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It Had To Be You!

I would like to open with an apology to all Chelsea supporters (termites, as I affectionately refer to them). For the last eighteen months I have passionately refuted Chelsea F.Cs suggestions that William Gallas threatened to score against Chelsea if they did not treat him with greater respect and release him from his contract in a timely manner. Yesterday afternoon, it was proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Willy was prepared to make good on his promise. On reflection I feel I must apologise to Chelsea fans, who I wrongly believed were simply a misled, head in the sand bunch of illusionists. But mostly, I must apologise to Messrs Greenberg, Kenyon and Abramovic who instigated the claims. I had long felt that these were twisted words that turned to bitter orange wax in my ears, the classless riposte of a morally bankrupt franchise. How wrong I was……………

Our match day began with an official Gooner Christmas lunch in the Olive Tree restaurant on Blackstock Road. Having stuffed myself absolutely full of calamari and several large bottles of keo, it was with an uncomfortable bloatedness that I made my way to the ground. The butterflies desperately trying to circumnavigate my intestinal lining fighting manfully with the twin forces of battered squid and lager. The match kicked off with an expectant roar, but most of the first half was played out in a damp squib. Chelsea effectively stifling Arsenal`s forward play with their new, exciting brand of sexy, stifling football that they are playing under Avram the undertaker. Or so we`re told. It makes me giddy with joy that I only have to watch Chelsea strangle the life out of games twice a season. Ironically, for all of Arsenal`s crisp passing in the first half, the only real chance came from a spot of route one, as Clichy volleyed the ball forward, Adebayor bore down on Alex, whose panic stricken header looped over Cech and narrowly wide of the post. Pre match I had reservations about Arsenal playing one upfront, as I don`t think the system has given us any great joy of late, and a team with the defensive nous of Chelsea was always likely to make light work of a lone striker. Too often Ade was isolated in our approach play. Chelsea`s forays forward likewise looked blunt without lynchpin Didier Drogba. Almunia spilled a long range Shevchenko effort and made an impressive reflex save from Wright Phillips` deflected drive.

But what the game lacked in technique, it certainly made up for with needle, the dislike between the two clubs becoming evident when bastion of sportsmanship and all round nice fella John Terry ploughed through an already grounded Fabregas, which caused a light melee. It was a cowardly challenge from a player they nickname 'the Iron Man`, yet such acts of cowardice seem to punctuate his career. Terry was at it again three minutes later, having already been booked; Terry hauled Adebayor down before kicking out at Eboue. Wiley was firmly entrenched in Chelsea pockets by this point, easily taken in by their siege mentality (particularly Joe Cole, who spent the entire game in the referee`s ear) and amazingly awarded poor ickle John a free kick! With the referee failing to remove Terry from proceedings, he would soon find himself leaving the pitch prematurely anyway. Eboue attempted to charge down Terry`s clearance and followed through onto Terry`s foot. I honestly don`t believe there was intent to injure on Eboue`s part, though going in with his studs up was unnecessary. Had Eboue really intended to hurt Terry, he would have gone in a lot stronger than he did, as it happened the force of Eboue`s challenge was exacerbated by a collision with Terry. Whether you think differently I don`t know, Eboue gets a very bad press from Arsenal fans no matter what he does, so I suspect in most cases you don`t. In any case, Joe Cole would later remove Eboue from the game.
With the match petering out in anticipation of half time, Arsenal won a corner after Clichy had nearly sent Rosicky racing clear. Fabregas swung the corner in; Cech came and missed it and none other than William Gallas was on hand to nod the ball into the empty net. It was his third goal in consecutive home games and Willy has always had an appetite for important goals. I`m sure Chelsea fans will wax lyrical about his last minute winner against Spurs and his opening goal in the title clincher versus Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. (Of course, these goals arrived around the time Chelsea allege he was threatening to score own goals). A difference in decorum was also apparent in his celebration. Ashley Cole spent the pre match handshakes sarcastically blowing kisses at the Arsenal fans; he would finish the match making suggestive hand signals at them. Gallas scored a goal in front of the massed visiting supporters but took no notice of them, preferring to celebrate with his team mates and current supporters. Wenger would talk post match about the spirit of Arsenal taking time to penetrate into Gallas, I think that celebration demonstrated it perfectly.

