond of youtube, arent you ;), this article precisely talks about the kind of instances in the 1st 2 and the last clip. Posting those clips hardly counts as a contribution, does it ? The 3rd 'dive' wasnt one, he miskicks the ball, doesnt ask for a penalty. Was the 'disrespect' to Hughes so bad to be slated ? I'm not so sure. And all this over a 4 year playing career.
I'm willing to leave this alone now, but I expect better behavior in the future. This childishness doesn't suit you. What a load of pompous wind, get stuffed, "I'm willing to leave this alone", get off your horse, you are now being a moron. Paul your making a fool of yourself.
Fine. If that's what you want to believe. Bury your head in the sand, no skin off my nose. I really respected you as an Arsenal fan aswell.....very disapointing.
prits, I'm not saying he's maradona or anything.But I hate him for the things he did, even if it weren't that many. The way he keeps inciting brawls, despicable.He's a talented individual, he doesn't need this atitude.
I think "despicable" is a bit strong Kev, immature, petulent or naive maybe, but despicable? He's not Robbie Savage you know!!
Naive for trying to break someone's leg? lol, that's a first.If he's naive, Robbie savage is the virgin mary.
It was a very stupid challenge Kev, you know my views on that, but I doubt very much that he was trying to break his leg.
Oh come off it, kev. That was a bad tackle on Cashley, not an attempt to break his leg. 3 instances in 4 playing years - makes him despicable ? I disagree. Just curious - If you use the same yardstick, how would you measure / describe Terry ?
I don't know why terry is behaving like this to be honest, and I hate it, absolutely hate it.There's no need for that, I don't know if he's taking out on others his anger for being constantly injured, or if it had something to do with mourinho, or non-footballing issues.I wouldn't be surprised if he lost his captaincy.
Nice dodge there, kev ;). I just meant to put your description of Cesc in perspective, thats all.
Kev- unfortunately, most of the people who have any power to influence anything at CFC will not agree with you. As has been proved on this thread alone, some people are far too partizan to accept that their players are in the wrong.
Vital Chelsea are still bitter about the loss -article after article slagging off Arsenal, Cesc, the fans blah blah. Its quite funny now.
Totally agree with this article. It certainly isn't just Arsenal players, just the Fabregas one highlighted what is wrong in the game. Players doing that in years gone by would have had a rollicking from their own manager and players. It is cheating. I know Cashley Hole is a toss pot, no arguments there but the reaction was pathetic. As said, this isn't just aimed at Arsenal players, it is across the board and should be stamped out. Even tv evidence after could be used and if players are found to be cheating they should get a 2 game ban (as fines don't effect the players they are so wealthy !) It was a shame to end a good game with that incident. I feel the same way if my (Villa) players play act or dive, luckily at the moment we've not got many who do.
The Fear

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