So we went into the interval with a goal that, in truth, we scarcely deserved. But the timing could not have been better and now Chelsea would have to abandon their lifeless, mechanistic approach. Consequently, the second period was a much more open and enjoyable affair. Chelsea cranked the heat up, as they are so good at doing when their backs are against the wall. Almunia dived smartly to his right to beat out Mikel`s effort; Shevchenko`s rebound was characteristically weak. Arsenal struggled to retain any sort of possession as Pizarro replaced Makelele and Chelsea pushed on. Cole`s cross from the left skimmed the head of Gallas, leaving Shaun Wright Phillips completely unmarked on the back post, but he contrived to spoon his shot wide with the goal at his mercy. It was a chance that his father would have relished. Tempers would have cause to swell again when Joe Cole fouled Eboue leaving him stricken and resulting in the Ivorian being stretchered off. In truth, the challenge from Cole was reckless, but not a pre meditated assault, but having spent the entire match swan diving and whittering away in the referee`s ear, the temperature of the occasion rose once more. Chelsea fans mocking shush being met with a retort of "your ground`s too big for you," from the home support in the East Lower.

The arrival of van Persie redoubled Arsenal`s intent as he immediately provided an outlet upfront. He was involved instantly, turning Ferreira before Cech spilled his low shot. The Dutchman once again found his range, but curled well over on the edge of the box. But his next involvement would be even more critical. As Chelsea poured forwards, Rosicky dispossessed Mikel and released Ade on the left. The Arsenal sprint relay squad surged forwards in support. Ade`s low cross field ball found Hleb, but his touch to the expectant van Persie was a little light, causing RVP to lean back slightly and smash the ball over the bar when he really should have killed Chelsea off. Arsenal would again hit Chelsea on the break, Adebayor releasing Rosicky on the left only for the offside flag to render his pass to van Persie and van Persie`s consummate finish irrelevant. Replays showed that Rosicky was level, but when the margins are as watertight as that, it`s hard to feel consternation towards the linesman. Adebayor would likewise have a goal ruled out, having been adjudged to barge Ben Haim off the ball unfairly. The Gunners` would continue to break forward on the counter, Adebayor teeing up Cesc for a snapshot which Cech beat away, and Cech was up smartly again to repel Cesc`s follow up attempt.

The away side would threaten once more, Kalou`s right wing cross found Andriy Shevchenko in space, but his tame header was easily hovered up by Almunia. Drogba would probably have made light work of the opportunity. The niggly nature of the contest would again become apparent with the final act of the game. Indeed, the fractious relationship between Cole and Fabregas would illuminate itself once more. Cesc received a Bendtner pass in the box, shimmied around Cech but Cole brilliantly blocked his goalbound attempt. Fabregas followed up with a petulant challenge, pole axing Cole as he cleared the ball. Cole`s riposte was a faint slap to the face which Fabregas vastly over reacted to. I reiterate, had Eboue been guilty of the same offence, he would have received much more criticism than has been forthcoming to Cesc from Arsenal fans. (Which is why I was happy to see the below article from Paul, at least one Arsenal fan out there is prepared to speak out against all instances of Arsenal players cheating, rather than just using Eboue as a moral compass). Cole, sensing he was in trouble, then collapsed to the ground, afraid of his impending punishment. Funny how a challenge from an "unproven featherweight" such as Fabregas could leave poor Ashley in such agony! By then the referee had had quite enough and blew the final whistle leaving the Grove to breathe in a collective sigh of relief, mocking the departing Sovereign clad away fans with a rendition of "William Gallas is our mate." It may have taken Arsenal fans a little while to warm to him, but I don`t think any Gooners today would consider Gallas as anything other than the heartiest of chums.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 17 2007

Time: 11:26AM

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you about adebayor's kick on ashley cole's leg before the terry incident with fabregas...
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17/12/2007 11:46:00

Chelsea came for a point but hoping to hit us on the break. The goal came at the right time for us and messed up Chelsea's game plan. After that they came at us a bit more but didn't really create any more real chances than we had in the first half. In truth, as in last season's fixture we had enough good chances on the break ourselves to score again. For all their 'new found' expansive play the reality is that their strength is primarily in defensive organisation.
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17/12/2007 11:48:00

Good write up, LD. Arsenal looked instantly sharper when RVP came on. I hope Wenger reverts to the 4-4-2 when he is fit. We didnt create anything in the 1st half, and Chelsea's tactics worked. In the end, we deserved the 3 pts. The game overall, was an ill-tempered affair, but its good to see that the Arsenal boys are willing to mix up the rough stuff, if only to show other teams they will not always get away with it.
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17/12/2007 11:57:00

Why would a team which cost so much money to put together only come to ground where the hosts where expected to finish in 5th place or there abouts???? Chelsea got what they deserved, nothing. No ambition and a very real lack of technical ability from alot of the players on show! But doing what they do they are a nightmare to breakdown and actually beat, a left over habit from the Mourinho days! Referee was poor in disallowing Adebayors goal, what is it with referee's against Chelsea when we play, don't they like letting us score! Any ref was wrong and the game should of been over even after Rosicky's wrongly disalllowed goal also! It was fun to watch but my blood pressure cant handle these games.
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17/12/2007 11:59:00

im a spurs fan but i think arsenal will win the league. ye play the most attractive football in england. (probably shudnt av said that) also john terry is a grade 'A' knacker and i hope hes out for a while. serves him right
stephen mchugh
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 12:07:00

Singing we swapped a Willy for a c***. Great day, this Emirates gaff is really starting to feel like home now. I always felt felt that once we got some 'big' wins there i'd start to enjoy the place more and that is becoming reality this season. Great effort from the boys. Shame that the ref blew the whistle in such circumstances as most of us hadn't realised the game was over and most of the Chavs were gone by the time we could extract the urine.
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 12:23:00

Also, John Terry really is the most loathsome character ever to play football. Capello, if you want to have a chance of turning round the country's fortunes the first thing you need to do is strip that moron of the captaincy.
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 12:25:00

I've been ambivalent towards the national team for some time, my feeling towards them is one of apathy. But watching the likes of Terry, Lampard and the two Coles whinge, kick and dive their way through matches makes them emminently hateable. Throw in Stevie Me's selfish posturing and voila, the tranformation is omlete.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 12:39:00

well done gallas popped up again with a crucial goal and did it also against us a great captain and a decent player
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 12:39:00

In fact, I think JT might just be the new Alan Shearer.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 12:40:00

Shearer in his most petulent pomp couldn't hold a candle to JT. Also LD, whilst you're here, I'd like to formally agree (despite recent denials by myself) that some of Cesc's antics are now becoming tiresome. I think that his footballing ability have blinded me to it on occassion, but aspects of his on-field behaviour isn't acceptable. A little word in his shell should do the trick from Le Boss. Good atmosphere over our side yesterday I thought, how was it in the upper? It was nice of Cashley to stand in front of us with Fatty Frank for so long whilst Eboue was recieving treatment I thought:)
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 12:52:00

Atmos in the upper, as always, dull and lifeless. I guess that's the trade off of having a decent view. I'm at a half way house with Cesc, he has a big petulant streak, but I kind of think he needs it, in his first season he was bullied a few times, but this streak has seen that stop. It's more a question of harnassing it though, which I'm sure he'll learn. Someone else pointed out that RVP has shown much improvement in that area and channelled his petulance, hopefully Cesc can do the same. On another note, I saw that Clichy was awarded motm by sky (proving that Cole is universally disliked), but it was Flamini all day for me, he was immense.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:00:00

Oh and on the Cashley note, there was an incident in the first half over the other side where Cashley went to take a throw in and Cesc was very, very slow returning the ball to him, ensuring that he would receive prolonged abuse from the West Lower. Now THAT is perfectly acceptable behaviour!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:01:00

I noticed that. Very funny. Flamini, Toure, Almunia, Clichy were all brilliant for me. Ironically, I thought Gallas looked less solid than usual, but his goal was oh so sweet. A great day. Was I the only one s***ting myself when Luberos was warming up?? Gallas was limping at the time too. Nearly had a seizure.
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:07:00

Cuntface Fabregas and ArseAnals will soon pay for everything. So much for their "sexy" football. Chelsea outplayed them in every way despite missing half of the best 11. If ****faces didn't cheat then we would have ****ed you w****rs!
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:10:00

School holidays?
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:12:00

sounds like a sore looser
stephen mchugh
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:13:00

"Cuntface Fabregas and ArseAnals will soon pay for everything. So much for their "sexy" football. Chelsea outplayed them in every way despite missing half of the best 11. If ****faces didn't cheat then we would have ****ed you w****rs!" - bobosh13........ That must be some excellent crack your smoking buddy, were you watching the same game as us? The one in which we had two perfectly good goals disallowed?
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:16:00

First of all I want to pay tribute to our irrascable (is that how you spell it?) Gallas. Only a seasoned campaigner like him would have the good sense to give Ben Haim a little nudge and make himself an extra foot of space so he could head the ball in. How fitting that he scored against the blue vermin. Is this is the guy who we swapped for Cole and got £5m out of the deal?? Feck me, what a reversal they suffered! I actually felt sorry for Ashley Cole for a second - he is a shadow of what he was. Also, Sagna had both Coles mostly in his pocket and Clichy gave us another masterclass in how a footballing left-back plays. For these reasons alone, we should be applauding Cashley rather than wasting energy booing him!
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:24:00

I'd have to vote YES for that one LD... JT, as he is 'affectionately' known, is without doubt the spiritual heir of the uber-knob Alan 'Elbows' Shearer!
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:28:00

Cant agree there Andy, Cole deserves all the abuse he gets and more. Arseblog wrote a piece the other day on why Cole deserves it and nothing I have read about football in a year before it rings truer. Cole is what is wrong with the modern footballer and the English national team, he sums up the problem with both in a neat little 5 ft 4 package. He is a mercenary, egotistical, self-centred, materialistic, thuggish, ignorant, uneducated, foul-mannered ***** who lives for nothing but himself. If he doesn't deserve abuse for what he did to Arsenal FC he deserves it for the pathetic excuse of a human being that he is.
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:30:00

I understand all that Ozi but I'm just not inclined to boo him myself. There are 3 reasons: 1-he is not worthy of the attention. 2-there must be karma, as I dont think he has ever played as well for the Chavs as he did for us, so if he has any self-respect, he will realise at some point that his career never progressed by him behaving like the narcicistic immature fool he is. 3- John Terry, Joe Cole and Lampard are eminently more hateable than Cash Cole ... I have no problem making myself hoarse over those three shysters!
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 13:53:00

Report Abuse
17/12/2007 14:49:00

I'd have to agree with Andy. I also read the arseblog piece and although I understand the sentiment, I dont think Cashley is worth any more attention. Also, I think Cashley would have had a poorer game if he hadnt been booed, coz he was a bit fired up.
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 15:35:00

I'm actually with LD on the Eboue challenge. If you have ever played football then I'm sure at some point you'll have kick the bottom of an opponents studs as you followed through (not in the trouser department), after seeing it again, there was definately no malice, unfortunately that couldn't be said for Cesc, but I've had my say on that matter. Something else I want to bring up after reading Tim's article is that the word "dispossessed" has far too many S's in it, I'm going to petition to have the number reduced, who's with me?
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 16:07:00

Up you Arse - ArseAnal
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 16:42:00

Yeah, it looks too long. Unbalanced. Like and England midfield with The Saint and Turd.
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 16:54:00

I would place JT's injury squarely on his shoulders. His kick at a 50/50 ball was too overzealous. Any sensible player would have approached that kind of play with much more caution. Eboue meant no malice in the tackle. I wish them both speedy recovery though.
Warri Gooner
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 17:57:00

I'm an angel2 man myself LD, full english, tea and toast for £3 bargain! I dont 'go posh' at the olive tree very often lol! great report mate!
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 18:51:00

The sad so and so's on thevitalChelskisibneftdynamos have resorted to calling Arsenal fans names LOL that's truly bitter! Crying shame about John Terry eh? 6 weeks out Ha-ha!
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 19:05:00

I dunno, a few squid and you are anybody's, you tart! Good report mate. Sounds like we had a similar day except my diet was entirely liquid.
Report Abuse
17/12/2007 23:12:00

sooo glad u lot beat chelsea u plyed the better football all rnd
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 12:49:00

STUFF ANY APOLOGY... THEY DESERVE ALL THEY GET!! They have totally prostituted the premiership... Well done chelski!!
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 12:52:00


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